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warming winter | miraculous ladybug

prompt: I was reading Heartstrings on Ao3 and I fell in love and wanted to write something too!
pairing: Marinette | Chat Noir
notes: Lately I’ve been so infatuated with Miraculous Ladybug that I need to get something out of me, so I hope this first fanfic goes over well and everyone in the fandom enjoys it. 

There was something about today that made Marinette want to sleep. Maybe it was the cold dreary, sad looking sky, or the fact that she had just finished up her last final before the winter break. Either way her entire body ached, and her brain felt worn out more, thinking of anything remotely interesting became a burden.

Snow was in the forecast for the next week, and she wondered if her super hero suit would be enough to keep her warm. Maybe adding a hat or scarf? Mittens? Did she even have knitting needles? She would have to ask her mother, she was usually pretty good at finding things if she wasn’t working in the bakery. Her father on the other hand, good at baking and that was about it.

Speaking of feeling cold, her fingers were freezing. The temperature in Paris had been dropping quickly over the last couple of weeks. Marinette could have swarm it was summer just yesterday, wearing her bikini on the beach, her skin burning instead of tanning like at intended. Thinking about that day made her cheeks flare up with heat. 

She had seen Adrien the day after turning into a lobster, he had laughed at her. Laughed! She had never felt so embarrassed to be near him–granted she always felt embarrassed around him. Still she missed the summer and fighting Hawkmoth’s akumas with Chat Noir. During the winter the villian wasn’t as active, in fact, he almost seemed preoccupied. Was he taking finals too?

Marinette breathed into her hands, warming them as best she could. “Good job, idiot, you forgot your gloves at home and your jacket is hardly warm. For fashion, right?” She laughed mockingly at herself, but cursed inwardly at her forgetfulness. 

Her home was still twelve blocks away and the air wasn’t getting any warmer, even the sun was hiding away any hope she might have for a reprieve from the weather. 

Her mood went from tired to frustrated the moment she felt a familiar stare on the back of her neck. It was flirtatious, full of desire and something darker. Lust? She was never quite sure with him, but his staring always had a query to them, as though he were constantly questioning what she was doing even if she wasn’t doing anything at all. Just like right now. 

“Chat Noir.” Monotone, just how she wanted to sound. 

“My lady.” He purred, smooth as the cheshire cat come to life.

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