i am going to be beyond angry

I so badly wanted for this to be false.

I don’t know what it is I’m feeling right now. I’m angry. I’m beyond infuriated with the disgusting account that leaked this. It’s unfair for this person to keep getting away with this bullshit when Harry and his family have been nothing but kind. I’m angry at the sense of entitlement that certain “fans” have– going through his trash and stalking his hotel.

I’m devastated. It’s the same sinking feeling I had when Jay passed. And it’s even more heartbreaking knowing how Harry could’ve been struggling this whole time in silence– just how we never knew Jay was really sick until she was gone.

But I am so, so beyond proud of Harry. My god. Stopping for fans even after something like this has happened? He’s an incredible, beautiful human being. He’s too good to us, to the world.

It’s a helpless feeling, wanting to do so much and being able to do nothing but send positive vibes and love to your favorite when they’re grieving. Especially when this person, their music, their kindness, has served as a comfort to you during your own times of trouble. The best we can do is band together, be there for one another, love those who are most important to us with all of our hearts.

I wish I could stop crying, because I know this doesn’t directly affect me. I can’t even imagine what Harry, Gemma, Robin’s children, and poor Anne must be feeling. But the truth is, we are affected. Just as we were affected with Jay’s passing. These people loved our boys with all of their hearts, they adapted to this crazy lifestyle and were always so kind. It’s heart wrenching to know that seeing Robin proudly wearing Harry’s hat at The Garage would be the last time we’d see him. Fuck cancer.

I love you all. Take care of yourselves. Please, for goodness sake, be nice. Be good. To one another, and to Harry. Send this family all the love in the world right now.

Rip Robin. You touched so many, and you will never be forgotten.

Rant Alert!

Im so angry!

I’ve just spent nearly an hour trying to show my cousins how fucked up it is that Saudi men can do what they like, with little to no backlash from fellow citizens or the media, whereas Saudi women are treated like minors.

Hassan Jameel is out here dating Rihanna and having pics of them getting intimate in a pool in Spain. Where are the religious comments? Where are the fellow Saudi men who seem to be able to tell women to cover up and be/act modest and police their every move, but have nothing to say when its just another Saudi guy doing the whatever the fuck he wants!

I am SICK AND TIRED of fellow Saudi men thinking they can do whatever they feel like, but suddenly become the religious police when a Saudi woman dares to go against religion, culture or society. The level of hypocrisy is beyond words.

tag yourself
  • Light: angry child, likes murder and death, enjoys long walks to chip cabinet
  • L: refuses to sit in a chair like a normal person, bribes people with strawberries, no blood in body as it has been replaced with sugar
  • Mello: yummy yummy chocolate in tummy, thinks they're high fashion but in reality only wears sleeveless vests, always #2
  • Near: smol child, always #1 effortlessly, enjoys toys and puzzles
  • Ryuk: antisocial, has withdrawals when going too long without apples, constantly internally asks "lol what even am i"


  • People people are all just people, right? When it gets down to it, everyone’s the same.
  • I have to be crazy because that didn’t just happen, right?
  • I’m exhausted with this world.
  • I want you to be where you belong, here with me.
  • They’re following me and they’re probably following you too.
  • I really don’t want to talk about this right now.
  • I’m okay with it being awkward between us.
  • Look in the mirror. See that badass bitch? That’s the only person you should ever worry about.
  • Think about it. If you died, would anyone care? Would they really care? Yeah, maybe they’d cry for a day, but let’s be honest. No one would give a shit.
  • I don’t know what your grand plan is, but I need to, and you’re going to tell me.
  • Don’t stay mad at him too long, kiddo.
  • Look at me. Look at this person who loves you so much he would die a happy man right now just ‘cause he had this.
  • I think this is a perfect fucking volume!
  • Please, you don’t have to be angry at yourself any more.
  • Trust me, I need you now more than ever.
  • Can I kiss you?
  • I’m gonna have to let him hug me, aren’t I?
  • I mean, you say it all the time yourself, there’s casualties in every revolution.
  • Do you want to get high and watch your favorite movie?
  • We need to clean up and get the hell out of here.

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Why Him? Pt. 5 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU, Soulmate AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6Part 7Part 8

Word Count:1,585

Warnings: Language

A/N: Oh, the drama!

Tags: @bjwrites @robotic-space @pietro-no


You spent the next week avoiding Thomas, Alex, and the rest of the guys. On the days that you normally had lunch with them, you took your food in a Styrofoam to-go container and brought it back to your dorm. You avoided them in any classes you shared by coming in a minute or two late and leaving as soon as the lecture was finished. Thomas tried to get your attention several times during Washington’s class, but you ignored him and (if he persisted) Eliza would come to your defense. “I’ll make a scene, Jefferson,” she’d say through her teeth. He eventually gave up, watching you from his seat. You kept your head down and pretended he wasn’t there.

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By popular demand (okay maybe just @soholsom but I am easily led), here is part 2 of ? of the Bitty/Jack/Tater fic where Tater wakes up in Jack’s body (tag: “bitatomann bodyswap fic”).

Keeping Sasha and Galina because Canon, What Canon? I Reject Your Canon and Substitute Russian Lesbians.

There’s no answer when Alexei phones his own cell, which… isn’t surprising. Jack Zimmermann is not a hasty man. He has to log into his email to find his mothers’ American cell numbers, since he doesn’t have them memorized.

His mother’s “Privyet?” is quiet and wary, and dammit, she picked up her wife’s phone; Mama barely speaks any English. It’s why he didn’t call her.

So in Russian he says, the way he would for a stranger, “Alexandra Mashkova. Good morning. This is Jack Zimmermann.”

“Hello,” she says, with the suspicious-puzzled sound that says she’s already thinking: I’m pretty sure Jack Zimmermann doesn’t speak Russian.

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Hey friends! I already announced this on ao3 and twitter but I wanted to share on here too the awesome cover art that Nelly ( @smoakqueenz) designed for my next multi-chapter AU fic, 2+2 Equals a Family. If you followed my Christmas Countdown last year, you may recognize this ‘verse from one of the one-shots that I wrote for that. It got such a good response, and I loved writing single parents Olicity so much, that I decided to turn the concept into a longer story. I’m going to be using most of the one-shot as part of the first chapter of the fic, but I’m going to be changing some stuff from it, so don’t worry if you never read it or you totally forgot everything that happened. I took the original one-shot down from my account to avoid confusion. I don’t have an official date picked out for when I’m going to start posting chapters, but it should be sometime in mid-August and I will be sure to keep y’all updated! The best place to follow me for fic updates is twitter @mogirl97​ if you’re on there :) For now, here’s a little teaser…

There it was.

After over an hour of scouring multiple stores, he finally spotted the Batcave Lego set that was going to make him Dad of the Year. And his timing was perfect because it was the very last one on the shelf.

Just as he was reaching for the box, another hand shot out and grabbed it at the same time. Turning his head, he saw a woman looking just about as frazzled as he was with her glasses a little askew and her blonde ponytail a mess.

