i am going to have a lot of fun watching this

Anakin: [text] holy shit i am so bored and its freezing in here 
Anakin: where r u 
Obi-Wan: I’m still at that conference the council sent me to.
Anakin: oh right 
Anakin: whos all there
Anakin: bunch of old boring people talking about politics i bet 
Obi-Wan: Senator Organa, Senator Amidala
Anakin: oh 
Obi-Wan: The Duchess of Mandalore 
Anakin: oh
Obi-Wan: Master Vos is with me. They’re having quite the cocktail party tonight at this hotel.
Anakin: omfg fml 
Obi-Wan: What?
Anakin: oh NOTHING obiwan im sure ur having a GREAT time 
Obi-Wan: Well, it’s work and I had to sit through a lot of long speeches today, but at least I’m among friends. 
Anakin: lucky u 
Obi-Wan: What are you getting at?
Anakin: swear u wont dont do that thing u always do
Obi-Wan: What thing?
Anakin: u know 
Anakin: 😏 😏 oh HELLO SENATORS 😏 😏 😏 how R U  😉 😉 oh SATINE YOUR HIGHNESS u look MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ANAKIN 😍 😍 😍 😍 OH HEY VOS lets get drunk and make out in this coat closet ur so buff 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 
Obi-Wan: Yes, that’s exactly what I said. That sounds like me for sure. 
Anakin: just dont look directly at any of them and also stop fixing ur hair 
Obi-Wan: I’m not going to let my hair care routine go just because you’re jealous. 
Anakin: and u dont even CARE

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All I can think about is the fact that the next thanksgiving in the teen wolf universe stiles and Lydia will be doing family things as a couple.

Is Lydia going to go on a trip with stiles and the sheriff to go to some big stilinski thanksgiving dinner??? Are they going to play games and do fun things and is everyone going to do their best to make sure Lydia feels a part of the family???

Or is stiles and the sheriff going to go with Lydia and her mom to a thanksgiving day party because the stilinskis don’t have a lot of family??? And is Lydia going to go out of her way to make sure someone prepared at least one of stiles’ favorite meals???

And did Lydia spend the night at stiles’ house (like usual) because he wants her to watch the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade with him and his dad? DID THE SHERIFF MAKE LYDIAS FAVORITE BREAKFAST???

These are the things I think about on holidays.

You’re Mine Tonight

TITLE: You’re Mine Tonight

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Part One of Three

AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re on a night out, dancing, celebrating, just having fun. All night long you feel like being watched and at some point you catch a man with dark hair and piercing green eyes staring at you. Almost undressing you with his eyes…


NOTES/WARNINGS: This is a really old fic I am reposting onto my blog.


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Here you go, Jack.


I also want to say that this is my most favorite Let’s play I have ever watched in my life so far.
So much feelings, but so much fun, too.
How much I loved the long evenings, watching this emotional series, wrapped up in my blankets with a load of snacks and tea, and I am so glad I could experience it with Jack.
I will miss it a lot and I am so glad we had this journey.
It will stay in my heart. Forever.

Room for Ruby (SU Spoilers)

I just watched the episode today and I am glad how this episode went. Not only it shows how much little shithead Rubies are (sorry, I am just not a big fan of them. I am glad they gonna stay as minor antagonists. But now I am getting a little off tangent here), but also we finally have new character development for Lapis.

To be honest, I was not expecting this involve Lapis and Peridot at first. Then I was surprised that they did not try make Lapis and Peridot complete buttheads for comedic relief. And I was really happy that Lapis had a very crucial and serious moment of, why she feels angry and depressed? why can’t she move on and realize people cope things differently? It came at a perfect time because I have a lot of the same issues Lapis is going through, which is kind of way this blog as been quiet around lately. I too have moments where I wonder why is everyone else having fun, why is everyone better off, and why everyone is able to cope with certain… Issues, that I cannot? I am glad for this episode, and it is truly one of my favorites.

