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Speaking of all the racist crap Gigith is doing Did you see her Gold digging mom and her tweet she also faved about her messing up, what is wrong with this family? 😒

…is Yolanda kidding? She must be. Yolanda is fucking with me. I am wearing a bespoke pashmina made of my own woven disbelief at Yolanda’s ignorance:

So is that what we’re calling making a racist joke about Asians? “Hugging?” Instead of apologizing, Gigith’s mother is going to be the only comment made about this, and that comment basically says “if you were hurt or offended by an extremely ignorant, racist incident my daughter did, then that’s because you have a toxic mind, its not her.”

I just wanted to send some love to @imansmeskinis. Faiza has been a part of this fandom for a long time and has always been a positive light within our family. This season she’s been so generous with her time and knowledge helping to educate the fandom about her religion and culture and giving us a more clear view of what Sana would be going through. For that I am so grateful. 

Today she mentioned she’s been receiving some racist and islamophobic comments in her inbox. This breaks my heart. SKAM has taught us so much about accepting each other and that love is universal. This kind of behaviour has no place in this fandom. Or in the world for that matter. 

So thank you again Faiza and let’s all send her some love, call out racism when you see it here, and block anyone that makes hurtful comments. 

And remember friends…

Growing up in a predominantly white area was, and still is, hellish for me.

Growing up in a mainly white area was, and still is, hellish for me.

At the age of 5 I moved from a place where there were lots of boys and girls like me but then i moved school to the south west of England. People were mainly from England, and it’s very difficult because in my old school people came from all over the world! Some people don’t make me feel comfortable where I am now, and this makes me feel really very sad. When I think about it, maybe they just don’t know much about different people, cultures and communities! My old home was quite different.

From the age of 5 onward my friends call me racist names and made hurtful comments towards me. I have just moved to an all-white, farmer-dominated primary school, and the hateful mindset that some of them live in causes me to feel unwanted. I am compared to animal feces, told to go back to my own country, and that I should be pleased that at least some of me is white. I do not think that all of them meant to say the things they did, to deliberately make me feel isolated and afraid, but their lack of experience with talking to, and being with, people even remotely different from themselves really makes an impact when it comes to talking to someone from a Mixed Race background like myself. I’m receiving comments like “you’re an outsider” ” The coloured one” ”you’re kind of pretty for a brown girl” ”you’re the same colour as shit.” All of these types of comments from an early age all through to the age of 11, made me feel like less of a person than I really am; it was my racial background that made me feel like this.

At the age of 10 I’m waiting on a fairy godmother to come down and cast a spell so I can be white, so I can be the same as everyone else. My peers and my predominantly white surroundings make me feel unbelievably uncomfortable. I started to become aware that it was my appearance that attracted unwanted attention with other people, but it’s my complex heritage that is my monster to fight. I feel like I don’t know my own heritage and this has always made me feel disconnected to where I could possibly belong.  I am not BiRacial or anything as easy to explain as that. I am a true mix of hundreds of different nationalities and my family before me are also like this. Somehow, I still can’t get over the confusion I feel every day about it and if I can’t understand it, how can I expect other people to understand and respect me? I don’t think it is seen as a good thing right now, it just makes me different.

  At the age of 11 I’ve just moved up to a senior school in Dorset. I’m afraid and different to the rest of my year. Everyone is white. I feel like loneliness is eating me alive, swallowing every ounce of hope I have yet to spare. It feasts upon any confidence and self love I have left, leaving behind this empty carcass; I’m full of so much despair and self-loathing that I can’t seem to hold onto anything positive anymore. The people I share my education with take my heart into their claws, squeezing out all the life I can muster that morning. I have somehow created a monster within my mind and it only ever wants me to feel cold and useless. I have no power over it. I feel like I shouldn’t be the colour I am and I feel like I shouldn’t be accepted into their society because I’m not like them.

At the age of 14 I’ve moved again, this time to Cornwall. The very end of England. I think that as I’ve moved around, I’ve had to fight the same battles each time. Meeting new people and each time having to explain my genetic makeup, something I, myself, don’t even fully understand yet.