While her head barely came up to his chin, she didn’t look the least bit threatened by his looming presence. She just rested her hands on her hips and glared up at him.  “I was here first.”

Crossing his arms over his chest, he shot back, “I’m pretty sure I was.”

“You don’t understand, tomorrow night is the first night of Hanukkah and my daughter has been leaving me not-so-subtle hints that this Lego set will make her entire year, but I haven’t had time to do my shopping until now and it’s sold out literally everywhere.”

“Well tomorrow is also Christmas Eve and it’s the only day this week that I get to have my son so I need this set too. I’m pretty sure there’s more than one night of Hanukkah for you to figure something else out.”

“Umm, nope. I was here first, I’m taking the set,” she concluded.

The problem though was that they had both made the fatal error of removing their hands from the box, and when she went to grab it again, it was gone. Taken right under their noses by some other ninja-like parent on a mission.

At this realization, her shoulders slumped and she was decidedly less intimidating looking as she muttered, “This cannot be happening.”

He sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets, “I’m sorry. I should have just let you have it; you were probably here first.”

“You know what? It’s okay. We’re getting that Lego set, for both of our kids. Because there’s got to be two more of them somewhere out there.” She pulled out her phone and he looked at her skeptically as she tapped away on the screen.

“I’ve already been to every store in the city that could possibly have it, if that’s what you’re checking,” he commented after a minute of silence from her.

She held up a finger to signal “one moment” and walked away, talking to someone on the phone. While she was standing a bit away from him, he took a moment to observe her beyond his initial assessment of short, angry blonde. She looked a little younger than him, but, despite her messy ponytail, she gave off the appearance of someone who had their life together. He took note of the fact that her left hand that she was currently waving around expressively as she talked to whoever she was on the phone with was bare.

Finally, she hung up and turned back towards him.

“So how badly do you want this Lego set?”

He raised an eyebrow, “Uhhh… am I going to have to do anything illegal?”

“Oh!” She laughed, “No, no, no I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that there are two Lego Batcaves being held for us until closing at 10pm at the Hub City Target, if you’re up for a little drive tonight.”

He looked at his watch. It was 5:30 now, which meant that they would be pushing it… wait, they?

And… you’ll just have to wait a few weeks for more. In the meantime, feel free to hit up my inbox with any questions you have about this fic and I might just be able to give out some more teases…. ;)

It's about time I do this

•Okay so, I’ve been trying to stay out of this whole art theft thing in the fandom right now, because I’m a small account,, still relatively new,,,but I have had it officially.

•I am active on multiple different social media platforms like twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (obviously) so going through I can see a lot of posts,,, AND where they originate from.
And I’m going to make a call out right now because I’m PISSED,, (and hi if you’re this account and you’re reading this please read it all because there’s some important info)
So on Instagram there is an account at the handle @// _marichat_sins_
They have over 12K followers and they are literally a repost account
(here’s where I would include screenshots of their account but I’m on mobile)
This account has reposted literally almost 300 pieces of art that they have not made..
They’ve reposted from accounts that I actively follow and enjoy and RESPECT
Literally I saw a post on here today and it’s on their account almost directly after the original was posted.
There’s so many other accounts doing this as well and I just,,,
It’s just really disappointing as a writer and artist because I almost don’t want to put any of my work out there with this threat, and I have nothing but absolute respect for the artists who STILL put out content and try to persevere.

•Now,,, while I’ve got you here
Some might argue “well they say ‘Credit to ____’ so you can’t be mad”,,, “well THEY put their work online, it’s their fault if it gets taken and reposted”,,, “it’s exposure” BLAH BLAH
No?? Firstly, Credit to artist or credit to @// so and so doesn’t do SHIT?? Because no one will take the time to look them up??
And it isn’t exposure that the artist wants or deserves??
And the stupid “they put it online” shit omfg
Like I get that these accounts are probably young kids and are making mistakes but when an artist says DO NOT REPOST don’t f**king do it??? And when you get called out don’t get mad?? The simplest way to put it is literally like your parent telling you “no you can’t go out tonight” so you sneak out and you get caught and then you tell your parent “Well it’s not like you locked the window or anything, so I had the right to sneak out” like no you dolt???

•I don’t even know if this post makes sense anymore I am so beyond angry with the reposting,,, it’s ridiculous
I understand kids not knowing any better but when you get called out MULTIPLE TIMES or the post specifically says DO NOT REPOST then there is your clue to Stop™

•I’m not even going to go into the thing about people cutting out watermarks and signatures omFG

•I will say however, that I have seen a post from an artist about how they LOST A JOB OPPORTUNITY because they provided artwork, and when the job looked it up they found two different accounts with the same post, and they couldn’t accept the artist because there was no way to prove that they were the original content creator. This shit is real and can and WILL affect these artists. Hell it already has!! (Refer to literally the previous story)

•and what’s so funny to me is that we have a literal episode about art theft in the show??
In Monsieur/Mr Pigeon Chloé and Sabrina literally steal Marinette’s design??? And it’s very obviously frowned upon.
Marinette is smart and signs her designs but could you imagine if she didn’t??
Gabriel wouldn’t have been able to accept either, so both Marinette and Chloé would have lost the contest, all because Chloé ignored Marinette’s hard work and stole her design.
Maybe the way to get through to the reposters is to say “hey look you’re even worse than Chloé, you stole HUNDREDS of pieces of art”

•I know this post probably won’t change a single damn thing but maybe, just maybe, it’ll get through someone’s thick skull and make them see that reposting is theft
And one more time for those in the back

•and I want to say once more to the content creators who still provide their artwork,, I love and support you and I will fight for and with you against all this shit

