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Tumblr makes this look really ugly ew. They look better when you click on the images but then it’s too small to see >:T I really just figure out a better way ugh. Anyway this took me like almost a week to finish and I’m already late to the party lmao. I love how this works perfectly for the events in between Alone at Sea and Beta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe the tear stains off my tablet now.

Update: One of my friends colored it! Go check it out!!

Okay so that new clip of Alec leaning in to kiss Magnus like???? I’m crying???? First of all cause my beautiful baby Alexander Gideon Lightwood is going after what he wants and is not pushing Magnus away. He WANTS this. Alec is not a man of many words, but he’s one of action and this is the action he’s going to take because he wants to be with Magnus and he wants to kiss him (over and over) again like it’s such a change from Season 1 I AM BURSTING WITH PRIDE HE’S GROWN SO MUCH.

But then you have Magnus, right? Magnus whose gaze lowers to Alec’s lips as he leans in, as if he cannot believe it. We know that he has doubts about Alec kissing him because of what he said in Morning Star: “You don’t regret it, do you?” and Alec doesn’t really give a straightforward answer: “Everything happened so fast.” We also know, as Magnus said in The Guilty Blood, that this is all new for him too so you really see the insecurity he’s harboring like Alec. So when Alec leans in to kiss him, you see this flicker of, “He’s going to do it again. My God, he’s going to do it again. He wants this. He wants me. He didn’t regret it.” like I’m basing this off of a LOOK God Bless Harry Shum Jr. for making Magnus this strong, witty, powerful character but also at the same time making him vulnerable and human.

  • tbh sometimes i feel like he is lowkey seventeen’s other dad
  • anyway he would be the sweetest father in the world
  • and probs the clingiest lmao he always needs his child near him whenever he’s home
  • most husbands would be v lazy to get the baby when they’re crying at five AM but not joshua…..he was up before you could even utter a word
  • let’s start with a baby girl, hm? ok when she was a baby, joshua spoiled her so much that you /knew/ she was going to grow up to be a daddy’s girl
  • she literally does not stop crying until she knows it’s her dad holding her
  • her first word was even “dada”
  • calls her his little princess
  • taught her how to play guitar the second she showed a slight interest for it
  • had to start her off with a ukulele though because her fingers were too small and skinny for thick guitar strings but whatever he’s proud asf
  • but man, your daughter would always strum her heart out and you can tell she loves it because she has the same look that joshua has when he plays guitar
  • you show her old seventeen mv’s whenever she misses her dad when he goes on tour
  • oh goodness speaking of tour; all the seventeen boys are going to melt over her and would spoil her almost as much as joshua 
  • when y'all facetime, the boys are always filling up the screen and waving at the baby and jisoo is like omg i’m trying to talk to my child guys but they don’t listen lol
  • and when you call them for babysitting, they ALL have something to teach her
  • minghao is going to teach her how to get away with sass, mingyu is going to teach her how to cook, hoshi is going to teach her how to dance, vernon is going to make faces at her to the point where she can replicate one, jun is going to show her how to model, jeonghan is going to take naps with her, woozi is going to play her nursery rhymes on his piano, seungkwan is going to be her cuddle buddy, wonwoo is going to read stories to her and dino is going to be glad he isn’t the youngest ^–^
  • dino: *turns to jeonghan* “hey hyung ((((: i’m not technically the baby anymore, right? because now-”
  • jeonghan: no bc she’s jisoo’s baby. but you’re still /my/ baby.
  • dino: -.-
  • is a cute but evil little girl…..knows where the cookie jar is and how to charm uncle mingyu into reaching it for her
  • you know, being jisoo’s child, i think korean would the baby’s first language because of her 12 uncles but she would also be able to speak very fluent english bc that’s her dad’s most comfortable tongue to speak in
  • i can see y'all always going to cali to visit jisoo’s mom and dad~
  • as she grows up, you can see just how much she is like joshua with her love for music and confidence and positivity in herself
  • one time when she was feeling down, joshua listened and told her his story of how he became a k-idol and told her to never give up and that just motivated her a lot
  • joshua honestly does not like the idea that she is going to grow?? up?? into?? an?? adult?? but he has to accept it
  • he doesn’t look like the type to be emotional but i think when your daughter graduates from high school jisoo is going to cry bc what happened to his baby girl that used to sit on his lap and watch disney shows on his laptop with him???
  • everyone remember when mingyu drove in pretty u and jisoo saw his life flash before his eyes when mingyu crashed inside? that’s what he looks like when he starts teaching his daughter how to drive
  • “sweetie…..you don’t want to have a bike instead?” he’d weakly ask  but his daughter is like lol no let’s try again
  • since jisoo grew up as an only child, he’d probably know how lonely it can get sometimes and would suggest you all get a puppy
  • but when your daughter began asking for a little brother…..well……you know what happens heh
  • if joshua has a little boy, i bet he’s going to raise that kid to be just as gentleman like as he was
  • the members call him the mini jisoo~ 
  • and your son is a mommy’s boy ^–^ so he is happy to learn bc that is how jisoo captured your heart, right?
  • your son is more like you and jisoo always tells you this and what you always say is “he has your eyes, though”
  • and it’s true, when you look at your son, he has the same twinkly chocolate orbs as his father
  • your little girl always holding her little brother’s hand and reminding him to drink water instead of juice and jisoo is ???? because wHERE ELSE WOULD SHE GET THAT PHRASE and you’re laughing and he’s shooting you a look like “you showed them my predebut videos didnt you? 😭😭” and youre like “oh cmon you were cute!! i couldnt resist”
  • kids do not trust him in the kitchen nope not after he burned the grilled cheese sandwiches on accident
  • joshua orchestrating his kids to make a cute surprise for you on your birthday c:
  • i also think joshua would be the type to take his family to church like once and if you all like it, then y'all can keep going together
  • movie nights are a big thing for this family ^^ y'all are always picking disney films and anime or going out to the movie theater to catch the new flick
  • beach days too
  • jisoo also the type to give his kids lots of money when they go out with their friends bc he spoils and bc of that, you find that its your job to ground them
  • jisoo and his mini’s asking you to come play water balloon fight outside but u say no bc you still had to cook dinner and stuff and you refuse until your son goes-
  •  "dads are fun, moms are boring ((((:“ and jisoo is grinning and you know they’re baiting you but you eventually just give in and pick up a water balloon like "youre on” and youre all running through the backyard and spraying each other and all that fun stuff
  • a v cute and fun family tbh ^–^
I’m about to fangirl all over this blog


