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CS FF: Man Flu

Summary: It’s Killian and Emma’s first wedding anniversary, but Killian is sick and has no clue what day it is.  To make matters worse, he is driving Emma crazy as she takes care of him.

Rating: PG

Note: So many men are big babies when they get sick (apologies to any men who may be reading this), so I thought the same could be true for our former pirate.  This goes back and forth between Emma and Killian’s POV.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Man Flu: Part 1/1…

~Emma’s POV~

Today is our first wedding anniversary.  This first year of marriage to Killian has been the happiest of my life.  

Minus the last three days, that is.  When I said the vows in sickness and health, I never imagined this.  

I squeeze my eyes closed as the ringing once again fills my ears. Why did I give Killian that damn bell?!  He’s been ringing it incessantly for the last two days.  I thought it would be an improvement over him bellowing my name every five minutes, but I was sorely mistaken.  

Three days ago, Killian came down with a cold. The usual: scratchy throat, cough, runny/stuffy nose.  But you would have thought the man had contracted the plague.  He hasn’t left our bed and complains about every little symptom.  Here’s a man who has lost his hand, been hit by a car, been stabbed, nearly drowned, been tortured, and actually died.  I’m sure in his more than 200 years he’s endured even more than that.  But somehow the common cold brings him to his knees.  

There’s a name for this.  Man flu.  Basically, men act like babies when they become even slightly sick.  Apparently, my brave, strong, resilient pirate isn’t immune to such an affliction.  And now I must also suffer.

The bell rings again, followed by a pitiful moan of “Emma”.

“Coming,” I grumble, as I head up the stairs.

I find him in our bed, the comforter pulled up around his neck.  Tissues are strewn everywhere. His hair is sticking up in all directions and his nose is red.  His blue eyes are watery.

I come to stand before him, hands on my hips.  "You rang?“

"Love, do you think perhaps you could close the curtains?  I’m afraid the sunlight is hurting my sensitive eyes.”

I bite my lip, but nod.  "Sure.“

I walk over to the window and pull the curtains closed.

"Not quite that much.  I enjoy a bit of light.”

I feel my fists clench as I pull the curtains open a little, nearly pulling them off the rod with my vice-like grip.  

“Better?” I ask.

“Perfect,” he says, offering me a weak smile.  "Thank you.“

"Can I get you anything else before I go?” I ask.

“You’re leaving?” he croaks.  

I sigh. “Killian, I’ve been waiting on you for three days. I have a job, you know.  I’m surprised this town hasn’t been destroyed by monsters yet.”

“My apologies for being so much trouble,” he mumbles.

I roll my eyes.  I know what he’s doing and it won’t work.  

“Look, you have your cell phone right there.  If you need me, just call and I’ll be back in no time at all.”

“I don’t want to be a bother,” he mutters. “I’m sure I can fend for myself in my weakened state. After all, I’ve cared for myself most of my life.”

I roll my eyes again and walk over to him, placing a kiss on his lips against my better judgment.  I don’t really want to risk getting sick, but a kiss usually placates him for a bit.

“You’ll be fine.  I told you.  It’s just a cold.”

“I beg to differ.  I feel as if I am on my deathbed.  It must be scurvy.”

“For the thousandth time, it is not scurvy.”

“With all due respect, love, you aren’t a doctor.”

“True, but I do know how to google.”


“Look stuff up on the, as you would say, computer box.”

“Oh. Proceed.”

“And you have none of the symptoms of scurvy.  It’s also very rare in modern times, mostly occurring in poor countries due to malnutrition.  What you have is the common cold.”

“There’s hardly anything common about it.  I don’t see why I can’t be given some medicine to cure this infernal disease.”

“Because there’s no cure for the common cold, which, by the way, is not a disease.  You just have to ride it out.  You can relieve the symptoms like we have been doing with over-the-counter drugs, but there’s not much else you can do.”

“I suppose I’ll just suffer then.”

I wait for him to acknowledge our anniversary, but he’s so delirious from the meds and distracted by his constant whining, that I am pretty sure he doesn’t have any idea what day it is.  

I try to hide my disappointment, as I hook my thumb in the direction of the door.  "Ok, I’m going to go now.  Call me if you need me.“

"Goodbye, love,” he says as I exit the room.

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Exo Reaction to Their Kid Hiding on Them When They Have to Take Medicine

I loved this request so much~ Thank you! I am glad you like my exo as dads reactions because they’re my favourite. :3


He had walked out for two seconds to go get the medicine from the bathroom to find her place on the living room couch vacated. He found her under her bed and waved his finger at her when she crawled out from under it with a guilty smile on her face. 


When he returned from the kitchen to find his son missing, he slowly set the medicine down on the coffee table. He looked around and saw his son’s feet under the side table next to the tv and then laughed loudly as he proclaimed he found him and then ran to hide himself. 

Being the big child he is, when his wife came home she found them still playing hide and seek and her son had not taken his medication yet. 


It was not hard for him to find his son. He had tried hiding under the kitchen table because of the long tablecloth but that was the first place Chen looked. His father gave him his medicine and made sure to watch that he drank it all and then smirked as he playfully pinched his cheek for trying to hide on him. 