and once more because I damn well feel like it needs to be said again


Shadowbound - An Elriel Fic

Pt. I


Bright light from the midday sun streamed through the large windows of the sitting room. I spent most of my time in one of the numerous rooms at the House of Wind, looking out over Velaris and enjoying the clarity the wide space brought to my thoughts. But not now. Now, Lucien was standing before the cushioned chair I sat in, once again, trying to push this bond on me. Or rather, how he called it, „getting to know me“.
I sighed.
„What is it, are you not feeling well?“, Lucien asked, leaning forward, the concern in his voice unmistakeable. I appreciated his wanting to take care of me but there was just no need for it.
I closed my eyes for a moment, then said: „Lucien, I understand that you want to help but I am not weak. I am getting stronger every day, learning to live with this gift.“ It was true. The beginning had been difficult, the voices and images in my head indecipherable. But I was getting the grip on it, I had help.
„Of course you are not weak“, Lucien said softly, trying too hard to sound supportive „I just want to make sure you’re alright. I care about you.“
Now I was getting angry. All the time people were trying to take care of me and it was getting on my nerves. The war had changed me - all of us. I had grown beyond myself. Seen, heard and done things that had changed me forever.
„Then stop caring so much!“, I said, my voice strong.
„But Elain, we’re Mates. This isn’t something I can just stop. My feelings for you run deep-„
„No“, I interrupted, seething „you don’t know me, you don’t understand me! This bond existing doesn’t mean I am automatically going to be in love with you. Try seeing it from my perspective. The male, who sold me and my family out to the enemy, is trying to pursue me, trying to tell me we are supposed to spend eternity together in happiness!“
„You are still mad at me“, he said quietly.
I was quiet for a moment. „What’s done is done“, I said truthfully „we can’t change the past but we have the power to control the future. I have the power to control my future. For the first time in my life I feel like I have choices, possibilities and the ability to pursue them. Eternity is a long time, Lucien, would you want to spend it with someone who’s only in this relationship halfheartedly, constantly wishing for more?“
„It could change, your feelings could change-„
„But I do not have feelings for you, Lucien. I do not love you and I do not accept this bond!“, I shouted the last words, jumping to my feet.
I saw fire burning behind those golden eyes. Heat rippled off of him. The air was getting heavier.
„You do not know what you’re talking about!“, he snarled, teeth bared „a mating bond is a spell that runs deep, you can’t just ignore it“, he cut his hand through the air, underlining his anger.
The motion set something off. The weight pressing down on us vanished and the whole world seemed to go utterly still.
Then, a shudder run through the earth and I thought I heard something rip in two before I was catapulted backward against the bookshelves that lined the wall behind me.
After a few blinks of my eyes and the ringing in my ears had subsided, I took in the room. A few chairs lay clattered throughout the room, the plate with little sandwiches prepared by Nuala and Cerridwen was broken and the remnants of the food lay strain in between the shards of porcelain.
Lucien sat a few feet opposite me, eyes wide.
Before I could muster anything, the door burst open. Nesta burst in, Feyre and the others trailing behind her, all wearing worried expressions on their faces that changed to shock when they beheld us.
„What is going on?“, Nesta demanded, glaring at Lucien. Cassian kept close to her, either to be able to better assess the situation or to keep her from throttling someone.
I was about to open my mouth to tell them what happened, when a whisper came from the opposite of the room. I was still too dazed to fully comprehend the words, but Lucien again muttered: „Spell-Cleaver.“ Again and again. „Spell-Cleaver“.

—————————————————————— Thank you for reading, Cauldron bless you!

Pilot Star

Some nights when you have gone to sleep
I go up to the roof and look for my pilot star,
my navigation star,
my guideline, my trajectory,

the place I am heading
when I stretch out my arms
and leap off the roof
and leave this silly planet behind.

Once I find it, I could go anywhere.

Fling myself out into the black sea,
skip upon every world whirling around the sun:
angry Jupiter, mysterious Saturn,
the frozen pebble of silent Pluto.
I could just keep going, out beyond the asteroids,
out past the dusty corner of everything
humans have ever known,
into the dark, into the dark,
until I find out where space ends
and nothing begins.

I never find it, my pilot star.

It is not there.
I will search and stare and hunt
for my pilot star until the night is almost spent
and then I will go in and lie down next to you,
next to the smell of your hair,
the heat of your body, the shape of you,
and I will know why.

Jupiter has its storms
and Saturn its rings
and forgotten Pluto cold secrets,
but only the Earth has you.


prompt: “Person A and B are fighting, the fight escalates, Person B slaps Person A, the Person B kisses Person A and storms out. Person A just stands there holding their cheek.”

tw: fighting, cursing, panic attacks, homophobic parents (but if you blink you’ll miss it),

wc: 2k (holy shit, yay!)

a/n: First time switching POV’s in a fic :) Okay so i freaking love how this came out! Not exactly what i was planning but i was in such a mood to write that this happened. I put off all my homework to do this so i better go do that now lol .

*Dan’s POV*

Dan was mad, He was mad at Phil, which wasn’t normal. He and Phil had started talking this evening with some harmless banter until it wasn’t harmless. Phil kept encinuatiyng that Dan was depressed, Dan wasn’t, at least not right now, He knew Phil had a point because Dan had been depressed when they first met but he was better now. 

Dan was only sad some of the time, mostly when he was with Phil. That was because he loved Phil, not as a friend, as much, much more. And Phil didn’t know, obviously, or Dan would either be kissing him right now or out on the streets.

It took Dan a long time to realize that he was gay, or even that he was gay for Phil Lester. Dan didn’t know if that was because of his homophobic parents or just his ongoing internal struggle. But alas Dan loved Phil and Phil didn’t know. 

Dan was okay with that for a while, until he wasn’t. Everything Phil did made Dan love him more.

But right now Dan didn’t love Phil, not even a little bit (alright, maybe that parts a lie). Phil kept talking about how he just wants Dan to be happy, etc. Dan wasn’t having any of it. Phil kept droning on and on about getting help and that was when Dan snapped.

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anonymous asked:

ok, im an intj-t (1w9, i believe) and this discovery has kind of surprised me, but, ive come to the conclusion that i am an easily angered/annoyed person. incredibly so. i never express it externally, though. do either of you have any ideas/thoughts on how i went years without realizing that im this bitter and why my personality is so easily frustrated by seemingly normal things?

This is a very INTJ thing. INTJs sometimes fool themselves to believe (consciously or not) that they are in perfect control of their emotions because they don’t wear them. 
But the thing is, the fact that you don’t show or recognise something doesn’t make it cease to exist, and swallowing emotions is a very unhealthy thing to do (I feel like such a hypocrite writing this, I can already see INFJ mocking me). 

Tips to deal with emotions in general and anger in particular:

Talk about it. I know, I know, this is probably gonna be the least liked tip, I hope I haven’t scared you off. But if there is someone in your life with whom you feel comfortable enough, you highly respect their opinion and you know they won’t judge you (maybe someone’s popped in your mind), then oblige yourself to open up a little bit from time to time. It will be difficult at first, but it will also be good for you. If you can’t think of anyone in particular, go to the next point. 

Write it down. As much as I might feel like a fool, I try to write whatever is upsetting me so that I can have a break from it. I write in a very unpassionate (I guess rather cold-ish) way, but just because it is the only way I can actually do it. Do whatever feels comfortable, you can even crush and destroy the paper sheet afterwards in case you don’t like the idea of having it there.

Exercise. This is one of my favourite methods. Go for a run, do martial arts, go to a spinning class, boxing… Any kind of healthy way of expressing your anger.
[Edit, this was submitted by an anon]: if there’s a fencing program anywhere nearby, it’s a really great sport for INTJs! It’s definitely rather physical, but it’s also extremely mental and requires a lot of thinking ahead and noticing patterns in your opponent’s attacks (and then adapting to it to get through their defenses). Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of legally being able to stab someone?
Bonus: The most INTJ thing ever. 
Try to go beyond those emotions. They didn’t appear out of no-where and I am sure there are solid logical reasons why you constantly feel annoyed and angry. Solve your own puzzle and validate yourself in the process. Are you annoyed because you’re obliged to stand long draining reunions in which you find yourself to be the only reasonable person? That is okay. That doesn’t make you a jerk. You can also play with these ideas, try to look through every one of them and see if it has a rational or irrational cause. Discard the irrationals and try to solve the rational ones. Be fearless and analyse what exactly is causing this. 

