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Here’s The Deal - Jeep Smut 3 - Sciles Smut

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Part One Here - Part Two Here - Part Four Here

Summary; Let’s face it, you played them. You tried both, but now you have to choose. Except the boys will give you one ultimatum. And only one choice will make the right people happy…

Warning; so much smut lmao, okay, three people, yep, lots of parts cool, bye

Okay, I hope this is okay? I have not used one request, however I am going to be writing a FOURTH part!!!

Yep, it’s happening. That one is not going to be full on smut, just suggested, and idk it’s gonna be fun :)

I guess it’s shorter than I wanted it to be, but idk it got uncomfortable, sorry guys


This was confusing. You didn’t mean to get so caught up in this. It would have been easier to just enter a polyamory relationship, but maybe Scott and Stiles wouldn’t be up for that…

What would people think, anyways? Not that that mattered too much, but still…

The boys had both heard about the other sides of the story, and you knew that. They’re best friends after all. It was just up to their own minds now, if they wanted to be part of it or not. Would they though? Probably not. Who’d want to share their partner with one of their best friends?

Wait, that’s not-

“Hey Y/n,” Scott slipped an arm around your shoulders and steered you to the exit of the school towards the end of the day.

“Hi,” you spoke, more like a question, “Where are we going?” you asked, suspicious.

“Stiles’s jeep,” he told you before he opened the door for you and pulled the front seat, nodding for you to get in the back, which you did with a sigh. Settling in, you watched as Scott and Stiles shared a quick look before Stiles pulled out of the parking lot.

“Can somebody tell me what’s going on?” you leaned forward and put your head between the two of them.

“No?” Stiles shrugged, turning out onto the road and driving towards the reserve.

“So this is essentially a kidnap?” you asked.

“Basically yes,” Scott agreed as Stiles turned just after the ‘Beacon Hills Reserve’ sign and you started to bump along on the dirt road. You leaned back before he stopped in a shaded area at a specific spot, stopping the car and pulling the keys out from the ignition, putting the set onto the dashboard, turning in his seat, away from the view of the lookout.

“So who do you prefer?” Stiles asked you outright, making you freeze.

“I’m sorry?”

“We know what happened. You had a moment with both of us,” Scott added.

“I gathered you knew, but- What?” which was how Scott had nodded for you to move up and he climbed into the back.

“Do you think you can decide?” he asked, his voice having dropped a couple of octaves.

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How do you keep playing with one save for so long? I get bored of my saves quickly and I end up just wanting to start something new. I've been trying my hardest to stick with the saves I have.

Oh I totally understand what you’re going through! I’ve done that for far too many times myself lol. What keeps me going in saves is by making things interesting. Either by creating a story line, exploring things in the game I’ve never done before, or by just falling in love with a family. For instance, the Cambridge’s are the first family I have been able to make it to generation 3 with. I think that’s just because I love them so much.

Meanwhile, the Halberts have kept my interest because of the story line I am (slowly) building up on and because of the Midnight Sun Challenge. It is actually a ton of fun and I suggest doing challenges to help stick with your family. Of course you can bend and twist the challenge to help keep you interested!

And if you began to get bored you can always take a step back and start a different save or take a break! Generally I will play sims back to back days for like a week and then not touch it the next few weeks. That way when I get back to it I’m super excited to open up my saves. You just have to figure out what keeps things interesting for you:)

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How many parts do you think there will be for all of you? Im loving this series so far tbh and i can't wait for more :)

I am thinking it is going to be a linger series I still have so much to get to before end game request. I am also loving this au world to play around in. Im thinking man this good be my longest series maybe even is the 20s range for chapters… so fun to write them plus now with Alexandria in the mix it makes things even more interesting. Just wrote the scene where Daryl talks to Rick about how they met and fell in love. I love the brotp moment. So yeah have no plans of quitting this series anytime soon! Thanks anon!

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Ooh I hope you had a good adventure/s! Adventures are (usually) always fun, esp with friends (unless you're a Hobbit or Tom Hanks). INU/Run era Hobi was the best *deep sigh* I honestly cannot even imagine Joonie with black hair (that's not permed), but I would pay good money to see it. I love both the trailers and I cannot wait for the MVs to be released. I'm so excited by both. I feel like Spring Day is going to make us cry and Not Today is going to be so hype! It's almost time!! Hobi anon

I did have a good adventure! I played so hard that I got sick lol. The weather wasn’t the best, but I’m still very happy with how the week went. ♥ I just might post some photos later on, so yeah. :D

Joonie is so cute with normal black hair though! He had it very briefly during their rookie days.

I couldn’t help but spam a bit hehe. But I do wonder how he would look now with black hair since he has matured quite a bit since then.