In addition to how relatable Lapis is, I was taken back by how her manners are similar to Pearl. “Room for Ruby” reminded me a lot in many ways to “Rose’s Scabbard”. The circumstances are different, yes, very much so, but the idea of someone knowing things or able to appreciate things before you can be a disappointment. Since Pearl has finally realized how to let things go and adjust herself easily now, I can easily see a Pearlapis episode being Pearl and Lapis having a heart-to-heart talk and sharing the heartache. Maybe have Pearl be a mentor for Lapis?

[Three months before the Princess Andromeda mission, Beckendorf, accompanied by Jake and Nyssa, is busily crafting new weapons. Silena, having stopped by to visit, is watching quietly and handing over tools as needed]

Nyssa(Critically examining her latest shield): I’m never sure what to write for those ‘What I Did This Summer’ essays…

Beckendorf(Snorting): ‘This summer at camp, I built weapons of mass destruction with my brothers. It was lots of fun! I wanted to bring some in for show and tell, but the activities director said not to. He’s such a nag sometimes!’

Jake(Using the tongs on a white hot blade): 'It just doesn’t seem fair when my fellow child soldiers and I were the ones using them, anyway! How many wars does a girl have to live through?’

[The lighthearted mood evaporates, leaving them in grim silence]

Nyssa: …Am I even going to live through this one?

Jake(Tightening his grip on the tongs): We were never going to have long lives. At least we’ve made it this far.

Beckendorf(Flatly): And we’re going to make it farther. You’re going to graduate next year, Nyssa’s going to get another C on another essay, and-

[He breaks off, then looks to Selina]

Beckendorf(Fidgeting nervously): And when this is over, I was wondering… I mean… 'Lina, do you think your dad would object if you started college as an engaged woman?

[Jake gapes. Nyssa’s jaw drops]

Selina(Turning pink): …The proposition would have to be put to him.

Beckendorf: Well, then!

Selina(Going from pink to red): And first, the proposition would have to be put to ME. I’m old fashioned about these things.

Beckendorf(Starting to grin): Me too. And I draw the line at proposing to you in front of two kids while covered in motor oil.

Jake(In unison with Nyssa): Then we’ll have to do it for you!

Nyssa(Going down on one knee): Dear Selina, would you do us the immense favor-

Jake(Hand on his heart): -And our brother the great honor…

Nyssa: Of agreeing to marry this poor, old-

Beckendorf(Spluttering indignantly): I’m eighteen, not eighty!

Jake(Ignoring him): -broken down, lonely, unloved-

Selina(Trying and failing not to laugh): Oh, stop it you two! He is by no means unloved, and I think he might have a stroke if you don’t knock it off.

Nyssa(Promptly): Then you’d better say yes! You wouldn’t want to be responsible for the poor old man’s demise from apoplexy, would you? A kind-hearted girl like you?

Jake: We’ll ask Annabeth to design a house for you. 'The Selina Beauregard Home For Stray Mechanics’.

Beckendorf(Chasing them away as Nyssa starts cackling): Get OUT of here! Let me propose to my girl in my own way and my own time!

Jake(Waltzing Nyssa out the door): They grow up so fast!

Beckendorf(As Selina laughs helplessly behind him): AND NO EAVESDROPPING!

How to Write an APUSH DBQ

Each AP History class has slightly different DBQ rules so just make sure you’re writing the proper way. The average score for the DBQ is a 3 out of 9 which is bad for how easy the essay is. In my opinion, it’s the easiest essay and can be fun. You have to know outside information but you’re also given a lot. Plus, you learn some weird stuff. But basically, make it your strength. You need one good essay, one really solid essay, to do well. Knowing how to do it is half the fight and a rather easy one at that.

That being said, they changed the rubric, so if there are things I am missing, tell me! 

Understanding the DBQ

  • This is something I wish people would have told me so I’m going to tell you. The DBQ is a conversation. It’s going to flow like one. The documents are just that- documents. They are what you use to construct your conversation. You use those documents as examples and use outside knowledge for other examples. You’re talking about a topic, your thesis, and the evidence is the stuff you know and the documents. Thinking about it in those terms should help, I think. 

