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Langst p2

You’ll find part one pretty fast but If not, this au has the tag #calm!Lance

There is this small thing, i am pro polydins, shaladin and shit like that because I myself am poly, but that is beside the point. What I want to say is please, please tell me what pairing i should do (i can try writing almost anything.) Because I am curious and undecided!!!

Anyway, here goes nothing:

Lance knew that he shouldn’t have said that, but the look in Pidge’s eyes stopped him from lying.

He sighted and got out of the shower to dry himself. The discussion they were going to have was going to be a lang and straining one. Thankfully, he knew how to handle it, looks like scolding his siblings paid out after all. True, his siblings made up on their own, but they weren’t stuck living with six other (somewhat) strangers on a castle ship in fucking space in the middle of a war.

He put on some strange pjs made of Altean Silk. He liked how they felt on his skin and that they had long sleeves. He knew that If he wanted to get his point across he needed to wear something serious and the Altean pjs were perfect for being slightly intimidating.

Lance made his way to the common room and stopped in front of the door. He didn’t want to this but no one else seemed to be able. He took a deep breath.

“Let’s get this over with.”

The door opened.


It seemed like the temperature drppend a few degrees as Lance entered the room. Everyone was in there, all nice and clean. He walked slowly to middle of the room.

He cleared his throat and looked pointedly at Keith. The boy looked at the ground embarassed, but got up to walk in front of Lance.

“Pidge?” The small girl got up and stood next to Keith. Lance sighted mentally, he knew he made a mistake by dismissing Pidge’s mistake so quickly and he couldn’t let that go to her head. “I know I said nobody blames you but you still made a grave mistake. I want you to know that and think before doing something și careless again, okay?” Hm, good enough.

“Yes, Lance” She said and turned to face the others. “I appologise for not consulting with the team and charging recklessly in the enemy base.” Huh, would you look at that … Lance was surprised in a good way, he didn’t expect her to appologise. That little girl was making him prouder and prouder everyday.

Pidge turned back to him. Lance was smiling. Pidge loves that smile, it wasn’t a grin or a smirk or forced… No, it was a real smile, Lance looked wonderful like that. And if she could ne the reason he smiled like that then damn she’d do anything.

“I am very proud of you right now, Pidge. I understand it is hard to appologise (i am sure i write this word wrong pls correct me).” Lance turned to Keith.

Pidge felt bad for him, she knew he had good reasons to yell at her. And she understood that the stress of the missions​and being stuck in space was taking a toll on all af them.

Keith turned to her and looked right into her eyes. He seemed sad and regretful, but the main emotion in his eyes was concern.

“I am sorry for yelling at you. It was really hypocritic of me to yell, since probably I would’ve done the same thing. I was just really worried about you and the others.” Keith scratched the back of his neck. Then he turned back to Lance and took a deep breath. “But i am more sorry for yelling at you Lance, and saying those hurtful words…” Lance opened his mouth to stop him, but Keith didn’t let him. “ And i hope you can forgive me. And even if you don’t… Please tell me the truth. Promise?” He held his pinky out and Lance flinched at the sudden movement. But he smiled sadly (he does that a lot, Pidge wished he didn’t).

“I’m not mad at you, Keith, but sure,” he linked his pinky with Keith’s. “Promise.”

“When you repeated what I said, that you’re useless, do you really believe that?“

Everyone tensed. They talked about this before. Well, Pidge asked him and he said he will talk to them about that later, but this was Keith who was asking, and Keith is the one who started this mess.

Lance sighted, he didn’t really want to talk about this. “Yes, Keith, I think I’m useless…” Keith intrerrupted him nu grabbing his shoulders and screaming in his face.

“YOU’RE NOT USELESS! I WAS ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED AND I WANTED TO HURT YOU! I DON’T MEAN IT. I-” Lance stopped him by taking his hands and walking him to couch.

“ Look, I said I think I’m useless. Not that I am. I know that even if I am not a leader like Shiro, a great mechanic and cook like Hunk, a hacker like Pidge or an amazing fighter-slash-pilot like you, I can still be something. Maybe I don’t know what I do yet, but I will find out.”

Pidge tugged on Lance’s robe. “ But what makes you think you’re less than any of us?” Her eyes were staring holes in the ground.

Lance looked around at the others and sighted for what seemed to be the thirteenth time that day. “Sit down everyone, this is going to be a long story.”

The Paladins and the two Alteans sat down around him, on couch, or on the ground in front of him, even in his lap, in Pidge’s case.

