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Why I can’t and won’t finish watching Iron Fist

Before anyone tries to jump down my throat about being a stupid SJW who only cares about the race angle, I would first like to point out that I enjoyed the hell out of Daredevil, another Marvel Netflix show starring a white man practicing Asian martial arts. It’s all in the execution, guys. And the execution here is garbage.

Let’s start with the martial arts. For the love of fuck, if you just HAVE to get a generic white man to play the lead, the least you could do was get one who was good at traditional martial arts. There are a lot of them. Charlie Cox, one Netflix recommendation over, pulls off some of the best fight scenes I have ever seen in a TV show (also, the man can act, so that helps too). Last month, I watched a red-belt student of mine in a local production of Macbeth. At twelve, that kid has more talent (in the acting and martial arts departments) than this Finn Jones tool.

Jessica Henwick’s form is nothing to write home about but at least she’s better than Jones. And both our action heroes would benefit greatly from some less shitty fight choreography and editing. (Guys, just adding loud ‘swoosh’ sound effects isn’t going to trick me into thinking the sword is swinging faster. I can see it).

To add insult to injury, the show condescendingly tries to make me believe that this pasty-ass piece of mediocrity is a better martial artist than Colleen Wing?? Just has him casually trounce her in her own dojo. With those wibbly-wobbly stances, son? I don’t think so. This is not real life, nor is it good fiction. This is some flabby-ass white guy’s jerk-off fantasy of being super awesome and showing up the hot Asian chick without any understanding martial arts whatsoever.

The acting in this show ranges from serviceable to painfully inept (lookin’ at you Meachum Jr. or whatever the fuck your name is, I’ll have forgotten your whole existence by tomorrow for all the impression you leave). Even the competent performances in this show only serve to remind me of more interesting characters from Netflix’s other Marvel shows. For example, Jessica Stroup’s acting is similar to Deborah Ann Woll’s performance as Karen Page, only serving to remind me that Karen Page alone is a more interesting character with more compelling scenes than half the cast of Iron Fist put together.

I will say that Colleen Wing is quite appealing and I applaud Henwick for making her both tough and charming, not an easy line to walk. If I wanted to be mean, I could point out that she is essentially just a Claire Temple 2.0 in terms of her temperament and her role as shelter and support to the Main White Guy at the point of her introduction. But I don’t actually want to pick on Colleen. She’s cute and I like her.

Now, back to being mean: STOP trying to make white characters look cool by having them speak Chinese (or any language they can’t speak for that matter, though I feel Mandarin generally gets a special kind of mangling for the crime of being a tonal language). It doesn’t sound cool. I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, guys. It makes you sound like a fucking idiot. Okay, sure, maybe you succeeded in making your white English-speaking audience think, ‘yeah, that’s really cool, he must be super smart and badass, I want to be like that.’ But White people, I am telling you this for your own good: you don’t want to be like that. Because as cool as that butchered-ass Mandarin may sound to you, it’s like a band-saw to my eardrums. It brings everything to a cringing, teeth-grinding halt in the middle of what might otherwise be a perfectly good scene. Remember when Wilson Fisk had a conversation with Madame Gao in ‘Mandarin’? That was the worst part of Netflix’s Daredevil. Worse, it made me embarrassed for an actor I greatly admire. So, to whoever decided it was a great idea to have Wilson Fisk show off his Mandarin, thanks dickhead. You wrecked an entire scene for my favorite Marvel villain.

Oh yeah, and if any of you want to try to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, fucking come at me bro. I have a black belt and 10+ years of training in traditional martial arts. I am a Chinese-American woman, proficient in Japanese and Mandarin, and I double majored in East Asian History and Buddhist studies.

Oh, did I mention that our protagonist keeps condescendingly spouting mystical pseudo-Buddhist bullshit to everyone he meets? And then throws temper tantrums when they (shock!) don’t take him seriously? God, I hate this show.

If I want to see better acting, I can go see a middle school play. If I want to see better fighting, I can go to the dojo and watch my seven-year-old green belts spar. If I want to hear Buddhist philosophy mangled by self-impressed white people, I can go to the yoga studio next door. 

actual useful study tips

i’m going to keep this short-ish and shitty and un-proofread because i only have like 6 followers but it’s finals week and i keep seeing these awful study tips everywhere that are like “drink water” and “don’t get distracted on the internet” and other unrealistic stuff like that, so here is a REALISTIC students guide to pulling ur semester together, written by a truly apathetic student still clinging onto the deans list (me). enjoy and share as u wish

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1. make study plans with a distant acquaintance who you think is cooler than you. do you want their first impression of you to be 20 minutes late, saying “oops i just realized i haven’t taken notes all semester?” no u want to impress them! knowing a complete strangers opinion of you is on the line, you can use this to find the strength to make a great looking study guide, or actually add to the google doc instead of just reading what everyone else wrote. bonus points if you make plans to meet at 10am. 