I feel you, so deeply.

I Love You. I Hate You.- One Shot - Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by insanityofthemoon

Bucky x Reader - Reader is having her period. A hormonal week begins. Poor Bucky.

Warnings:: Fluff,  Mentions of cramps and such. Y’know the crap us females have to tolerate on a monthly basis.

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Hearts and Daggers part 3!!

Hearts and Daggers Part 3!!! Thank you all for sticking with me! Sorry about not updating when I said I would😬 I had do to a project for school which took longer than I thought, but it’s all done now, so here you guys go!

It was hot. Then again it was always quiet warm in New Orleans. I slowed as I came down the stairs hearing the screams of agony from the basement. Klaus had started to interrogate Lucian in the evening and all throughout the night and had not let up. I continued down the stairs turning a corner to go to the kitchen but found my path blocked by Hayley who was at the moment talking to Elijah.

“Sorry.” I said and turned quickly as I felt my breath speed up, and the nerves in my body jumped. Quicky I made it into the kitchen to find Rebekah talking with Marcel at the table.

“Good to see you’re okay.” I said walking to the fridge and pulling out a blood bag. Reclaiming my calm composure.

“You too.” He answered nodding politely. Klaus then entered somewhat happy as his shirt was covered in blood, “good morning everyone.”

“You know, I hardly slept last night thanks to you and your screaming friend.” Rebekah announced.

“Really? Sorry dear sister, I’ll ask Lucian if he can be a bit quieter in the future.” Klaus smiled smugly.

“Did you get anything out of him?” Marcel asked. I jumped up and sat on the counter sipping the blood bag.

“Just screams and pleas to stop.” Klaus hummed grabbing a bottle of bourbon from the table and pouring himself a glass.

“Must you be to relentless? With no breaks? You have a better chance of him hating you even more and not telling you anything at all, no matter how hard you push.”

“I dare say I do have to be so harsh dear one.” Klaus answered.

“I agree with Niklaus.” Elijah appeared in the doorway, “Lucian does not get a break, not with what he has done to our family in the past, and what he did to you and Marcel.” Elijah looked at me as I avoided his gaze.

“Well, I just came up for a drink. See you all at dinner.” With that Klaus disappeared from the room. I felt Elijah’s eyes on me.

“I think, I’m going to take a walk.” I jumped down from the counter setting down the blood bag, waltzing past Elijah.

“Juliana I’m not sure you should be out there on your own. We aren’t sure how many of Lucian allies are out there.” Elijah turned stopping me. I looked back at, “I’m just going for a walk. I’ll be fine, as for Lucian’s allies? He had the help of werewolves…maybe you should ask Hayley.”

Just as I was about to go out the doors I heard my name being called sharply. Turning slowly and saw Hayley marching towards me. I stopped leaning my shoulder against the wall.

“I didn’t appreciate what you said about werewolfs.” She growled stopping a few feet away.

“I didn’t like that they attacked us, and aided Lucian.” I responded, “and it wasn’t towards all werewolves, just the few that bit into us.”

“Oh come on.” She scoffed, “I know you don’t like werewolves, don’t try and make excuses for yourself.”

“I’m not.” I shook my head pushing myself from the wall, “but maybe you are. I mean you did sleep with Elijah, while you knew he was currently with me. How desperate where you?”

“Well it speaks for what you two had. I mean he didn’t stop to think about you.” She hissed, and smiled, “how much could he really have loved you?” I couldn’t stop myself from slapping her, “you don’t know anything about it.”

“I know a hell of a lot more than you think.” She growled her eyes glowing gold. My back slammed against the wall from the blow Hayley had given across the chest. Slowly I rose back up, “you really wanna do this? You may be a Hybrid, but I’m still an Original.”

“I’ll give it a shot.” She snapped and ran at my throat. I caught her by her own and threw across the room slamming her into a table. She vamped up quickly, a piece of wood in her hand. With a flash the piece of wood was in my torso. I grunted in pain slowly pulling the piece of wood out. I felt a jerk as my body hit the ground with a smack. I felt Hayley’s hands on my throat as they closed around. I jerked up roughly slamming my forehead against hers, then swiftly slammed the piece of wood into her shoulder. She let out a yell in pain before rolling off of me. I kicked her ribs as she stood hearing three loud cracks as she hissed in pain.

“Pour little wolf.” I scoffed getting up. She glared daggers at me then vamped in front of me, I caught her hands as she tried to push a stake into my chest. Gripping her wrists I slowly turned her hands so the stake began to point towards herself.

“Stop!” Came a demand as Hayley and I were pulled apart. She lunged forward as Klaus held her back, Elijah’s hands latched onto my arms like iron.

“Let. Me. Go.” I growled at him. He shook his head and pulled me towards the stairs, “come on.” I twisted in his grip. He finally let me go when we were up the stairs and near my room.

“You shouldn’t have acted out.” Elijah said following me into my room.

“Oh well, go right ahead and defend her.” I rolled my eyes, waltzing into the bedroom to my closet.

“I’m not defending her. I am just saying that-”

“I shouldn’t have acted out?” He looked up at me as I cut him off my tone dangerous. Slowly I waltzed towards him, “I have every reason to act out Elijah. I have a right to be angry,” I pushed on his chest shoving him a few steps backwards, “I have a right to be pissed off! Disappointed! Hurt! Heartbroken!” I shoved him one last time before stopping. I sucked in a deep breath running a hand through my hair.

“Juliana…” Elijah said softly, I only turned away.

“I am beyond sorry.” He sighed, “words cannot express how much I regret, resent, and look down upon what I did.”

“I’m going to change out of something with less blood on it. I still plan on taking a walk.” I heard Elijah retreat slowly towards the door, “I don’t plan to stop fighting for you. I made a promise, I intend to keep it.” With that he was gone. I changed into a violet tank top with a jean jacket, new jeans and my boots. It was quiet as I made my way to the door, Lucian was quiet and there was no sign of anyone.

The air was warm, but fresh. The sound of people on the streets filled my ears. A few witches moved from my direction as they saw me. Others put their heads down wanting to disappear. There are times when I wished Nicklaus’s reputation would not tag onto all of us. People were everywhere, rushing to where they needed to be, or to do what they needed to get done. I knew someone was following…but I had no idea who. Remaining calm I turned a corner into an ally and stepped back near the wall of the other building. As soon as the person turned into the allway way I grabbed their neck and pushed them to the wall.

“Who are you?” I questioned sternly.

“Whoa! Wait! Juliana its me! Its me!” The person pleaded.

“Darin?” I asked my voice filled with surprise as I released him.

“Heya Jules.” He straightened up and smiled lopsided, ¨itś good to see you. But I think I could have gone without that kind of welcome.” I let out a happy breath as I wrapped him in a hug.