Whilst being down here, not only have I, personally, been the receiver of discriminatory comments and the punch line to jokes because of my skin colour, but I have played witness to countless islamophobic jokes and Donald Trump-like views being openly preached.

Being told that “racism doesn’t exist anymore” will never fail to make me re-evaluate what I should and shouldn’t be offended at.  The fact that these people, some of which are racist to me and to other people, think that it it is okay to say that infuriates me.I can’t help but think “they don’t know a damn thing!” and then this in turn makes me question “Do I know a damn thing?”. Sometimes it’ll be for five minutes.  An hour. A day. A week. But looking back on it now I understand that I am allowed to feel however I want to about discriminative comments said to me or that affect me.

“There’s no such thing as white privilege” says the white man. Having people deny the product of their history because they don’t like it will always seem ridiculous to me; being told this in the aggressive way that it was,just makes me angry and upset. I remember thinking “How dare he? How dare he deny something that will forever affect me and vast amount of people in the world?” I think that part of me is jealous because it will never affect his life in a negative way, and this infuriates me. It infuriates me that I have no control over how such a medieval concept as white privilege can tragically still be a major issue today!

And to top it all off: “ Mixed race people are just products of a dirty love.”  To those of you that are reading this and are mixed race, do I really need to explain why this was one of the most devastatingly catastrophic few seconds of my life? My life, my family, and other people in the mixed race community were just being insulted and shunned. I remember receiving the comment and I felt like my heart skipped a beat. The feelings that rushed through me where unearthly and tortuous, and if I was to explain how I feel about it, it would take me millenia.

At the age of 15 I frequently think about what culture and what background suits me the most. I come from a multi cultural background that holds a phenomenal mix of races. Am I Indian? Am I Irish? I’ve never really felt like I fit in with the communities that I have roots in because of how frail each root is. I can find myself thinking that I haven’t ever got anyone to talk about this kind of mixed race exclusive issue.

However, when I am with other people who feel the same as I do about this kind of situation, I feel like I am accepted and that I do matter. When feeling down about all this, the best thing is to talk to someone that might understand and be able to relate about this situation as it provides a sense of comfort and community.

To those of you that have just read what I have had to say:
If you are in the lucky position to not be in the situation that I am in, I beg of you to learn from the mistakes that I have spoke of. Don’t be that person that is clueless about what they are saying.
If you are in a similar position to myself then just remember that you are never alone.

Look I love Zayn a lot alright? I dont even know how to put it into words. He has just become this part of me. Like I will be going about my business and have a sudden thought about him. I wake up sometimes (most times) with him as my first thought. I cant explain this kind of love as I have never felt it before. Seeing him happy makes my heart…I feel like I am glowing from within. I know this sounds extremely cheesy but its true. So every time he accomplishes something  feel so proud like I would were it my fam. And every time someone makes some cruel, racist or ignorant comment about him it makes me so frustrated and brings me to tears sometimes. I just want everyone to be fair and at least give him a chance. When he confessed dealing with anxiety I just wanted to protect him but also internally I was marveling at the fact that there is yet another thing that makes me relate to him. So yeah I get mad every time I see some people pretending to like him just for notes (this past few days have been eye opening). I get mad every time on me bitter ex fan or 1D/LM fan tries to put him down. Anyway my point is I really do love this boy…I dont know how else to say it.


A friend posted a picture about cities that have abolished Columbus Day and made it Indigenous People’s Day. Someone posted “Fuck Indigenous Day” and proceeded to make a bunch of racist comments that denied and justified genocide. These were the comments made by this idiot who came in to white knight for the other one.

She uses her full legal name and lives in California.

Tumblr. Do your stuff.

UPDATE: It would appear that the employer has been receiving a lot of e-mails because of this post, especially when word got out that the manager actually laughed at the comments Erika left on Facebook. 