2. fuck the “stay focused” app. if you are anything like me you know it takes about 15 minutes max to download a new browser and you’re back to doing the same exact thing you were before, but on firefox instead of google chrome. plus, we all have cell phones, so blocking tumblr on my computer just means i have to look at smaller pictures. WHAT U HAVE TO DO is find a person you trust, preferably your parents or someone in another state/country who you can’t hound in-person and who WILL. NOT. CRACK. u give them your login information for your social media apps (i do this every finals week with Facebook and tumblr for at least a day or 2 or before my hardest exam) and you have them change your password. it’s life changing. 

3. look at gifs of hermione granger and rory gilmore. literally role play as them, dress like them if you have to. they just have it so together!! how!! 

4. before you leave your dorm ASK YOURSELF “do i reaaaallyyy need my computer?” and if you don’t need it to study, don’t bring it with you. don’t bring your phone either unless you need music. i am an international relations/art history major and the answer for me personally is “no” 99.9% of the time because all my exams are based off readings/in class notes. the next step is to go to the library, or wherever you study, and bring nothing but good old fashioned papers with you.

4b. if you have readings to do print them out. i kill about 8 trees per semester by printing off hundreds of pieces of paper and while environmentally i feel sort of guilty about it, it’s the actual only way i can read anything without my eyes glazing over, or ending up on style.com looking at Diors F/W 2002 collection. plus you can ~highlight~ and annotate better.

5. white noise is your best friend. rainymood.com and white noise generator are 1000x better than the most mellow spotify playlist, imo, or at least work really well in the background. (personally i don’t like studying to music with vocals because the words distract me but if white noise isn’t enough u can do sigur ros or instrumental music) however, when it’s the early morning hours and you feel like you’re about to crash show tunes can and will keep you going. i recommend “you can’t stop the beat” from hairspray and anything from mamma mia.  

6. if possible, make friends with someone who has a car. burger king can make or break you at 2am. 

7. TREAT YASELF. i never eat healthy during finals week and i don’t trust people who do. but if you actually get up early to study you deserve the largest dunking donuts or most expensive latte. and if you are up at 3am, yes you not only can but should get 3 different chip bags from the vending machine. (i swear crunching helps me stay awake anyways)

8. nothing is a better break than a walk outside. this is not an opinion this is a fact. even if you just go stand outside and take 10 deep breaths. or lay in grass for 2 minutes. and if it’s a nice sunset go let yourself watch it. 

9. do not “dress for success,” wear the most comfortable clothes that you own (but not pajama pants or ur fucked. ANYWHERE is a bed when u r wearing pajama pants, in personal experience). also, something to get your hair away from your face/eyes (like a bandana or something stretchy though not a hard headband) is a GAME CHANGER

10. you would be surprised how not-rude people are if you mass-email your class with questions or in need of assistance. whether you need to borrow the book or missed a day (or 5) of notes, throwing an email into the wind usually won’t fail you!! *bonus tip: offer to bake cookies or buy food for who ever helps you. it will make u seem cute/friendly/thankful/desperate and they will NEVER actually ask u to follow through. i once got like 5 days of missed notes AND a girl lent me her flash cards by doing this.*

11. do your bibliography as you research!! there is officially no worse feeling than finally finishing a paper at 3:47am and then realizing you have to add in your citations and make your works cited. save yourself.

12. don’t go out less, but go home earlier. instead of skipping a party or movie night or general get together with friends completely, go from 11pm-1am. it gives you the literal entire day to still study, if you get back at 1am you can drink a gallon of water and watch a 22 minute episode of something, be asleep at 1:30am and still wake up at like 9:30 the next day to keep working. those are the best hours of any party anyways and you don’t have to miss out on the memories just for some shitty number grade. 

13. if you decide to take a napping break, do it on a couch or futon with all the lights on, not in your bed. you get ur horizontal time in but it’s much more difficult to actually sleep for an entire night in this position, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally not waking up.