During the reading time

  • Read the question and rewrite exactly what it’s asking. This sounds stupid but it really helps. It’s super easy to answer the wrong question. Make sure your essay talks about the question. 
  • Take small notes about each document as you go, use easy words like positive, negative, social, political, economic, ect. You won’t know the groupings until you finish all the documents so it’s nice to have a few quick options. 
  • Read the documents once through, and then do back and decide exactly what your plan is
  •  You aren’t required to have a certain amount of groups but I like doing three. Make sure the groups answer the question. Go back and take note of what group each document is in. 
  • Underline or somehow mark just a line or two in every document. Don’t try to reread the document every time, just focus on that statement. It doesn’t work all the time but enough to make it worthwhile. 
  • Circle the author. It helps so you can analyze the point of view and bias and all that later on. 
  • Write down some stuff you know about what’s going on in the document. You need 50% outside information so little notes here and there help. 
  • STAY ORGANIZED!!!!!!Everything I tell you to do in this section is basically to keep organized. It’s the way I do it. If you have another system that works, go for it. 
  • Write your thesis before the reading time is up. It saves time so when it’s time to write, you’re ready. I promise you, having it written is extremely helpful. If anyone wants a whole post on how to write a good thesis, I’ll be happy to do it. 

Writing the Essay

  • Start by writing the document numbers on the front page of the documents. Cross each number out as you use that document. It’s the easiest way to keep track. You need to use all the documents. Make sure you don’t lose points on this. It’s simple and it’s a point. 
  • You don’t need an intro paragraph. A quick opening sentence or two if you want and then jump into your thesis. 
  • The thesis should reflect what you’re going to talk about. Use words from the prompt, include the years that your essay takes place. Make it specific, just do it. It feels weird but specific is important.
  • Again, just use every document. If you don’t know what a document is saying, use words like “perhaps” and then talk about it. Just try. Take a few extra minutes to understand, it’s worth it. 
  • Don’t use the word document. Use the author’s name or the document’s title. Example: “Document 4 states that the Constitution never said a national bank could be created so some people believed that it was not legal” is a bad sentence. Don’t do it. Instead say “Jefferson believed a national bank was unconstitutional (Doc 4)." 
  • Do put (Doc #) at the end of the sentence where you reference the document. Just do it. The graders want to see it. It’s also easy to look back and check that you used all the documents
  • I have always been told to not quote the documents. Paraphrase them. Use at most ten words. Analyze the words don’t just use them. 
  • For every document you use, write about some outside information. It’s the easiest way to make sure you have enough outside sources. Talk about who wrote the document or what what made them feel that way if you lack anything else. 
  • New this year I guess you have to connect it to broader topics and processes? So don’t forget that. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT PART! Sorry I can’t help with it. 
  • Analyze point of view and bias for all documents. This is my favorite part. Just talk about why people might think a certain way. It’s often pretty obvious. Don’t forget to mention it though.  
  • For a conclusion, just scribble more BS down or just restate your thesis. Save your energy for other things.

General Tips

  • Make inferences. Doesn’t have to be right, just sound right. 
  • Writing the essay feels like running a marathon. Just keep going, keep moving forward and don’t take breaks. Keep a steady pace, you have three essays to get through
  • You don’t have all the time in the world so keep that in mind but I rushed mine when I didn’t have to and I regret it. Take your time but not that much time. Find a balance is what I’m trying to say.
  • The DBQ is probably going to be the easiest essay so take your time, make sure you get all the points possible, and then move on. 
  • Believe in yourself. You’ve worked hard all year for this. You know what you know and you have the skills you need to do well. Just trust yourself and don’t freak out. 
  • You might read the topic and be lost. Just keep working through it. Typically things will sort themselves out in your head. 
  • Keep your handwriting legible and make sure you’re happy writing in pen. 
  • Bring a pen. Pretty important. 