“It all started…”

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Why can't you watch anymore??😔😔😔 -non sleeping child anon








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Oh my god, i found your blog early this morning and i immediately followed you! I love all the overwatch headcanons you do (especially the gabe ones)! i just cant get enough! Do you have any on what hed be like with a particularly small s/o like i am? Like 5'1 and barely 110 lbs?

Hello sweet anon! Thank you for such the lovely compliment! Also, as a tiny woman myself, I have thought about this many times so here you go;


  • He’s going to constantly pull you into his lap when he’s sitting down. He loves the feeling of how little you are compared to him
  • Would totally pat your head, even if it annoyed you
  • Picks you up whenever he can
  • You will always be the little spoon
  • Super protective of you even if you can out maneuver most people
  • You’ll be able to get away with almost anything since you look so cute and adorable. All you have to do is flash him a bit of a pouty face and he’ll cave

NSFW (because I can’t help myself)

  • Oh boy, he loves to lift you up and hold you for sex. Feeling your entire weight being supported by him
  • Also loves to pin you underneath him so he can feel how truly little you are
  • He loves to watch as he enters you. Seeing your tiny body just take him so well
  • Will pound you into the bed or any surface he can as he watches your tiny body squirm 

It’s so funny I have been up since around 3:30am (woke up and could not fall back asleep) and I did all my laundry, vacuumed my house, mowed the lawn, ran and got some frames (on sale), and printed out all of my inventory for that event I will be at on Thursday with the Romeoville Art Society.  And because I like to be extra prepared, I setup my table to test things out and make sure I liked how it was all coming together.  Which I am very pleased about.  I have no idea what the turn out at the event will be since we are a small group, its an odd day/time and this is the first time the group is attempting something like this.

But it has been really great as it gave me a deadline to get my plan together, get the supplies and everything I wanted to make my display look good.  So if nothing else this will be an excellent test run to see how things go and if I should look into doing some more of these types of events in the future!

I was taking a small break from everything and went to see my parents and siblings for a week, and now that I’m going back I feel very refreshed (if you don’t count the fact I was sick whole week). I actually came out as a bi to my parents too (since I was still heartbroken) so I could explain to them why I might be sad and little unstable. They accepted it very well and I’m happy I told them. So I am doing better!

Now I’m in a mood for some drawing after I get out of this bus. Maybe I’ll post some here later!

Alright, so I’ve been waiting a while to make this because everyone else does it. Was gonna do this at 50 but, I thought that number was kinda small. But after 9 moths I finally hit 100! 

I wanna thank everyone who’s followed me since the beginning! It really blows my mind to think so many people are interested in my OC’s. I’ve met so many amazing people here and made a couple friends or too as well. I feel so lucky to have all these followers because honestly, you guys are so great! I could go on for forever about how grateful I am so we’ll end this bit here. 

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Pen pals needed!

I really just need more relationships and something to look forward to. I am looking for pen pals for snail mail preferably out of the US but really anywhere!

About Me:

🌚 Female, not straight, 19, going on my second year in college.
🌞 Interests: anime, theater, nature, plants, dogs and animals, Wicca, witchy stuff, astrology, movies, music, packaging design, artsy stuff and stickers!
🌚 looking for someone around my age, don’t care on gender but am looking for open minded and interesting individuals.
🌞 would love to exchange small gifts, photos, doodles and drawings, leaves and flowers, small knick-nacks, cool packaging, stickers, postcards, all sorts of stuff!

yall want to hear something wild?

so two years ago my family went to sicily, where our great grandparents are from. my grandparents go there pretty frequently but it was some sort of special occasion so they took the whole family along. we visited taormina first, a small historic town on the east coast of sicily, and we stayed at some fancy-ish hotel right in the town. at the time i was a deviant lil 18 year old fresh to grindr, so naturally one night I snuck out of the family hotel room at like 1 AM, loitered in the lobby for like 20 minutes waiting for some random dude, and when he arrived we slipped into one of the lobby bathrooms, picked a stall, and hooked up. it was….wild

anyway, my grandparents are going back to sicily in a few days, and they planned to do the same thing–start the trip in taormina, at our fancy little hotel, then see the rest of sicily. but, alas, they can’t! no one can go to taormina this week, let alone stay in that hotel. why?

because donald trump will be staying there this week. in sicily, of all places. in taormina, an anonymous little town on the coast. and in the very same hotel i stayed at two years ago. there’s apparently some grand convention of world leaders to discuss something, who knows what, and agent orange will of course be there to trash it. which means what?

which means that there’s a nonzero chance that donald trump will sit in the same bathroom stall where i got my dick sucked two years ago

Elixir Ch 13

I will no longer be translating Partition because I am going to Korea for about a month. after I get back I will start my new job which is full time. I won’t be able to give the Partition the attention it should have…. BUT ‘TheShinSakura’ will take up the series (you can find them on tumblr under the same name) I am really sorry, I wish I could continue it! On the plus side I will continue It’d Be Great If You Didn’t Exist! and I picked up Elixir. Since both of them are to the most current chapter, I may do small projects on the side too. Partition is just too big to do with a full time job. I hope you all understand!

