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Come Home To Me

Here’s another part in “Our Girl”

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Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  1017

A/N: This is an open series. You can request things for it at any time. It’ll probably be open for a while, so request away!
A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

         You were alone. The feeling of being alone was worse than most anything you could go through. There were times that you felt alone when you were around people. But this was real. The bunker was empty. And you hated it.

           Sam and Dean had forbidden you to go with them on this hunt. For some reason, they couldn’t face the thought of you being there when they faced demons and angels at the same time. You, on the other hand, were a mess. You were terrified for them. And all you could think about was the idea that they might not come home to you.

           It had been a week. The longest week of your life. You had spoken to both Sam and Dean on occasion. But it wasn’t enough. And the conversations never really gave you much comfort that they were safe. You just wanted them home.

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All Is Beautiful - Part 2 of 2

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Word Count: 4,000

Summary: Part Two. After saving you from a violent attack, Sam keeps in touch and you grow closer. This ended up being pretty smutty. It really took on a life it’s own. I’m not sorry. 

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, language and an animal death (briefly mentioned).

Tags: @impalaimagining @spontaneousam​  

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Originally posted by sstsmind

Horror movies are one of those things that most people tend to have polarizing opinions on. You either love them or you hate them; there’s not really that much of a middle ground there.

In your case, you loved them. It wasn’t always that way (there was a very traumatic incident involving the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise as a child), but you’d grown into liking a little bit of gore here and there. Especially around Halloween.

Once September rolled around, you were known to break out your horror movie collection and gather friends (mostly unwilling) for movie nights. You had them all pile up in your living room with blankets and snacks and watch whichever film happened to catch your attention.

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Close as Strangers 2

Finally here, the love you guys have given to this story is amazing and I appreciate all of you who have supported it and loved it so far. Definitely will be continuing this one.

Close As Strangers Part 2 (Part 1)

Requested; so much (thank you btw)

Luke x Reader

(Before the phone call)

Luke’s POV

“Thank you all so much for coming out tonight! We love you! Please drive safe, and we’ll see you all soon!” I yelled into the mic at the end of our 15th show. It’s been a long rode to get to this one, and we still have about 20 to go, but I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world. The only thing that would make it better is if my girlfriend Y/N was here. She was the one who pushed me to be a better musician and write better lyrics about real problems. She taught me how to write and do things for myself, not to impress other people or make them like me. The boys all adore her also. Calum has grown an extremely close bond with her, Michael is always the one to do really scary stuff like skydiving and cliff diving with her (the things I could never do because of my fear), and Ashton gives her almost fatherly advice because he is 3 years older than her and it’s heartwarming when I catch them on the couch after a show and he’s treating her like his own.

Lately though, she hasn’t been herself. Usually when I call her after a show or an interview or even to tell her goodnight she seems…distant. Almost as if she’s tired of the same old conversations we have. It usually starts off with a hello then a how are you and then a goodbye and i love you. It saddens me that it seems like she’s done talking. I know she’s hurting back home, and I know she misses me and wishes I could be there since I haven’t even held her for 6 weeks. I have people that help keep me company and help keep my spirits lifted on tour, and it’s a big help because without them I’d be crying over how much I miss her. One of my good friends Arzaylea came on tour with us for a little while, just to be here and support us. A lot of magazines and interviewers ask if we have a thing, and I always say no because, well we don’t. She knows about Y/N, and Y/N knows about her being here. I can tell that Arzaylea being here isn’t in Y/N’s interest because of all the rumors, but I make sure to tell my baby that I love her not anyone else. No one, ever since I met her, has caught my heart that way she does.

After this huge show, everyone was around me, giving me high-fives, hugs, and congradulations all around. Arzaylea was the last to greet me, and she gave me a big squeeze around my waist.

“Great job dude! Wanna go out tonight? Celebration?” She clung onto me harder than usual, and had her face extremely close to mine. All I did was smile confusingly at her being so kind, and responded with a ‘maybe’. Then I patted her shoulder and walked off to a quieter area of the room to call my girlfriend.

I pulled out my phone and quickly clicked on her contact, where her picture was of her with cake all over her face from when I smashed it into her on her birthday. That day was probably the most fun we’ve ever had together, and I just had to get a picture to remember it. It rang only 2 times before she picked up. On my side of the phone, you could hear a bunch of chatter and loud laughs, but on her side, it was dead silent, which worried me.

“Hi darling.” I said sweetly.

“Hey babe…” She dragged it on and sighed. These phone calls were starting to not be enough for her to keep holding on, and everyday was a mystery. Each time I called, I always feared one day she would just be done and hang up. But I took my chances just to hear her sweet voice.

“Baby don’t sound so sad please…I can tell you about our show tonight. One of the best crowds, I’m dripping sweat, sang all the notes on key. I’m really missing you babe I wish you were here.”

I tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible to get her spirits up. But nothing worked, and she fired back at me with a forced sentence with frustration pouring through her words.

“Well that’s great, Luke.” I ran my hand over my face to keep my composure. She wasn’t making it any easier to be away from her.

“I think I’m going out with the guys tonight. Just a celebratory thing, nothing special.” I couldn’t just say I’d be going out with Arzaylea. She’d flip out and not speak to me. In a way that was a bad move on my part because I told her I’d always be honest with her. But I’m sure once I tell the guys about it they’d be down to go with us, so in the end I was going out with the guys, they just didn’t know it at this point.

“Ok, have fun.” She sounded tired, like she’d just ran a marathon and was trying to catch her breathe, so I sighed and hung my head low before saying goodbye.

“Lukey c’mon we’re leaving!” I heard Arzaylea call in the background. I quickly tried to hold my hand over the speaker of my phone so Y/N wouldn’t hear the name Arz called me. That was Y/N’s nickname for me, and only hers. Arzaylea never called me that because she said that she respected my relationship too much to ruin it. I don’t know why all of a sudden she’s being so much nicer than usual and trying to stay close to me. I moved further away from my spot and spoke into the phone.

“I’ll be back soon, I love you.”

“Love you.” She said quickly, and I hung up with a heavy heart and a slight headache coming on, and walked quickly out to our car.

Hours Later…

I woke up in my clothes from the concert, the button down shirt I was wearing was torn open, and Calum was in the other bed, snoring like a mad man. My sheets were all messed up, and I could hear a slight buzzing on our bedside table. I ruffled my hair while picking up my phone, and the first thing that caught my eye was the time. 2 AM. I smacked my hand on my head in disbelief. I was suppose to call Y/N when I got home! But an even more heart wrenching feeling, was that it was her name on my screen calling me. I was slightly worried and confused. She’s fast asleep at this time, and would only ever call me in the dead of night if it was a real emergency. She didn’t call me this late if she missed me.

I quickly answered with a groggy voice, and heard a sentence that ultimately scared me, but this sentence could make anyone else shit their pants.

“Hey, we need to talk.”

Dun dun dun….sorry to leave it on a cliffhanger guys! But I just wanted to get both sides view of what’s going on in their lives since they’re not with each other. This is everything that happened while Y/N was with Andrew! Request for part 3!

You’re My Light

A request by @siennese. She wanted a version of a christmas Maya where Lucas was involved. This is what came to mind. I hope you like it. 

Riley had just gotten home from her the gift exchange with her friends. When she walked in, she saw her parents and Auggie were curled up on the couch. They were watching Home Alone, but instead of joining them she went straight to her room.

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Not Bad of a Choice (Baekhyun) ~ Part 5


“Say that one more time.” he growled out slowly. I took a small step back, not wanting to be in the danger zone. His eyes glared at me.

“I-I said Lena is cheating on you…She’s at a restaurant right now with another guy..” I quietly repeated. He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Okay, I don’t know what kind of sick joke you’re playing but it’s not funny. Lena would ever do that.” he shook his head. Now it was me who rolled my eyes.