14. if you get really stressed look up facts about how big the universe is and how small and short lived and tiny humans are in comparison. or a ted talk about how grades can’t measure intelligence, or about how all humans are meant to be artists. OR watch an episode of BBC planet earth. this always comforts me for some reason.

i am struggling to come up with more, so there’s my realistic study guide for all my fellow students out there. enjoy finals, and remember!! 2 years after graduation employers consider it “juvenile” to include your GPA on your resume :) 

More Finn ranting

I am starting to really see that the majority of this fandom just slept through Finn’s actually scenes. That or you guys just muted/skipped through them. This infantile version of Finn so many of you have created when he is not “Rey’s comic relief sidekick” is not in the actual film. Maybe go back and watch it before you write for Finn. Even before his first mission Hux and Phasma were considering him for a position of CAPTAIN. He is a really good military tactician (likely why even though he didn’t fit in, Finn was never actually sent for Reconditioning until TFA). Finn knows history (knew about Luke). 

He knows about other worlds and species (he knew about Rathtars when Rey didn’t), practically came out with an amazing plan to bring down the shields in Star Killer base in like…5 minutes when no one else could. He is an amazing fighter as seen in TFA and Before the Awakening (practically winning every combat in Before the Awakening until he let Slip defeat him so he wouldn’t get into trouble). Going against Kylo Ren and actually getting a few hits even when he’s never fought with a lightsbaber. 

Finn is so fucking smart and far more deserving than what he gets from this fandom. 

things i am living for in the drunk history episode:

  • “hi. i’m stage’s lin-manuel miranda” because it is Good™ from that moment on
  • how eloquent lin is while still being shitfaced
  • “history spoiler” aka the phrase i will be using always from here on out
  • how he clearly could literally be the most boring person to tell any story on drunk history ever based on the fact that he is completely coherent when quoting the letter but he knows why you’re here and he knows how to be funny thank god
  • giggles
  • i cannot believe lin-manuel miranda just quoted half baked in the context of a founding father truly he is the voice of a generation
  • randomly throwing in quotes from his musical like we won’t notice
  • black george washington #nice
  • long-suffering father washington aka the most accurate portrayal of washington
  • maria reynolds not being genderbent
  • seriously y’all i am here for lesbian alexander hamilton give me approximately 500 fanfics
  • “Reeeeeelly”
  • “Hamilton is Not a Great Dude” is going to be a paper i write one day mark my words
  • the sexy jazz music playing when he quotes the reynolds pamphlet as a history major with a specialty in us history i’m angry that i will never be able to think of the reynolds pamphlet without it but as a history lover i am alive
  • “the reynolds pamphlet is like dick 101″ stop stealing all of my future paper titles
  • i have been saying for years that the founding fathers were children and no one believed me so i’m happy to have this episode of drunk history to show them to prove my point next time
  • questlove calling in the middle and fangirling about drunk history
  • “you’remybestfriend”
  • “aslongasihaveajobyouhaveajob bye”
  • also just all of the chris jackson bit wow
  • “i want to order dominoes”
  • “they’re friends until they’re not” [black and white flashing images] [mental kill bill siren]
  • aubrey plaza’s eyebrows
  • also aubrey plaza in general obvi
  • and alia shawkat do i even need to say that
  • “i have slaves that do that for me” lin you absolute savage
  • the letter sequence #perf
  • how is lin able to play the piano at all while drunk i wish i had that kind of talent
  • singing “i know who i want to take me home” while staring lovingly into burr’s eyes
  • “this motherfucker right here”
  • dat wink
  • “burr was never a monster” just fuck me up
  • fries

this episode was 20 minutes long but i think it changed me

Why Phichit is my Favorite Character

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was about time I made a post that shows that this blog is actually what it sounds like. This is going to be a long ride full of incoherent rambling, so hold on tight. Yes I am listening to Shall We Skate and Terra Incognita on repeat while writing this

Lets start from the beginning. The first time we see Phichit, we see him for only a few seconds, where he only says one line of dialogue, ¨Yuuri!¨, which was preceded by a giggle. We don’t see him again for the rest of the episode, or the next. Or the next. There is nothing that you can glean from this character at first glance.

But that was the moment I fell in love with the character that is Phichit Chulanont. 

See, It wasn’t his first official appearance that made me fall in love with him. The reason I liked this character so much was because I understood he was close to Yuuri and cared about him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I became invested in Yuri!!! on ICE because of Yuuri and the premise + figure skating. Not victuuri, although that was wonderful because!!! Representation!!! I was just glad there was a main character I, and many others, could deeply relate to. But this post isn’t about Yuuri. Its about Phichit. And because I could see he cared for Yuuri, I got interested. 

