i am going to miss these a lot

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Just curious, as I know a looot of people on Youtube pre-record a few videos so they can have them up on time every week, have you ever considering doing this? I mean, I love the surprise of a new video, but a week without Jenna is a sad, sad week.

I already do this.

People, I know you mean well, I really do, but I’d appreciate if you stop sending me stuff like this. There’s A LOT of work that goes into weekly vlogging, at least if you’re trying to produce honest, researched, quality content, like I am. I always announce if I gotta take time off for Cliff’s back, which is pretty much the only reason I ever miss a vlog. And let’s be real, when my fiancé gets surgery on his spinal cord, I’m going to make that a priority over uploading. He is more important, period.

I understand if you guys don’t understand how complicated and difficult his injury is. I just ask that you respect the time I need to devote to it.


I’m going to stop talking about you.

Because I miss you so much, but you aren’t even mine. You’ll be home soon, and I’m scared as fuck that you’re just going to go on with your life and forget all about me.

I am pretty sure that people are tired of listening to me talk about you (because I do. A lot.) I feel like they’re judging me or annoyed with me.

So I will keep it all to myself, and right letters to/about you on here…


So I finally was able to catch the last couple seconds I missed of the Instagram stream from this afternoon which of course was the moment when Britt answered about Bechloe. I have a lot of people messaging me and asking if they think that what she said means that it’s not happening. I know that I am one of the few who actively thinks that it’s probably not going to happen but that aside, am I the only one who felt like she was being sarcastic or perhaps ironic? I felt like she was playing into everything more than she was saying no. I’m not saying I think that she was saying it’s going to happen or that it’s even going to happen but I think she was feeding the fandom. much like Rebel when she spoke of Britt and Anna sharing a room. I mean, the whole group jumped in there. I think she was teasing.

I’m happy for you, I really am… But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish that I could change your mind and make you want to be with me again. I can’t change your mind and the more I think about it, the more I wonder why I want to so damn bad.
—  Okay

One other thing from Legends of Tomorrow though:

Phil Gasmer is amazing.  He is utterly amazing.  And I am a little devastated that he must be gone now.

He was amazing last week when, as an ordinary hippie film student, he still tried to protect his prop master, and then later the team.

And he was amazing this week.

The man was tortured for god knows how long by two legitimate experts, when he legitimately did NOT have any of the information that they wanted and probably had very little idea what this was even about.  Then being forced to kinda/sorta take part in a bank robbery, while one of his captors kept threatening to kill him…

But he kept it together marvelously well, didn’t he?  And he even managed to get the Legion to (temporarily) turn against their boss.

I feel a little sad that no one in-universe will ever realize exactly how phenomenal that little hippie burnout really was.  

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Ok I know you're deadly but you're actually very kind. And I hope people honestly appreciate you and hug you and love you proper. And I hope Steve tells you how lucky he is to have his best friend back

thank you. i do try. and ive spent the last two years working on becoming a more well-adjusted person. also killing hydra assholes, but mostly working through my issues. 

steve is really glad to have me back, sometimes. and then he remembers how much of a little shit i am, and gets this ‘why did i miss this jerk’ look on his face. which is okay. steve is a little shit too. its why we’re friends. 

i dont get lots of hugs because i dont want lots of hugs. human contact is still kind of jarring. im easing in to it. but i do get lots of cuddles-i go to the humane society and bury myself in dogs about once a week. its a pretty good method. 

First Impressions This Season

So it’s a week into this season and every show has had at least one episode now (I think). I’ll go through what I’ve watched and say what I think so far. I guess spoilers for episode 1, but are those really spoilers?

Gabriel Dropout

The premise is that after graduating angel or demon school said angels or demons go to earth and go to school there so that they can learn to be proper angels or proper demons. The main character is a decidedly unangelic angle that gets hooked on online games and becomes a shut in, while the rest of the cast is filled in with characters equally ill suited to their roles. This looks pretty entertaining and it’s basically Doga Kobo doing what they do best. It doesn’t seem like a show that I’m going to remember down the road, but it’s a nice moe SoL to watch. The humor has been pretty good too, so I’ve got decent expectations from it. 