This book is a masterpiece. I am in awe of it. Really.

I’m listening to the audiobook and it is probably the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to. Nick Offerman. David Sedaris. George Saunders himself. Megan Mullally. Keegan Michael Key. And like 160 other people (that’s not an exaggeration). I laugh hysterically on the way into work and cry like a baby on the way home. This book is marvelous. Please go read it.

 otp: I like you exactly as much as I say.

otp: I might even like you more than “like you”

otp: I think we’re a perfect match.

otp: I like you so much that when I’m 16, I’ll tell you to go study in Sweden if you really want to.

otp: [So I take it Farkle and Smackle are still together (two years later)] Yeah.

otp: Thank you. We are Smarkle.

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I am honestly feeling so attacked right now. Like, I just found out about Teen Wolf being officially over and I’m crying over stupid shit but it’s my stupid shit. And then, Tyler Hoechlin, my baby Dylan O'Brien, my other baby Crystal Reed, and my other baby Daniel Sharman aren’t even here! So now if you’ll excuse me, I will now go and wallow in my pain that probably won’t go away forever.

I amuse myself because Catherine is so dreamy and when he made trouble she’s just like “Jay baby” so soft and disappointed but cherishes him so much and Jason is like “oh my beautiful mother I am sorry I cry” and they’re both like “oh~”

And then Bruce is like “JASON PETER” and Jason is like BOOKING it because he’s like ??? yelling??? at me?? and death is not nearby??? DOES NOT COMPUTE


“You have no heart” - that’s what she said. By “she” I mean my mom. A sentence I have been hearing all my life.
Girlfriends, dates or just people have been telling the same thing. They tend to be more creative than my mom - adding bird names here and there. 

