i am going to miss my girls

We may not get to see each other everyday. I am unable to hold you in my arms every night. But my heart knows that you are the one, and I will never let go.
at some dinner party

someone: ok here’s a fun one… if you could go back in time and pick one moment in your life to relive, what moment would you pick?

someone else: that’s a tough one! probably the birth of my beautiful child, mary, she is truly my whole world-

me, interrupting: EASY. october 2014. i am sitting in a movie theater seeing gone girl (2014) dir. david fincher for the first time. the screen cuts to black and rosamund pike’s voice suddenly says “i am so much happier now that i’m dead, technically missing, soon to be presumed dead. GONE. and my-”

Day 1
I cried so hard my mother was scared to leave me alone. She called me from work every hour to hear me breathing.
Day 2
I only left my bed to go to class. Your best friend said you love me more than I’ll ever know.
Day 3
I was finally able to eat a meal without heaving it (and thoughts of us) up ten minutes later.
Day 4
Another girl said you asked her to hang out. I lost it right there in the middle of class.
Day 5
I laughed without you today.
Day 6
I cuddled with another boy but I couldn’t fall asleep in his arms. I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes dry at 5 am. I miss your arms.
Day 7
I posted a picture with the boy. You liked it and it made my stomach feel like knives.
Day 8
I typed a text to send you saying we’re not pregnant but I deleted it. It’s stupid but I wish I still had you to celebrate with.
Day 9
I didn’t think about you today and I swore I was cured. I think my mind was just playing a cruel trick on me.
Day 10
I wore a dress to school and you paused in the hallway to turn and look at me. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.
Day 11
My brother asked me how many times I’m going to listen to the same song. He doesn’t know it’s your favorite.
Day 12
I wore your t-shirt to bed. It still smells like you. God I would bathe in that smell if I could.
Day 13
I opened up to my friends finally. No one can make sense of it. No one saw it coming. I wish I saw it coming.
Day 14
I went out of my way to drive past your house tonight. It gave me a feeling of safety, like the way I used to feel with my head on your chest.
Day 15
What shade of green are your eyes? I promised myself I would never forget them and god here I am. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.
Day 16
Picked up the phone to call you before class. I forgot I couldn’t do that anymore. Who’s supposed to calm me down in the mornings?
Day 17
I wonder who you call now to calm you down on nights when you can’t sleep.
Day 18
Somedays the doubt overcomes me and hangs in the air like a dark cloud. I think maybe you never really loved me, but then that makes the least sense of all.
Day 19
I brought your things back. You told me I looked like I was doing well and I know it upset you I didn’t turn to look back. Little did you know I left and went to our spot where I cried until there wasn’t a dry spot on the front of my shirt.
Day 20
I heard you replaced me and it scratched at my scars but I didn’t bleed.
Day 21
This was a stupid poem about a troublesome boy who held my heart in his palm and who loved me and who destroyed me. But I don’t need you to be happy anymore.
—  they say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit - @needumost

There will come a day when you won’t be my first waking thought.
There will come a day when there won’t be any more words.

But it is not this day.

Today…. I am still your girl.
So good morning, I love you…. wherever you are….

—  Ranata Suzuki
Hey guys...

I probably won’t be posting much today or this week… As many know Carrie Fisher passed away today. She was one of my idols as a little girl. Watching her on Star Wars as Princess Leia helped make me the person I am today. She is and will always be an inspiration for myself and many others because quite frankly she was a kick-ass woman who brought light to our world in everything she did. She’ll be missed so much by fans. And all condolences to her family as they go through this tough time.

❤️ may the force be with her ❤️

How the reveal will go, my prediction:

adrien: Ladybug and the girl I’d probably be dating if I wasn’t so in love with Ladybug are the same person? This is the best day ever.

marinette: OMG I never even suspected that Adrien and Chat Noir are the same person I claim to love Adrien but I missed this whole other side of him I am a horrible person and also stupid.

*23 episodes of angst as they resolve their issues followed by a Big Damn Kiss*

adrien: ILY Bugaboo.

alya: How is it that you two started dating like five minutes ago and you’ve already got pet names for each other?

adrien: Um…

Rwby volume 4: episode 9 thoughts

Better then last week, if only cuz we got to see all 4 girls!

Let’s start with the good!

+ Yanngggg! I’ve missed my little sun dragon! She can still kick ass, too!