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Little Witch Academia

I’m super excited for LWA and the first episode was great. The original OVA that was kick started was fantastic and set this all in motion, so that alone is kind of cool to see. I’d call the show a moe SoL, but it’s really a Trigger SoL with moe elements. Is it moe? I don’t even know lol, but I’ve got high expectations for it and I don’t think Trigger is going to let me down. They are good at the over the top crazy, and I think that they can do a great over the top wacky magical shenanigans show. Definitely high hopes for this show. 

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Kono Subarashii no Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (Konosuba s2)

That mouthful of a title aside, it’s more konosuba. The animation seems like it’s even more “quality” than last season, but that doesn’t bother me too much. The kinda cobbled together sometimes almost bad animation kinda adds to the show. But there is probably a limit to that and I hope they don’t find it lol. The Star Wars credits were a hilarious way to start off this season, and I hope that it continues to amuse me as much as it has already. I’ve got decent expectations of this show, but I’m not holding out for it to be incredible. 

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Demi-chan wa Katatirai 

The premise of this show is that there are demi humans in the world and the teacher of this school is interested in learning more about them by interviewing them. Naturally a bunch of them end up at his school so this gets to happen. I was a little concerned about the possible weird teacher-student relationships that this sort of show can get into, but after two episodes I don’t think it will be like that at all. The cast seems pretty alright, with Hikari and the teacher being great characters. I’ll watch this show just for Hikari’s antics even if it somehow gets worse. I don’t think this will be an amazing show, but once again a nice cute SoL to fill the time. 

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Sort of an unexpected title for Kyoani to be adapting, but it seems to be working so far. The premise is that Tohru (the dragon) becomes Kobayashi’s maid because on a drunken adventure Kobayashi pulled a holy sword out of her and then said she could stay with her. I picked up the first volume of the manga awhile back because buy two get one free sales make me do silly things and I really enjoyed it. There is a nice amount of good jokes and then some just funny moments with Tohru being a dragon and doing dragon things. I expect this to keep me thoroughly entertained, but it probably won’t be one of Kyoani’s truly marvelous show. Gonna be hard to follow Hibike S2 lol. 

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So ya, that’s what I’ve watched for this season. I don’t know if I’ll really get around to anything else this season, but these at least all look like they’ll be fine watches. I have the most hope and expectations from Little Witch Academia, and I’m particularly excited that it is 2 cour. 

Misogyny in Much Ado About Nothing

I’ve read a lot of scholarly articles on Much Ado About Nothing that dismiss Don John as a terrible villain, or criticise Shakespeare for the lack of finesse in constructing him, but honestly, I’ve always felt like that’s the point.

Don John is no sly, silver-tongued Iago – he is crude, brash and malicious. He makes statements like “I am a plain-dealing villain,” goes about attended by idiot henchmen, and takes advice and inspiration for his plots from others around him.

But even so, this weak caricature of a villain nearly brings ruin upon all of Messina.


Because, even before he had made plans to trick Claudio into thinking Hero was unfaithful, the culture of Messina had already done most of the work for him. Don John is not the true villain of this play; he is merely an agent. The real villain of Much Ado About Nothing is the culture of misogyny in Messina.

From the moment Benedick and the soldiers return to Messina, they engage in lewd sexual banter and joke about horns, adultery and cuckoldry. Leonato’s first instinct upon greeting them is to make such a joke, for when Don Pedro politely inquires if Hero is his daughter the old gentleman immediately quips, “Her mother hath many times told me so.” This banter speaks volumes about the underlying misogyny and anxieties about female sexuality that the men share, and it works to create an atmosphere that is ripe for Hero’s shocking rejection.