Because someone wrote an e-mail to the CEO and this was the outcome:

For those who can’t read it, here’s what is being said:

Concerned: Hello! I am emailing you today to let you know that your office manager, Erika Everett, has been going on a rather racist and violent tirade on facebook. Apparently, someone on facebook being happy about Columbus Day being renamed Indigenous Day in some places was very upsetting to her. Here she is saying it’s ‘too bad we didn’t get rid of all the indians’ Here she is making light of child abuse I will note that someone has already contacted you, by means I’m not sure of, and apparently her supervisor and Ms. Everett apparently laughed about her disgusting comments together. It is already making the rounds of the internet. Hopefully some disciplinary action is taken before it become too much public knowledge that yet ANOTHER unapologetic racist is a manager at a financial service industry. It doesn’t bode well for a company that backs up this kind of behaviour. I hope Pinedo Financial Services is not one of these companies. Thank you - A concerned observer


Concerned: Thank you for the confirmation about your company’s standards. It’s a shame that you find this e-mail to be harassment when you employ people that laugh about genocide and child abuse. But it’s nice to know that your company endorses that. Well done. - Still Concerned

Whatever you guys are doing, you’re doing it well.

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unconditionallybellarke(.)tumblr(.)com/post/158843103112/i-would-like-to-apologize blarke kid apologized but it's literally one of the worst apologies I've ever seen. And then she blocked out the tag? Like how are we supposed to see it if you tag YOUR fandom. Then she's playing victim a few posts later because she apologized but is still getting hate. How bout respond to the actual post or at least tag us. Whispering "I'm sorry" to an empty room doesn't count.

“I am not sorry for my statement about Lincoln’s death not receiving as much needed attention and that goes back to my comment that JRoth is not only homophobic but a racist man who prefers a white savior who promotes abusive relationships over a poc who desires peace.”

Is the “white savior who promotes abusive relationships” Lexa or Clarke??? Cuz…like…I can go in either way but I don’t feel like making a literal 17 year old cry today………

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How exactly do you go about correcting people on their sexist/racist/homophobic comments? I hear people say things like 'that's so gay' or 'you're such a girl' and am not sure what to say in response to such a comment. I want to be respectful but I feel like every time I try and correct someone they get offended or laugh.

When people are using those comments as insults what I find really effective to say is ‘why is being gay or a girl an insult?’
That often throws people off and makes them re-consider what they are saying.

That’s really the only way i find that I can deal with those comments without offending the person who said it or without getting really serious.

I hope that helps!

Advice to Liberals and my Tumblr Page

Ok so I must be doing something right because I’m getting more negative feed back from the Left than ever before. So out of fairness I feel I should give Liberals some friendly advice when messaging me or leaving anonymous comments that will hopefully save them some time and aggravation.

1. Name calling doesn’t bother me. I’m very comfortable with who I am so there is nothing you can say that will upset me (E.g. - retard, inbred, ignorant, old, ugly, sexy ass cracker etc…)

2. Accusations aren’t going to work. I don’t care what color someone’s skin is, who they sleep with etc… so if you want to call me a racist, homophobe or a toxic masculine bearded god feel free.

3. Cut down on the foul language it just makes you seem less intelligent. One or two F-bombs is enough after that they loose their impact.

4. Threats of violence . Now this is a good one, if somehow you track me down decide to hop in your Prius and drive a sensible speed to get the most gas mileage with the intent of “getting me” my advice is don’t miss. Ok all kidding aside no I’m not scared of someone coming to beat me up or shoot me so don’t bother writing it.

5. Recommending self harm. No matter how many of you tell me to kill myself I am not going to do it and that’s final. If the last 8 years under Obama and before that my ex-wife couldn’t get me to commit suicide what makes you think you can lol.

6. Backing up your point of view with multiple links or cut and paste. Another one not to bother with, if the source is CNN, MNSBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, BBC, Buzzfeed, MTV News, NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg, your Starbucks Barista and the list goes on we know they are all just hacks for the Democrat party. Wikileaks recently proved what most of us already knew. In fact if you supported Senator Sanders you should be equally as disturbed by them considering they colluded with the Clinton Campaign and royally screwed him. I might not agree with Bernie but I think he is an honest man unlike his opponent. Understand that for every ‘fact’ you send if I wanted to I could find a source stating the opposite so let’s quit while ahead by not getting into a copy & paste war.

7. Sending me a message then blocking me. Don’t be a coward, if you are brave enough to write it stand by it. If it makes you feel any better if I do respond I will not harass you, call you names and will conduct myself in a civil adult manner. I have actually had some really good conversations with people who started off with a negative view.