BUT YES. Have you watched the Spring Day MV yet? Have you listened to the rest of the new songs yet? ARE YOU OBSESSED YET? I love Not Today so much. It’s so epic and I can’t wait for the MV for that song (and potential choreography hehe). Spring Day is so mellow and lovely and the MV is just so beautiful. ;__; And of course, You Never Walk Alone is so nice and the lyrics are just <3.

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heeeeeeeey so how goes the post-apocalyptic morse code internet service? how goes the exciting fun depressiontimes? how go the odds of those things both having improved sufficiently to allow for stream tonight?

the internet is still absurdly post-apocalyptic, sadly :( I’ve done a bunch of testing and I can still barely put through 150 kbps, where the minimum needed for a stream that isn’t pixels and moontime is 600. I’m gonna ask my landlord to call the internet people, but I doubt it’s going to do much; they’re notoriously unhelpful and will probably try to tell us it’s our fault and then upsell us a ‘preorder’ for the NBN.

I’m super annoyed about this. I know I keep saying that, but I am really annoyed about this; I miss streaming so much and there are so many games I’m Waiting to play because I want to play them with the stream crowd hollerin’ at me. I don’t want to move, this place is super comfortable and I’ve finally settled into a good dynamic, but right now it’s kind of a race to see whether ‘internet improves one way or another’ or ‘saving up enough money to pay bond/first/last somewhere else’ wins out. I was talking to Cool Coworker about the situation yesterday and saying how dumb I felt complaining about something that felt so petty - but she just sort of blinked at me and went ‘but the internet is how you connect with people’ and, yeah. it’s important, I should be taking it seriously.

in better news, though, I’m feeling a lot better mentally. I’ve still been a bit absent from the internets because, in a feat of glorious timing, I came down with a head cold just after experiencing a couple days of glorious stability, but, well. I’m not waking up wanting to die anymore, I want to do things again, I left the house a couple times, I did A Load of laundry. which just makes it more frustrating that this is happening I WANT TO DO THINGS AAAAaaAAAA-

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Do you remember the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game? Sonic has a romance with Princess Elise who is a human girl. It was just like self insert fics on quizilla or deviantart where a human girl would fall for him except it was canon. Those fics were a guilt pleasure and fun to remember.

PSHHH yeah i remember the 2006 sonic game with princess elise…i played a little bit of it as a child, but not much. i remember having a crush on elise though lol.

i LOVE quizilla fics and such and i am so sad to see them gone. it’s not even a guilty pleasure for me anymore, like, kids and early teens self-inserting and making OCs and stuff just makes me happy, yknow? like, you go and be creative, kiddo!! aaah it’s cute.

-mod indigo

Tagged 5 things that make me happy.

@golemagical-twins tag, and haven’t done much, so to prove I am alive, here ya go.

1. Writing or Drawing, don’t do as much as I used to of the former and not doing spectacularly at the latter, but they are cathartic and fun.

2. Friends, the people I chat with and interact with, it’s hard to put into words how much I care for a lot of them, but I always feel happy to have those to just be there on occasion.

3. A good song can always cheer me up if I need it, almost any type of music, just to sink into on occasion.

4. Gaming, play too many of them still, but whether it’s a video game, doing a DnD campaign with my friends, or just a chill game of Cards Against Humanity, games are tons of fun and something I appreciate.

5. (This is why I am fat) Cooking, I love finding new recipes or just working way on a dish on occasion, only to make something that impresses the family or just allows me to outdo myself. Having a good meal after working hard, always satisfying.

(Feel free to answer if people want, or do your own, heh)

kah-hoa-raverkeinst said: . Say, out of everyone in Zexal, if you could do a TOP 3 decks of most balanced/fun gimmick deck how would you go about it?

Umm this is kind of a hard question to answer. “most balanced” and “fun gimmick” are two completely different qualities LOL I love analysing characters and deck so much so I really like these kind of questions but honestly…. I am really bias and can’t think objectively about this. No matter how hard I think about it I keep coming back to the same 3. Which 2 of them I play with in real life and the third I always wanted to make but was always lacking certain cards. So this list is going to suck but here we go.

Kaito - Photon/Galaxy deck: Since his very first appearance I have loved Kaito’s deck. As I’ve said I memorized kaito’s entire first 2 turns card by card of his duel against Yuma because the duel blew me away! At its core, this deck is extremely simple, get out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. But for some reason I just like the variety and spice it has to how you do that and how you upgrade it. Lots of boss monsters have upgraded form (I wrote a whole guide I never finished about it) but I find that GEPD just has very interesting forms from Neo to #62 to Full-Armor to #95 and then now Arc-V gave us more variety too. A straightforward but one powerful enough to be deemed worthy of a rival-type character

IV - Gimmick Puppet: I have a thing for puppets so of course i love IV’s creepy archtype. As with Kaito’s deck, this deck aims to summon level 8 monsters which as you can tell is something I really like doing! This deck also provides some nice variety as you have #15, #40 , and #88 to choose from and each has a chaos upgrade! Also it has access to #22 which packs a surprise punch! Also you can even rank-up into his brother’s card #9. I think the only thing I wish is that one card had a puppet-like effect of taking control of an opponent’s monster. His monsters look like puppets but don’t mechanically feel like them.