“What are you doing here?” I laughed smiling at his.

“Heard you were in town. Figured I’d come visit.” He grinned his golden shaggy hair fell above his green eyes and over his ears.

“Well thanks for scaring me half to death!” I hit his shoulder

“You scared? Really?” He teased.

“Shut it.” I laughed, “why didn’t you tell me you were coming beforehand?”

“Then what’s the point of a surprise? Huh?! Although I must say I was kinda hoping you’d have a place for me to stay?” He questioned chuckling.

“Yeah, I do.” I answered smiling, “come on, we have got some catching up to do.” We walked for a while, Darin had mainly been in the north of the world going on his own adventures.

“Greenland? Really?” I asked slipping my. We were sitting outside at a restaurant table.

“Hey, it’s actually nice there. Open places, hospital, so blood bags. Good living. You should try it…but I guess you like your life back in the French Quarter.

“Heh…well you can blame Klaus for bringing us back here.” I replied.

“Yeah I’ve heard about the werewolf and the child.” He nodded. I nodded slowly messing with the straw of my drink, “things have been different.”

“There was also another rumor I hear. Just whisperes really.” His tone changed it seem softer and more careful, “concerning you and Elijah….”

“News travels fast.” I swallowed, “things haven’t been going well.”

“Something to do with a werewolf?” He glanced up at me.

“That’s why you came back.” Everything seemed to click.

“Well I wasn’t just gonna stay away while someone hurt you, especially when it was him.”

“What are you gonna do? Punch him?” I questioned raising an eyebrow, “he’s an original.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t try.” He smiled cockily, “but on the other hand, I am here to hear you up.” I smiled softly, “thanks Darin.” We talked for a while longer before returning to the quarter, Darin had picked up his things from the hotel.

“Wow.” Darin said looking around, “I forgot how you guys lived.”

“Who’s this?” Elijah asked appearing on the staircase.

“You remember me don’t you Elijah?” Darin asked waltzing closer, “mid…1700s?”

“Darin. Of course.” ELijah asked coming down the stairs, “good to see you again. Where were you?”

“Greenland.” I answered walking closer, “it’s nice this time of year. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to help Darin move into one of the rooms.” I moved past Elijah with Darin behind me.

“Here you are.” I said throwing open the doors to a bedroom, “hope you like it. I’ll let you get settled.”

“Thanks.” He smiled throwing his bags onto the bed.

“No problem.” I nodded, “I’m not sure when dinner will be, but I’ll let you know.” I said before leaving.

“When did he get here?” Elijah asked at the bottom of the stairs fixing one of his sleeves.

“Don’t know. Found him in my walk.” I replied walking away, I got a book from the library and fell onto a couch opening it.

“Are you going to the party tonight?” Klaus walked in.

“Party?” I looked at him over the top of the book, “I thought we were just having dinner.”

“Yes well, Rebekah was bored and I told her to do something about it; so she did.” He sighed then looked at me, “why don’t you come, dress up, stun them all.” He smirked.

“Or I could just stay comfortably in my room.” I answered looking back to my book.

“That is not an option.” Rebekah waltzed in, “I need help picking out a dress. Which means we are going shopping, you need to help. Well come on!” She demanded when I didn’t move.


“No, no buts.” Rebekah pulled me up, “you said you weren’t going to be defeated by this, so come on let’s go. It’ll be fun!” She smiled.

“Alright fine.” I laughed lightly.

“Great!” Before she gave me the chance to change my mind she had pulled me from the house and down the street.

“So what kind of dress?” She wondered as we walked into the first dress shop we saw. I shrugged looking at the gowns.

“What about this one?” She asked holding up a dress. It was white and lacy. Swirls were sewn into the fabric making the dress look a bit from another time. The shoulders were straps with the sleeves long and droopy cornering on the sides leaning the shoulder bare. The torso had strings on the from like a corset, the top rim lined with delicate lace.

“For you?” I raised an eyebrow.

“No, for you silly.” She pushed the dress towards me.

“No, Rebekah-” I stumbled as she pushed me towards a dressing room.

“Just try it on.” She closed the curtain and walked away. I put the dress on slowly. It was beautiful, and I loved the design. It fit me almost perfectly.

“Well come let see.” Rebekah called. I walked out slowly the bottom of the dress slightly dragging on the ground. Rebekah’s lips turned upward into a smile, “I knew one would be perfect.” I looked down smiling, “thanks. I’m getting it I take it?”

“I would let you walk out of here without.” She laughed lightly, “now get back into your regular clothes. We need to get back and get ready.”

“What about your dress?”

“Right, well I already picked one out.” She held up a daring sleeveless silver dress. The fabric was pulled to the right side a bit near the waist with a belt pressed with diamonds.

“Very nice.” I nodded, “I’ll be out in a second.”

We paid for our dresses then retested home. The screaming had started up again.

“I hope he’ll stop that for the party.” Rebekah answers walking into the house. Some people had begun to decorate the house, and move food, drinks, and tables into the main hall. People that were probably compelled no less. I left for my rook to begin to get ready.

“So nice of you to throw me a party.”
I turned to see Darin in the doorway of my room.

“You know there’s a thing called knocking.” I replied smiling.

“I know.” He chuckled, “so you’re going to the part then?” He gestured to the bag on my bed. I nodded, “mhm.”

“Well then you better save a dance for me.” He mused.

“Only if you behave yourself.” I set my hand on the door handle.

“Always.” He smiled, which seemed more of a smirk and backed out of the room. I shut the door letting out a deep breath. Now the only thing I had to do was get ready for the party…and face it.

I try to avoid posting when annoyed or angry but this is to anyone who feels they have a right to control who someone else can or cant talk to. I dont give a shit what your relationship is to them, no one, and i mean NO ONE reserves the right to dictate who others can or cannot talk to. This isnt directed at one person but an on going trend ive noticed lately and I am beyond done with it. Its not fucking healthy. Maybe you have the best intentions in mind or maybe you dont but all you are doing is telling that person that you dont trust them to be able to be independent or think for themselves and guess what? It self destructs. It leads that person to not trust anyone not you or anyone else or even themselves. It tells them that no one will support them to be them self. That asking for helps and having problems is bad because when people find out they’ll completely isolate you, shut you off and make you feel like shit. Its not helping them. It makes things worse. Now do the whole world a fucking favor and butt out of peoples lives. Family, friend, lover, idfc you have no right and by doing so you are the exact type of person you are advocating for them to avoid. You teach them abuse = love. Im not even remotely sorry for this rant because if fucking needs to be said

The Date

Kagome goes on a date with someone that is not Inuyasha and he needs to do something about it.

My birthday present for @mustardyellowsunshine !!!! It’s a little too late but here it is, I hope you like it! 