8. Sending nude photos. If you’re an adult lady that’s ok but sorry if any male ones come through I will automatically delete them, not homophobic just doesn’t do anything for me. (Ok #7 is a joke).

9. Things that do upset me. Losing elections, bad court decisions, legislation either being passed or failed, terrorism, crimes against women or children, taking advantage of people, first responders being hurt or hassled, senseless violence, protestors doing things like blocking traffic or rioting and there is more but you get the point.

10. And lastly if my page upsets you don’t follow it, you are in control of what you read or view.

Oh well hope this helps and take care. 🇺🇸😎👍

Prejudice against “white people” is becoming more and more acceptable. (note I am not referring to the idea of “reverse racism” or saying that whites are the only people to be made fun of or singled out)

not all white people are racist. just like not all back people are criminals and not all Muslims are terrorists.

just try something, type white people in the tumblr search bar, you will see plenty of posts and blogs about white stereotypes (such as the dumb blonde, and that white cops pull over black people for no reason, white people think they are better than everyone else)

I am sorry that hundreds of years ago African Americans were discriminated by Caucasians, and that there are still bigots out there that are still sticking to the old point of view.

but just because a white girl posts a “slutty” picture of herself doesn’t mean all white girls are whores. just because a news anchor on fox news makes  racist comment, doesn’t mean all whites are racist.

now I know people are going to read this and think that white people are self centered. but that is not it.

I do not like prejudice of any kind. prejudice due to color, gender, religion, or sexuality. and I think most everyone can agree there is discrimination in pretty much all of these groups.

but prejudice against whites seems to be the only “acceptable form of prejudice”

We shouldn't discriminate against ANYBODY

now I know I am going to get thousands of hate messages in my inbox, but this is just something I got to say.

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Why do you think it’s so important to have a characters sexuality no matter if it's gay/straight/bi be the main focus in video games? What’s the point of it? Isn't the point of video games to escape reality and have fun not worry about which character like which sex?

Your point would be somewhat valid if it weren’t for the disgustingly large amount of people who do worry “about which character likes which sex” when said character isn’t straight.

For instance, rarely does anyone ever say, “I won’t play this game because it features a straight, white male protagonist.” However, when a non-straight character or a female character or a character of color is introduced, you see a string of comments which read like a homophobic, sexist, and racist horror story. When a character who doesn’t fall into the “straight and male and white” category is put in the forefront, suddenly game developers aren’t making memorable characters anymore, but they are instead “trying to shove their social justice agenda down our throats”.

What these problematic thinkers are really saying is this: “I’m cool with the sexuality of this character as long as they are straight. And you know what? It’d be better if they were white and male, too. Otherwise, I don’t think I am going to play this game.” The fact that these people take offense to characters that are different than what we normally get is one huge reason why this is such a growing issue.

The truth of the matter is, representation in any form of entertainment, whether it be video games or movies or television, is important. It’s that simple. And if you have an issue with it, you are part of the problem.

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I just want to genuinely understand your logic. Why are you so against Danielle and Briana? Honestly, I'm getting really tired of seeing all this bs on my feed without knowing your reasoning behind anything. Please help me understand.

Okay first of all if you don’t want to see what I have to say then unfollow me. I genuinely am a person that follows the rule of “if someone makes your dash a place you don’t want to see, unfollow them.” Don’t pay attention to mutuals or anything else. I won’t be offended, and more than that, I really wont notice because i have never paid attention to the number next to followers and I won’t start now. So here is your encouragement to unfollow. 

But my problem with Danielle is her attitude. Because she knows exactly what she signed up for. Not in 900 years do I think that she signed up for something that she wasn’t fully made aware of. So when Louis was auditioning his stunt girlfriend, I strongly believe he told them, “you’re going to pretend to be my girlfriend because xy and z happened and this other stunt that I was involved in has gone south and I am trying to do whatever I can to ensure my future for me and my boyfriend. would you be willing to do this? I have stats on how being a girlfriend to anyone of the one direction boys, not just myself or my boyfriend, has be favorable for the stunt girlfriend. So it will help you and your career.” In which Danielle said yes. So her going to pride publicly (when she’s in a fake relationship that is helping closet someone), smugly posing for pictures, turning down advancements in her career that ultimately turn not only our fandom off, but her own tiny fandom off, for a charity match of a fake boyfriend, and has apparently been running her mouth privately about her relationship with Louis (which, lol), makes me think very little of her both personally and professionally.