+ Tai talking about Yang rushing into things.. I think this is the closest were gonna get to them addressing the fact Yang lost an arm rushing in to save her bae/partner

+ Weiss = badass. That is all.

+ Cool new Faunus girl

+ Renora. Always Renora.

But, as always, there are some negatives.

- Okay so as glad as I am to see Yang happy I think it completely undermines what she is going through and in all honesty just feels very cheap and idk I just think her healing process should have been long, slow and intertwined with the other members of team RWBY.

- Sun getting hurt. Was this necessary? You just trying to mirror the bumbleby scene? Why you gotta steal everything we love and make it irrelevant?! Rude.

- Whitley. Just cuz he a little shit.

anonymous asked:

Kennedi high has been found and she's at home!!

Yes I’ve heard it honestly made my entire day… I am beyond overjoyed that she’s safe!

However, there are still many young black girls that have also recently gone missing. I’m going to work on making a post about it and adding the most recent updates to it so we can spread the word. Let’s protect our black girls and bring them home safely just like Kennedi!!

Cancer and Pisces Playlist ♋️❤️♓️

Edward Sharp& The Magnetic Zeros- Home

Lana Del Rey- Lucky ones, Without you, Video games, Honeymoon

Halsey- I walk the line

Band of horses- No ones gonna love you

David Bowie- Lady grinning soul

Selena- Dreaming of you

Regina Spektor- Samson

Moldy Peaches- Anyone else but you

Ingrid Michaelson- The way I am

Beyoncé- Halo

The Beatles- Something in the way

Best Coast- When I’m with you

Blink 182- I miss you

Miley Cyrus- When I look at you

Bruno Mars- Just the way you are

Adele- Make you feel my love

Amy Vachal- Dream a little dream of me

The Weeknd- Can’t feel my face

Plain White T’s- 1234

Faith Hill- This Kiss

Jewel- You were meant for me

Never Shout Never- Can’t stand it

No Doubt- Don’t speak

Nirvana- Heart shaped box

The White Stripes- We are going to be friends

The Temptations- My girl

Katy Perry- Unconditionally

Semisonic- Secret smile

Goo Goo Dolls - Come to me

~pisces forever

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Tattoo shop counter girl & psych hospital discharge planner here again~~ After almost a year of working 60-65 hours every week, 7 days/week aside from a few carved in off days, I am quitting the hospital!!! I'm only going to work at the tattoo shop running things (not tattooing). It'll be an income cut, but working inpatient mental health care has ruined my own mental health & I truly love my tattoo shop, tattooing, & the guys there. I'll miss my U.R. ladies, but not the hospital bullshit.


this year has been absolutely crazy for me for so many reasons, and getting to meet my best friend kayli @fairlylester for the first time and spend most of my free time with her from september-december was a pretty huge one (in a good way!!). this girl has been my stability for whenever i felt down or hated my job, and to be honest having each weekend free to spend exploring different areas of london with her was so hugely important to me and always will be. we have done SO MUCH in such a short space of time (dodie gig, tøp concert, halloween, bonfire night and trying out all the american food chains i could find) and i’ll really really miss being able to see kayli so often, but we still have plans for other exciting things in the future ✨✨ one of the biggest highlights of 2016 was getting to spend time with her and i won’t forget a minute of it- she is my best friend and platonic soulmate and i love her with all my heart 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖to more adventures in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

I refuse to keep waiting for you. I am going to walk wherever I go with a smile across my face dressed however I like, not for you anymore. I am going to try to be genuinely happy without you. When I see you with a new girl, I will be prepared and not feel a thing, my chest will not feel as if it were about to explode. I’ve realized my life does not revolve around your entire existence. I can live without you, happily.
—  Baby, I don’t need you.
Girls / Girls / Boys

Word count: 3.8K

[A/N] Four months since my last update but I can assure you that I am alive and well

Dan Howell could proudly say that he had never missed a school Football game.

From the moment he’d entered the school freshman year, he’d started going to the football games on Friday nights, sitting in that same spot on the bleachers with some of his friends each time. It wasn’t so much school spirit that kept him there, it was more about the incredible sights. By which he meant the cheerleaders, of course. Watching pretty girls dance around in short skirts all night, what more could a pubescent boy want?