So I watched the scene again to figure out what I could. And here is what I was able to come up with.

He lives in Thailand, but has just arrived home after being somewhere else, or is leaving. More likely the former. He is cheerful, and invested somewhat in social media. He is close friends with Yuuri, or at least acquainted, and is likely a figure skater. 

I looked him up after that, and my love only grew. 

Also, we had this picture in the ending

God I love him

The next time we see Phichit, we see him in a video call with Yuuri in episode 4. His first appearances are all very Yuuri-centered. 

But boy did this scene deliver a BIG LOAD of information. 

I had been right about quite a few things from my first guesses about Phichit. He just arrived back in Thailand and likes social media, as seen by the literal touchscreen gloves and multiple IG posts. He is also very close with Yuuri. VERY CLOSE. I damn near cried over how comfortable and happy Yuuri became when he was talking with Phichit. And how comfortable PHICHIT looked when he was talking to Yuuri. 

They had clearly been friends for a long time, Yuuri even knew phrases in Phichits native language, and I have no doubts that Phichit knows phrases in Japanese.

This sort of familiarity and calm interaction is something we only really see Yuuri take part in when he is with his family, +the Nishigori’s, at least at the beginning of the series. 

When Yuuri starts talking about composer girl, Phichit is able to immediately understand what Yuuri needs without even having to hear Yuuri say it. That is the kind of friendship some can only dream of. 

We already know Phichit is a wonderful, reliable friend from less than a minute of interaction. Less than a minute. I counted. I have seen dozens of shows where it takes multiple WHOLE EPISODES to understand the relationship between two characters, but with Yuri on Ice it takes less than a minute. This is a result of good writing and good, rounded characters. 

Which leads to my next topic of discussion.

Phichit is such a well-rounded character holy shit

There are no lingering doubts about Phichit’s character. There isn’t a scene where you are left wondering, “Why did Phichit do this” or “What is Phichit thinking” because we know, at least in my case. As long as you understand Phichit as a character you can understand the motivations behind his actions. 

Episode 6 is a beautiful Phichitfest and I was having a good ol’ time. 

Now, for reference, episode 6 is when I really got into Yuri on Ice as a show. Characters I didn’t really like were starting to have more appeal, like Viktor, and characters I loved got better, somehow. 

Bonus points for fashion goddamn


His constant need to document everything on social media is also much appreciated. 

also this

Captain of the #victuuri ship honestly same Phichit

So,as I’m watching this episode I’m just waiting and thinking 

when do i get to see Phichit skate?? when??

I find out Phichit skates first and Im !!!!

then he skates. 


Phichit steps out onto that rink in his princely attire and I am gone then and there.

Shall We Skate? is such a masterpiece and I LOVE IT

You can say what you want about Phichit, but if you cant see how much Phichit adores skating through his performance than you clearly haven’t watched the series. 

I have a record of crying every time I watch Phichit skate when I watched the episodes he was in for the first time. Every time. This one is no exception. 

The fact that the audience is shown to get very caught up in Phichit’s performance made me so happy? These people, who are all there to support the more popular skaters, are getting caught up in the dance of a skater who hadn’t even been on their radar. 

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what a good friend fukc i love him

What I wouldn’t give to have a friend like Phichit


Terra Incognita. 

me too ciao ciao

This performance showed how much you can glean from a person while watching them skate. And yes. I cried. 


His motivation for skating is so fucking clear. 

He wants to make his country proud.

And he does. 

The audience is rooting for Phichit, he gets the crowd hyped up and he delivers. 

He worked his ass off for this performance and it pays off

He nails all of his components and scores higher than he ever has

He is so confident that hes won and he WINS






And that’s why it made me so mad when he lost the Grand Prix Final. 

Sixth. Place. 

I love the other skaters. I really do. But JJ did not deserve a bronze medal. He was way over scored and should have gotten last place. Phichit scored about as high as the previous years third place winner. JJ. 

His Shall We Skate made me hella emotional and sob along with him at the end. He is SUCH A GOOD SKATER. 

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I never cried as hard during the entirety of YOI as I did during Phichit’s Terra Incognita performance. He was so happy to just be performing. Even after he messed up one jump he continued to smile. 

That is what makes a performer. 

