i am going to die you guys

An Accurate Description of JD Throughout His Songs
  • Freeze Your Brain: I fucking love convenience stores slushies are my drugs
  • Dead Girl Walking: *awkwardly has sex with Veronica*
  • Me Inside of Me: We killed her and need to trick the police. Yes, obviously I didn't mean to kill her *nervous laugh*
  • Our Love is God: Veronica, I love you. Now let's kill some naked guys.
  • Seventeen: Alright, change of heart.
  • Yo Girl: JK
  • Meant to be Yours: VERONICA I love you baby so can we go kILL YOUR ENTIRE SCHOOL?
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: *sarcastic comments about a bomb*
  • I Am Damaged: I fucked up. Let me be dramatic before I die.
  • Seventeen Reprise: *boom*
characters from the oa as described by me
  • buck: he heart to big for he gotdamn chest
  • french: someone PLEASE HELP THIS BOY PLEASE
  • jesse: are you alright??? because you seem Very Not Alright and i am concerned and i love you
  • steve: i believe in ur ability to change my violent bean, go forth and become a slightly less violent butterfly
  • bba: my??? mom???? my mom.
  • hap: pls just die so we can either shut u up or get u to sTOP HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION YOU FUCKIN ASS
  • homer: he's.... so soft.... he's so soft you guys he's so SOFT
  • rachel: sing me to sleep
  • renatta: *aggressively downs 3 cups of cafecito* I LOVE BEIN CUBAN YALL VIVA CUBA
  • scott: never trust a white guy with dreads
  • the oa: hahahhaha what the fuck

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Ollie: How about you take a break from that miffed expression and show us a smile?


//I…how did you see my sad little blog you guys are…oh my god what you guys are excellent artists I’ve followed you both on my main blog since I got into Hetalia and you both are some of my drawing idols…I’ll…I’ll just go die now

Princess of Themyscira

Prompt: “You’re going to die. Please stay!”

AN: ANGST, ANGST EVERYWHERE, you have been warned. Diana won today, and I really wanted to do something special with her. I really hope you guys enjoy this.

AN 2: So, I’ve decided to turn this into a series which means the second part will be re-written. If you even remember it. This is just the start! 

Words: 976

“She’s already lost her father Diana, are you going to take away her mother too?”

          Your grandmother’s voice is fraught with emotion, with a plea to your mother to stay. To live. Your mother’s voice is filled with determination. She’s made her choice, she’ll die a warrior, just like your father. “I am a warrior; this is my fight. This is my world. And I will save it so that my daughter has a chance to live in it.”

          You don’t peak out from your hiding place. You know your mother’s jaw is set in a firm line, and that her eyes are hard with determination. She’s approaching her death, the same way she approached your school principal when you were being bullied.

          You wrap your arms around yourself. Your grandmother sighs “Very well my child. Do what you must. Your daughter, my granddaughter, she has a place among your sisters.”

          You want to laugh at that. You’re sixteen and you’ve never even met the woman who calls herself your grandmother. Your mother had been banned from Themyscira, due to her relationship with your father.

          You can hear the heels of your mother's’ boots click across the floors, as she walks away. You step from your hiding place, when you can no longer hear the sound. You gaze out from the open temple as your mother’s figure slowly vanishes from sight.

          Your grandmother smiles at you and says, “You’re as silent as your mother. When she was young she would hide and listen in on my council meetings. She taught you well.”

          You shake your head, “My father taught me how to move. Neither wanted me anywhere near fighting, but my father wanted to make sure I could escape. I am the reigning hide and seek champion of Wayne Manor. My father and brothers couldn’t find me. Only Mother could. She says we think alike.”

          Hippolyta’s smile fades for a second, before she regains it, “I see. You enjoyed your childhood.”

          You nod, “There was always someone with me, even when the world was ending. Especially if the world was ending. More often than not it was one of my brothers, or Alfred. Titus was always there, but he passed away several years ago.”

          “An elder?”