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 This is a formal thank you for making 2016 a happy place for me 

the birds of gay squad @laurelcastillopratt @roysjason @elenadrakefisher (i miss you katie, come back ) , I love you girls with all my heart <3 , A +  people 

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@selina-bruce baby you are amazing and you deserve all the love in the world and so damn talented like how do you do it

@chochang i am in awe of how nice and amazing you are and damn such a talented writer and soon to be a amazing editor too (you gonna pass me just you see)

@karasass you’re a nerd but i love nerds who sent me annoying christmas gifs so you’re ok for now, not gonna get blocked 

@reddeadrobin YOU ARE SIN ITSELF BUT I MISS YOU HERE SO COMEEEE BACK TO ME . i miss you and you’re so great to talk to you and i’m expecting from you a sugar mom and a sugar dad so we can both be true bi tm

@damainswayne i love you as a person and i hope the future gets you all the good you deserve <3 you deserve the world 

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To any girl who is going through a breakup,

I loved this boy to pieces, and I miss who I was when I was with him. But I am not that girl anymore, and he’s found a new girl to love. He’s broken up with me twice now, and I’d like to say that if he came back out of the blue I would turn him away and say he’s missed his chance, but in all honesty I would take him back with open arms, I would tell him that my heart is still his. But that’s not going to happen, and I’m not going to wait around for it. I’m also not going to wait around for someone else to show me that I can do better, because I know I can. In the mean time, delete this boy on snapchat, delete him on instagram, delete him on twitter, unfriend him on Facebook if you need to. Don’t do this the second he leaves you, give yourself time to grieve. Don’t delete your pictures of him, it was a part of your life and trying to pretend he never happened isn’t going to do you any good, because you can’t delete the memories. Give yourself time, look back at the pictures if you need to, grieve. Now here comes the hard part, when you find yourself checking his social media daily, delete him. Don’t let him waste your time. I know it hurts baby girl but you have to love yourself like you want him to love you. Don’t base what love is off of what he gave you. He gave me secret interlocked hands under the table at dinner and he gave me forehead kisses after church, he gave me “I love you to the moon and back” and he gave me a shoulder to cry on even when he didn’t know why. But one day someone is going to give me another signature sweet nothing and someone is going to give me warm feelings again when I meet their family for the first time. But like I said, don’t wait around for him. Right now, give yourself kind words, give yourself warm tea, give yourself dates to the aquarium, date yourself honey. It’s hard not to wait around for a boy to give you this extraordinary love, but find love in other places. Find it in nature, find it in friends, find it in yourself.

“An evening in 1946″ Snafu Shelton Fanficion. Smut Mondays.

AN: Hello there sweet cheeks. It’s me again with a finally something I can all a good fic with our dear Snafu. I sincerely hope you will like this and I would appreciate a lot some feedback. Happy reading!

Title: An evening in 1946
Fandom: Rami Malek, The Pacific, BBC War series
Pairing: Reader x Snafu
Rating: Mature content present
Word count: 822

- - - - - - -

December 4th 1944

In a bit playful manner, a young man caressed your cheek and placed a soft kiss over it. “I am going to miss ya girl. It would have been extremely selfish of me to tell you to wait for me. I am not even sure how positive my return is. All I can say is, that when” a deep breath “-if I come back, I am going to give you a really big hug, pick you up in the air and spin ya’ around, just like when we were champs alright?” he said and smile lightly at you. “But up until then, I want you to treasure this…” Snafu said and handed you a medium sized bear with brown fur. Two black orbs as eyes and a big stitched heart over its chest. “Treasure the bear, I mean of course if you want to. I love you very much.”

And those were his final words. He stood up straight and blew you a kiss, before entering the dark green bus. And that was it, he went to war, just like that.

Two years later

After plenty of months, seven letters and approximately 468 sleepless nights, you couldn’t handle this, so called hell anymore. The war has ended two months ago, why hasn’t he came back? The only answer to that would be, yes you guessed it, that he died.

Of course, you saw a moment like this coming, but you never wanted to imagine how this would feel, how would you react to this. Then again, if he had actually died, his mother would have received a letter, and you would have been at least the third person to find out. But nothing was going on. Until… you heard someone entering the house. Damn it had gotten you terrified. You stood up from your bed, making sure your night gown is placed where it’s supposed to be. But to make sure you pulled a blanket off the chair and wrapped it around your body. Without thinking, you’ve made your way down stairs, glancing at the main entrance. Who was that.