“Really? Why don’t you call her and ask her where she is right now? Oh, right, she obviously won’t tell the truth because she’s out with someone else.” I grumbled before walking into the kitchen. Like I thought, he followed me, his face still angry.

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Old Flame (1/3)

Imagine: Drunk texting Roman. 


 You: You up? 

 You sent before you could even stop yourself. Not that you really wanted to but you knew that by provoking him, it’d open up a can of worms. And that’s what you wanted. Because hey, the alcohol had poured itself into your bloodstream and transformed you into this new woman. Confident, carefree and full of life.

 You hated that for the past couple of months, it’d been a good aid for that; when usually you were confident, carefree and full of life. Naturally. The reasons why he fell in love with you. So he said. 

 You shook your head at the thought and downed the mouthful of wine left in the glass. ‘Yeah right, you loved me that much that you left without looking back,’ you thought to yourself.

 It’d been five minutes since you sent the message and he hadn’t replied. It was telling then that he wasn’t up. Whatever, blame it on the alcohol tomorrow, you rationed and picked up the phone again.

  You: I miss you. 


  You: Talk to me.


  You: I know you hate me hten moor 

  You: shit, I meant 'the most’* 

  You: but I still care. It hasn’t gone away. I know it should. 

  You: can you just come and hold me tonight? Please? I really need it. 

  You: Just hold me until I fall asleep? I wont be a pain in the ass. I’ll be quiet.

  You: I just, i really need you. 

  You: I miss you Roman. 

  You: I guess you really are sleeping. I am so sorry. I’ll leave you alone. 

 You threw the phone across the room in frustration at that precise moment. More frustrated with yourself than anything; how could you be so stupid? You always told yourself you’d never be 'that woman’, you pitied 'those women’, so weak they were, that they’d beg for a man. But love is a funny thing huh? When it hits you hard, it disorients you and what you stand for. 

 Now you wanted to cry, a shower and sleep to rid of this feeling. And the rejection. But less emphasis on the latter because it was late, maybe it wasn’t rejection maybe he truly was sleeping. You hoped, sincerely now, that those messages were never received or read. 


 Your phone vibrated against the fur rug it’d landed on. 

  And another. 

 Then another.

You sat up nervously, still in your spot contemplating whether you should pick it up. What’s the best that could come out of it anyway? He wasn’t going to wave his pom poms in celebration and beg for a reunion, more probably reprimand your drunken texts. You’d rather not go there with him. But then again…why not whilst drunk? By the time you sobered up, the hurt would dissolve away with the alcohol right? You walked over and picked up the phone, sliding the screen quickly after seeing his name. 

  Roman: It’s 3am Y/N!!! 

  Roman: Who you hanging with that’s letting you drink to nothing on a Tuesday night? 

  Roman: You don’t mean any of that. Trust me. 

 You rolled your eyes at his messages, not the romantic exchange you’d fantasied; that he’d say yes, just like that, come over and live happily ever after. And more so, he had no right to comment on your drinking; you were not drunk of course. Just tipsy. And in a typical tipsy-you fashion, you weren’t gonna let him go now that you had him writing back; at least now you knew guaranteed whatever you sent, he’d see. 

  You: I was drinking on my own, I’m not drunk I know what i’m doing. 

  You: I meant all of it.

 He replied soon after,

  Roman: by the way, I don’t hate you.

  You: Then why’d you leave like that and not even look back? It must take hate to hurt someone like that.

  Roman: We’re doing this now? You know why we are the way we are now.

  Roman: Can we talk about this another time? 

  You: Right, when she is not there? Because there is someone else right?

  Roman: Goodnight Y/N. 

  You: Well have a nice life!

 You can’t remember how or when you fell asleep, but you remember waking up to a faint noise; finding yourself on the couch, the tv on in the background, and the house a shit mess. An empty bottle of wine strewn on the floor, another half-full sat next to it with an empty glass. Couch cushions were strewn here and there, vases tipped, photo frames off shelves and knocked onto the floor face down. You checked your phone and realised you hadn’t even slept or passed out that long because it was only 3:43am and you’d been texting Roman not too long ago. 

 Then you cringed at the thought; you’d been texting Roman! You couldn’t exactly remember what was said but by the state of the room, you’d reacted violently in anger. As you went to unlock your phone, that familiar faint noise that woke you up interrupted you. You paused. It was the doorbell. 

 You stood up, wobbling for a second before you steadied yourself on the couch headrest and traipsed over to the door, not thinking once why someone would bother you at that time. You peaked through the peephole and saw him. Right there, with the door separating you. Your heart fell into your stomach and the tears you’d been holding back came flooding down your cheeks and you accidentally gasped out loud, immediately covering your mouth with both hands.

 "Y/N open the door! It’s me!“ He insisted. 

You instantly rubbed the tears away because you remembered he always said he hated seeing you cry, but they kept pouring out.

 "You gon have me arrested damnit, making the neighbours think I’m tryna rob your shit at this time!” He protested. “Open the door." 

 Without thinking twice you reached for the door handle, twisting it and pulling it towards you. As soon as you saw his face, it hit you then. Shit, here goes nothing.

Part Two

Bleeding Love

Yixing X Reader

Genre: Idk tbh 

Words: 1.2K

A/n: Theres a part two dont worry 

Originally posted by parkchny

“I miss you.” I spoke to him as watched him fix his hair through the screen.

“I miss you too.” He said looking away from the mirror that was in front of him to glance at me for a moment.

I drew a long sigh as I saw his reaction as if it barely fazed him. He’s been on tour now for 3 months and we’ve barely had any communication due to scheduling issues. I watched helplessly in love with him as he combing a brush through his hair. He seemed to notice the silence that grew between us as he looked at me and gave me a smile.

My head rested on my hand as I sleepily looked at him. I sat on my bed with my laptop in front of me making use of a stand for my phone. I sat there in my pajamas, staring at the small screen. I glanced at the small clock that sat on the bedside table only to take note that it was 3:47 AM. I had stayed up waiting for his call since this was the only amount of free time he’s had in the past two days.

“Y/N, If you’re tired you can do to sleep love.” He spoke softly as he rested this head on top of his arm staring at me.

“I’m fine.” I lazily spoke back to him hoping my voice didn’t show how tired I actually was.

He stared at me through the screen bout to say something when loud noises seemed to fill the room he was in. He looked back and inwardly sighed as the commotion came closer. Baekhyun didn’t take long to pop out from behind Yixing and shout to the others I was on the Phone with him. They soon all crowded around the phone.

“I miss you Y/N!” Baekhyun and Chanyeol yelled into the phone together.

“I miss you guys too.” I said as I let out a small laugh at their excitement.

“Calm your tits save the energy for the performance.” Chen annoyedly said as he smacked the baekyeol couple on the head.

“Practice starts is 15 minutes guys.” Suho said as he walked into the room.

“Alright.” Lay called as he sighed again.

“I guess you should go.” I choked out not wanting him to leave knowing I wouldn’t see him for another few days.

“I probably should.” He looked at me sincerely as my 3am feelings started to pour out.

“Is Y/n crying? No we love you don’t cry.” Baekhyun’s voice was heard in the background.

“I love you.” I spoke as my voice was raspy as I couldn’t look up into the camera to face yixing’s eyes.

“I love you too baby girl.” He spoke as end hesitantly ended the call.

I got up to grab a tissue wiping my eyes of any excess tears that seemed to be running down my tears why my phone vibrated.


Hey baby I want you to remember that I love you and I don’t want you to be sad, I’ll be back soon. Goodnight, get some rest i’ll talk to you when I have chance.

You simply smiled and slipped in bed, emotions running through you that you seemed to ignore as you fell asleep.