          You laugh, “A dog. I was never alone. I think they had all spent so much time alone, that they never wanted me to be that way. Just like they never wanted me to see the ugly in the world, so I wasn’t trained.”

          “I’m surprised either of your parents would permit that.”

          You sit down on one of the steps, and a moment later your grandmother sinks down next to you. “I’m not. They wanted me to have a normal life. They didn’t want me to go through the pain or the suffering. It was a noble hope I suppose.”


          Another moment of silence passes and you say, “They always said I looked more like my grandmothers than I did them. They said I inherited the best traits of both you and my father’s mother.” You feel the first tear start to slip, “I’m alone now.”

          Your grandmother’s arms wrap around you a second later, “No child, you have me, you have your mother’s sisters.”

          You smile a bit as another tear rolls down your face, “I don’t belong here though. I saw the looks they gave me. I come from man’s world. They’re weary of me.”

          “They will learn child.”

          You shake your head, “They’re right. I know of this place, my mother told me stories, but I do not belong to this place.”

          You stand, as your grandmother’s arms retreat. You give her one look before saying, “I wish I had been able to know you when I was young.” And then you’re running.

          You hit the sand right as your mother is about to take off, but she stops at the sight of you. Her arms open to you, and you throw yourself into them, wrapping your arms around her neck, “You’re going to die. Please don’t leave me.”

          Her fingers tangle in your hair, and she kisses your forehead, “Oh my sun and star, how I wish I could stay.”

          Your voice is going somewhat hoarse, “Then stay, please stay.”

          “My beautiful daughter. My baby girl. We’ll be reunited one day, hopefully on a day that comes no time soon. When it does come, your father and I will be waiting. But until then, make sure you live, and that you love, and that you let yourself be loved. You are beautiful, and smart, and so strong.”

          You pull back, “I don’t want to be alone.”

          She smiles at you and looks over your shoulder. Slowly you turn to see what she sees. Surrounding the two of you is an army of amazons. She smiles, “You are not alone. You are my daughter. That makes you the Princess of Themyscira.” She looks towards your grandmother who nods, and her smile widens. “That makes you an amazon. And that makes these women your sisters.” Slowly the women around you nod their heads as they all hold out their hands.

          You turn to your mother, and she places something in your hand. The locket you father had given her on the day you were born. She opens it to reveal a picture of your entire family surrounding her, and you, on the day you were born. You stare at your father’s face, your brothers’ faces, Alfred’s face and the tears come harder. “Do not forget where you come from my daughter. And most certainly don’t forget who loved you.”

          She pulls away, and the arms of two women you don’t know wrap around you, and they hold you. You watch your mother leave with pain in your heart. That’s the last time you ever see her.

Regarding Dean- L&W’s Commentary
  • OH MY GOD. Dean crashing Baby.
  • Dean eating waffles is amazing
  • Dory. He loves Dory.
  • Protective Sammy looking for Dean
  • “You were… amazing
  • Dean regretting not remembering his night with her
  • Dean being psyched to be a hunter
  • “Our best friend’s an angel. Whaaaaat??”
  • Damn hipster witches
  • He’s like a puppy and I am so in love- this is not helping my crisis
  • “Dean WInchester is going to die.” “Sucks for that guy”
  • Worried Sam- my heartttt
  • Rowena kinda complementing Dean
  • “God and his sister…” Dean’s face oh gah
  • I will never not love sleepy!dean
  • Rowena backstory- I AM LOVIN’ IT
  • “NO!” on the grenade launcher loveee
  • THe lil thumbs up my heart oh gah Dean
  • “Not funny” The relief under all of it
  • Sam’s smoulder at Rowena whoo boy

Feelin’ very slighted by these Riverdale promos. DO NOT WANT.