I used to think that I may be a psychopath or sociopath. Guess what? I am neither (took an online quiz that said I was not). I actually have a lot of empathy but not so much sympathy - people often mistake the two of them.
Yet, I do doubt to be an actual human being from time to time. When that happens, I go on YouTube looking for a certain type of videos. I like watching those “Soldier comes back early from his tour in Iraq and surprises his family” or “Found and rescued a female dog and her puppies” videos. Not gonna lie, I cry like a baby while watching. A full river of tears. I do feel better afterward, reassured in my existing human nature.

Those emotions are not “mine” though. They are born out of what I “witness” - a movie, a book, a song, etc. They are not exactly part of me. I absorb those emotions. That’s how empathy works. Thus they disappear as quickly as they appeared.

The odd thing is that when someone confront me because of something I did or said, I do not feel anything but annoyed. Crying or yelling do not exactly work on me. I don’t because the person is crying in front of me. I would stand there thinking “What happened to you?”. 
People love attacking me. I am not saying I am particularly nice ‘cause I am not. Yet I do not usually fight back at people who pick on me nor that I intentionally hurt people in the first place. ENTPs love to debate not to fight. I do not enjoy conflicts at all. I let them talk knowing that I could crush their feelings and confidence in just a few sentences. 
“If you are offended by what I say, imagine how you would feel if I do not hold off”

Lately, I have been entertaining the idea I could live forever as an AI stuck in a machine. That would be a perfect “excuse” to be the logical pragmatic individual I am.

[That’s the second time I am writing this post. I miscliked the close button the first time. The original post was so much better written. Sigh ]

Reborn: Aah~ so sleepy~
Tsuna: R-reborn! Don’t sleep on me!
Reborn: Too noisy, dame-Tsuna.
Tsuna: You might have forgotten but you’re not a baby anymore! You’re heavy!
Reborn: Shut up. I don’t like getting my sleep disturbed.
Tsuna: What do I do??
Reborn: Carry me as if you were to die.
Tsuna: I am going to die if I’m going to carry you!
Reborn: Want to try dying now?
Tsuna: N-no…

Tsuna resigned to his fate of getting sleep on by Reborn.

I wanted to try drawing something fluffy… (。•́︿•̀。)












Drunken Conversations with My Roommate meme

“When I was born, my mother was like ‘that’s awkward.’”
“That is literally hell in a jar.”
“They should’ve just sold empty jars and it would’ve been better than that shit.”
“Oh my god, you literally need to help me right now.”
“Am I really going to be eating macaroni salad while watching Saw?”
“I don’t think you should be around boiling water right now.”
“Wait, spell it. I cannot hear.”
“Children are screaming.”
“Babies are crying.”
“My mother is grieving for me.”
“Is this what happiness is?”

“It’s like if I put it all over my body, it’s okay.”
“But not in like a way that would displease God.”
“I feel like I’m aware of what I’m doing, but I’m not in control. But as long as I’m aware, it’s okay.”
“Oh my god, why did I just do that?”
“It’s so long, not as long as me, but yeah.”
“What would my mom say if she saw me like this?”
“Did you actually just say words?”
“I’m gonna push you into the oven.”
“And then I’m gonna eat you. Like a cannibal.”
“It’s like I couldn’t keep it up for very long. Oh! That’s what she said!”
“I regret every decision in my life that has lead up to this moment.”
“I sound really nerdy and gay.”
“Oh my gosh, I just had such a good idea.”
“My thumbnail is like traumatized by that.”
“Last time he/she said bye to me, he/she looked me in the eye for a straight two seconds.”
“He/She’s gay for you.”
“It wouldn’t be straight two seconds, it’d be gay two seconds.”
“I’m scared for you.”
“This is gonna fuck me up.”
“Oh my god, I’m literally in a different world right now.”
“I’m making mistakes, okay.”
“You should taste this though.”
“I will taste no such thing.”
“I accidentally just smacked my own ass.”
“Paying for things is so last year.”
“That was a really weird sound, I’m sorry.”
“Oh my god, oh my god, just saying.”
“Fuck you, carrot.”
“I can tell you in advance that I’m gonna do a bad job.”
“It’s so dark in here. It reminds me of the womb.”
“You literally fucked up everything in your entire life.”
“That goes against my religion.”

mjwillow  asked:

HI, I just wanted to let you know that I'm in love with your character designs, especially the tea witches. I'm a costumer, and your art makes me want to cosplay the tea witches, especially Turkish Tea, Christmas Chai, Marlene Diet-witch, and Rimfrost. One day - if I ever get through my current to-do list - I may actually be able to make one of those outfits, because they are the bomb! ♥

Oh gosh, thank you SO much! 💖 I absolutely adore designing characters and costumes, and the Tea Witches are 120% about me indulging that urge.