Phichit entertains the audience. He holds their attention and gets them hyped up and on the edge of their seats. 

He has fun while he skates and just genuinely loves his sport. 

This gif sums it up pretty well

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The scenes he got outside of the competition made me happy at least, and some of the flashbacks provided some nice information and depth

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and the iconic #victuuricaptain moment

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and I may be really salty about his loss but i am SO PROUD OF HIM

I am going to quote something I said when I first made this blog. 

“Just by qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals, Phichit won. He may not have won a medal, but he achieved not only one of his dreams, skating “Shall We Skate” in a major competition, but also made history by becoming the first Thai skater to compete in the Grand Prix Finals. WE should all be extremely proud of him, and hopefully watch him continue to made his dreams reality in the next season!”

I stand by this statement fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, Phichit deserved to be placed higher, and yes, it was completely unfair. But lets be proud of what he did achieve, and appreciate him for the amazing character he is. 

tldr; Phichit is a wonderful character and I love him. Thanks for 500 followers!

I’m getting some serious whiplash right now because first the only acceptable fandom opinion you were allowed to express without being attacked was that ‘harry won’t put out any music until louis is free clearly he’s been waiting and putting his music career on hold’. 

Then it became 'harry is putting out music but he has full control over his image and is going to be completely authentic/no more lies and will just talk about the music. Stop talking about his team because obviously any concern about Sony means you hate harry I can’t wait for the rebrand to be complete!’ and then it was 'well yeah grimmy asked him about dating/mentioned Harry’s exes but harry swerved so well that clearly that’s going to be the only mention and the rest of promo will be smooth sailing and just about the music' 

 to 'well *of course* Harry is talking about haylor and hendall with rolling stone and making it a major part of his promo (to the point he’s saying part of the album is about Kendall) he’s just playing the game I can’t believe you expected differently it was so obvious this was always how things were going to go' 

 Harry can do whatever he wants and can have whatever image he wants that’s his right as a solo artist but I am baffled by the mental gymnastics I’m seeing in the fandom right now. That rolling stone article isn’t the only one rewriting history. It’s no wonder people are so confused by wtf is going on right now this fandom is like a George Orwell book and the 'truth’ about what’s going on changes constantly. 

 I don’t care if people change their minds that’s normal but the indirecting and the bullying along the way should never have happened (especially when the people who got the most shit were also right about a lot of things).

Hi everybody! I’ve been ghosting on here as a studyblr for a while now, oops. So here’s my introduction post! 

My name is Alina, but you can also call me Lina. I’m going into sophomore year in August, at a magnet school in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). I’m mostly using this blog to prepare for next year!

Some things about me:

‣ I’m going to be 15 in August

‣ My Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff, with a dash of Slytherin

‣ My MBTI is ISxJ (but mostly ISTJ)

‣ I’m a Leo

‣ My favorite color is blue or black

‣ I speak English and am learning French

‣ I hope to major in political science/psychology, and go to either NYU or Columbia (probably the former, though)

Some of my interests/things I like:

‣ Myers Briggs

‣ Journalism

‣ Politics

‣ Feminist, LGBT and US history

‣ Cats and dogs, omg I love them so much!

‣ Studying and generally being a nerd (Harry Potter and Star Wars are my faves)


‣ AP World History

‣ French 4

‣ Honors Humanities 2

‣ Honors Algebra 2

‣ Chemistry

‣ Psychology

‣ AP Art History

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I can use this blog to be more successful for the school year- that’s my main goal! <33

Studyblrs that I love and admire:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a type of girl you're into?

if you’re asking what type of girls i’m into, here we go:
- same taste in music (honestly this is a major, if we can’t talk music, we won’t have much to talk about tbh)
- same sense of humor
- down to do shit outside, especially the beach
- family oriented (especially with kids)
- not necessarily religious, but has an understanding without a closed mind
- has morals/solid foundation/won’t pull immature shit
- has some sort of ambition going on whatever it may be
- solid group of friends (typically a red flag if they don’t have a crew or a best friend)
- semi-athletic (i’m not gonna talk sports but I am an exercise sports science major soooo…)
- shorter than me (i’m 5'7")
- ass > boobs
- generally blondes, but brunettes are really fucking me up lately
- believes tacos are good any time of the day
- actually actively listens to me whenever i’m talking because they truly want to know every aspect of whatever is going through my mind
- down to watch family feud with me or something cool as hell on the science/history/weather channels
- amazed by the moon, the stars and storms
- doesn’t fuck with celery
- shows affection/reassurance without being overbearing in public (if you don’t, I will. everyone’s going to know you’re mine, in the most polite way possible)
- willing/able to handle my unexpected moods
- dog person hands down no questions asked
- designated little spoon unless I want to be little
- motivates me as I motivate them, that grow together type

More Kylo Musings

I’ve been pondering some things (as I do) about Kylo, the more spoilers we get and the more meta is published. There are two things I’d like to discuss.