writing prompts list #35
  1. “Are you okay?”
    “If I don’t need to bend down, I’m somewhat fine”
  2. She didn’t care to put her body in the line of fire, get a beating if that meant that she had a change to get something she wanted. 
  3. He’s my ride or die guy. We’ll go to jail for each other, we bleed and fight for each other, so lying never was a problem for us. 
  4. Just push through, she kept repeating to herself. 
  5. Do you know what my mom says about monsters under the bed? That sometimes they’re more afraid of us sometimes than we are of them, and if we don’t scare them, they will protect us from bad dreams. 
  6. “You’re supposed to be my spotter.”
    “I am. But I just have a wandering eye.”
  7. Why are you cutting fruits with a throwing knife? 
  8. She’s knows not to get involved.
  9. “Don’t let him beat you up, alright?”
  10. “What happened?”
    “Taxi hit me. And it hurt.”
  11. “Why did you hit me straight to the nose? “
    “Couldn’t aim anywhere else than your ugly face”
  12. Girl, about your age, about his height, red hair. Have you seen her?
  13. Just how I want to spent my fucking night. Removing glass from my best friend’s head and stapling it up. 
  14. She has internal damage. She’s couching up blood. 
  15. Good luck figuring her out. 
  16. Don’t you know that you cannot trust anybody.
  17. I was a mistake anyways, right? You never wanted a child, specially not a girl.
  18. “Why are you going through my backpack?”
    “Well, your TV doesn’t work and you were talking to the lovely british guy, so.. Why do you have a mini duct tape rolls here? Where did you get these? Oh my.. This is my boxcutter!”
  19. Wait, he knocked you out? Actually knocked you out?
  20. You’re only fifteen, you can’t owe that much money to people
  21. “What happened?”
    “Just imagine musical chairs with guns and a rocket launcher.”
  22. Her pissed off Russian girlfriend beat my ass
  23. Okay why’s the woman crying? Who made the woman cry?
  24. Now I know who I’m stabbing after class
  25. “Do you know how hard it is to fix a kid’s game?”
    “No I don’t know. What is she doing here anyway?”
    “She’s like unofficial godmother.”
  26.  “What now?”
    “You’re going to put that gun against my head, and pretend you never loved me.”
  27. You don’t con us.
  28. “Why the fuck is the airport bar so expensive?”
    “So you wouldn’t be wasted and thrown up all around the plane.”
    “That’s not supportive best friend attitude.”
  29. “What do you define broken?”
    “What did you break?”
  30. Boiling gin is always bad idea
  31. They said she’d be tougher than this
  32. “Why won’t she go down? I‘ve already broken at least three of her ribs.”
    “Just keep hitting her. That laughter will go down quick.”
  33. You have one of the most fucked up converses I’ve ever seen
  34. She will run, you know that. She knows the risk of her getting caught.
  35. Words of advice, newbie, stay on her good side 
  36. “You wear the same Halloween costume every year!“
    “Drunk Wonder Woman is a classic at this point among our group”
  37. understand what she is. most of the times she doesn’t care what happens to her. 
  38. “She has the tiniest bed ever”
    “It’s not even tiny, it’s just made for people under 6’ and you’re like twice as that big”
  39. Funny thing about con men is the fact that they don’t bluff every often
  40. Excuse me, Matt, let me crawl in peace
  41. Uhm, okay, great to have you conscious again, but stay down so you won’t get shot 
  42. Everyone to my fucking house. NOW!
  43. Let’s see what I’ve in my arsenal of why to not date Jade: I have commitment issues, I may have a criminal past.. 
  44. “He got my hand locked”
    “So you dislocated it?”
  45. why I’m blamed by his stupidity? 
  46. Okay, okay I know I’m in trouble but give me a second
  47. Maybe this will work, I mean his eyesight is not so good anymore or her leg doesn’t keep up very good 
  48. How did you cause a blackout?
  49. They know you’re coming. So just give up. Don’t come.
  50. “You made a play date to two almost fifty year olds?”
    “They need a better working relationship.”
    “They don’t even work together!”

What if I told you guys that even as a trans guy, I don’t wear my binder during sex? That I sometimes skipped binding on hot days because I overheat easily and could literally die. That I am okay being topless in front of my close friends. AND HO GET READY FOR THE BIG ONE. That I still cosplay female characters even after coming out.