When he came out of the bathroom with the cherry flavoured cough syrup and didn’t see his daughter he knew she had hidden herself. He could hear her small voice giggling and saw her little pink shoes sticking out from under the coffee table where she had hid. Kai pretended like he didn’t see her and marched around the room, grinning as he called her name like he couldn’t find her. 

Her giggling got louder as he circled around to where her shoulders were. He pulled her out from under the table gently and smiled at her as he hoisted her up high in the air before hugging her close to him and kissing her cheek. He set her down on the ground and ruffled her hair before he reached for the cough syrup. 

“Just two sips, I promise and then we can draw that picture for Eomma.” 


Kris had a busy day and his wife’s sister was going to be here any minute to let him go to practice. He jogged out of the bathroom carrying the cough syrup but didn’t see his son. He called his name a few times and then looked around absolutely appalled when he heard his son yell “I don’t have to take it if you can’t find me!” 


He had stepped away for a second to go into the cupboard and take out the medicine his son had to take daily. When he turned around, his on was missing he leaned forwards slightly as he took a closer look at the room. It was then that he noticed his son was hiding behind the curtain of the window because he could see his feet sticking out from underneath. 


His wife didn’t like to leave him alone with their girl because he could be a tad forgetful. He had insisted it was fine to go visit her mom and that he would make sure their daughter took her medicine to get over the nasty flu she had caught. When he brought the medicine out and went to look for her, he realised she was nowhere in sight. When he looked everywhere he could think to look, he realised his wife was going to kill him if he couldn’t find her. 

It was then that he heard the giggling and realised he had forgotten to check the closet in his room. 


His son was bad at hiding, or maybe Luhan just knew where to look. It had taken him exactly a minute and a half to walk to the mudroom, open the dryer, and see his son come tumbling out. Luhan nagged his son as he poured the cough syrup. “How many times have your mom and I told you not to climb in the dryer, do you have a death wish?” 


He had literally turned around for two seconds. That was it. Two. And when he turned back with the cough syrup, his daughter was gone. 

He frowned intensely, looked at his watch, and realised his wife would be home in fifteen minutes. He was supposed to give their daughter this medicine when she woke up. Naturally, he had forgotten. Now he had to race around the house looking for her before her mom got home so he could at least say that she had taken the cough syrup eventually


His daughter was predictable. She had run into her bedroom and hid herself behind the giant stuffed bear her dad had bought her when she was a baby. He found her quickly and smiled at her as he waved for her to come over to him. He sat down on the bed and poured the medicine she had to drink and when she came close he put it in her hands before leaning close to tell her a secret. 

“If you take the medicine now, we can go to the park later and get ice cream on our walk home.” 


His wife had warned him that their son had suddenly began to hate taking medicine when it had never been a problem before. She had told him all the places he had tried to hide before when she was in charge and Tao had checked every one of them to no avail. It was only when he heard his son laughing loudly as his confused expression that Tao found him crouched behind the TV stand with a smug smile on his face. 


He knew what his daughter was up to the moment he heard a muffled giggle when he turned to get the medicine. When he returned, she was gone. So, Xiumin decided to participate in the game and poured the correct measurement for her medicine and set it on the counter before going to look for her. 

He eventually found her hiding on the side of his bed that was closer to the wall and smiled at her when she pouted up at him. “Hey baby girl,” he said as he knelt down in front of her. “I found you, so I think it’s only fair that you come take the cough syrup.”

“Will you play hide and seek with me after?” she asked him as she pursed her lips. 

“Of course.” 

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I'm Sorry- Erik Durm

The dark bedroom was suddenly violated by a beam of bright light from the bathroom. I groggily rolled over to see Erik stripping his clothes as he prepared to shower. The clock read 6:04 a.m. I grabbed the unused pillow lying next to me and tossed it towards him, shouting, “Can you shut the door? I’m sleeping. And don’t just throw your dirty clothes on the floor. There’s a hamper literally 2 feet from you.”

I heard him scoff. “You’ve been awake for less than 60 seconds and you’ve already found something to nag me about.”

I turned back around, away from the blinding light, and pulled the covers above my head. “Maybe I wouldn’t have to nag you if you would just listen the first time,” I mumbled just loud enough for him to hear. He slammed the door and I soon heard the sound of running water. Unfortunately, this had become our morning routine. With Erik having intense and frequent training and me working night shift, we rarely saw each other. And when we did, exhaustion and frustration reared its ugly head and we took everything out on each other. Unable to fall back asleep, I decided to have a cup of coffee and watch something on TV. Walking out of the bedroom, I picked up the clothes Erik had left on the floor this morning, as well as the ones that had been living on the floor for a week. I tossed them in the washer before walking into the kitchen.

Dishes, glasses, food, empty cartons and bottles cluttered the counters and island, even the stovetop. I took a deep sigh and rolled my eyes, just ignoring the mess for now. As poured my coffee into the last clean mug we had available, I heard Erik rustling around behind me.

“Have you seen my keys?” he asked.