The first, is Han’s death. As a die hard Han Solo fan, since the age of 7!!! (now 46) no one in my circle was as shocked and grieved about his death as me. Star Wars wouldn’t have been Star Wars without Han, and that light is now gone from our midst. It was like a body slam to me, and because of that I couldn’t even appreciate the rest of the film (Kylo and Rey’s duel) because of it. It wasn’t until I got the DVD that I was able to go back and watch (repeatedly) the battle to cement my Reylo conclusions. But back to Han. As a beloved character in cinematic history, killing him off was a major risk for the franchise’s fans. And at the hands of his own son, no less. That is like, some heavy stuff. So I am absolutely certain that the risk they took was for GOOD; to show the power of love and redemption. We already know through both the novel and the movie that Han forgave Ben. The novel says not only did he forgive him, but that he hoped one day Ben could forgive HIM. He knew he failed his son. His actions as an adult were the result of a tortured childhood. In retrospect, as much as I love Han, he was always a bit selfish. The entirety of Star Wars was him trying to get away from the fight he knew he should help out in, even being scolded by Chewie for not pitching in and helping. I know he loved Leia, and I am sure he loved his son. But his eyes were always on the skies with one foot out the door. Having a Force strong son who probably was nothing like him, coupled with Snoke being in his head and tormenting him, no doubt made the already flightly Han Solo even more itchy to bolt. While the Princess and the Smuggler were in love, they were not able to co-exist together unless it was under the blanket of war. Neither were to blame for that, but when you have a child, you have to put them first. Obviously, neither could. So yeah, I DO blame Han for not being stronger for his son, and for taking the easy way out by leaving. That guilt displayed itself on Takodana when he saw Ben carrying Rey to his shuttle, and when he called to him on Star Killer. His eyes full of tears of regret and anger at failing his son, and facing what his son had become as a result of it. No, I don’t think Han is TOTALLY to blame. But if a parent doesn’t do their job, you can’t very well blame the child.  The movie depicts him tenderly placing his palm against his son’s cheek, for the last time. A lifetime of regret and apologies was in that touch. The writers didn’t want our last view of Han to be hating his son. That would show that his death was in vain, and no peace would ensue. Han made his peace with his decision to walk out on that catwalk. And he absolved his son of the sin of patricide, even as he was dying. So for that reason alone, we are led to believe that forgiveness was granted.

The second thing I keep coming back to concerns Rey. JJ Abrams said they’ve never met. At least, not physically. We know that Rey had a vision of Kylo. But has Kylo had a vison of Rey, offscreen? And his words, IT IS YOU - is that merely him pointing out the awakening in the Force he felt was Rey, or is it something else? I love how they are keeping mum about any Kylo/Rey connections. It makes me hope some shocking revelation is coming and I can’t wait. There has been a lot of love at first sight theories going on, and I agree. At least on Kylo’s part. He is clearly not prepared for her, and probably didn’t even realize how much she would affect him. I know much has been speculated about his prior history with women, and I have to believe he is totally ignorant in that respect. Adam called Kylo a religious fanatic, like a dark Monk. While the Darkside no doubt allows indulging your baser instincts, I seriously doubt Kylo had any sexual activity with anyone. I think he’d been so consumed with anger and his ‘duties’. Besides, before that he was a Jedi, and it was forbidden to form attachments. So here comes this young woman, pretty and strong into his midst. Unlike any woman he’s known, and she has the Force. Could you imagine his mindset in that forest, the desperation to keep her close? How long had it been since anyone touched his soul like that, or shared his thoughts? If he was 'innocent’, as I think, how long since a woman had looked upon him with any real emotion? Of course, in Rey’s case it was revulsion, but there is a thin line between love and hate. He begged her to allow him to train her. And I believe he was sincere. He wanted to be understood. He could have killed her a dozen times, but he didn’t. I believe he knows he’s found a kindred spirit in her, and killing her would kill the last bit of light inside of him. He needs her, like he’s never needed anything. And that disturbs and confuses him even more.