Briana… well she is the literally version of human trash. For a while, in the beginning, I was actually defensive of briana, you can even go check. I said “this poor girl signed up for something she didn’t understand and she doesn’t deserve the hate.” and oh boy was I slapped in the face with a bunch of stupid bigots including the entire Jungleworm clan. No I will not take sympathy and spell their names correctly. I’m not going to sit here and tell lies about myself. I am a black, overweight person. And her mother took to instagram and made it a point to say that my life is harder because i’m fat, not because i’m black. her cousin has made racist comment after racist comment and is not being rewarded by getting to ride along for the pap shots. And banana is out here telling me that I should want a flatter stomach no matter what my circumstances are. 

So sorry if my dislike of both Danielle and Briana makes you uncomfortable…. but they can both kiss my ass.

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I had always assumed I was Latina because of the way I look and where my ancestors are from. I have now come to understand that being Latin@ is not a race, it's a culture - a culture I am not. Sure, all my great-great-great-grandparents were born in Mexico, but after that some of them were born here in America and the began to 'assimilate'. My family is now completely devoid of any Latin American influence. But just because I've realized I am not Latina, doesn't make me suddenly white. (1/2)

(2/2) I have brown skin and my features are nowhere near European. No one has ever accused me of being white and I have gotten enough racist comments and slurs thrown my way. So I guess what I want to know is, is there anyone else who has an understanding of what I am going through? Did anyone else ever find an identity or do Latin@ families that ‘assimilate’ just don’t get an ID? I don’t want you to tell me what I am. I just don’t want to be nothing.

I feel like there’s a lot to unpack here, so followers, add whatever you think I’ve missed.

First, you’re right. Latinx is not a race. You can be a Black Latinx, white Latinx, Indigenous Latinx, Asian Latinx, multiracial Latinx…

Latinx is more aptly categorized like an ethnicity. It’s literally that you and your family have roots in Latin America. And a central part of ethnicity are those cultural ties - but just because your family is assimilated does NOT make you any less Latina! I think what I’m seeing here is that you’re equating your Latinidad just to aspects like traditions, languages, holidays, foods, etc. on a national, communal, and familial level. And those are super important things right, they tie us to our roots. But just because you’ve lost some of those things (aka, U.S. white supremacy has stolen them from you) doesn’t mean your Latina card has been revoked.

I think the problem here is that many people uncritically use at “Latinx” as an ethnoracial identifier, and that translates into the myth that Latinx is a race. So what I mean is, a lot of people see “brown Latinxs” - usually someone that’s mestizx, aka a Latinx of Indigenous and European ancestry - and homogenizes what Latinidad is. They actively erase the fact that there are tons of races and groups in Latin America, and that all these people are Latinx. But you can be of any race and be Latinx! I think it’s also important to add here that Latinx is also a term of solidarity, which is something I think people forget a lot. It’s an identity that ties you to literally millions of other people from different Latin American countries that speak a shit ton of languages, have different traditions, have different histories, etc. 

Just to make this clear - you are not nothing! You are Latina (if that’s what you choose to use)! That’s not removed just because your family is assimilated. It might help to reach out to pan-Latinx or Mexican organizations in your community. Or even to talk to your family about what you’ve been feeling. I personally know a lot of folks who have similar problems and questions and anxieties! I have also questioned my Latinidad because I don’t speak Spanish, and because of how long my family has been in the U.S.. So definitely don’t beat yourself up or let anyone tell you what you should be identifying as. As for discovering what your race may be - that’s something you can try to find out through family records? You could very possibly be of mixed race descent as well. 

I hope this all makes sense? 