“Y/N” You’re name was called as you looked at a tired looking Yixing.

His hair fell over his forehead as it was still wet seeing how he must of just gotten out of the shower. His shoulders were broad and clothless meaning he wasn’t wearing a shirt as he laid under the covers. His head was propped up on a pillow, as he held his phone in his hand.

“You look tired, why did you agree to facetime if you’re exhausted?” I questioned him.

“Because I miss you.” He spoke out as his eyes drooped.

“Do you ever think this wasn’t meant to work out?” I asked him making his eyes shoot open.

“What?” He said as he sat up in his bed.

“Don’t you get tired of it all? The long distance?” I questioned him.

Even though we sent ‘Good Morning’ and Good Night” texts every day the little communication, between us was torture. Three years of dating was mostly away from each other. I hated going out with friends and watching them with their boyfriends and me not being able to have Yixing around.

“Y/N no you can’t give up on us.” Yixing pleaded

“It was just a thought.” I trailed off feeling bad for bringing up the topic.

“Listen we gotta talk about this.” He said as Xiumin appeared in the corner keeping quiet as he just came out of the shower.

“Listen Yixing I have to go.” I said as I didn’t want to continue the conversation with Xiumin in the room.

“No we have to-”

“Good Night Yixing.” I spoke.

“I love you.” He whispered softly before I hung up.

“I love you too.” I whispered only realizing it was too late and he couldn’t hear me.


Can we talk about this tomorrow?


Yixing I said it was just a thought


Great we’ll discuss this tomorrow Goodnight love.

This is a continuation! I posted Long Distance Call (the one where Klaus and Caroline have phone sex!) a couple of weeks ago and @mindless-chatter requested a sequel when she kindly donated to @klarolinegivesback. The prompt was:

Established Klaroline living in Paris (continuation of Caroline’s dream sequence from Lalainajanes sexting drabble that was just published) but maybe the setting be in the restaurant as well as back at their Parisian flat?! Smut please.

I had a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the ‘established’ part plus I got a couple anon requests related to that drabble immediately after it was posted:

Any chance we can have a drabble / flushing out of Klaus’ little painting fantasy?

Follow up of that klaroline phone smut please? Caroline is at a small restaurant somewhere and he’s on the other side of the room, whispering down the phone and watching her whilst she has no idea?

So I decided to just throw it all together and write the getting together part too! Will probably be a 3-4 shot o’smut now. Thanks to @justanotherfiveminutes for the beta reading and @cupcakemolotov and @thetourguidebarbie for help when I was stuck.

Long Distance Call (Part Two)

“Where were you in 1617?”

She skips the ‘Hello’ and dives right in. Because after all the things they’ve said pleasantries don’t seem necessary.

There’s a long pause on the other end, and Caroline hears Klaus murmur to someone that he’ll be right back. The background noise grows fainter, and then nearly disappears. “Caroline?” Klaus asks, sounding puzzled. “It’s two in the afternoon, love. As much as I enjoy our… chats, I’m afraid you’ve called at an inopportune time.”

Caroline blinks for a second, then sits up, pushing her book away. “Oh, sorry. I know you’re busy. I was just reading this book, from the supplemental list for one of my classes, and I was wondering about something and I thought…” she trails off, before she can really start to ramble.

Truthfully, she’d dialed his number before she’d even thought about it.

Understandable, considering just how often she called Klaus these days.

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for @tragicash and @hemmocrat‘s breakup!5sos night based on this prompt

The obnoxious ringing of your phone pulled you from your slumber, prompting you to blindly reach for it and answer the call without looking to see who exactly was calling, only thinking that you wanted your phone to stop ringing. 

“Hello?” you asked, voice low and filled with sleep.

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d answer,” a deep, velvety voice breathed, as if unable to believe his good fortune.

“Don’t consider yourself too lucky,” you grumbled, realizing now that it was your ex-boyfriend calling. “I just forgot to silence my phone before I went to bed and didn’t bother looking at caller ID when you called. Had I seen that it was you calling, I would’ve ignored the call and gone back to sleep.”

He chuckled, but it sounded forced. “I’ll take what I can get.”

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This Distance is Killing Us

It’s hard being in love with someone who is usually over 3,000 miles away from you constantly and it’s always hard trying to make it work. But somehow you and Niall made it work. You were still going strong after several months of him being away, but the only problem was that he barely had time to talk or skype you. And when he did have time, you were usually asleep or working. But on the rare occasions that your schedules lined up perfectly it would make your entire week better. Just talking to him or seeing him for a few hours made you crave for him to once again to be by your side, and it sometimes left you almost more sad than it did happy because once the conversation was over and you had said your goodnights you knew it would be a few weeks before you would get a chance to talk to him like that again.

But tonight was one of those special nights where you would get to talk to him for hours. You opened up your laptop and logged into your skype, it wasn’t long before you saw his face. Your smile stretched across your face just from being able to see him, he looked amazing. He was wearing his hair just the way you like it and he was dressed in a long black sleeved shirt like he was about to go somewhere important.

“Hey Y/N,” Niall said with a grin that made you melt inside, “you look so beautiful, how was your day?”

“Today was like every other day without you, pretty much uneventful. I mean your brother called to see if I could babysit next week, but other than that it hasn’t been very exciting,”

“If you are getting excited over babysitting than you really are bored,” Niall laughed and you knew if he was here in person he would have poked you in the side until you laughed to, but you just rolled your eyes and smiled.

“Hey I love that kid, I actually love watching him, he is adorable,” you say. Someone in the background yelled for Niall and he turned around and shouted back.

“What was that about?” you ask still smiling because you were getting to see him.

“Oh nothing really some of the boys wanted to go to the pubs tonight and I told them I would go,” he said scratching his head. You looked at what he was wearing. It made sense, he never really dressed up for video chats usually he wouldn’t wearing a shirt at all.

“Oh,” your smile faded, “when are you guys going out?”

“like,” he looked at his watch, “ten minutes,”

“Are you serious?” you asked shocked. You didn’t get to see him that much and he was with these boys everyday for months on end. The fact that he was choosing to go out with them when you two barely got to talk made your insides churn in anger.

“I knew you would be upset, but I didn’t want to cancel our video chat, I figured ten minutes would be better than nothing,” he said ruffling his hair.

“Niall we barely get to see each other,” you sighed not really wanting to fight since you only had a few minutes to talk, “It’s just that it really sucks that you-”

“NIALL,” you heard ashton yell. He liked hanging out with the 5sos boys they made him feel like a teenager again, instead of an adult with responsibilities, “the car is here,” ashton came into view, “oh, hey Y/N!”

“Hey,” you gave a halfhearted wave and smile.

“I thought I had ten minutes,” Niall said looking at Ashton who was leaving the room sensing the tension between you and Niall.

“yeah they got here early,” Ashton said leaving the room quickly.

“Alright babe, I am so sorry, I thought we had more time tonight,” Niall said leaning in to the laptop.

“how ironic so did I,” you said looking over at your bedroom wall not wanting to look at him.

“Y/n don’t be like this,” Niall started to say but you interrupted him.

“No, Niall you don’t be like this! You are literally gone half of the year and we barely get to talk because of both our schedules and I get you want to have some time with the guys, but seriously?! I just want to see my boyfriend when I have a bad day and I can’t. I want to cuddle with my boyfriend at night and I can’t. I literally just want to talk to you and I fucking can’t,” you didn’t want to cry but you could feel the burning in your throat and eyes warning you it was about to happen.