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Cuddling prompt: Out of necessity (trapped in a small space, etc.) for Quinn and a character of your choosing :3

cuddling prompt!

(So of course I had to do Vasili for this, because yes, and uh. It kind of got away from me? In ways I wasn’t expecting? Crap. Unintended angst ahead, why am I like this.)

The chamber is small, about the size of the Cart'ar’s cockpit, and sparsely furnished. A few crates line the walls, and a single bedroll lies in the middle of the floor—the only shield between those who would occupy it and a frigid, unforgiving stone floor. The Chiss officers had apologized, in their own way, for the accommodations; it’s all they have available, Lord, but at least you and your comrade won’t freeze to death. 

Said comrade is still shivering quietly at Vasili’s side, and Vasili feels a stab of guilt. Quinn had asked not to come planetside, after all, but Vasili had felt it best to have a trained field medic on hand—and besides, while Jaesa may have volunteered, she simply does not look built for Hoth’s deep freeze. And now Quinn is miserable and his teeth are chattering, and they’re about to sleep on a single bedroll in the middle of the floor in a barely friendly Chiss military base.

“I’m sorry about this,” Vasili says quietly, moving towards the bedroll. At the very least, it looks Chiss-made, which means it will withstand the chill and insulate them from the stone floor. “I shouldn’t have forced you to come.”

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i am a boiling girl brewed from the moon.

drenched in speckled grey sky and 2 a.m. 


my ancestors are heavy on my back

praying i don’t dwell in the deepness

of night because it is a native comfort

of women like us.

mothers of sorrow and burning

beauty, a synced choir of small mouths.

reminds me i can not go quietly any longer.

i can say nothing that isn’t a painful truth.

it escapes my birdcage body like freedom.

like november goodbyes / spirit dancing 

in summer skin. //

i am here and a crowded home.
i am there and so hollowly myself.

Seeing BTS up on that stage made me sob okay, to see them go from 7 boys from a small company barely making it through training and debuting on a rocky start, to being one of the biggest artists in Kpop today, breaking barriers into the American music industry, being the FIRST group to win Artist of the Year at MAMA that isn’t part of SM, YG, or JYP. Releasing their music non stop since June of 2013, having world tours, solo activities, getting aN AWARD AT THE BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS I AM SO PROUD OF BTS AND WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AND WHAT THEYRE DOING I AM SO PROUD TO BE ABLE TO CALL MYSELF AN ARMY AND SUPPORT THESE 7 AMAZING BOYS AND THEIR MUSICAL JOURNEY


Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.

Lucid Dreaming Masterpost

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What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is when you are in a dream but fully aware that you are in a dream, leading to you often being able to control the outcomes or certain aspects of the dream. You are able to live your fantasies and also are more likely to remember your dreams come morning.

With work Lucid dreaming can be improved into astral projection via sleep or dream walking where you can exit your dreams to enter the dreams of others or walk about the “dream plane”. Skilled lucid dreamers also often use their dreams for divination and problem solving due to how vivid they are and how it is easier to remember them.

Herbs for Lucid Dreaming: African Dream Bean, Blue Lotus, *Datura, *Mexican Dream Herb, Lavender, Mugwort, Rose Buds, Valerian Root, Wild Asparagus

Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Albite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Danburite, Herkimer Diamond, Lazulite, Moonstone, Rhodonite, Scolecite

Foods for Lucid Dreaming: Almonds, Bananas, Cherries, Chicken, Kidney Beans, Lamb, Oats/Oatmeal, Pumpkin/Pumpkin Seeds, Rice, Soybeans and Tofu, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes, Turkey

Essential Oils for Lucid Dreaming: Lavender, Mugwort, Patchouli, Rose

Other things to achieve Lucid Dreaming:

  • Keep a dream journal and write in it regularly.
  • Interpret the meanings behind your dreams after recording them
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoking cigarettes before bed
  • Keep a regular sleeping schedule
  • Sleep in complete darkness if possible
  • Meditate before going to sleep
  • Openly state before you go to bed “I will lucid dream tonight” and repeat this either out-loud or in your mind as you get ready for bed. When you lay in bed continue focused on that in your mind
  • Along with that before bed tell yourself, preferably in a mirror if it helps, that you will remember your dreams come morning
  • Do “reality checks” meaning in your dream check to see if you are dreaming. If you see mirrors, see if you can see the background behind you or if it is misty/blurry. If see a clock look at it, look away, then look back, often in dreams the time will change. This is the same for signs and street signs. You can also before going to bed mark up your hand with ink and in your dream look down and see if it is there still. If its not you know you’re dreaming. Look down at your feet, often in dreams they will seem oddly unfocused. If you see a bookshelf, see if any of the book titles are visible or repeat.