Kagome took the final sip of her third iced tea of the last hour, trying to do something. The man in front of her kept talking about the dull problems of his life. Half an hour ago—when she started to make a mental list of the groceries she had to get from the store later—he had been telling her his biggest problem of each morning, having to choose just one of his hundred different ties. She wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Out of guilt for thinking how difficult it would be for him to choke on his tie right there, she paid attention to his words.

“…and that is why you should never, never, wear a teal tie with a navy blue shirt when you plan to go sailing.”

Kagome mentally groaned. He was still talking about ties?!

This was their second date, she had agreed to put up with him for a second time because she had hoped it wouldn’t be as awful as she remembered. Thinking that last time she may have just been too cranky about what Inuyasha had said right before the date.

He knew how hard it was for her to find someone she liked enough to date. And according to him it was because she had really high standards. In reality it was because no man came close to that stupid jerk of a hanyou she loved.  

Kagome knew she was in love with Inuyasha, and had been for a long time. But now she wanted more than the unhealthy psychological marriage they had, because once and again Inuyasha had made it clear how he didn’t want anything else but friendship from her.

And now she was ready to start looking for the next best thing to him. And obviously this first attempt was shitty, but she was set on trying.

Kagome looked at her date as he gave one of his explanations about how being an accountant was one of the more challenging jobs. She didn’t have anything against accountants, they were needed and even if she didn’t have that vocation, they were awesome. She just happened to be on a second date with the accountant that thought his job was more dangerous than a lion tamer, more important for their clients job than a doctor and more tiresome than a child caretaker.

She turned to look out the windows as she thought to come up with an excuse that was believable, yet just rude enough to avoid an invitation for another date, knowing that as long as this guy kept hearing his own voice, a second person listening to him wasn’t really important. Then, something caught her attention.

“Is that…?” she mumbled, staring at the figure that was outside the restaurant trying to see through the window with both hands cupped around his eyes.

Then he walked to the door and used too much strength to swing it open, making it crash against the wall before stomping inside, directly to her table.

Kagome was baffled to see him there. The man in front of her was still oblivious to the visibly upset hanyou towering beside him.

“Get up! We’re leaving!” he shouted as a hello.

All the joy she had felt at seeing him walk in evaporated with his words. How dare he?! Kagome thought.

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m on a date!” she declared, smoothing the napkin over her lap.

Apparently that was the moment the other half of her date noticed something was wrong, and with a quiet disdain he turned to the white haired man and asked, “May I help you?”

Inuyasha scoffed in his direction, but didn’t remove his eyes from Kagome’s face. “Just shut up or go away. Don’t really care which.”

Kagome stood up angered, but before she could say something the man seated in front of him raised an outraged hand, “Excuse me, but she is my date!”

Inuyasha’s ears perked and swiveled to the back. She knew that meant he was angry.

With his unwavering eyes still on her and a voice low Inuyasha shouted, “She is mine!”

Apparently the growl was enough to make the other man back down.

Kagome blinked a couple of times, confused. “Am I?”

As his words kept repeating in her head they started to infuriate her beyond what she thought possible. “Since when?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

He was a jerk, after ignoring her advances for years, he came here to ruin her date! Stupid dog-boy.

Inuyasha took a step forward, forgetting the intimidating stance for the human there, and centered his attention on getting the stubborn wench to understand this date, or whatever, was wrong.

With his cheeks slowly becoming red, he managed to stutter, “Since- since- since ALWAYS!”

Kagome’s brow arched. “Yeah?“

He took another step closer. Trying to show her how serious this was. That way she would stop doing this stupid shit and go with him. “Yes!”

Inuyasha expected her reaction to be one of joy, but instead he found pain and sadness when she asked, “Why, Inuyasha?”

The sight of her sadness and tears always turned off something important inside his brain, and as usual his eloquent response was “Because- because I say so!”

Kagome scoffed “Well! I say that you’re an arrogant jerk and I can date whoever I want!”

The silver haired hanyou turned to the meek man sitting in front of her. “So you prefer this instead of me! Even if you say that, hearing him talk makes you sleepier than watching the dryer work!”

She pointed at the slightly offended man. “He might be more boring and bland than plain water, but he is brave enough to admit he likes me!”

Inuyasha huffed highly offended. The wench wanted him to say he liked her! As if he was going to say something as stupid and lukewarm as that. "I don’t LIKE you, stupid!” he said, implying as much as he could in his firm tone.

Kagome hid her pain as fast as she could. “If you don’t like me, why are you ruining my date?”

Inuyasha was confused by her reaction, but it was not in him to back down, much less when his wench was involved. “As if it could be worse than it was. I could smell the boredom from the sidewalk!” His tone even and low.

She gasped. The fact he was probably not lying made her even angrier. “This being an awful date has nothing to do with you!”

“The fuck it doesn’t!”

“For your information, I was having a perfectly lovely time with- with-” She looked at her date briefly, totally unable to remember his name.

”-with MY date!“ she finished, scowling back at Inuyasha, who had a small yet cocky smile on his lips.

"YOU obviously weren’t interested, so what’s your problem?”

Her hands fisted on her sides before raising one and pushing a single finger on his chest punctuating each word that were said with a harsh tone. “YOU! You are my problem!”

He could swear she growled for a moment before continuing. “Just when I half convinced myself this was a not-so-terrible second date, you had to show up!”  

His brow arched in a cocky expression “This is a terrible date, and you know it Kagome!” He gave her a smug smile. “If I was your date…”

Kagome interrupted him before he could tell her what his fictional perfect date with him would be. Before he could wrap her up in a story that would give her everything she could ever want but never will. Before he could find a new way to break her heart again. The woman tried to make her voice as dry and bored as she could “But you are not, so get lost!“

Her anger was rapidly growing, he had countless opportunities to ask her out, many hints she had dropped along the years they had been friends. And now! Now when she was ready to move on and find something else, he had to come and ruin it? No! Enough of always being ready for him, waiting for him. She would never again accommodate her life for his convenience.

Inuyasha took a step back surprised by the anger in her last remark, his brows moved lower as his face showed the determination he felt. He’d made a promise to himself that he would not leave there without her!

Through his teeth he declared, "I told you, I’m not going anywhere”   

Pulling a chair from the table behind him, he seated himself at their table and grabbed her wrist, pulling it slightly to make her sit back.

What he was doing was beyond his worst behaviour, he was being a dick. Kagome wanted to be angry, she wanted to feel the indignation she was supposed to feel, but that flame that had ignited the moment she saw him stalk his way to her was becoming bigger with each word he said. And it was becoming harder and harder to deny she was liking it. Her anger was fueled by her incapability to feel angry at him.

“Inuyasha! You should leave!” She told him through her teeth staring at his eyes. “This is incredibly rude to- to-”

Kagome blinked confused for a moment. There was no way she had forgotten her date’s name. His name was… his name was… she kept repeating in her head with her eyes narrowed.

“Whatshisname…” he provided nonchalantly with a side looped smile showing one fang.

Kagome turned ready to apologize, only to find her date was not there anymore.

“He is gone!”  She yelped surprised.