“It’s just,” you paused and took a deep breath, “I get you want to party, I do too. But I am also committed to making this relationship work and I feel like you aren’t. Just because you disappear for half a year doesn’t mean my life here stops. Sometimes I wonder if,” you stopped yourself before you said something you would regret, “you know what never mind, go have fun. Call me whenever you feel like it,”

“Y/N” Niall said but you hung up the call not wanting to talk to him anymore. You closed your laptop and stared at the ceiling hoping that the fight you just had with Niall wasn’t real. You sighed and leaned against your pillow and let a tear fall, fighting with Niall was the worst feeling but when he wasn’t here you didn’t know how it was going to get any better.

The next few days passed and you still hadn’t heard from Niall, he hadn’t called or even texted a word to you. Your heart was slowly breaking because you wondered if he even wanted to be in a relationship anymore and then you started to panic that maybe something happened to him, but if something bad had happened to him then you would have heard by now. It would have surely been on the news.

You pulled out your phone and went on twitter to see if he had been on. Your stomach started getting anxious when you didn’t see any recent tweets. You decided maybe the fans had seen him so you would check their fan accounts that usually kept up with where they were. But they hadn’t posted anything about Niall in several days.

“Fuck,” you whispered under your breath. Whatever, you thought to yourself, If he didn’t care enough to call then it was his own problem and you didn’t need to talk to him when he was being a baby anyway. Plus if something was seriously wrong with him someone would have called you by now. They had a week off till their next show and they were only scheduled for interviews so he could have just been busy, but you doubted it.

You opened up your apartment door and the wonderful smell of pasta hit you immediately.

“Hello?” you shouted nervously. You hadn’t been expecting anyone and you don’t remember leaving any windows open to where that smell could be coming from outside.

“Wait one second,” you heard a familiar voice shout. Niall came around the corner in his sauce covered apron and a spoon in his hand, “it isn’t quite done yet,”

“Niall,” you breathed softly. The fact he was standing in your apartment instead of half way around the world right now shocked you. You followed him to the kitchen and you saw that he had made your favorite dinner. You felt tears prickling in your eyes.

Niall took everything off the burners and took his apron off. He looked at you with an apologetic smile and came over to you and took you in his arms, “I am so sorry Y/N,” he said kissing the top of your head, “You were right, I should always make time for you and I took you for granted. You don’t have to wait around for me and yet you do. You deserve to have a boyfriend who is here for you 24/7 but I just cant do that. You deserve to have a guy who can surprise you when you are having a bad day and I cant do that. But I do love you more than any other man ever could and I really hope that you decide that I am worth all this trouble,” he said looking down into your eyes. You had tears running down your face and you nodded fast. You leaned up and pressed your lips against his, hungry for something you had been denied for months.

“You will always be worth the trouble,” You said after you broke away, “I love you so much Niall Horan,”

“God Y/N I love you too,” he said leaning back in for another kiss, glad he had been forgiven.

daze (calum)

not my gif

Words: 1,600+

Warnings: foul language and alcohol use. nothing major.

A/N: if you haven’t noticed by now, i do drama. it’s kinda my specialty. i apologize in advance for how bad this is.

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Reddit Nosleep: My Daughter is a Doll by Reddit user TheyAreBack

Let me start off by saying I’m not crazy, or at least I don’t think I am. I suppose I’ll leave it up to the reader. I couldn’t tell you if I’m dealing with a ghost, a demon, or something else beyond my grasp. Any light you could shed on the subject would be great.

My story starts out innocently enough. Two months ago I was in WalMart, when I saw a life size doll that looked just like my daughter, Abbie. Again, WalMart. Not at an estate sale, not in an abandoned building, and not even some creepy, one off clearance item without a box or price tag. There were dozens of them; I’ll even add the link to the doll at the end if I remember. Anyway, I texted my wife a picture of the doll, and she admitted they looked similar, so I bought it on a whim.

When I first showed Abbie the doll, I asked her who it looked like. “It’s Baby Shrek!” She squealed, clearly not on the same page as me. “Don’t you think it looks just like you? It could be your twin sister!” I asked feeling foolish, hoping to convince her to side with me. “Twin sister, twin sister” she yells, grabbing the doll and dancing around the room. Mission accomplished!

I take Abbie out for ice cream, and ask if she wants to bring her sister along. “Yes daddy! What’s my sister’s name?” I’m not very quick witted, so I’m surprised when I instantly blurt out: “Tabitha”. “Tabby!” she says with delight. She’s smart for a 3 year old, but struggles with bigger words. Actually, Abbie and Tabby would be perfect names for twins; twin names always have that corny and awkward ring to them, like my twin friends Donnie and Danny.

A couple days later, Abbie and Tabby were inseparable. Abbie has never had an imaginary friend, so I was surprised to see her get so attached to Tabitha. We live in a small town and so far the only neighborhood kid even close to her age is 7 and he’s a brat, so I’m happy to see her bonding with someone until she starts preschool. I start to play along and begin to share my daughter’s enthusiasm for Tabby, talking and playing with her just like I would my actual daughter.

My wife tells me she needs to take Abbie to finish her immunizations. She knows I won’t go because she’s stronger than me. I can’t bear to see my baby girl cry when they poke her with a needle. I load Abbie in the car seat, and kiss her forehead. “Sit here sweetie while I go get Tabby!”
“Tabby doesn’t need her shots daddy, she’s a doll.”

Surprised at her change in perception about her sister, I ask: “Don’t you want her to keep you company?” “No, daddy, you take care of her while I go to the doctor.”

The car pulls away and I wave goodbye and blow kisses as I always do. As soon as they’re around the corner, I sprint up to the attic. I have a mini fridge up there to keep my beer out of Abbie’s hands. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a cold beer to myself, and with a couple hours to spare, I might as well take some ‘me time’. I crack one open and bring the rest of the six pack downstairs. I haven’t seen adult TV shows in so long I’ve forgotten how to swear effectively. Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on, and I’m in the zone.

I’m only a few minutes in, when I feel the stare. There’s Tabitha on the other end of the couch looking right at me. As a rational man I try to shrug it off and laugh. I taunt her with: “Eat shit, you porcelain bitch!” The show is rubbing off on me already, and I can’t stop giggling. Time for a pee break. My bathroom is on the other side of the room, so I freeze when I emerge to Tabitha once again looking directly into my eyes. Spooked, I move all around my living room trying to escape her icy lifeless stare. This doll is like the fucking Mona Lisa, and I’m not about to let it ruin my daddy time. I man up and toss it into Abbie’s room. Although still weirded out, I enjoy a few more episodes of Always Sunny, and polish off the beers. It’ll take a lot more than a creepy doll to keep me from enjoying these precious few moments alone.

Two days later I had entirely forgotten the whole thing. Abbie, Tabby, and I were back to our usual selves playing tea party, writing postcards to grandma, and living the American dream. We plan a picnic together and head out to the backyard to feast. Abbie and Tabby nibble on their snacks while I lay back in the hammock. I hear whispering and look over to see what they’re up to. The first thing I see are those fucking doll eyes. Her head is twisted around behind her and she’s looking directly at me, while Abigail is sitting on the opposite side of her. “What did you do to Tabby’s neck, sweetie?”, I stammer. My daughter looks at me with that same cold stare. “She’s looking at you because she doesn’t like you daddy”.

It gets worse. It gets so much worse. 3 weeks go by and that doll always seems to be somewhere she shouldn’t be. Every time I wake up, Tabitha’s eyes are the first thing I see. No matter who is in the room, her eyes are always focused on me. I’m not about to admit to anyone what is going on, so after 2 sleepless nights I’m relieved to have to go out of town on a work trip. I hit New Orleans and call my wife from my room’s phone to let her know I made it there safely. I’m halfway through telling her goodnight as I’m sleepily opening my luggage for my pajamas. I scream when I see Tabby glaring at me. My wife is laughing as the people next door pound on the wall to get me quiet down.