Also? If you or anyone else ever decide to cosplay any of the witches, I am going to cry like a baby, and possibly drop dead out of sheer joy, and H A V E  T O show me pictures of it, because oh my gosh

NCT REACTION When you're backstage with them and you're having bad period pains (Taeil, Hansol, Winwin, Haechan, Mark and Jeno).

WHO’S READY FOR THE BABIES DEBUT? I AM! (But please SM, Let. Mark. Rest) Anyways, I used some of the mini rookies (my precious babies S2) in this one so I hope you don’t mind it!



The guys kept teasing him cuz he seemed to be feeling your pain with you.

“Don’t cry hyung!”


As your pain got worst, you started swearing a bit and squeeze his hand very hard. He just wasn’t expecting that from you, so he just looked at you like:


“What do I do?? She’s in pain but… I have to go to the stage..” Someone help my baby please..


“That seems to hurt so much jagi…” Doesn’t know either what he should do


Googles “How to help someone who’s dying from stomach aches?” and “What are period pains?”

And wouldn’t be happy with what he found so he just calls someone else.


Does silly things wanting to make you laugh, but ends up getting hit


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~ADM Pandacchi

PREGNANCY (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: Hi everyone! This is my first one-shot. Please ignore any mistakes, my native language isn’t english. And don’t leave me if you didn’t like it, I am trying to improve myself! Requests are open, I would love to write for you guys, so feel free request anything! 

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I took a deep breath as I looked down at the pregnancy test. It was plus. I started crying. How was I going to tell Pietro? We were too young for this. We weren’t ready for a baby yet.
What would the team say? Were they gonna kick me out? We were the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. They didn’t need a pregnant lady in the tower.
“Y/N?” I heard Clint call to me, I stood up from the ground, throwing the test in the rubbish bin. I started to wash my face as I yelled, “Just a second!” My voice didn’t sound well. I cursed to myself. I couldn’t tell Pietro or the team yet. I was lucky that Pietro and Wanda were on a mission.
“Are you alright there? Its been a while.” Natasha asked.
“Yeah, yeah. I am fine. Just one more minute please.” I said, with my weak voice. It was obvious that I was still crying. I poured more water to my face, trying to get myself to stop crying.
“Y/N, open the door. Tell us whats wrong?” Tony said, his voice soft.
I didn’t answer.
“Lady Y/N, Come out please.” I heard Thor say.
“I will break the door if you don’t open up in 10 seconds, Y/N!” Steve yelled, his voice sounded worried.
“No! Don’t! Just give me one more minute.” I yelled as I tried harder to stop crying. But it was too late. Steve kicked the door, getting inside.
I quickly turned my back to them, covered my face with my hands. They weren’t gonna want me here anymore. They wouldn’t want to deal with me pregnant for 9 months.
Natasha ran to me, “Hey, What is it? Did that bastard hurt you? What did he do? I’ll kill him, I promise.” Natasha said. Her voice was angry and worried.
“No, no thats not–” I said, unable to finish my sentence.
Tony held my chin, forcing me to look at him. “You can tell us anything. We are family. You know that.” He said as the others nodded.
“I-I am pregnant.” I said, my voice shaking. They all went silent.
“Hey! That is good news! Why are you sad about this?” Steve said. I looked at him, taking a deep breath. “I am not ready for this, I-I can’t– What if he doesn’t want it. I have no one. I can’t stay here, I’ll be a pain in the ass here.” I said.
“That’s not true Y/N.” Bruce said.
“It is I-” Natasha cut me off, “You have us.”
“This is your home kid! You can always stay in here. We are a family.” Tony said, looking at me. Everyone smiled.
“And you ARE ready! Y/N, you will be a great mother. You are one of the strongest people I’ve ever known!”
“You got this! Plus, we will always be there for you and Little Natasha!” Natasha cheered, wiping tears off my face.
“Actually I am pretty sure that his name is gonna be Tony.”
“Pshh. Idiots. He is so gonna be Clint Jr.” I smiled at their talk. I’ve never felt that greatful. I had a family now, the perfect one.
“Pietro will be happy to have that baby with you Y/N.” I smiled at Bruce, Pietro would make a good parent with a little push. I really wished that he would want that.
“Guys? We are back! Heeey!” I heard Pietro’s voice. My hands started to shake. The team gave me a smile which said you got this.
Pietro ran to the bathroom, with a confused face. “What the fuck are you guys doing in the bathroom? What’s with the door?” Wanda joined him. I could see her struggle to not read our minds.
“And where is my girl?” Pietro said, not being able to see me because I was behind the team.
“Over here.” I said, running to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. He put his hands on my waist, kissing my neck.
I pulled back, put my hands on his shoulders. “I am pregnant.” His eyes went wide. He was shocked. I saw the same expression on Wanda’s face. Maybe I shouldn’t have just spilled it out. I took a deep breath, waited for his reaction.
“I am going to be a father?” His voice sounded happy. He started to smile. He put a gentle kiss on my lips then we hugged. We are going to be a big family, I thought.
“I am going to be an aunt!” Wanda cheered, hugging me.
“GROUP HUG!” Tony yelled as they joined us. I let out a small laugh, pulling the others into the hug. That must be happiness.
Hug lasted much longer I thought it would.
“This is awkward.” Clint said. “No. It is beautiful.” I said.
“Actually it is awkward but why do you always destroy the moment?” I added.
“We are the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes hugging inside a tiny bathroom and it lasted pretty long.” Clint said.
“We are gonna be a big family, aren’t we?” Steve said.
I smiled.
“Yes we will.” Pietro said, smiling.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this lately since it’s starting to get a little warmer and I don’t do very well with warm temperatures. I know he’ll is supposed to be hot and all but I feel like he’d be really cold all the time. Maybe I’m just imagining that because it’s what I need right now but…. this is just something I was thinking about earlier.