Thus, all Don John has to do is suggest to Claudio that Hero is unfaithful, offer him a sliver of proof, and the prince and Claudio, made susceptible by popular myths of female inconstancy, find the rest of the proof themselves. Claudio starts to see certain cues as evidence of Hero’s guilt where before they were badges of honour. He declares, “Her blush is guiltiness, not modesty.” And so Hero, by the simple machinations of a cardboard cutout villain, is publicly disgraced, left for dead, and threatened with death by her own father, showcasing how quickly those seemingly harmless jokes about women can escalate to actual violence.

What’s more, this culture of misogyny is what keeps Benedick and Beatrice apart. These two dorks start the play madly in love with each other, but their shared fear of horns and cuckoldry divides them. Beatrice is also repelled by Benedick’s attitude as a self-confessed “tyrant” to her sex, and patriarchal culture has convinced her that no marriage could ever be happy, and no man faithful. Both of them (but especially Benedick) must thus overcome and abandon patriarchal values and the culture of misogyny they are entrenched in. Again, the culture of Messina is the antagonist, not Don John.

Beatrice has the advantage of being resentful and rebellious towards patriarchal culture from the very beginning, and so it is Benedick’s conquering of his sexist attitude that becomes the axis on which the rest of the play turns. He starts off entrenched in a culture of toxic masculinity, but once he acknowledges his love for Beatrice, and after he sees Hero disgraced and left for dead, he becomes sickened by the views he once held. Beatrice flies into a rage at her cousin’s treatment, and in no uncertain terms rails against misogyny and the patriarchy and the culture that nearly killed Hero. She wishes she “were a man for his [Claudio’s] sake,” telling us that, were she a man, she would use her position of privilege and power to protect women rather than abuse them. Her next wish, “that I had any friend would be a man for my sake” is a challenge to Benedick to do what she, as a woman, cannot: defend her cousin with action, not words, and publicly oppose the culture of misogyny in Messina.

This makes her initial request, “Kill Claudio,” less a demand that Benedick murder his friend and more a plea that he break with the toxic culture of male camaraderie. And Benedick agrees. In the midst of a play saturated with jokes about women’s volubility and defined by the rejection of a supposedly unfaithful woman, he then makes the monumental decision to trust Beatrice. He listens to her when she grieves and finally asks her a single question: “Think you, in your soul that Count Claudio hath wronged Hero?” When she replies in the affirmative, her word is all the proof he needs to part with the prince and challenge his best friend.

When he meets with Don Pedro and Claudio, they are keen for him to validate their treatment of Hero with his witticisms, plainly desiring to hear the japes about cuckoldry he had trotted out at the start of the play. But with Hero almost “done to death by slanderous tongues,” Benedick knows tongues are as deadly as swords in Messina, and so leaves his wit in his scabbard. He challenges Claudio and informs the prince he intends to discontinue his company, officially cutting his ties with their little boys’ club.

Speaking to Margaret shortly after, Benedick claims he has “a most manly wit… it will not hurt a woman.” He no longer uses his tongue to scorn or denigrate women. Instead, he uses it to delight them, turning his efforts to poetry and song, and courting Beatrice with the jokes and witticisms he once reserved for his male friends. Shakespeare uses Beatrice to convince Benedick, and by extension the audience, of the shortcomings of masculine culture and shows us that true valour comes from men using their strength to protect women rather than hurt them: for this alone may Benedick call his wit “manly.”

Through their love, Benedick and Beatrice conquer the true villain of the play: misogyny. Don John, who is merely the agent, is instead undone by Dogberry and his idiot watchmen, who discover the plot and bring the truth to light. With all put right, the end of the play provides the denouement where Benedick, having proved his valour and cast off misogyny, is at last free to marry the woman he adores. He makes a speech where he mocks the old views about women and marriage he held, gaily advises the prince the marry, and tells Claudio “love my cousin,” the implication being that the only way Claudio and Hero will live happy is if Claudio follows Benedick’s example, throws off misogyny and loves and trusts his new wife as Benedick does Beatrice.