I don’t have a chance to compose myself when I hear my daughter in the background begging for the phone. “Daddy, did you find Tabby? I sent her with you so you guys could learn to be friends. I miss her so much, please take good care of her.” My instincts are to chuck the fucking thing right then and there, but I’m a grown ass man and my daughter deserves better. I take the doll down to the parking lot and shove her into the trunk. I get back up to my room and can scarcely sleep. I finally pass out about 6 AM and wake up with a start, one hour later. I open my eyes, expecting to see the doll in bed next to me, but I’m alone. After a miserable continental breakfast I pop the trunk and there she is. I’m shocked that she stayed put, but after a month of torture and a few sleepless nights, I’m at my wits end. I decide to just buy my daughter a new toy. Hell, I’ll buy her a dozen new toys to get rid of this thing.

There’s a dumpster at the other end of the lot and I take great joy in marching over there to end this nightmare. I open the lid and just as I’m about to drop her, I get that same feeling I got when I first saw the doll. This looks just like my daughter, I can’t do this.

I somehow finish my meetings in Louisiana and decide to just tough it out and drive back home tonight. I was a psychological wreck, and needed my wife and my daughter. I put Tabby in the front seat, and talk to her the whole drive home. I think I see her turn her head to me out of the corner of my eye, but I choose to ignore it this time.

Somehow I make it back in one piece; my daughter gives me a kiss and yanks Tabitha out of my arms. “Tabby I missed you so much”. I was happy to see my daughter smile and dance around the room with Tabby; they really do look so much alike! As Abbie carries her twin sister down the hall into her room for bed, the doll’s head twists around and glares daggers right through me. “I can’t believe I fell for that”, I think to myself. ”She conned her way out of the dumpster this morning, but this ends tomorrow. “

So here we are, today is the day. I haven’t slept a wink last night, and my wife is taking my daughter to her sister’s house for brunch. My two little girls sit hand in hand on the couch and I scoop Abigail up and carry her to the driveway. My wife rushes past and sits in the front seat. “Sorry you’re not feeling well” she says. “We’ll see you in a few hours”. I hurriedly buckle Abbie into her car seat and tell her that Tabby and I will be here when she gets back. I shut the door before she can protest, and I excitedly wave goodbye and blow kisses. I sprint back to the house as soon as they turn the corner.

I probably took a little too much pleasure in disposing of that evil fucking doll. Even though she never actually hurt me, I knew what she was capable of, and I had to strike first. The first thing I did was pop those ghastly little eyes out. “No more ghoulish stares from you.” I ripped all of her hair out, shredded her clothes and swung her into the coffee table by her feet. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. It only took 15 minutes to finish Tabby off. I put her in my neighbor’s garbage can so my wife and daughter wouldn’t stumble across her.

I come around the corner and am surprised to see my wife pulling into the driveway, she must have forgotten something. She angrily rolls down her window and yells, “What is wrong with you? Get this doll out of the car seat, and go get Abigail!” I look down to my blood soaked hands and wish I had never bought that cursed doll.

Preference #52 - Your Child Is a Daddy's Girl/Boy

A/N - thankyou for your request darling!! hope you enjoy it:-)Xxx



“Shh, shh.” You soothed, rocking the one year old in your arms, your eyes blearly and head pounding. It was 4am and the third time that you had been out of bed with her tonight. “You don’t need Daddy to get you to sleep, Mummy’s here.”

“Dada, dada.” She babbled sadly, trying to move herself away from you. 

Ashton had been working hard in the studio recently, sometimes being at work over 12 hours a day, as well as planning their next tour. It was hard work for him, leaving early in the morning and not returning until late.

“Babe, you okay?” Ashton mumbled, entering the nursery topless and with messy bedhair. 

“Go back to sleep Ash, you must be exhausted and you need your sleep.” You replied, as he shook his head and your daughter held her arms out to him. 

“Why aren’t you being kind to Mumma, hm?” He murmured, resting her against his chest where she settled. You sighed, rubbing your eyes as the lack of sleep caught up with you.

“You’d think she’d be closer to me, you know, since she was inside me for 9 months.” You added, as Ashton rolled his eyes. 

“She doesn’t love you more, I promise. I bet she just missed me, that’s all. She loves you so much too babe.” He reassured you as you rested your hand on her back. 

“Do you mind if I go back to bed?” You asked quietly, as Ashton nodded and kissed you goodnight again.

“Stop being such a Daddy’s girl, you.” He bopped her nose and sighed, wondering what he could to make sure you knew that she loved you just as much. “Goodnight my princess.”

He snuggled into bed next to you and wrapped his arms around you, stroking your hair, trying to comfort you because he knew you were hurt. “Hey, she loves you. And I love you, don’t be upset.”


You sat in the lounge of the hotel room, reading a magazine and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip [even though most of it was lies anyway] and waiting for Calum to return from the show.

You glanced at the travel crib and peered over the top of the bar, seeing your 9 month old son sat up and gripping the rails with his chubby hands.

“You still not going to sleep baby boy?” You cooed to him, stroking his hair as he looked up at you. “Waiting for Daddy? I know you miss him.”

You got frustrated sometimes; he wouldn’t fall asleep without cuddling Calum or at least hearing his voice. You had tried playing 5SOS’ music to him, but it didn’t work. He had to see his Daddy before he could sleep. “Come and cuddle with Mumma.”

You scooped him up and held him close, much to his protest. He squirmed against you and tried to be put back down, which made yu finally agree with what you suspected. He loved Calum more than you.

Tears clouded your vision as you bit your lip, trying to stop them from falling. You laid him back in his crib, then returned to your bed and rested your head on the pillow. 

Calum returned, exhausted and sweaty, to find you curled up and crying silently, his son crying for him. The baby boy made an excited squeal and Calum scooped him up, kissing his forehead. 

“Baby, what’s happened?” He asked, sitting next to you and rubbing his hand up and down your sides. “I’m here now, it’s okay.”

“He loves you more than me. I can’t even comfort my own baby, he wouldn’t go to sleep without you. He didn’t even want his own Mum.” You sobbed, as he wiped your tears away, still trying to balance the baby in his arms whilst helping you. 

“He doesn’t baby, he loves you. He’s just a Daddy’s boy, that’s all. You were a Daddy’s girl, hm?” He soothed, stroking your hair. “He loves you, I promise.”

“Then why can’t I just get him to sleep? He tried to move away from me Cal.” You replied, and Calum sighed. He didn’t know what to say to make you feel better. 

“Hey, you’re his Mummy. I promise you babe, he loves you. He’s just being clingy. He loves you, and I love you, okay? Now lets get some sleep. I’m exhausted." 


"Is Daddy home yet?” Your four year old daughter asked, as you scooped her out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her body. 

“Not yet darling, no. I’m here though.” You replied, kissing her forehead. You knew she’d always been a Daddy’s girl, but recently, she’d been even more clingy to him. 

He’d been spending more time away because they needed to get their album finished before their tour started, even though it wouldn’t be out until after. You didn’t understand that, and neither did he, but it was out of his control.

“Will he be home to read me a bedtime story?” She asked, and you sighed, feeling defeated. 

“I don’t know, i’m sorry baby.” She sighed and skipped into her bedroom, leaving you to clean the mess that she had left in the bathroom. "It’s bedtime sweetie, you get comfy in bed and i’ll come and read to you.“ 

"But I want Daddy to read to me.” She pouted and crossed her arms, being as stubborn as she usually was. 

“He isn’t here, but I am.” You smiled, as she sighed and laid in bed. “Daddy might be home in time to kiss you goodnight.”

You laid down next to her and began to read her story, and she fell asleep almost straight away. Or so you thought… She didn’t look like she was genuinely sleeping. She just wanted you to leave. 

You sat in the lounge, scrolling through social media with the TV on as background noise. Luke returned home eventually, quietly because he knew that his daughter would be asleep.