You couldn’t see clearly, but you noticed a tall dark figure, tossing a heavy bag next to the door. The man removed his hat that was covering his eyes. It was him, he actually came back. He revealed his soft puppy eyes, sparkling in the dark. You then quickly grabbed a candle off a stand next to the end of the stairs, to take a better look at him, your hands shaking. “It’s you, i-it’s really you.” You muttered almost dropping the candle and causing a mess. But he helped placing the candle somewhere else.

Snafu wrapped his hands tightly around your body, placing several kisses over your hair. “Dear God I have missed you so much, still beautiful as always … I love you.”

“I love you too, so so so much.” You said with a wide smile and placed a loving kiss on his lips. Gosh he made you really weak. He picked your body up bridal style and carried you up the stairs to your bedroom. “There is something that I had pictured doing so many times in those sleepless nights when we were crossing the river..”

He made your body shiver, laying it down over the bed. “You look so wonderful…” mumbled and slowly removed your night gown of your body. Tossing it somewhere and placing hands over your chest, giving your lips a passionate kiss. “I sincerely hope you waited for me after all, I want to marry ya.”

He continued placing soft open mouthed kisses don your neck and shoulder, slowly transitioning to your torso, removing his hands so he can hold your hips, playing with your underwear. “Please I cannot wait any longer..” You mumbled and placed your hands over his back. To which he obliged and removed your pants. Then sat up and removed his uniform peace by peace. God knows when was the last time he had a proper shower but you couldn’t care. He laid down next to you and you couldn’t help but to touch his body, being in the army for two years, does something.

With all his might, he held his body over yours and slowly pressing his length against your entrance, pushing inside as gently as he could. You moaned loudly and held onto him. It has been a really long time. He pushed deeper and deeper, and once he was fully inside and began moving his hips slowly, thrusting his length in and out of you. Bringing your body over the edge in first five minutes of constant movements. Damn he was quick. The moans and pants were getting louder and more intense.

You kissed his lips passionately, allowing him to suck on your lower lip. He made every single thing about this enjoyable. And it went on like this, through the entire night.

I’m Taken

Request:  Hii, I am in LOVE with your imagines!! Can you do a shawn imagine in which he’s alone on tour and all he can think is about you and camila comes in and starts to flirt with him but he’s like woah I got y/n. I don’t mean for that to be so long but it would mean the world xx

a/n; AWW thank you so much, I’m glad you like my imagines! And this request is actually quite cute! I’m going to do this all in Shawn’s point of view, I hope that’s alright!  Also, I am only making Camila like this for the imagine, I don’t think she would actually do anything like this. 

Word Count: 425 (it’s so short sorry)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Shawn’s P.O.V 

I smiled looking at the picture of my beautiful girl on my phone screen, she truly has stolen my heart. “I miss you loads, babe.” I read the message from her as it popped up, “I miss you too, baby.” I replied instantly, she read it but didn’t reply, a sign that she was most likely really upset. I didn’t send anything else knowing that she doesn’t want to be bothered about it right now. I sighed staring up at the ceiling from my lying position on the couch.

“Come in!” I called out when somewhere knocked on the door. I glanced over as the door opened to reveal Camila walking in, “Hey.” I said blandly. She didn’t seem to notice as she walked over and sat by my feet on the couch. “Hi Shawn!” She replied in her normally cheery tone. I gave a small smile. “So I was thinking..” She trailed off. I sat up a little bit more, “About what?” I asked scrolling through my Instagram, liking some pictures that fans tagged me and Y/N in. 

Camila leaned over and took my phone, a playful smile on her face. What is she doing? I thought to myself as I looked at her, her leaning over caused part of her shirt to go down more, revealing more of her chest. My eyes instantly darted up to her face. “What are you doing?” I asked as I stood up to grab a water. “Nothing but like I was saying, I was thinking maybe me and you could hang out tonight. Like just us.” She said making me choke a little bit on my water. 

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” I answered after I stopped coughing. I went over and grabbed my phone. She placed her hand on my wrist as I went to move it back, “Why not?” She asked looking up at me. I shook my head, “I  have a girlfriend.” I told her, even though she already knew that, everyone does. “I think you should go, I’ve got some stuff to do.” I added on lying slightly, I didn’t really have anything to do, but she should leave. 

She rolled her eyes and stormed out over dramatically. I shook my head and unlocked my phone. “I love you, no matter what you ever read or hear. I love you so much.” I typed out and sent to Y/N instantly, I bit my lip as she started typing. “I love you too, Shawn. Now go get ready for your show!!”