“No, but I’m not surprised you can’t find them in this disaster,” I replied, eyeing the disorganized mess that invaded our apartment.

“Well,” he sneered, “you’re home today so why don’t you do something about it?” he suggested smartly.

I chuckled. “Suuuure,” I began sarcastically, “I mean it’s not like I worked 12 hours last night and only got an hour of sleep this morning.” I took a sip of my coffee and walked past him into the living room. I set the mug down and began looking for his keys, only because I wanted him to leave already. I snaked my hand in between the couch pillows and felt something unusual, but it wasn’t a set of keys. I carefully pulled out a black and white lacy bra from in between the cushions that was neither my style nor my size. Erik was oblivious until I loudly cleared my throat. He turned to look at me and his face went ghost white.

“This,” I whispered, twirling the dinky article of clothing in the air, “is not mine.” I glared at him, anger darkening my eyes.

“It’s not what you think,” he said and then gulped.

“Really?” I was louder now. “Because I can’t think of one reason that this would be in our house that doesn’t involve a naked girl.

“There was a stripper,” he said, speaking quickly. “You were working and the guys came over and it was stupid but we called a stripper and after they all left she got carried away but I told her I had a girlfriend and stopped her before anything happened.”

Lips quivering, I eyed him up and down. The boyfriend that I fell in love with didn’t look like the man standing before me today. “I don’t believe you,” I admitted. I dropped the bra and began shaking my head. “I don’t believe you,” I repeated.

“Well, it’s the truth. And I don’t have time to stand here and convince you. He grabbed the keys he had found and headed towards the door, “we’ll talk tonight,” he shouted before shutting the door. I stood there stunned for a few moments before swallowing back tears and taking action; I had had enough. I found a notepad and pen peeking out from under the disarray of papers on the end table. On it I wrote, I’m done. Goodbye.”I stuck it on the fridge where I knew Erik would see it, grabbed my keys and purse, and walked out.

A week had passed since I left and Erik’s incessant phone calls and text messages and emails had slowed down. The last voicemail was from two days ago.

“Y/N, I don’t know what to do anymore. Please just pick up the phone. I love you and I’m sorry,” he whimpered and then the line went dead.

“Still not talking to him?” my aunt asked, handing me a cup of tea. I shook my head and thanked her, I had always been her favorite niece and she was delighted when I came to stay with her until she found out why. “Do you really think he cheated on you, darling?” I exhaled strongly and shrugged.

“I don’t know. I don’t know anything,” I grumbled, shrugging my shoulders.

“But you miss him,” he said, eyebrows raised. I frowned and nodded; she was right. I did miss him, but I didn’t miss the life we had been living for the past month or so. “Well,” she chirped, “I’m going to go into town and pick up that chocolate cake you like, wouldn’t that be nice?” She had a big smile spread across her face that I couldn’t help but mirror. I nodded emphatically, amused that she still treated me like I was 8 years old.

When she left, I went into the guest bedroom and flipped on the TV. Of course, there was a game on today and for whatever reason, I wanted to watch. I saw Erik jog across the screen and my heart fluttered. What am I doing? I thought. I love him I miss him what am I doing? My thoughts were interrupted by a fiery play and a loud whistle from the official. My eyes grew wide as I saw Erik, face down, laying on the pitch. The medical team came out from the sidelines and he was carried away on a stretcher, grimacing. Without thinking, I jumped up from the bed and grabbed my keys.

I knew they would take him to the biggest hospital in the city, the one where we met for the first time when I was working and he came in with a black eye. My co-workers were anticipating my arrival and directed me straight towards Erik’s room. I walked over and stood outside the door for a second, suddenly realizing that he may not want to see me. I stifled my nerves and knocked, not bothering to wait for a reply before opening the door. “Erik?” I whispered.

His eyes lit up at the sight of me, a smile stretching his cheeks widely. “Y/N? I didn’t think you would…how did you know?” he spoke flustered.

“I-I was watching the game,” I stuttered awkwardly, not really knowing what to do. “Are you ok?” I asked, glancing at his wrapped up ankle and knee.

“yeah, yeah,” he whispered, still staring at me. “I missed you.”

I nodded, tears welling in my eyes, “I missed you too.”

“Why did you just leave like that?” he asked, looking anywhere but at me.

“I don’t—I thought it was what I wanted. I thought you cheated. I thought we really were done,” I whimpered.

“But?” he questioned expectantly.

“But I love you,” I shrugged. “I love you and I miss you and I want us to go back to being us.” I began sobbing. He beckoned me over and I sat next to him on the hospital bed.

“I love you too,” he whispered, cupping my face. “And I’m sorry. But you know I’d never cheat on you, don’t you? Never. I don’t want anyone else.” I nodded, swallowing my sobs. “We’ll go back to being us, as long as we are together, we’ll be fine.” I nodded once more before burying my face in his chest and wrapping my arms around his neck. “Shh,” he cooed, “I promise I’ll stop leaving my clothes lying around.” I laughed and lifted my head to face him.

“I’ll stop nagging,” I grumbled frowning, causing him to laugh.

“See,” he said, “we’re better already.”