“Hey baby, I missed you.” He greeted you, giving you a long passionate kiss before you explained what had happened.

“I’ll go up and see her.” He replied, rubbing his temples. As he made his way upstairs, he could hear here crying from her bedroom. “Baby girl, i’m home.”

She ran up to him and he caught her in his arms, cuddling her close and rubbing her back. “What’s wrong my love?”

“I think Mummy is mad at me ‘cause I wanted you to read to me. And I missed you Daddy.” She cried, as he swayed from side to side, trying to get her back to sleep.

“I missed you too, Mummy is okay. You just go back to sleep now, i’ll be here in the morning with you. I love you my princess.” He reassured her, before trying to work out how to help you accept that she loved you just as him. 


“Daddy no.” He whimpered, snuggling down further into Michael’s chest. “Stay here.”

The two year old was half asleep on him, having woke up in the middle of the night and not settling again without Michael. He was supposed to be leaving for a day of promo, but his baby wasn’t making it easier. 

“I’m sorry buddy, Daddy has to leave now. You can stay with Mummy though, she’s still here!” He reassured him, patting his back as he tried to pass him over to you.

He protested, loud crying filling the room as guiltiness coursed through his veins.

“Daddy, no.” He blubbered, as you tried rocking and hushing him and having no effect. “Want Dadda.”

“Don’t give in to him Mikey, he needs to learn he can’t always have you.” You sighed, as he continued to cry and tried to take wobbly steps towards Michael. 

He sighed and looked at you, before giving in completely and picking the two year old up. “One more cuddle, then I have to leave.”

You felt like crying; your own baby didn’t want to stay with you. You’d carried him for 9 months, given birth to him and breastfed him for nearly a year, but no, that wasn’t good enough.

“Someone’s being a Daddy’s boy today, hm?” Michael soothed, rubbing a steady hand up and down his back. 

“You’re gonna be late.” You added, as he checked his phone. 

“He’s more important than work babe, and you are too.” Michael replied, kissing the settled baby’s forehead and stroking his brown tufts of hair. 

“I can handle him, you go babe.” You said, determined to comfort your own son. He passed him over again as the baby protested again, and Michael kissed you before leaving the house. “I’m sorry he’s being like this.”

“No, I am.”

He Says Something He Doesn't Mean (Part 2)

Here’s the link to part 1

     Harry’s POV: “Fuck!” I cursed and slammed my fist down on the counter, 

       "Uh, I..think I should leave,“ Matt mumbled as he picked up his coat. I shook my head at him, 

     "Why did you climb into bed with her?” I asked, he sighed, “Because…I dunno I was tired and, seeing you two together made me think of my own girlfriend and I just wanted to hold someone, I’m really sorry mate.” he sighed, I nodded and turned back around to pour myself a drink.  

      Hours went by, Matt had gone home and (Y/N) hadn’t returned, the phone rang but my head was pounding so much that I didn’t care to answer it. 

     After about the third ring I groaned and made my way over to the phone, 

      “What?” I muttered, “Harry! It’s Niall…(Y/N) is at the bar again, some guy is trying to chat her up, I think you should see this,” My eyes flew open at the sound of her name, “What bar?” I asked, Niall gave the name and I was out the door. 

      Your POV: You were sat at the pub, it was nearing closing time but you were having a conversation with Jack, a guy who had just broken up with his girlfriend. You weren’t sure where you and Harry’s relationship stood but you didn’t know if it was over either. 

      You spotted Niall watching from across the room and rolled your eyes, continuing your conversation with Jack. 

       "Then I find her cheating on me right? So I tell her it’s over and she fucks my best friend as ‘revenge’ like what kind of shit is that?!“ he exclaimed, he was pretty drunk but you hadn’t taken a sip of the drink he bought for you. 

      "My boyfriend thinks I’m a whore,” you sighed and twirled the olive around in your cocktail. You caught him smirking, 

      “Are you?” he winked, you scrunched your face up, still looking at the cocktail, “I-I don’t,” he cut you off, “Because if you are, we can just skip the small talk and-” he was pulled back by his collar. 

       "Get the fuck away from her,“ Harry ordered, glaring at Jack and pushing him away when he tried to get closer again, 

      "C'mon (Y/N), you don’t need this asshole.” Jack said around Harry, looking at you, Harry looked back to you, conflict residing in his eyes with hurt. 

      “(Y/N)…please don’t leave.” he begged, you hated seeing Harry so hurt, but he had said something to hurt you as well. 

     "Harry…you pushed me away, you’re too good for-“ he interjected, placing a finger over your lips. 

      "I may be drunk and the dumbest asshole ever, but I could never ever think that I was too good for you. You helped me get through a lot, you loved me when I thought I was incapable of ever feeling love, and you…you fixed me. If you leave with him, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be the same. I’m so, so sorry for what I said. You of all people didn’t deserve that, I love you, I could never ever think of you as something that low. You are mine, and I should’ve listened to you. Please…come home with me,” you turned back to Jack and the glanced at Harry. Were you willing to let  2 years of a relationship fade to be with this guy for a night? 

     Zayn: I ate my food alone, I presumed (Y/N) was upstairs working so I shrugged and continued to eat. I couldn’t tell if something was wrong but when (Y/N) came downstairs fully dressed and an overnight bag in hand…well it didn’t take a genius to figure that something was wrong. 

       "Where are you going?“ I asked, "Out,” she said, I narrowed my eyes, “And where is…out?” I asked. She shrugged and picked up her car keys,

         "Wait! I asked you a question and when I ask you a question you answer me!“ I exclaimed, getting heated. She turned, a furious expression on her face. 

      Your POV: You were finished with your paper, a few of your friends had invited you over to their house, feeling the need to get out of the house you agreed and packed a bag along with your laptop, just in case. You walked down the stairs with your bag to find Zayn eating his food, you rolled your eyes, you hoped he was enjoying it. 

        "Where are you going?” he asked, you were blunt, “Out,” his eyebrows knit together as he crossed his arms and asked, “And where is…out?” you shrugged and picked your car keys up, you headed towards the door until you heard Zayn yelling, 

       "Wait! I asked you a question and when I ask you a question you answer me!“ he shouted, you turned around and shot back, 

      "I’m sorry, would you like me to be more like Perrie? Cook you a nice little meal, clean the house up, put a movie on, spread my legs for you and say goodnight? Sorry Zayn, but I’m not her, since you’re so adamant on having every girl you date be like her, why don’t you go and fuck her?!” You exclaimed before slamming the door and leaving the house. 

      Niall: Shit, I screwed up. I didn’t even know what I was saying…I just couldn’t think whenever she mentioned her ex, to me he was a waste of time, but…I still shouldn’t have said what I said.  

        “(Y/N)!” I yelled as I ran outside to try and catch up with her, but her car was already speeding down the road. I cursed and ran back inside to call Harry, 

      “Hello?” he answered groggily, “Harry! I fucked up, I need your help, (Y/N) just left and she’s going to the airport, she’s leaving me! Help me please I don’t want to lose her,” I yelled into the receiver.  

       "Whoa whoa mate, slow down, what happened?“ he asked, I threw a coat on and grabbed my keys whilst explaining the situation. 

      "Damn…go after her, I’ll meet you at the airport alright?” he said, I sighed and nodded, “See you there,” I threw my phone down on the passenger seat and accelerated. I could only hope that she wasn’t able to get a flight at this time. 

       Your POV: You sat in the terminal whilst waiting for your flight to be called, you pulled some makeup out of your bag and applied some powder to the splotchy mess on your face, on the way to the airport you were crying, had you and Niall broken up? He hadn’t called and you presumed he was passed out on the couch or had gone back out to the bars. It was now about 3 O'clock in the morning and you had miraculously gotten a flight home for 3:30 AM. 

