i am going to kill you through the internet

Godzilla 2014 - Aaron Taylor-Johnson

**********SPOILER ZONE

This needs to be said:
Some people, specifically those who have access to the internet and fingers, have been posting about Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s role in the movie, and how he didn’t show a lot of emotion.
When you join the military, you give up everything you are, everything you own, and everything you were to become part of something greater. You become part of that something to protect the rights and lives of an entire country, who use those rights to complain about movies. You use Saving Private Ryan as an example? Those are MOVIES, by ACTORS, not real military personnel. I am not saying soldiers are emotionless machines. I’m saying they are dedicated, focused members of a team who are defending a way of life through blood, tears, and sacrifice.
Hearing an internet who hasn’t served in the military whine about “show more emotion” make my head hurt.
Also, people who go out and lose control of their emotions in a firefight get killed. Plain and simple.
Focus. Control. Dedication. These are the hallmarks of a paladin who gave up everything to serve a concept bigger than themselves. Leaky eyed pontificators tend to get dead.
If you didn’t actually serve in the military, you can have your opinion, but you’re wrong. No, no, it’s ok! You still get to post to the internet and include your thesis in your fanfic, no one is taking away your first amendment rights.
You’re just still wrong.
Consider this too. He JUST got home for a few hours after being gone for months. He flies out to Japan to pick up a father he gave up on, then watches him die during OMGMONSTERS. No sleep back to Hawaii, only gets rest after passing out after jumping off a bridge, then right into OMGMONSTERS. No time for crying. No time to process. No time to give a big dramatic speech. Only time to act.
That’s a soldier.
That’s a boss.
Losing control of your emotions gets you killed, and he dedicated himself to saving his family.