- Jennifer 

Go ahead. Act like this fight between Shelby and Jason came out of nowhere. But honestly after so many days of her annoying ass comments like “Have fun getting cancer!” And “Your cigarette smoke is making me SO sick!” (Like fucking MOVE then) not to mention all of the racist things she has said, I think he’s tired of it. Calling someone the C word is never okay but for fucks sake, neither is wishing cancer upon someone. Hell YES I am taking Jason’s side on this argument because I will never bring myself to side with Shelby. If Shelby is annoying US on feeds, imagine how badly she is annoying the people in that house. I’m happy that someone called her out on her bullshit so forgive me.

nontransparent replied to your photo:See the kind of nonsense Ellen is tweeting.

its a joke,chill out

I just want to know why anytime an ignorant, xenophobic and subtle racist wisecrack is pointed out, someone always chimes in to say it was joke and their advice is to chill. That’s their response to everything. Chill. I could be engulfed in flames, and they’d tell me to chill out. Even if it was a joke, then it was a terrible one. Does something being a joke absolve it from criticism and scrutiny? Someone can literally make a pointless, unnecessary, ignorant and racist remark about Ghana, as if it’s some unknown entity and the response is “chill out”. Ellen’s comment could have stood without taking an unnecessary dump all over Ghana. If you can’t see that, then you need to think clearer. I’m an African. Do you think I should find white people making ignorant wisecracks about African countries humorous? Am I supposed to laugh at things at our expense? I’m not laughing, and I will never laugh at things like this. You can go ahead and laugh and chill out, or do whatever it is you want to do.You keep chilling over there, but don’t leave me a reply telling me to chill out. What you don’t get to do is tell me how to react. Thanks.

I’m Mari. I’m half Filipino and half Pakistani. I am a Muslim. I’m an asexual non-binary who uses the pronouns she/her/they/them/their. I have body image issues so this was a really hard decision. I decided to upload a photo of me in one of my confident phases. It’s really hard for me but it’s necessary. I’m growing and in turn I have to learn to love myself.
I’m sick and tired of being poked and prodded by the other Pakistani and Indian kids to be thinner and to be prettier and to be a lady and to start fitting in with them. I’m just now starting to realize how happy I am as me and it’s not fair that others are taking it away from me by saying I don’t fit in with their standards of my race.
I’m sick and tired of being thrown away by my Pakistani and Indian family for being half. For existing and being half Filipino. I take pride in both of my heritages and if I get shit for that, it isn’t fair. For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t fully Filipino or fully Pakistani. I’m so glad my Filipino family accepts the fact that I am half. But my Pakistani family doesn’t. They want me to choose. They want me to either be Pakistani or Filipino and that isn’t me. They want someone who isn’t me. And I’m tired of it.
I’m tired of my aunts’ and my uncles’ blatant racist actions and comments at me and my siblings when we try to appreciate the other side of our family. I’m tired of my grandmother giving me shit when I wear “Chinese” dresses for going out. I’m tired of my parents disapproving of me trying to just find an in between that probably makes up me. I want to be me and I want to be a girl who’s free. But I can’t do that if my closest people are holding me back.

So this is for me because there are days when it’s hard:

Love yourself like no one else will. You’re gonna be ok someday and one day you won’t have to put up with this anymore. Hold your head high when you wear a hijab and don’t lower it for a second when an attack from ‘your people’ hit. Hold your head high when you smile. Hold your head high. Have pride. Do not hide yourself from the people who should see it most, your family. Be wary of people who want to put you down. Hold your head high. Smile. You don’t have to be graceful or thin to love yourself. You don’t have to conform to anyone to love yourself. And in turn, others will love you. Don’t you ever falter. Smile and love yourself. Show those who always wrong you that no, you are not wrong, they are. Show those who conform you to one small box that you don’t fit. Break that box and make room for you to fit. It will be ok. You will be ok.

I’m sorry it came out so long you can tag it as long post too!

dibbythechristian-blog  asked:

I thought you were a good Christian blog. But you post more racist stuff than I can handle. My ancestors have nothing to do with me or how I view anybody with skin a different color than mine.

Hi dibbythechristian! Thanks for sending this in. 

I am a believer. First and foremost, Jesus is where I find my identity. And my hope is that He is reflected in the things I do and say. 

However, the Jesus I serve is not one who stood silent in the face of injustice. And right now, there is a great injustice occurring towards people of colour. Yes, it’s true. I post a lot about black issues. And you know what, it’s probably also true that you do not make outwardly racist choices or comments. 