Does that make you uncomfortable? I’m sorry, but that’s my life.

Saying that trans guy has to be dysphoric 24/7 in order to be considered valid is just as bad as when cis people say that you have to try and pass or you have to get top/bottom surgery. Both are equally unwarranted and disgusting. It also once again gives into the sexism against ftm who constantly have to prove themselves because god forbid they do anything slightly feminine (like let’s say, pose sexily in women’s clothing, binder or not) and are suddenly thrown under the bus for “not being real men”.

Wanna know what gives me dysphoria? When you guys call me lazy because I chose to skip binding on a hot day. When you guys think it’s weird and “kinda gross” that I still will put on the female cosplays. When you guys tell me maybe I would pass more if I didn’t have colored hair, wore makeup, or constantly showed off my curves.

You don’t get to dictate our lives or how we feel. As for my fellow trans men who do struggle with dysphoria and don’t like seeing these kinds of behaviors those like me, YOU can surround yourself with the things YOU need to get by, just as I and other trans guys will do. Unfollow, block, ask for content to be tagged, have a discussion instead of a screaming contest, IT REALLY ISN’T THAT HARD.

But sure, just keep ruining someone’s life by threatening their career, misgendering them and sending them death threats that’s cool

Classic Rock Fandom Problem #1359:

1. They’re all old

2. Some have sons but who wants the knockoff when the originals still alive.

3. Some are dead in this case we’ll prob settle for the knockoff or go for another band member who happens to conveniently be alive

4. They sin. We sin. Shit happens.

5. They can die any minute now and when we find out we’ll feel lifeless for a year or two…or forever who knows

6. We need help

7. Asap


Saw this thing going round Tumblr so decided to do it and get to know some of you lovely people that follow GrigorMyDimitrov

Post your home/lock screen,last song and last selfie!!!

My home screen is the Harry Styles Solo Icon!!! I am going to die on April 7th when his first single drops.
My lockscreen is of course Dimi with his Brisbane 🏆 ❤️
Since apple accounts are not available in Bosnia and i cant buy music of iTunes I did the last youtube song I listened to ( i’ve been listening to this for days )
Selfie - snapchat filter from this morning on my way to work

I tag some lovely people that always like my posts and reblog - you guys are the best and thank you
If anyone else wants to join feel free:)

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why am I not good enough to get a boyfriend? every single time I try to talk to a guy I get all nervous, I guess I should just except the fact that I'm going to die alone and a virgin😭

Relatable af, wish I could help you.. but sad enough I never had a relationship (never even had a boy that liked me as A FRIEND (or more)) :((

track list for upcoming album

eat doo doo does not make u smart
college poop eat
college is bad facts
facts why u should not go to college
high school tobo
why isn’t it called black lobster pt. 13
i am not a raceist plz stop calling me that
ANDREW is sucks
walter white badass
overwatch why is is a lebian
mickey mouse donald duck it might be president
mickey mouse disney president maybe?
him name is donald

merry christmas motherfuckers.

victor [smiling]: yuuri, look up. mistletoe!

yuuri [blushing]: oh, victor

yurio: did you know the reason why people kiss under the mistletoe its because one day the son of a goddess had a nightmare about how he was going to die so her mum looked out for anything on earth or under the earth so he coudn’t get hurt but little they didn’t know, the guy had an enemy. the fucking god from evil, okay? who found something that didn’t grew either on the earth or underneath it but in the middle on the trees, mistletoe. so this guy wrapped the tip of an arrow with it and made another god, a blind one, shot him dead. the son spent three days dead as they tried everything to bring him back to live, until only her mum could and she was so happy she kissed everyone around, claiming that mistletoe should no longer be a symbol of death but of love.



yurio [smirking]: merry christmas motherfuckers

HELLO EVERYONE!!! ;///7///; <33333333333

I’ll be attending the 3/24 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: Wings Tour concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ tomorrow night!!! I’ll be in section 21 row 20 and I am going TO DIE OH MY GOD, if you don’t hear from me tomorrow or Saturday it’ll probs be bc I’m high key shook and I need time to process all that awesomeness???