Sure, as a Reylo shipper I want them to go the distance. I’m dying to see them fall in love, and I’m dying to see Kylo redeemed. But it’s out of my hands. So I’ll just have to speculate and hope. But I can’t see why these events would be set in motion, if not for that to happen.

anonymous asked:

I have an alternate history where, during the AIDS crisis, mandatory quarantines where put in place for all HIV+ people. I know HIV can be passed from mother to child, but can a baby born the virus pass it to their child and so on? It's in a future setting, so medicine has advanced (they might even be more medicaly/sciencey than the non-quarantined because they came up with all of the life saving/extending stuff). How might "genetic HIV" affect their health and everyday lives?

Hey nonny! This is really interesting, and I’d be interested in reading your story when it’s done…. but you have some research to do before you get started.

I hope you’re aware that a lot of the context around HIV is actually homophobia. In fact, HIV wasn’t called HIV at first – it was called Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID) in a time when gay was a dirty word. So understand that what you’re calling “quarantining HIV” would amount to a sequestering of, in large part (though far from exclusively), gay men. (And intravenous drug users.)

….You see where this is going, right? A majority “quarantines” a vulnerable population because they’re a “threat to the society at large”, complete with “scientific justification”. This is also in a time when the disease was soundly ignored and research was underfunded because the victims were gay men.

You’re basically looking at some really strong comparisons to Nazism and concentration camps in America in the 1980s. And unless you’re writing something horrifyingly dystopian – in which case go ahead!! – you need to be prepared for that perception from your readers.

What I am saying is this: spend a lot of time researching the disease and its history. And the social history of gay men in the 70s and 80s through today. And the history of antiretroviral medications. In fact, further down, I’m going to give you a read/watch list. It will be far from complete. But it will be a start.

I have a good news / bad news moment for you as well. The good news is that HIV isn’t genetic. It’s not carried down from mother to child via DNA transmission or even viral load entering the bloodstream of the fetus in utero.

So how do babies get HIV? Well, birth is a messy, bloody, poopy business. Neonates become infected when they’re delivered through a bloody  bloody birth canal and the blood enters their mucus membranes (eyes, mouth, etc). Also, babies drink bodily fluids for the first 6 months of life, which is definitely a transmission vector for the disease.

From a WHO page on mother-to-child transmission:

The transmission of HIV from a HIV-positive mother to her child during pregnancy, labour, delivery or breastfeeding is called mother-to-child transmission. In the absence of any intervention, transmission rates range from 15% to 45%. This rate can be reduced to below 5% with effective interventions during the periods of pregnancy, labour, delivery and breastfeeding. These interventions primarily involve antiretroviral treatment for the mother and a short course of antiretroviral drugs for the baby. They also include measures to prevent HIV acquisition in the pregnant woman and appropriate breastfeeding practices. 

So first off, the chance of any child of an HIV-positive mother getting HIV are less than one in two. Second, again, the virus isn’t “genetic” in its transmission. So if a child of an HIV+ mother was infected, the odds of them transmitting the disease to their child is the same as it was for them. It’s not a guarantee.

Also understand that if medicine is “more advanced” than it is today, and we already have cases of HIV being completely eliminated from people’s bloodstreams with modern medications, your society would likely get to a place where HIV can be, if not eliminated, made far less of a global crisis.

In fact, you mentioned medicine being “more advanced” inside of the “quarantine” than outside of it. But this isn’t likely, because you have to understand that the “quarantined” area is wholly dependent on the outside. They only get what they’re given (or can monkey-wrench from what they have). And separate but equal is inherently unequal. They’re social pariahs, they’re the underheels of society – they won’t be given the tools to advance beyond the society around them. If anything they’ll be the subjects of unwilling experimentation and get gaslighted into horrendous conditions with the vague and distant promise of a cure.

Here’s the thing about HIV (that, admittedly, wasn’t well understood at the beginnings of the disease): Without blood to blood or sexual contact it’s almost impossible to contract. You can’t get it from saliva without (drinking a liter of it). You can’t get it from sweat.

So I’m going to give you some homework to help you understand the background of the story you want to write.

First, films, because they’re easy and fast and will get you up to date as quickly as possible. There’s a list from Verywell (which, admittedly, I don’t love completely) with a list of films portraying HIV in culture.