Sorry this is so long! If I missed anything, feel free to tell me. If you want more posts like this, I’ll be happy to do it. If you need help with anything history, I’m happy to help. 

in spite of opinions about finale, which we all have different ones, and me saying that I want my years back I actually don’t regret watching the vampire diaries. there were a lot of things about it that i dont like but i dont regret watching it

when i look back at the things this show brought me i get so emotional

the friendships i made on this website, the fun we have liveblogging and how much of a family it feels we are when we do it. i havent had this much fun in a fandom since two years ago. some of the my greatest fans i owe to this show.

in this fandom i felt as if my opinions were validated, which started to make me a much more argumentative person even in real life. you wouldnt catch me in an argument without almost crying five years ago, and now i will stubbornly fight for my opinion no matter who i am speaking to 

it brought me something that i love doing and now i am going to university to study graphic design, and that is something this show brought me and something that i never even know i was capable of doing

my english used to be terrible, i had no sense of grammar at all, and because of tumblr and this show i had to better it. by reading fanfiction, by posting opinions that practice changed my life

everything used to be much different when i started this show, my dad had just passed away so i found tvd to linger to, it’s why i got so attached in the first place and i grew up with it. I was 13 years old and now i am almost 19 and i grew so much with it, my confidence grew so much with it

and i got to see one of the best relationships on the history of tv

so in retrospective i dont regret it

so thank you the vampire diaries, really.


My Daddy and I have been watching Sword Art Online together. I really appreciate that he makes time for me throughout his day, and I appreciate how understanding he is. I love him so much.

He’s actually leaving to go to Thailand tomorrow, and I’m super excited for him, because it’s going to be a lot of fun, but I’m going to miss him a ton, especially because of the gigantic time difference. It’s alright though.

I just want everyone to know that I love him very much, and am very happy that he’s in my life.

meekreporter  asked:

Have you watched the trailer? Are you as underwhelming about it as me or am I really alone in this fandom? Like I don't want to ruin anybody's fun but...

It looks like a Marvel movie with better cinematography tbqh. Like there’s none of the epicness of the BvS comic-con trailer, just jokes and action sequences. Ppl will say I’m salty, and I am, but you can’t really deny it.

The highlight was that one shot of Lois, but really Clark’s return is a major storyline that demands a lot of attention, like he can’t just pop out of his grave and go fight parademons, this will be hugely traumatic for him, wrestling with his mortality or lack thereof, but everything we’ve seen so far indicates it’ll be completely rushed over. Like they can’t even include some lines alluding to the impact of his death, he’s just erased. You can’t even say they’re trying to save him for the big reveal, because if that was the case they’d be teasing it trying to drum up excitement. They’ve just forgotten about him, and nobody cares.

anonymous asked:

Kind of urgent? I'm going to be a debate judge for a competition soon and I have attention issues related to autism and mental illness. Being a judge will involve: listening to and concentrating on a fast moving debate, thinking about the arguments, writing notes and suggestions, and judging the debate and picking the winner. This event will go on for hours with few breaks. It sounds like a lot of fun but I don't know how I'll get through it. Advice?

This ask made me smile! As a college policy debater, I have debated and judged very fast debates and can give you some advice on how I have gone through it (I am also watching a debate round at the National Debate Tournament right now). 

Since you do have to be present for the speeches, I would take mini breaks during the round so that you at least get some time to breathe and just step away. I am not sure what debate format you are judging in, but in policy debate, debaters have 10 minutes of prep time and you (the judge) can leave the room during this time. 

Another helpful thing is to ask debaters to slow down or at least to send you their documents during/after the round. In policy debate, debaters usually have the documents/speeches on their computers and email/flash it to their competitors. As a judge, you can request to have those documents as well. As for getting debaters to slow down, it is in their best interests that you understand everything they say (or at least get the big points) and so I would request that debaters slow down in front of me. If they won’t slow down then, I would ask them to make their last two speeches (in policy debate it is the 2NR/2AR) as big picture debates and not focus so much on the line-by line. Whichever team does that or makes the debate clear for me, would win my ballot even if they did not follow the techniques of debate. 

Basically, find as many avenues for breaks and ask debaters to slow down/be less technical so you can pick up on their arguments. 

Hope this helps,



I am so sorry this too me such a long time to answer loveys, but thank you for the compliments and I am so glad you love this :)

Some of these may have been more of asking than the actual date, but I hope the descriptions make up for that!

GIF Request: First Date - Hellsing + Millennium + Iscariot


Alucard will want to stick to basics with the date, though probably keep his date within the manor. They’ll watch movies perhaps or simply spend a lot of their time talking, just enjoying each other’s company.