But yeah WISH ME LUCK GUYS!!!! See ya~~~ ;DDDDDDDD

Has Fallen ( Sentence Starters )

Olympus Has Fallen

  • “Why don’t you and I play a game of fuck off. You go first.”
  • “I am giving you a direct order.”
  • “Newsflash, asshole: I don’t work for you.”
  • “Is he alive?”
  • “Now ask me a serious question.”
  • “Classified? Really? Well right now I believe I have the proverbial need to fucking know.”
  • “I underestimated you. It will not happen again.”
  • “Who said anything about negotiating?”
  • “How do we know we can trust the information?”
  • “I just asked nicely.”
  • “He will move mountains or die trying.”
  • “I never would’ve taken you for a traitor.”

London Has Fallen

  • “Point this end towards the bad guy.”
  • “Stay in here, stay down, and if anybody but me opens that door, you empty that into him.”
  • “What if you don’t come back?”
  • “You’re fucked.”
  • “Don’t jinx me.”
  • “That was inspiring…”
  • “You think this war, this war that you started, you think it’s over?”
  • “Was that necessary?”
  • “I never thought you’d outlive me…”
  • “I’m not the only one who’s gonna die today, ___.”
  • “We are shit out of options.”
  • “What took you so long?”
  • “I had a couple errands to run.”
  • “Yeah? Well, they should’ve brought more men.”
  • “Vengeance must always be profound and absolute.”
  • “Every death from this moment forward will be on your head.”
  • “If it comes to it, I want you to kill me. That’s an order.”
  • “I’ll drive, you shoot!”
  • “This car is bullet proof, not politician proof.”

Hey guys allison here i need to tell you that I’m very sick I’m actually throwing up blood, eye sight going black, and passing out to much…..why am i even telling you guys you guys don’t care if i die……

In case you guys wonder, I still feel awful and I am still worried we all may die as we sleep. But what can I do, when life just loves to fuck you over and over, right. Anyway, I’ll probably work on drafts or so. I don’t really have any energy to make single posts or starter calls. Ive hit 1,4k+ followers, but the bias list will be kept for later.

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i want to give all of your oc's a kiss on the cheek bc i love them all and want them all to be happy aND THEYRE ALL SO CUTE AND WONDERFUL AAAAA I ALSO LOVE YOUR FRIENDSHIPS WITH POO AND SUSHI YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE 💕💕

!!! Thank you! TT v TT I’m glad you like them <333 And lmaoooo my friendship with Poo and Sushi is truly a blessing! I can live out both my masochistic and sadistic ways through them! Seriously, where else am I going to find friends who genuinely put up with the things I do/say while simultaneously telling me to die!! I love it. :DDDD <33333

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So I have a bone to pick with you, Kate and Leigh. How dare you be so wonderful and talented and generous enough to gift us with your presence? I have spent so much time reading all of your content and I have to say, SIX ABOVE WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS I AM SO BLESSED. Okii but on a serious note, I love both of your guys' writing so much. I think my fav piece is Prince of Jealousy (kudos to you Leigh). Would you guys ever go beyond Sluff though? Like full on sin? I'd die thatd be so great

Anon, you deserve ALL of it and more. Blessing you with grade A chocobro content is what we do best. We’re 100% organic FFXV trash and we ain’t afraid of sharing it with the world. So first of all, THANK YOU SER MUCH WOW. I loved writing the Prince of Jealously (of all ya’ll who haven’t read it GO DO IT NOW) and it’s one of my favorites as well. 

As for writing full on NSFW, it’s definitely something that we’ve considered but keeping in mind that it’s the two of us (who critique and discuss each other’s work irl) we decided not to do that, just for the sake of things not getting too awkward LMAo. Not that we don’t read some quality smut in our own time— looking at you @nifwrites !

I hope that’s okay with you guys. We will definitely continue to dance that line though (esp Leigh who loves a risqué Noct). Just maybe not full on er— penetration?