You were miserable. You were devastated. You were hot. You laid out on your bed in your underwear, trying desperately to cool off, whining and groaning and crying out in frustration as the three fans you had going did nothing to keep you from overheating. 

“Are you okay in here, Y/N?” Your boyfriend asked. “You sound like you’re dying.” He laughed, sitting down on the bed.

“I feel like I am, too.” You answered.

“What’s wrong, baby? He asked, placing his hand on you lower leg. His touch was freezing and it sent cold chills up your whole body and you loved it. An idea captured you and you grabbed his arm, pulling him on top of you, the cold and deep pressure instantly calming you. You moaned loudly, taking as deep of a breath as you could with his weight on you. “Better?” He laughed.

“Yes.” Your voice was muffled under Lucifer’s cool body. “So much better.”

Lucifer’s lips were cold on your hands as he brought them to his mouth and them moved his lips all over every part of your face and neck he could reach without relieving his pressure. Soft, cold, kissed flowered inside your skin and sent chills everywhere. You were in heaven…. well, hell, really but there was no other place between the ladder and the former that you would have rather been. “I love you.” He whispered between kisses, even his breath was cold, fanning over your cheek as that just so happened to be where his lips had roamed.

You smiled. “I love you.”

March 3, 2016
How I wish you could see yourself through my eyes so that you’d see how amazing you are. I don’t want you to feel you’re insecurities anymore because baby, you’re perfect. I love every inch of you. Your flaws. Your hands. Your nose. All of you and it makes me sad to see you cry because of them. If only you could see yourself the way I see you, you would know the reason why I am madly, deeply in love with you.

Our journey will not be easy, but I’m willing to go through all the strugles with you. The challenges we’re going to face would be difficult. That’s why they’re called challenges. Things won’t always be easy, but like what I told you, loving you is. We will fight because that is inevitable but let us not apologize for those nights. Let’s not be sad for the times we were frustrated, tired or down because these are the nights that we grow. These nights, although difficult, made better versions of ourselves so let’s be thankful to them. Let us not also let these hardships make us forget the abundant good days when we laughed and enjoyed each others company.