Integra is very straight-forward about what she wants to do with the person that has caught her eye. She wastes no time in getting the ball rolling once she has set her mind on going through with it. She’ll want to be taken to a nice restaurant where the two of them can talk for hours just the two of them.


Seras will definitely want to do something that is a combination of fun and sweet, so a walk on the pier and into the carnival would be ideal. It’s public so not awkward but still a lot of fun.


Pip’s idea would be a club of some sort. He would think how great it would be: music, close-contact, booze, and his crush being incredibly sexy. What could be better? Unfortunately, he’s not the only one that thinks they are sexy and he ends up spending most of the date fending off admirers.


Walter is admittedly a bit rusty in his old age and perhaps tries a little too hard impress his date, especially if they are younger than him. However, he is nonetheless charming in his endeavors and quickly wins them over with both his gestures of romance and his sweet acts.


Dinner is, of course, essential when on a date with the Major, but it will certainly be the most romantic dinner of his date’s entire life, as he wants the first to be the most memorable he can make it.


Not very smooth, like, at all. The Doctor will try his best to find something interesting to do, but all of his interests are individual and not very exciting to most. His date will most likely have to come up with something, otherwise they will probably just do experiments together or something.


The Captain is, honestly, pretty clueless when it comes to love and romance. He will do his best but will most likely be internally screaming at every little issue that comes up. However, his date will have a fantastic time and he will have been worrying for nothing.


Fun is what Schrodinger will do on every date, not just the first. Whether it causes a rush of adrenaline or both him and his date or covered in dirt, Schrodinger loves to come up with new and unique date ideas for the two.


It is going to take A LOT to get Zorin to go on a date and even then, it will be difficult to get anything out of her during the meal. Though her date will feel incredibly intimidated, things will perk up when they take her to the demolition derby later.


Rip wants to spend as much time with her love interest as possible and is incredibly playful in doing so, sometimes pulling pranks or just being plain silly. She really likes the classic dinner and a movie, but will love it even more if there is a musical of some sort involved.


His date would be pretty casual where the two would probably “Netflix and Chill” or something while he shares his cigarettes with them. Expect a make-out session - it is inevitable.


Luke arrives with flowers, chocolates, poetry, love songs, everything just to make sure they say yes. When they do, he will remain calm though be jumping up and down in his head. Together, they will go to a museum of some kind and then a drive-in move, something classy.


Despite being smooth in his relationships, Tubalcain is a mess when trying to get the first date, not knowing if they will accept or even like what he has planned. Of course, it goes swimmingly, the movie being great and the dinner afterward being fantastic and he is awarded with a kiss at the end of the night.


Anderson’s main goal of a date is to spend as much time as possible with his partner, getting to know them as much as possible. Though it is incredibly difficult for him to count it as a “date” given his position, he nevertheless loves their time together.


Enrico and his date agree on one thing: this must be kept a secret. Though they are both most likely very inexperienced, they both try their best and the date goes incredibly well, despite having to be disguised just to go to dinner.


Yumie is a foodie. She loves food so a dinner or a lunch are essential, maybe even both if the date lasts long enough. She’ll want to visit all kinds of different restaurants, and each personality has a different tastes.


Ah, all of the sass is released during this date. Heinkel will stubbornly flirt and his date will try to keep up as the two go back and forth as they traverse some kind of garden or museum or art gallery. They both love their time together, but both are too busy with the next quip to say so until the end.

anonymous asked:

I have recently started to watch arrow and I'm on season 4. After oliver and Felicity broke up, am I nuts for seeing scenes where laurel looked like she might be testing the waters with oliver again? In 4:17 there were a lot of moments that made it look like LL was looking at Oliver with some serious heart eyes. Am I seeing crazy or is this just kc acting choices? That love of my life line makes me think I might not be totally nuts. What do u think?

Oh help…

Don’t take that to mean I don’t want to answer this! I LOVE questions like this. So much fun. The problem is that I don’t know when to stop typing! So I’m going to try and make this as short and sweet as possible.