Okay, I know I am dreaming, now what do I do?

Well now you practice. It is rare to immediately be able to control your dreams completely. To gain full control you need to practice. Start small and take baby steps. Try hopping in place in your dream, see if you can make yourself hover for even just a second. Keep at it, try to float in place longer and longer with each jump. In time and with practice and patience you will be able to soar through your dreams one night and it’s easy from there. If you come across a locked door try opening it while saying out loud “this door is unlocked”. Keep at it, because hopefully you will be able to open it soon enough.

Start talking to the ‘characters’ in your dreams. Try to influence their behavior such as suggesting they do something. You can also approach a ‘stranger’ in your dream and see what happens if you state that you two are friends. If they start acting as if they know you and are indeed your friend, you know you have improved your control.

Take notes in your dream journal on these tests. Write down if they failed or succeeded and keep at it. With time you will be able to change things in your dreams with ease.

The Positives of Lucid Dreaming:

  • You can control your dreams! That is just awesome, you can live out things you can’t do in real life.
  • Prevent or stop nightmares, when you are lucid dreaming you can just tell whatever is causing you the nightmare to ‘fuck off’ and usually they will. Nightmares can be quickly changed into enjoyable dreams
  • From my personal experience and experiences of others, after a lucid dream you feel more awake and alive come morning, it’s almost energizing to wake up from
  • Its calming, I can relieve my stresses from the day and not worry about them in my dreams
  • You can attempt to solve your real life struggles in your dreams or making plans
  • Eventually you can work your way to Astral Travel and Dream Walking
  • Using your dreams for divination
  • Improve sleep, many people who lucid dream fall asleep faster and deeper than most people leading to them having improved sleep patterns and habits
  • For artists and story writers, dreams can really inspire you and help you test out your ideas
  • Deity communication, for those who do worship deities you can communicate or even interact with them in your dreams if you welcome them in.
  • Spirit and entity communication, just like deities lucid dreamers can interact with entities in their dreams by letting them in. Many lucid dreamers interact with their guides and guardians through dreams as well

Happy Dreaming everyone~

Draco wrapped the small animal in his arms and lifted him for neck-nuzzling access. “What am I going to do with you?” he whispered.


Paws of Fury is one of my go-to fics for a fluff-fix.

Thanks to @capiturecs I once found it and now rediscovered it. <3

i genuinely have a lot of thoughts on the hunger as a final boss, and how the final form it takes will reflect on the general philosophy of the podcast as a whole piece of art. i really like the way jon/the hunger has been written so far, because I think the only way to make a villain this abstract interesting is to make  their motivations equally abstract. philosophically it’s kind of true that if you reach a certain point from a certain perspective, destruction and ascendence can often seem like the same thing, and I think griffin is going down a very smart path by keeping his heroes normal, grounded people–the suffering game arc and this arc are doing that very effectively. it’s worth noting that so far the 7 crewmembers (and especially THB) are holding up the tolkein-esque ideal of the average, small person who can stand outside a seemingly abstract conflict where temptations and power seem insurmountable and still make rational moral decisions—not inhumanly perfect decisions, but extremely human decisions (or elvish or …dwarvish decisions. you get me.). and maintaining this balance is even more of a conscious decision when you consider that the game mechanics of d&d would 100% result in the characters going “god mode” if that was the choice griffin and wanted to make. i also am really, really feeling how much this show cares about art, as dumb as that sounds–i actually can’t think of a single piece of media that treats creativity as a palpable, powerful essential force in the universe, and that’s really fuckin cool. and while I wasn’t sold on the whole ‘bonds make up the universal power’, i think it’s becoming clear that what that actually means is that living, and more over living your life as a differentiated individual who relates to other differentiated individuals, is what runs the universe. that’s different than “the power of love”–it’s actually a middle finger in the face of a moral relativist “we are all the same and therefore no one is anything” philosophy. i can’t wait for the finale. 

Steal my car, I'll wreck your life.

Back story, i am apart of a small family-owned type used car dealership (cue used car salesman joke here) we have maybe 50 cars on the lot at any time and our main business is sub-prime or people with less than perfect credit. We truly want to help the people that can’t afford/have the credit to buy from a new car dealership. We’re actually very liked in our small community.