        'Flight 246 now boarding,’ the flight attendant called from the desk. You picked up your purse and sighed before walking to the attendant, giving her your boarding pass and walking towards the door, 

        (Y/N)! Wait!“ you heard a familiar voice calling, 

      "Harry?” you questioned, walking towards him. He was panting, 

    “Don’t leave…I know Niall has said-” you stopped him, 

    “This isn’t about Niall, my best friend is in a hospital right now and I want to be there for him, Niall…needs to sort out his issues before I come back…if I come back. Thanks for coming to see me off Harry, but I don’t think, Niall is coming. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go.” You kissed his cheek and walked in through the doors, hearing them click behind you. 

       'We hope you enjoy your flight, now look out the window, and say…Goodbye London,' You closed the window shade and let your eyes close before whispering, 

       "Goodbye Niall.“ 

      Louis: After (Y/N) hit her best friend in the face, it was like she hit me in the face as well…I had just cheated on her. That wasn’t me, I loved (Y/N), I chased after her. 

          ”(Y/N)! Please…wait!“ I exclaimed running after her, Zayn was leading her into his car, I pushed faster.  

       ”(Y/N) please…don’t leave, I’m sorry! I…wasn’t thinking and I know that’s not an excuse but I love you, I didn’t mean it! I would take it back in a heartbeat…please, please I love you, I don’t want to lose you.“ I pleaded, rambling on, until Zayn started to push me back. 

      "Lou…she doesn’t want to hear it mate, just wait until she’s ready ok, for now-just go home, get some rest alright? You know where I live if she wants to sort things out with you.” I nodded, but not in agreement, just that I would wait for her, until she was ready to accept me back into her heart. 

       Your POV: Zayn drove on into the night, music playing softly in the background of his car whilst you looked out the window. 

     "I’m sorry…I didn’t want to tear you away from the party, I-“ he shook his head, "No..I was done anyway, too many people for me.” he smiled, you nodded in response. 

      “Listen (Y/N)…Louis meant what he said back there, I’m not taking sides here, but I know he loves you, and he did something wrong. Lou is responsible for his own actions…but it also takes 2 to tango you know? It wasn’t all his fault in the sense that he was the one who dropped the card, but he did kiss her back…and that was wrong.” you nodded and thought it over. 

      “I’m just…I’m going to need some time is all, but Lou needs to set his priorities straight before coming to me, because as much as I love him, I don’t know that this is forgivable.” Zayn didn’t respond, just kept driving on. 

       Liam: I sighed and shook my head as the door slammed,

     "Liam…what the fuck was that?“ Niall asked as he set his plate down, "It’s not like it’s personal…I’m just being honest,” I shrugged, Niall glared at me.

      “What?” I asked, he shook his head in disappointment at me before walking into the living room, bringing the laptop and placing it in front of me, it was a picture of (Y/N) in a clubbing dress about a week ago,

      “Do these pictures make her look like she’s fat? Like she needs to 'lose a few pounds’?” I shrugged,

      “It’s just that…Sophia was you know slimmer and-” I looked up and Niall was giving me a look,

     "You’re really playing the 'my ex girlfriend’ card…Liam, Sophia was taller than (Y/N)! Of course she looks slimmer! (Y/N) is perfect mate, if I could have her I would in a heartbeat,“ I punched him in the arm,

      "See the fact that you don’t want any man touching her, proves that she’s perfect in every way. She doesn’t need to be a twig for you to love her mate,” I sighed and ran my hands down my face,

     "I really fucked up this time didn’t I Niall?“ he nodded, "but I think I have a plan,” I smiled.

        Your POV: You looked in the mirror once more, pulling your clothes tight against your skin, you sighed as you felt nothing but muscle and skin. Fat? You chuckled and rolled your eyes, you weren’t the type to give a damn about anybody else’s opinion but your own, not even Liam’s. 

       You lay on the bed and stared at the celling of the hotel room, Liam was being a prick and until he learned how to treat someone with respect you decided it was best to stay away. You weren’t going to change or alter your physical appearance in the slightest because you were happy with yourself and no one, not even the man you love was going to take away that self-confidence and love that you had for yourself. Liam was in the wrong, but you weren’t about to go back to him either, so instead you did the logical thing, 

         "Hello, room service?“ 

anonymous asked:

LUKE 3 I love u

“Tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

“Well first you need to calm down-”

“I can’t calm down! I’ve been alone with the baby for 45 minutes and she won’t stop crying and now I am crying-” you could hear your beloved baby wailing in the background, her piercing cries echoing through the phone and making your heart ache, and Luke didn’t sound like he was fairing much better. You could hear the waiver in his voice as he bounced your daughter in his arms gently, the phone tucked away between his cheek and shoulder as both arms were occupied by a squirming baby. “I’m a horrible dad I can’t do this-”

“Luke!” You off his hysteria abruptly, continuing with a more soothing tone, “You are a wonderful dad baby! Have you seen if she needs to be changed?”

“Of course I did!” He almost sounded offended that you asked.

“Okay, okay! Have you tried to feed her?” He makes a noise of confirmation, “and burped her afterwards?”

“I’ve done everything! Why do you hate daddy princess? What has daddy ever done other than love you?” Luke babbled in a baby voice to the little bundle in his arms, sounding close to hysteria again, so you decided to take a different approach.

“Have you tried singing her a lullaby?”

“A lullaby?” Luke seemed genuinely surprised at the suggestion.

“I mean, you’ve tried everything else? Why don’t you try sitting in the rocking chair and singing her to sleep?” He doesn’t answer you right away, but you can hear the distinct sound of him walking up the stairs. It isn’t long before you hear the phone being put on speaker and Luke awkwardly clearing his throat.

“Cross your fingers this works,” he takes a deep breath before singing, “And don’t go to bed yet love, I think it’s too early, and we just need a little time to ourselves…”

The crying has stopped by the time he had finished the first verse, and you can hear the relieved giggle in his voice as he keeps singing. You listen contently as you imagine Luke singing down to your daughter, her eyes wide and thumb stuck in her mouth as she watches her daddy and lets him rock he to sleep.

He trails off the song quietly, shuffling around and his voice is almost inaudible when you hear him quietly whisper, “Goodnight my little love.”

The door shuts with a click and Luke finally brings the phone back to his ear, “It worked!” He cheers quietly, sounding happier that the last time he spoke.

“We got this whole parenting thing down,” you tease lightly, and you can hear Luke’s beautiful laugh.

“I guess we do make a pretty good team.”

Stupid Little Things: Chapter 12

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Luke’s POV:

“Thank you Dublin, you guys have been amazing! Were 5 Seconds of Summer and we’ll see you next time!” My voice bounces around over the screams. I take one last look at the crowd before spinning around, lining up beside Calum and Mikey in front of Ash’s drum kit, watching as he flips his drumstick up in the air one last time before we synchronize our last three notes. Cal lifts his bass in the air before we all file back off of stage, dropping our guitars off to the techs.

“Boys!” J’s voice rings out through the hallway, reverberating off the walls. She’s bouncing a little, the excitement on her face still just as evident as it was every time I glanced at her on side stage. Were all jogging, but I speed up so I reach her first. My arms automatically coil around her waist, lifting her up as her’s lock around my shoulders, her legs around my torso. The momentum spins as a few times and I bury my face in her neck.

It’s odd, how reassuring her hugs are. The thoughts of the single note I missed or the fact that my jump was a little later than the rest of the bands seem to fade away.

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Preference: Post Break-up Phone Conversation (4/4)


            You were staying at your aunt’s house for a week to help volunteer for her garden shop. While you were out back, working on repotting overgrown plants, you aunt was was working the counter. After about a half hour, you aunt came to check on you. “Here sweetie, take the water. Also your phone has been going off non-stop, someone keeps calling you.” Hearing this you rushed inside and unlocked your phone. As soon as you did, it started to ring again and seeing the caller-id you answered right away. “Cal? What’s going on? Are you okay?”