Laurel wasn’t testing the waters. And if she was, I think him telling her all about how Felicity made him the happiest he’s ever been in his life (and he barely looked at Laurel as he said so), would have stopped her cold anyway.

Her day was done in season 2.

You see, Laurel was supposed to be the endgame: it was the original plan. It wasn’t Felicity who Oliver was supposed to ride off into the sunset with, it was Laurel. Due to an absolute lack of chemistry between Oliver/Laurel and the general way Katie butchered her representation of her character, coupled with some horrific narrative ventures, Laurel Lance lost any and all chance being Oliver’s all end and be all long ago and she knows it.

Doesn’t mean she didn’t want to try and have an impact on his life though.

That was what she was aiming for: she wanted to become his friend (because, lets be honest, they hadn’t been friends for a very long time and not because of romantic feelings. At least not on his end). To have some influence on the man she’d thought stood in her future.

But trust me, the writers, DC Comics, Warner Bro’s and CW wouldn’t have allowed her to do more than that. They’d lose too much.

They made a giant mistake casting Katie as LL. They knew it, so they did what they could with it.

But KC wanted her character to not leave the show without making a mark because she hadn’t made one (from what I’ve heard her agent put his foot down). She didn’t have a legacy. She’d been sub-standard as a hero, and as a friend, so if she was going out – go out with a bang.

Or better yet, a conversation that verified her feelings and create a legacy of her own that didn’t exist until she died.

Now, the way I see it, LL loved Ollie – he was the love of her life. But that was because she never allowed herself to love another. Not after Tommy. Why she had to tell him this I don’t know but the threat of death does things to people. It makes them open up.

But notice he doesn’t even answer her because he can’t give her acknowledgment that he doesn’t feel? Also notice that she didn’t expect it because she knew Felicity was the love of his.

Part of me likes it because it’s like LL/KC was FINALLY admitting that she isn’t the apple of his eye, a thing she’d kept a tight grasp on for years (which says a lot about why she’d never been given a new love interest, OR her latching onto him was a result of never being given one because Stephen always said the complete opposite of her in interviews). But part of me doesn’t because it was like she was giving him permission. She wasn’t, but it felt like she was.

Yet, at the same time, she was also telling the audience that ‘yes, Felicity is the one for him and they’ll get there eventually’.

She was also asking him to create her legacy so that she - her memory, HER - would always be with him in some small way.

It was pure selfishness.

But it was also human.

AND it was the writers giving some respect to a character that was beyond saving at this point.

They were emphasising that, while she didn’t/doesn’t affect Oliver’s life much, HE has affected hers big time.


That’s a game only to you

First of all : fuck yall- jk. But I am someone who needed to get out something which grown in my system, just because all the theories meet all my expectation of angst…

I haven’t finished Seven routes, I avoid the spoilers like a boss but I found several time the reset theory over there, so… if I am crying it’s because of you all, so I’m going to drown you all in hell with me.

Listening some Kikuo helped a lot :D

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anonymous asked:

I am meeting my daddy for the first time next week! Do you have any idea for things we could do together? (I loooove your blog btw💜)

Congratulations!!!! Be careful though! As far as fun things to do, I always love to go to the zoo with daddy. I can be little and he really thinks it’s cute! We also watch cartoons and color together too. Building forts is also really fun! We go on fun dates a lot really to wherever we want but I know money comes into play sometimes, so do what you think could accommodate to budget! But the things I suggested are always really fun 💖😇

anonymous asked:

For Ama I'm a pansexual 16 year old girl. Brown eyes, dyed red hair, 5'2". Basically am devoting my life to music. I'd probably do something really chill. Go to a decently nice but not overly expensive or fancy restaurant and then go to my place and probs watch some old nostalgic tv shows, like Danny Phantom or Drake and Josh. Pls don't judge my tv habits too harshly lol

Your appearance sound similar to mine, except I’m an inch taller lol. I’m a musician too, singer mostly, I’m planning to go to school for music education. Nostalgic shows sound great, I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun!
~Mod Ama 🌺

Not the most mature response ever but....

Thinking about deleting this tumblr. 

I’ve had it a long time, got a modest following and met some amazing people here, but… eh. 