It was not lost to Inuyasha how her lips momentarily stretched into a smile against her will.

A smile that disappeared the moment he uttered his next words. “Are we done pretending you’re angry I’m here?”

Inuyasha put his chair back at its original table and sat in the place the other man had vacated as Kagome stared at him dumbfounded.

“Did you order already?” He asked with the same ease as if asking for the weather. Kagome hadn’t yet reacted as he turned around and called the waiter, shouting they wanted two specials before he even arrived to the table. “Wench, if you didn’t want me to come you shouldn’t have a date in our favorite restaurant.”

Kagome’s mouth was agape. The way he was making all of this a joke was too hurtful, she was not going to stay and watch him laugh off one of the most difficult things she had to do.

Holding her tears the woman took her purse and walked away as he ordered beverages.

“Kagome!” she heard him call from behind her, but she just picked up her pace, speeding past people in a blur. She heard a distinctly animalistic growl before a strong hand clamped around her arm.

Before Inuyasha could circle her to cut off her escape, she pulled her hand away from his reach.

“Kagome…wait-” he tried again when her teary eyes found his, holding anger and hurt he wasn’t expecting to find there.

“No!” She pushed him away with both hands on his chest as soon as he was within reach again. His ears drooped with the rejection, he was prepared for her anger, and dignified reaction, but not one so extreme. For the first time since he had convinced himself this would work in front of the mirror, he started to doubt his chances.

“I don’t want this anymore!” She shouted at the same time her tears started to stream down her cheeks. “This is not good for me. It’s not enough! Leave me alone!” Kagome was trying to hit his chest with little success.

The hands Inuyasha had been using to avoid getting hit by her, dropped to his sides at once. The last light of hope about them died with her words. She didn’t want him. He wasn’t enough for her. She didn’t want him.

“You can’t come here and hijack my date!” Inuyasha let her fist hit his chest as she kept going. “You can’t do that and expect me to be fine with it. What if I wanted you there? What if I never wanted to go on a date?”

Her voice was getting louder as her hits started to be felt as that by his body “You had no right! Not after ignoring me all this time! Not after rejecting me so many times!”  

Inuyasha’s ears perked up again as she kept talking—screaming—Was she saying what he thought she was?

“… wait!” He yelped but Kagome was not listening.

“… no right, after all the times I felt humiliated trying to get you to notice me!”

“Wait!” Inuyasha tried again, now with a hint of a growl in his voice.

Kagome’s hands stopped midway for a second as his words registered, and started to shake her head as her hands came back to hit him. “NO! I’m tired of waiting! I won’t stay here and–umph.”

Using another growl to distract her he circled her body with his arms and pulled her to his chest. After the initial shock she started to fight against his hold, but this time she kept quiet, maybe because Kagome knew there was no way she could escape him, or maybe because she was secretly liking it, if the sudden blush on her cheeks was any indication.

“Wench!” he growled. “Let me talk!”

After a little more struggling under his serious eyes, Kagome let out a long sigh and stood still—the farthest away from him that she could—but stood still.  

Kagome was startled when his arms pulled her to his chest. The sudden closeness of his body, along with the warmth he always exuded and those intense eyes threw her out of balance. Enough to made her think her voice would quiver if she spoke. She stayed quiet but kept fighting him for a while. She was not ready to hear him talk, but doubted her resolution to walk away.

“Talk.” Was all she said.

Cutting back on the growling, he got ready to finally talk. “The fuck you mean I rejected you? I gave you ramen! That should count for something.” It was a big gestured that had backfired, he knew, but how could she not know what it meant?

Kagome gasped. He did not!, she thought. How dare him bring that up? “What if you gave me Ramen?” she shouted back.

“It meant something to me! And you just took it from me and excluded me completely!” Inuyasha still remembered how she took it, he wanted to be part of it but it had backfired as it always did.

“Exclude you? Exclude YOU?” Kagome huffed in the way she had learned from him years ago. “You came to my house with a cute shiba pup and told me someone gave it to you and you hated dogs.” She took a dignified breath through her nose before continuing “I took it because you were going to take it to a shelter. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THERE!” she finished as she started to fight his hold again. “I took care of that Shiba dog. That by the way you said it was an Akita and you were wrong! I love that dog now and I’m not giving it back to you!”  She was not going to say that she had fallen in love with the dog as soon as she saw him squirm in Inuyasha’s arms, it was a fluffy white pup, that resembled her stupid hanyou and seemed to be in love with Inuyasha’s face, she had melted at the scene, but when he said it was a burden for him and practically tossed it to her, she had thought of him as hers and nothing would change that. Ramen was hers!

Inuyasha tightened his grip enough for her to be in full contact with his chest with her arms trapped between them. “It was a lie, OK!” he huffed, his breath blowing on her bangs.

Kagome could feel his warmth surrounding her as her body slowly began molding to his.  She unconsciously grew closer to his face as he talked. Her own body was distracting her from the fight.

Maybe a little too late she asked a very blushed hanyou “…you lied?”  Her chocolate eyes trying to make contact with his golden ones, but finding it impossible as he was now the one to hide his face from her. The side of his face that was visible to her was rapidly becoming red, even from the skin of his neck she could see it blush.

“I-I gave you Ramen as a symbol” he mumbled still looking away.

Kagome knew that the best way to force words out of him was to remain quiet until he said as much as he was able, so when his eyes drifted to her face quickly before looking away again, she made her best effort to keep her angry face.

“Fuck. I wanted you to think of me when you look at it and that you… you would ask me to help you raise it…”

“Bu-but you said you didn’t want to be bothered with it!”

Kagome felt the growl even before she was able to hear it. Suddenly his face was almost touching hers, his rapid breathing brushing on her face again, this time she didn’t move back. A sweet warm feeling started to blossom in her chest, hope was both one of the best and worst feelings to have.

“When…” he said through his teeth “When have you ever believed in what I said?”  

Kagome hid her smile as she felt more sure about where this conversation was heading. She batted her lashes with the most innocent expression she could show “You mean I should not believe you now?”

Another growl resonated between their bodies. “I’m not fucking playing, Kagome! I’m trying to tell you…I’m trying to tell you that you can’t date other men!”

Kagome’s brows knitted at the sound of his explanation. “That is not enough!”

One moment she was in the middle of the sidewalk held hostage by her hanyou and the next she felt loss of his warmth on her back, replaced by the cold concrete of the restaurant side wall. She gasped at the feeling and stayed frozen in place when his cold nose touched hers and her brain registered that even if her back was cold,  the rest of her body was warmly pressed against his. A different kind of warmth invaded her body at the same time her cheeks blushed.

“Stop saying that!” he whispered. “I know I’m not enough for you! Fuck! I know I’ll never be! But-but-I…”

His track of thought was instantly lost the moment Kagome’s hands slid around his neck and her eyes looked at him expectantly.

“But you what?”


Kagome bit back a laugh “You said ‘But I…’ I want to know what followed”  the last words where only a whisper against his skin, only clear to him because of his ears.