            “(Y/n)! I’m so glad to hear you voice. I’ve missed it so much; I’ve missed you so much. Sorry for the incessant calling. I just, needed to know you’re okay.” You sighed. It had been three months since you ended your yearlong relationship. This had been the fourth time he had called you in the past month just to “hear your voice” or whatever.

            “Cal, I’m okay. I’m always okay. You know that. It’s not your job to look after me,” You remind him. “I can’t handle you just calling me out of the blue like this; it’s been hard for both of us, not just you.”

            “My nightmares have come back (y/n). You’re always in them. Always. And now that you’re no longer in my arms, I can’t know your safe. Shit, I don’t even know to function without you.”

            “Calum. You left because you said you weren’t sure. You didn’t know if you loved me. It was too hard to figure it out under the conditions we were in. Unfortunately, nothing has changed has it? Damn. You know how I felt, and how I understood when you left because of our situation but you can’t keep stringing me along. I need you to tell me you love me or you need to give me the space I need to breathe away from you.” Your aunt long since excused herself from the workroom as this call was getting a bit lengthy and emotional. You found yourself tearing up.

            “I can’t stop worrying about you, thinking about you. I’m enveloped in you now, three months later; I can’t get you out of my head, let alone my heart. That’s got to be love right?”

            “That’s for you to figure out Cal. I’ve got to go; when you do let me know,” you shut him out, and hung up before you let him inside again.


            You were busy cleaning the apartment when you received a snapchat from Michael. It had been a while since you had talked to any of the boys. You and Luke had a bit of a rough breakup a month ago, leaving you heartbroken and torn from some of your best friends. When you opened it you saw it was a video. Michael appeared on the screen and mouthed something like “listen” and turned the phone around. It now showed Luke strumming on a guitar and beginning to sing.

            “Wake me up now, and tell me this is all a bad dream. All the songs that I wrote, all the wrongs that I hoped would erase from your memory. Holding onto a broken and empty heart, flowers I should’ve bought all the hours I lost, wish I could bring it back to the start.” The video quickly ended, but you saw another from Mike, with the text “he needs you- call him” written on it. You caught only some of the lyrics from this one, as you had started crying.
“And I’m the only one to blame. I know that it’s a little too late. This is everything I didn’t say”

            You quickly exited the app after viewing that knowing you couldn’t take anymore if Michael decided to send them. Luke obviously was oblivious to the act, and would probably be horrified if he had known that his mate recorded it. You took a few deep breaths and dialed his number, and waited. It rang only once before you heard his voice. “(Y/n?), is that really you?” He sounded distant and wounded. And you immediately felt swarms of regret and guilt swell in you.

            “Yeah, it’s me. I didn’t really know if I should call, but I had a feeling that neither of us had really finished saying everything we need to. But if I’m wrong, well, uh, never mind?” you started to question yourself as you spoke to him.

            “No, no, no. I’m really glad you called. I’ve been wanting to for ages now, but the words you said to me that night just kept playing over and over. I was scared that if I did that you might say something worse. I wasn’t sure if I could take that.” You recalled what you yelled at him that night. I hate you Luke! You’ve ruined everything! Never talk to me again! Yikes, maybe that was a bit harsh, you rationalized.

            “That was a bit mean, sorry. But I’d like to make it up to you now, if you’d let me?”

            “I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, and we both started breaking down.


            It was three-thirty in the morning when you woke up to your obnoxious ringtone. Without thinking twice you answered with a very grumpy and tired, “Hello?!” You heard a bit of stumbling and talking in the background. Finally you heard an all too familiar voice on the other end.

            “(Y/n)!! I missss youuuu. You should come back to my placeee. Tonight!! Please. Come!!! Hahhaha, cum!” Your ex Michael was obviously very intoxicated, and while you cared about him, you weren’t responsible for his actions or wellbeing. Something told you there was a bit of sincerity in his voice about wanting you with him, but he was still drunk.

            “Michael, you’re drunk. I can’t do anything for you. I’m sorry.” It hurt you to say the words, but you couldn’t just let your slight neediness, and his drunken courage, erase all the damage you had done to each other.

            “You know I still loooove you (y/n)? I haven’t been with anyone since us. I miss you terribly.” It sounded like he had started to hysterically cry on the other end. You wondered if the alcohol was making emotional, or if possibly he could be sobering up from the conversation. The fact that he said he hadn’t been with anyone since you, made you think. Michael was never a liar, an annoying douche, a rude asshole sure, but never a dishonest person. “I miss you so terribly. Please come home, love. My clothes don’t smell like you; they used to, you know? You would wear them and cuddle with me in them and they would smell faintly like your shampoo or perfume and just touching them and touching you in them made me so happy. You made me so happy. You made me so fucking happy (y/n). Please come back.”

            By this point you were more than wide-awake, and your emotions were all array. You wanted to run to him, and hold him, and stand on your toes to kiss him. You wanted him to use your head as an armrest and tease you about your laugh. But he was drunk, and you thought he wouldn’t do this if he were sober. “Michael, you want me now, at 3:45, and I know I want you too. But I want you 24/7. So if you remember this, call me at 7:45 in the morning. Tell me you want me then, and I’ll believe you.”

            “Okay. Goodnight. Goodnight (y/n).”


            You were just settling into your new apartment, unpacking a million boxes and stuff like that, when you decided to take a break and open twitter. Your mentions were through the roof this afternoon. You and Ashton had broken up about a week ago; the schedule had gotten a bit too hard for both of you and it didn’t make sense to drag something out that wouldn’t work out anyways. It had been mutual and extremely sad, but a good thing, a good transition point for both of you.

            As you began to scroll through your mentions, you noticed most were upset about the breakup, which had just been leaked somehow, but there were a few that were extremely harsh and critical of you, saying you broke Ashton, that you used him for fame, that you were never deserving of such a good man. And though hate never really got to you during the relationship, it hurt now. Especially now that Ash wasn’t with you. Deciding to set your phone down and continue unpacking, the phone interrupted only moments into the process. “Hello?” You answered without looking to see who called.

            “(Y/n)? It’s me. It’s Ash. How are you?”

            “Oh yeah, hey! I’m doing all right. A bit of unpacking left to do, but such is life.” You forced out the little bit of awkward conversation, hoping he had a purpose to his call that would save you from word vomit.

            “I see. I don’t know if you have been on twitter recently, but I want you to know that I still care about you deeply, regardless of the fact that we couldn’t make it work. I don’t like what some of them are saying, and I want you to know that both you and I know the truth about how genuine a person you are, and how wonderful our relationship was for both of us. And I hope you feel the same. Because nothing will ever change that for me.”

            You smiled nostalgically at his voice. He always knew how to make you feel better. That’s something you will always love about him. “Thank you Ash. Yeah, I saw some stuff, and it means a lot to know that you don’t think like that or anything. You’ve always been a man of your word, and I appreciate that greatly. And yeah, I look back on our time together in such a positive light. You made me a better person everyday.”

            “And you to me as well. I just wanted to check up. You sound good (Y/n). But it’s about 2:30 where I am, so I’m going to go to bed. But I needed you to know that.”

            “Thanks Ash, but don’t worry, I already did. Night!” You hung up and before you could dig into your unpacking again, your phone buzzed. Ashton had mentioned you in a tweet and you couldn’t help but smile when you read it.

@Ashton5sos: Please respect mine and @(y/t/n)’s privacy at this time. We both look back on our relationship positively, and no one is to blame. She is a wonderful person and I wish her all the best. You guys should too. 

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