I’m tired of giving a shit about fandoms. I’m not having fun anymore and before I got on tumblr, I did have fun. I enjoyed myself watching movies and TV a lot more. I want to be critical of what I watch, sure, but it’s just… I hated getting so invested in something only to see it tossed away. 

I just wanna enjoy stuff again. 

It’s affecting my day to day life, it’s making me depressed, stopping me sleeping! This is NUTS you guys! I need to get out. My mental health is paramount, I am a parent and I work with children. I can’t keep crying or acting like a grouch.


Everything else in my life, health, family, personal life, work- all going amazingly well. I want to fucking enjoy it. 

I’m too old for this shit. It’s a bit like finally cutting ties with an ex you realised has not only moved on, he’s forgotten you ever existed. 

If Marvel doesn’t give three fifths of a shit, then why the fuck should I?

I’m setting up a new blog for art and writing (both of which are giving me joy and even a bit of money) but that’s it. 

Jesus. I’m so done. 

HOW TO DRAW NECKS - Part 1 - Failing at the basics.

Hi Everyone!!!! I decided that it might be fun to document my weekly prwith daily videos, this is my first attempt! I am still going to make a video that mixes all the other videos into one big tutorial, but still, having daily documents of my progress is something I’ll enjoy a lot watching in the future.

You might hate it though :S

So if you liked my other videos and you don’t want to see my face and listen my weird accent in a daily manner, feel free to check on the weekends for the full tutorial video. That’s the one I’ll promote the most anyway!




Life Lately:

Our vacation is nearing to its end so I distracted myself from that stomach wrenching thought. I started to go back on sketching and journaling. So far, It has been fun although I decided not to post them on any social media sites except for tumblr since I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable in doing so. 

Speaking of starting things, I am back on twitter! If any of you is interested in following me, please click here. I’d be glad to follow you back as well. I usually tweet about films/series/music - anything that suites my interest really haha. I have watched a lot of films lately and I’m filled with love. I don’t know if it’s the effect of not being able to binge watch but I loved every single film I’ve watched this vacation. Well not really every film. I’m not really fond of 6 Years. It was a mess. I didn’t like it. 

Anyways, I do hope you guys have a great weak ahead! Take care of yourselves.

x Y

Fun Fact Sunday #3: Hogwarts Houses

Lil Laddie: 

hiss hiss motherfuckas

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That’s right! I am a Slytherin! A lot of people always try to tell me that I’m too sweet to be a Slytherin, but really they are just looking at the surface. Here’s the thing, I may look sweet but once you cross me, someone I love, or get in the way of something I want, I could crush you in a second. Very few have seen that side of me and even Lil Lambie has called it terrifying. One of Slytherin’s traits is ambition and boy do I have that. No, I am not ambitious in everything I do, but when I get truly passionate about something I want, you better watch out because I will do everything in my power to achieve it or get it. My Spirtual Healer (she’s sick af. don’t judge me for going to a Spirtual Healer) has told me that one of my animal totem guardians is a snake because I match the qualities of a snake! That’s pretty big proof of me being a Slytherin! Other than that I am a very resourceful and cunning person. I know how to get information I want or need. Most of the people that I have hung out with know nothing about me, yet I know everything about them, their family and other friends they have. Then again, that’s kind of creepy but I’m just very good at getting people to talk about the subjects I want them to, without needing to talk about my personal thoughts or opinions on it. In the end, I am a Slytherin and I am proud of it! I love being a Slytherin and I wouldn’t change my house for anything! But what house are you guys in?? I would love to know! Love you!!

Lil Lambie:

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I’m just a Ravenclaw lol. I’ve only recently gotten into Harry Potter. I used to have some kind of grudge against it and hated it lol. Laddie locked me in closet once as she read me the first chapter. I haven’t finished all the books, I have the last left and I already know a ton of people die and it is super sad, (so don’t tell me who dies please). I’m not all in your face about being Ravenclaw or anything like that compared to Laddie. I’m honestly not super into convincing people my house is the best. I just shrug and say yeah, I’m in the creative and wisdom house??? I really don’t know. This kinda sucks. But yeah. Ravenclaw. Woo hoo! Lol :/