Tron - Heraldic Beasts: I jsut find this deck really fun to play, mostly because of how reuseable Leo. Their effects are really interesting in supporting Xyz monsters. The bid drawback is that their boss monsters are really anti-Xyz so if you opponent doesn’t play Xyz or just doesn’t have one out currently then they are a lot weaker sadly but still a lot of fun. #C69 is an insane card! My real life version of the deck is kind of a Tron/Yuma/Gauche mix as I splash #39 evolutions and a few Heroic monsters.

staos, ch2: congrats, you played yourself

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i’m having fun with this. i’m genuinely enjoying myself. this is ridiculous on like 42 different levels, but you know what? it’s fun.

i’m still not sure when updates will be, i just don’t know they won’t be all that regular. you know, considering i wrote 3.5k of this last night in one sitting and am uploading it less than 12 hours later. but anyway

enjoy the madness~

Adrien can’t stop his mind from whirling on the way to school. There’s a slight anxiety building up in his stomach, making him bounce his leg nonstop, no doubt irritating the hell out of Plagg. He just has so much to think about.

Like Ladybug. And when she’ll come back and what they’ll talk about and the fact that he’s fake dating Ladybug. Marinette. What he’s going to say to her. The fact that he’s also fake dating Marinette. He’s fake dating both of them.

He still can’t figure out why Ladybug would lie about dating someone. He can’t figure out why she would name him either. All of the questions he has are slowly taking over his brain.

But he can’t let them. He has to focus. One step at a time, and step one is getting through the school day without acting any different around Marinette. Which will undoubtedly be a little awkward. Hopefully only for him. Hopefully no one else notices any possible awkwardness.

Any chance of that goes out the window when he opens the car door and realizes everyone is staring at him. Everyone outside of the school has stopped talking to just look at him. Chloé raises her eyebrows when he meets her eyes like he’s supposed to know what that means. And he doesn’t? Have any clue what’s going on?

Nino and Alya come up behind him and grab his arms, dragging him off behind the bushes. The bushes that he’s associated with Marinette and Alya, because for some reason, they’re always hiding behind them.

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I know there’s gonna be people who are upset about The Creatures joining with Achievement Hunter/Let’s play because of past drama within the AH community but honestly I am so happy and so proud of my boys. I have been waiting for something like this to happen for them. Now they’ll really get the attention they deserve.

I’m sure they’ll feel a ton of stress be taken off of them as well. Sales can go up in the store for their merch and just everything else. They’ll really be able to focus on the things they want to do. Maybe they’ll even be able to hire more people to help with editing or just a fresh fun face in the office for us fans to love.

I hope nobody sends any of these men hate for this new combination. This is something that will help keep The Creatures going so we never have to lose them. I know there have been people who have thought “I don’t think the boys are gonna be able to make it much longer” because of how things have been but now this is something that’s like a saving grace for our thoughts. 

I really couldn’t be any prouder of them. I feel like I’m some mother watching her kid get into his top choice school or sports team or something idk. I hope others feel the same way i do.


so after watching Until Dawn twice through on youtube (and despite being too scared to play it)… i have decided to begin drawing Solitaire Until Dawn AU. i would be obsessively playing this game if it were not for the jumpscares. let me know who of the six i should draw next if you want (i wanna draw all six of them!!!)

BTS Playing Board Games
  • Seokjin: Tries to control the wild children. Remains calm and does his best in stopping fights. Is actually strategising something because he's in it to win in and he will go all out.
  • Yoongi: Complains, whines, and is uninterested if it's not his type of game or if he's losing, but he'll become competitive, enthusiastic and overly passionate if there's a reward worth his standards. Screams at slow players.
  • Hoseok: Probably drunk. Probably screaming. Just wants so play a fun game and have a good time. Doesn't really know how to play but he's trying and he's somehow doing well because of luck.
  • Namjoon: Over analyses everything, takes too long to make a turn, whines too much and rage quits before the game ends. Feels pity for losing players very easily and helps them out.
  • Jimin: Makes it his life mission to beat Jungkook and will take him down no matter what. Lots of intense glares and kicking. Makes alliances but breaks them 80% of the time.
  • Taehyung: Cheating. Every. Single. Fucking. Second. Sly eyes and sly smiles, and just cheating, sometimes not even to win, but for the fun of it.
  • Jungkook: Determined to win, but without cheating because he wants to win the real way and the right way. Very serious with strategy and constantly in thought. Probably practised playing the game as prep with his stuffed animal two weeks ago.