So recently I had these customers, lets call her wife and him husband (They’re early 20’s). They come into my store and I like them, they seem like a nice young couple trying to start their lives out, they have two very sweet little girls, and could just use a break. They have made some mistakes in their early lives and have less than perfect credit. I coach them on how to improve their credit and they seem sincerely interested in fixing it so I bust my ass to get them a loan with the wifes mother cosigning on a nice third row SUV. Wife is literally crying hugging me because every other dealer turned them down. Now they are a little short on the down payment so i take a check for the balance and we agree i’ll cash it on his next payday (Mistake number one) but pretty common in this line of work.

I forget about them until the next week when I drop the check at the bank along with other deposits. The next thing i know i receive a notice that the check has bounced. Along with a couple NSF fees attached for me, and the check comes back. It’s a dollar amount that is considered a first degree misdemeanor in our state, just under a felony. I reach out to wife to see what happened and how we can make arrangements to get this taken care of. The last thing I want to do is go after a young couple with two small kids. At first wife is a little shocked and insists the funds were pulled from their account and I show them the picture of the NSF check. She understands and says they can pay half in 2 weeks when she’s paid again and in another 2 weeks pay the other half. I agree to this and just take them on their word (mistake 2).

A couple weeks rolls around and I don’t hear from wife or husband and am now thinking i’ve been taken for a ride Ignoring my calls/texts/etc you get the point. I get a call from the bank and come to find out they haven’t made their first payment either.

Now with this particular bank if the customer does not make their first payment we have to “Buy Back” the deal. Basically we have to give the bank the money they sent us for the loan. After blowing up their phones and facebook they finally call me back. I get the sob story he got let go from his job and he just started a new one and mom is going to help them get back on their feet. I go through hell and high water with the bank to make a deal that if they make their payment they’ll keep the loan but i’m still on the hook if they miss any of the next 3 payments. Wife also tells me they’ll make payments to me on the bounced check once he starts getting paychecks. So i agree, they make their payment to the bank and i go about my life….Until the next month comes around.

I get an email from the bank saying wife didn’t make the next months payment and won’t answer their calls. At this point i’m furious and ready to just go get their vehicle. They won’t answer any of my calls and call mom, mom scrounges everything in her social security paycheck to help try to make the payment for them and is short. Wife and husband tells her they’ll cover the balance and of course don’t pay. Bank says deal is a buyback we need our money back for the loan within 7 days. Now the only way I can payback their loan is if my floor plan (Basically giant credit card we buy cars on) gets pictures of the car in my possession.

I try to call/text/email/message on facebook to get ahold of both wife and husband and they block me on everything. They’re basically just stealing the vehicle without paying. They even blocked mom who has been trying to help them get this handled, yes they screwed over their own mother in this ordeal. I just want the vehicle back and move on with life. So this is where i go @prorevenge on them.

I begin by dropping the check off at the local prosecutor, and they’re delighted to file charges against them. I do some skip tracing calling family members, all of which are more than happy to help because come to find out husband has had 7 jobs in 4 months and has burned every single family member with money they’ve borrowed. I find wifes Father on Facebook, Father has been trying to take custody of deadbeat wife and husbands 2 kids because of how they treat them. He informs me they are staying in sisters house right over the border (we are on the state line of 2 states remember this) I call up a repo company and even myself drive the hour to go get the vehicle. They’ve been hiding it in the garage (according to neighbors and repo company). I do some searching and find out they’re both on probation for stealing a bunch of stuff from multiple stores. So I of course find and call up Mrs. Probation officer to see if she has a last known address. I then mention to her they’re staying above the state line and bounced a very large check to me, and they’re facing fresh charges in my town, she appreciates the knowledge.

Now while I was up at their house one evening I talk to one of the neighbors (Who also hate them they’re always yelling at their kids and eachother) and convince neighbor to call me if they see the vehicle outside. It took one day, I get the call, I send a very large friend who lives nearby them to go get the vehicle. After many expletives, berating my friend, they hand over the vehicle. But not before finally calling me while he was there and tell me how they’re going to sue and blah blah.

I’m out quite a bit of money from the ordeal, but here’s the best part. I just found out by living out of state they violated probation and just got sentenced to 30 days in jail from that, and they also just had their “video court date”(because they’re currently in jail with the probation violation) with the local judge on the new charges of the bounced check. I got my vehicle back and guess what? Deadbeat wife’s Father got custody of the 2 kids.


local floating head wants to suffer in bed all day without disruption