Much Ado About Nothing, quite simply, mocks the hypocrisy of patriarchal society at every turn. It questions why men should demand chastity in women when they display none themselves, and why women are thought of as sexually insatiable when experience generally showed the opposite. The play’s accompanying song Sigh No More is even about the unfaithfulness of men. The lyrics declare “Men were deceivers ever… to one thing constant never,” and the men of Much Ado tend to live up to this, being generally lusty and faithless while the women are constant and faithful. Shakespeare disproves common myths about female inconstancy by making Hero the blameless victim of men’s obsession with female chastity, a scapegoat onto whom all their repressed fears are projected. And Don John, the active agent of the culture of misogyny, is a bastard, living proof of men’s infidelity and unfaithfulness.

So yes, Don John is a terrible villain – but that’s precisely the point. His weak characterisation feeds neatly into the play’s subversive agenda. For what could this bitter, scheming man have accomplished had the culture of misogyny not predisposed Don Pedro and Claudio to suspect unfaithfulness? What power did he have over Benedick and Beatrice, and how did he serve as their antagonist?

Don John is not the true villain. Misogyny is. Hero’s shocking rejection and near-death proves how dangerous misogyny is, and how easily violent words lead to violent actions. Meanwhile, the witty, sparkling lovers journey together to overcome their internalised prejudices, and provide vivid proof of what happiness a marriage based on trust and true equality can bring.

Much Ado About Nothing is play about a battle of the sexes – and only once the two sides call a truce and join forces to overcome the real villain, misogyny, may the happy ending be achieved.


Obviously, there is a lot of speculation going on about what is going to happen in episode 2x10. There is especially a lot of Malec speculation going on.

These are things we have learned about the episode so far concerning Magnus and Alec (please correct me if any information appears wrong, or if I missed something important):

- So far they have released stills of Malec facing each other, both seemingly very upset.
- The other sets of stills – the ones at Magnus’ apartment and the ones with Raphael – shows absolutely no Alec, and somebody who appears to be Dot on Magnus’ couch (although I am not sure).
- Magnus is shown looking very, very upset (near tears upset) and worried, along with Clary, in the promo pics of them looking at her phone on the balcony.
- The synopsis said that there is going to be an attack on the Institute and that Shadowhunters are going to have to rush to save their loved ones.
- It was said that Matt performed a very heartbreaking scene for this episode.
- It is rumored that there is supposed to be a very emotional Malec scene.
- There is supposed to be some sort of Malec hug around this time

With all of this I have come up with one theory that may fit the bill, but I am nowhere near 100% sure of.
I believe Alec and Magnus will fight, as much as it pains me. I am not sure what their fight is over, it could be something personal (I.e, about their relationship) or it could be over something outside of their relationship that they have differences over. I believe that this fight will not be very pretty and at some point Magnus will either suggest that Alec leave, or Alec storms off on his own, leaving the status of their relationship very clearly unknown.
Considering the synopsis of the episode, it would make sense that Alec storms back to the Institute ultimately getting caught in the middle of the attack on the Institute, and (as much as it breaks my heart) I believe that Alec (possibly Izzy as well) will in fact be kidnapped/held hostage.

Alec will more than likely be tortured by the attackers (how intensely I am not sure) and whatever is done with him will somehow be “broadcasted” to Clary’s phone. The pictures of Magnus looking so horrified and upset being because of whatever has happened/is happening to Alec.
Magnus will also more than likely be even more upset because he’ll blame himself for causing Alec to leave in the first place.