Your skin colour (and your gender, but we don’t need to go there) does allow you a measure of privilege and safety not given to those who are black, or even any colour that’s not white. 

Allow me to ask you this: why is it that my posting about things that promote people of colour and the different cultures we represent is considered racist by you? Why do you feel personally attacked when I post things that happen at the hands of white people to people of colour?

Hope to dialogue with you further, friend!

Grace and peace,


One of the Women Responsible For The McKinney Police Incident Denies Responsibility: Known Racist Tracey Carver-Allbritton Says She Didn't Start Fight Or Make Racist Comments At Pool Party
"I want the truth to come out and the lies and threats to stop," Tracey Carver-Allbritton said Tuesday at a news conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred.
By Adolfo Flores

LOS ANGELES — A woman accused of starting a fight at a Texas pool party — where an officer was caught on video throwing a teenage girl to the ground and brandishing his gun — denied on Tuesday making racist comments that sparked the altercation.

Flanked by her attorney Gloria Allred, Tracey Carver-Allbritton said she was only trying to stop a struggle that involved her friend.

It’s the first time Carver-Allbritton spoke publicly about the McKinney, Texas, pool party, which she attended with family members. She said death and rape threats have forced her and her family to go into hiding after the incident.

“Accusations that I am racist could not be further from the person I truly am,” said Carver-Allbritton. “I want the truth to come out and the lies and threats to stop.”

Carver-Allbritton was placed on administrative leave from her job at a technology and data company due to the allegations against her, the company, CoreLogic, said in a statement.

On June 5, police responded to a disturbance call involving “multiple juveniles” who allegedly didn’t have permission to be at a community pool party and refused to leave. People called 911 reporting the juveniles were fighting, McKinney officials said.

One video shows Cpl. Eric Casebolt throwing a teenage girl in a bikini to the ground and pulling out his gun on a group of teenagers who came to her aid. Casebolt resigned after the incident and on the same day McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley called the actions “indefensible.”

A 24-second video clip shows Carver-Allbritton trying to pull a friend away from a young woman who was pulling her hair. Carver-Allbritton said she was subsequently accused by people of instigating the fight and making racist remarks.

Carver-Allbritton said she tried leaving the pool with her children and grandchildren after dozens of people who weren’t residents started jumping the fence into the community pool. People started shouting “go home” and “bye, bye black haters” as they tried to leave, she said.

Carver-Allbritton said her friend was allegedly charged by a woman she said appeared to be over the age of 18 and began pulling her hair.

Allred said the video was incomplete and said the rumors of her client making racist statements were false.

The death and rape threats against Carver-Allbritton and her family have come in the form of texts and comments on Facebook posts on a fake profile of her, Allred said. They have been reported to the McKinney Police Department.

“This has created a very dangerous situation for herself and child and husband,” Allred said.

Aaron Clark, a friend of the family who is black, also attended the news conference. He said he has known Carver-Allbritton for 13 years and has lived with her family for two years.

“In the 13 years I’ve known her she has never said a racist statement or even allowed anyone to make a racist statement in my presence,” Clark said.

Also I’ve been thinking about this more, and my basic feeling is, I do not want to participate in an endless auditing of whether Lena Dunham molested her sister or not. Lena Dunham’s sister is the one who gets to decide how to interpret her experiences, and if she’s okay, then I’m okay. I also think her sister is in a really really shitty position now and I don’t really want to contribute to that in any way. Lena Dunham is a public figure, but her sister is not. So I am not going to bring that shit up anymore.

The most damning pattern I see here and feel comfortable commenting on is that Lena Dunham is an entitled person shielded by white privilege. She feels entitled to everything she has, almost none of which she earned. She is so entitled that she considers her sister “an extension of [herself],” just more Lena to write about, no matter how private or sensitive the subject matter. She feels entitled to make racist jokes without criticism, speak for a generation of people that doesn’t include anyone who isn’t white, hire musicians and performers for no pay, and write whatever she pleases about the sister Lena Dunham herself describes as “a very private person.”Lena Dunham is a monster of privilege.