He gulped, it was now or never. His mind was reeling, he really needed to say something good if he didn’t want to ruin the mood. The problem was his fucking mouth… he needed something that couldn’t be misunderstood, and if it was cool even better. But the way Kagome’s soft curves were pressing more and more against him and the heat behind those chocolate eyes was not helping in maintaining a steady blood flow in his brain.

“I-I…” he stuttered with a raspy voice.

“You…?” Kagome asked again, moving slightly closer to his lips.

Inuyasha closed his eyes tightly “I want to wake up beside you every morning!” he practically shouted.

When no sound came after his admission he slowly opened his eyes, to find a teary eyed Kagome smiling brightly at him. “Okay…” was her breathy answer.

“Are you sure? Why are you crying? You’re not supposed to cry when…”

Kagome pulled him to her lips at the same time she shushed him.

The first touch was slow and shy, even a little clumsy. Nonetheless it was perfect, for the both of them it was like a missing piece finally fell into the right place, it just felt right.

Quickly, maybe too quickly they found the right pace, their touches and caresses became confident and intense, urgent. Trying to make up for all the time lost, all the misunderstandings, the lost opportunities, the unnecessary pain.  

When they finally heard the throat clearing with convulsive manner, Kagome’s hands were one deep into his hair, and one under his unbuttoned shirt, his hands were holding her by her ass as her legs circled his waist.

“Excuse me…” said the stranger, and with a snarl Inuyasha separated from her. It took him a couple of seconds and a few quick slaps to his chest for the foggy haze to disappear from his head.

Without exchanging a word and with equally intense blush, they helped each other to arrange their clothes. Inuyasha tried to hide her disheveled appearance from the other man, he even combed her hair with his hands. As he did that she looked up with a content smile in her lips and he couldn’t stop himself from a last peck on her lips before taking her hand, and turned to the man, still partially hiding her from the annoying human.

“I’m-I’m sorry to, um… interrupt, but the check hasn’t been paid yet…” The also embarrassed human said.

Kagome gasped and tried to walk to the man. “I’m sorry I’ll–”

Inuyasha’s voice interrupted her “I’ll pay it…”

Kagome looked at him with the question written on her face and he only shrugged.

The hanyou told her to wait for him at the door as the man escorted him to the register.

A few minutes later he was walking back to her with a huge smile on his face, one Kagome was sure was reflected on her own.

After hooking her arm in his they walked together without a clear destination in mind.

“You know…” Kagome turned to him without stopping. “You didn’t need to do all this, a ‘go out with me’ would have been enough”.

Inuyasha looked straight ahead as the blush returned once again to his face. “But what wouldn’t be my style, would it?”  His eyes drifted to her slowly and winked at her.

Kagome smiled warmly at him “I guess not”.


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So I finished season 3 of OITNB and before I go on here and inevitably start seeing people saying shit like “that was anti-semitic!” or “that’s so offensive to Jewish people!” NO. SHUT UP. You don’t know what you’re talking about so please let me help you out here before you go spreading this ignorant shit all over the Internet.

Do you know how few Judaism-related storylines there are on any TV show? Do you know how rarely Jewish people are anything other than a passing reference or a punchline? Almost NEVER. That sequence in episode 9 where they’re all trying to pretend they’re Jewish and they’re all just spouting off stereotypes? That’s because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS ALWAYS PORTRAYED IN THE MEDIA. So that is the only thing these people know about Judaism. That was the entire point.

Then you get to the finale, when Cindy realizes she actually wants to be Jewish, and she talks about what being Jewish means to her, and it was honestly one of the most beautiful speeches I’ve ever heard. And the fact that it followed a game of Jewish geography just made it that much better because WE DO THAT SHIT. Do you know how rare it is to hear someone speaking in Hebrew on TV? And saying a blessing? THIS NEVER HAPPENS. This is a huge deal.

This is actual, honest Jewish representation on a popular TV show. It’s used for laughs, but it’s a comedy! And what started out as just a gag turned into something real. There is now a Jewish character on this show, one who is passionate about learning more about Judaism, one who thought she was done with religion until she found Judaism, and how amazing is that?

Before this, I could count on one hand the number of TV shows I’ve watched that had realistic Jewish representation. There were 3. And one of them was only one episode of a Disney channel show so it barely even counts. One of the other ones was Weeds, also created by Jenji Kohan. Andy Botwin was Jewish as more than just a punchline. Was it also a punchline? Of course! But that’s not all it was. One of my favorite storylines was when Andy went to rabbinical school to avoid having to go to the military. It was hilarious, it was ridiculous, and most importantly, it was Jewish. And people dragged it. People were pissed. Because… it wasn’t realistic? Whereas the rest of the show was? Or, more likely, because they didn’t understand it. Or didn’t want to.

You know what happens when you get angry about Judaism-related storylines? WE DON’T GET ANY JUDAISM-RELATED STORYLINES. We’re already begging for scraps here. Jenji Kohan is one of the few writers who doesn’t make us beg. And I am beyond thrilled that she gave us a Judaism-related storyline that was more than just a one-off joke. It related to the theme of the season, it gave us some major character development, and you know what? It was funny. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You Two.

I don’t know what to tell you two,

I’ve done whats best for me.

But among all these lies we spill, some is true.

I give a fuck about us three.

I don’t know if you can see that, 

Or if my actions have altered your view.

But as we try to go tit for tat,

I can’t do anything but brew.

This whole situation is beyond fucked, we both know that. And fuck a rhyme scheme, this poem has its own thing. It’s anger. Yes I admit it, I am angry. Neither of you ever thought it would come your way, did you? You just thought that I could be pushed around and made to think I am the victim, when the only thing I did was be selfish for once. You two know all about that don’t you? You just cant accept that I took time for me and didn’t give a shit about your problems for a while. Oops, looks like you’re unable to respect that people maybe need time to deal with shit. The funniest fucking thing is that you’ll never read this…

But who will read this?

I know who will, those close to me. 

And as I type script with a keyboard’s “flick of a wrist”

They will understand, and they will support me like roots support a tree.

Because they are real. They are real and they are here. Here not only to support me, and help me realize what you’ve done is wrong but that I have a right to be myself and not care for everyone ever. Neither of you were ever truly like that were you. You’ve cared, yes. You’ve worried for me yes. But have you ever done it on a constant basis? No. No you haven’t. I don’t even know why i’m saying all this. Maybe just to get my state of mind out there for someone to hear.

Know this, as this moves forward,

and our lives continue on.

Remember that this was just a foreword,

for if you don’t. Understand, I’ll be fucking gone 

Just Another Song ft. T.O.P

Genre: another angst

Pairing: ReaderX Choi Seunghyun

Word Count: 1,739

Summary: where you’ve had enough.

(author’s note: this gif is not mine. Also I’m going to open up my ask box briefly, so that you guys can request fluff, angst or smut bigbang scenarios. I’m taking limited requests since I’m starting school soon so request wisely. =D)

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