The emotional Malec scene will either be the scene of their fight, or (I hope) will be a cute/heartbreaking renunion scene, and the heartbreaking scene Matt supposedly deliver will probably happen during the Institute attack (or the fight)

Again, I am not 100% sure on any of this at all but this is most logical explanation I could come up with. Please, feel free to correct me on things I’m wrong about, or share your own theories. I am dying here!!!

~~~Things that I did to self care today~~~

• Had bagels with a dear friend
• Was open and honest with my therapist
• Finished a paper
• Cleaned my apartment
• Ate all meals and snacks
• Caught up with someone I’ve missed lots over dinner
• Put on a facemask and all my new Herbivore face products
• Ate truffles and drank tea
• Called my best friend from home
• Took my night meds
• Emailed my nutritionist
• Am currently going to sleep very early

Tomorrow will be a new day, beans 🌟

I’ve decided to take a step back from Tumblr, at least for a while. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. I don’t have fun anymore. It doesn’t make me happy anymore. I’m constantly worried that something I say might trigger someone or offend someone, and I don’t mean this as a jab to anyone, I am genuinely worried about this and it’s too stressful, especially with everything else going on in my life.

I’m not deleting or anything, it’s more like a break. I’ll probably be back before long, but atm it feels like the best decision for me.

I doubt that anyone will miss me, I honestly do, I’m not important or anything, but I thought I’d make a post about this anyway.

So yeah. Take care of each other and be kind to each other. Lots of love ❤


I’m very sad to hear that Sam is leaving Steam Powered Giraffe. I loved Hatchworth. Hatchworth was a lovable character that walked a thin line between adorable and absurd, and I’m going to miss his shenanigans a lot!

However, I am also incredibly excited for Sam’s future projects and for the future of Steam Powered Giraffe! Thank you for your lovable character, Sam! And thanks for all the sandwiches! 

Are You Flirting?

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Requested: Yes, by a lovely lovely anon.

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Y/N is just a tiny bit jealous of Leta Lestrange. And by a tiny bit, she is obviously incredibly jealous.

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 1,100

A/N: I hope that this was something that you are happy with, especially because your prompt was so incredibly cute! I am pretty happy with how this turned out, and I really missed writing for Newt.

You were having a ball. Not as in you were having a lot of fun. As in Hogwarts was hosting a ball and everyone was expected to attend. A small part of you wished that they would have told you later in the school year, or just not had one at all.

Because telling you on the first day of classes allowed you an awfully long time to be nervous about who you were going with, what you were going to wear, and the fact that your best friend was going to ask Leta Lestrange. He had been in love with her since the first year, and she was constantly taking advantage of him.

But, you weren’t one for confrontation, so you chose to simply avoid her. Strangely enough, even though your interactions with Newt were shorter, they were getting weirder by the day. On Monday, he had found you in the library to ask you a question that he had already answered in Herbology.

The day after that, he asked you if you were aware that Occamies could fly, even though you had helped him with an illustration for his book that he was always working on last month. Either Newt had lost his short term memory in a freak accident with one of his creatures, or Leta Lestrange was making him more forgetful than usual.

When he wasn’t popping by with a random question for you, you always saw him with her. They could have been walking to class together, studying in the library, or down by the pond. It didn’t matter where they were, but it seemed as if he never left her side. And worse, he was always carrying her books, making her laugh at something he said. You hated to admit it, but you had feelings for your best friend.

Feelings that were so strong you were convinced that he had forgotten anyone else existed by the time that winter rolled around. And worse yet- you didn’t have a date for the ball.

Usually, you would have planned to go with your best friend, but you had a sneaking suspicion that he was going to be asking somebody else. Somebody that you couldn’t help but be jealous of every single time that you saw them together. Which was all of the time.

“Y/N?” you looked up to find Newt standing at the side of your study table in the library.

“Hey Newt. Did you need help with your potions essay?” You sighed, putting down your quill and resting your head on your fist.

“No, actually, I was wondering what you are doing later?” he asked, setting his books sown on the table and slumping down into the chair across from you.

“You’re looking at it,” you laughed, gesturing to all of the homework that was spread out in front of you.

“Do you want to have dinner later?” he had opened his books, but he obviously wasn’t reading it. His eyes were wandering all over the room, not looking at his book, and most definitely not looking at you.

“We always have dinner together.” You sighed picking up your quill and scrawling a few more lines on the parchment. “The whole school has a dinner together.”

“Oh I guess that you have a point.” He said absently.

You didn’t have a response, choosing instead to make an affirmative noise while trying to remember what this parchment was supposed to be about in the first place. You usually loved schoolwork, but your professor was ruthless this afternoon.

“Well, you look nice today.” He said after a few moments of silence.

“I look exactly the same.” You needed another half page and it simply wasn’t coming as easily to you as usual.

“That’s because you always look beautiful.” And even though he had grown quieter, and he was barely even paying attention to the conversation anymore, you were the most tuned in that you had been in months.

“What did you just say?” your voice was soft, barely able to comprehend what he said.

“You always look beautiful.” You wouldn’t have believed him, but his eyes were shining with sincerity, like they always did when he was talking about his creatures or his book. Things that he was passionate about. Things that he loved.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Well, it’s about time you noticed.” He smiled at you, unabashedly proud of himself.

“What do you mean, time I noticed?” Was he trying to say that he had been flirting with you for a while? Long enough that you should have noticed?

“Well, I have been trying to find a good way to ask you to the ball since it was announced, but lately, you have been moping around and doing your homework and avoiding me.”

Avoiding you? You’re the one that had been with Leta Lestrange all year and acting really strange all of the time.” Was this really happening? He thought that you were avoiding him?

“I was trying to think of a way to tell you how much I care about you.” You were pretty sure that you had stopped breathing. “Even though I don’t love Leta the way that I love you, she was trying to help me find a way for me to ask you to the Yule Ball-”

“You want to take me to the ball?”

“Of course I want to take you to the ball” he took your hands in his and stroked his thumb on the back of your hands. “I wouldn’t want to take anyone else.”

“Of course I will go with you.” he beamed at you, giving your hands a small squeeze. “But just to be straight, all of those times that you asked me questions about school was you trying to flirt with me?”
And just like that, the blushy Newt was back. He allowed himself a small laugh, staring down at the table. “I guess you could say that.”
“We have known each other for years and the best that you could do was asking me questions that you clearly knew the answers to?”

He didn’t have an answer, simply laughing and grabbing your hand, dragging you out of your chair and down to the Great Hall for dinner.

“Oh no.” you said, stopping dead in your tracks, tugging Newt back when you didn’t let go of his hand.

“What’s wrong?”
“Now I’m going to have to find something to wear.”
Newt simply laughed, placing a kiss on the side of your and reclaiming your hand in his. “I’m sure that you will find something.”

bucky didn’t have a funeral or casket the first time steve lost him. he never had the chance to stand at buckys grave and say all the things he never could before or beg an empty grave for forgiveness. this was a vital part of the grieving process that he never experienced; closure. hell he didn’t even have a body to mourn over and it hurt. he couldn’t cope so he’d chose death instead.

in cw, when the cryo chamber closes over bucky it’s the second time steve lays the love of his life to rest that month. peggy has her funeral in a steepled church and bucky has his in a sterile room with his heart still pumping. it’s fitting that the 2 halves of his heart should ‘die’ within days of one another. after all, they’d always been direct parallels.

but this time, he gets to say goodbye. this time, he is choosing life because bucky barnes is the personification of a promise (I’m with you til the end of the line). he will always find a way back to steve and that in itself is worth living for.

and, in a way, bucky is choosing life too. he’s a dead man walking and that’s not living, that’s surviving. he’ll come back when he’s ready and steve will be waiting as he always has.

death has nothing on their love; it’s bulletproof. as far as steve is concerned, their story will end when it damn well pleases and when it does, they’ll be together. the next funeral will be a joint affair.