I would start with #9, a movie called And The Band Played On. (It’s even on YouTube if you don’t mind a little piracy). It’s the story of how HIV came to be understood, told from the scientific side, and dealing with all of the prejudices of the Reagan administration. Philadelphia is also amazing and a must-watch. Angels in America was supposed to be phenomenal (I haven’t had the chance to see it yet).

Also do some searches on HIV and then-president Reagan, and how he dealt with –  or, more accurately, did sweet fuck-all about – HIV. It’s the story of one of the biggest failings in American history (and there have been some whoppers of failures!).

I also reached out to lovely blogger poztatt, who has commented on this blog in multiple instances about the relationship between medicine as a whole and HIV, and here’s what Pozzy had to say:

One : Transmission.  Here in BC vertical transmission has been pretty much eliminated due to good regimens.  We can, if we know about it, prevent it by using pre-existing regimens with mothers so they don’t transmit it.  Clinical guidelines are that mothers have to be on the medication (there are actual legal cases of women being charged for reckless endangerment and/or negligence for not informing doctors of their status.  Also all women in Canada that are pregnant are automatically tested.  It’s less thrilling, human rights wise, than I personally like but that’s Canada.

Second : Well, you’re sort of right about quarantine.  Fun fact : it actually is legally entirely possible to quarantine someone with a public health threat - aka communicable diseases.  Second fun fact in 1987 there was a bill proposed here in BC called Bill C34 that would have sent all people with HIV / AIDS to a leper colony island in the Georgia Straits. 

It got defeated but it had components cannibalized and put into the health care acts that allows quarantining of people with communicable diseases.

Though it’s not been enacted as there are no precidents for it outside Ebola.

So while it’s not presently a thing, it was proposed in multiple jurisdictions across N. America.

Also location is important. Sidenote: In N. America it landed in the gay male community and hit white gay men hard.  They had influence and power, as well as money, so they made noise.  It ALSO hit injection drug users and other sections of the gay community but they had less social cache to fight for care.Outside of N. America it’s predominantly location dependant. Huge swathes of African countries it’s heterosexual.  When writing about it (for the question) it’s important to note the different history depending on WHERE it’s being written about.

Poz also recommends the films When We Rise and How to Survive a Plague, as well as reaching out to your local LGBT centers and seeing if your city has an LGBT archive.

If anyone has additional resources for the Nonny here, leave a comment. I’ll screenshot them in a day or two, or copypaste, and reblog this with additional resources.

Best of luck,

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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there’s a lot of reasons as to why i think sarada aka uchiha princess should be the main character so being the extra attention seeking human child i am, here is a list of reasons why:

  1. kishimoto is too far up his ass to get rid of the uchihas so why not go the extra mile and make her the main character??? i think it would a different yet unique approach which is great considering she has an interesting background and rich history. her dream to become as a hokage? different in comparison to other’ previous ones. legit most of the hokage attained their position because what? the previous hokage died? 
  2. sarada uchiha would serve as the symbol of change and love which contrasts majority of her ancestors and their descent to the curse of hatred. issues such as how her clan felt prejudice and the way they were ostracised by the very village she lives in can be used as key main points among others. will she encounter people who hate the uchiha clan? people who hate her because of her connection, namely her father who sided with international criminals such as orochimaru and the akatsuki? how can she learn and understand her history, use it to prevent such history from repeating itself? these are questions i would want answered! 
  3. did you guys know females can be lead/main characters in shonen manga series? take claymore, inuyasha: a feudal fairy tale, as well as soul eater, just to name a few! it’s not a popular choice, but that doesn’t mean it would suck or it’d be wrong. kishimoto being the man he is created this alternate universe filled with men in powerful positions. the way female characters got treated and did not receive that much attention in terms of development (sakura is literally the most obvious example), it’d be a nice change if sarada is the main character. it would’ve been revolutionary! life changing! my skin would be cleared! my crops would be watered!!!
  4. because she is sarada fucking uchiha and i think she should be the main character in this god awful of a rehash series where i feel like boruto’s issues are just rinse and repeat of the same thing: daddy naruto. there’s really not much going on with him as much as i want to believe but i guess that’s why they want to bring toneri back and what’s his face at boruto manga chapter 1. there’s also that eye thing which is? boring -_-
fast food and five dollar wine

Written as part of the Clexa Valentine exchange as a gift for  @dreamersdeservebetter.

Summary: Both single on Valentine’s Day, best friends Clarke and Lexa decide to be each other’s date as part of a joke that stops being funny when they wake up next to each other the following morning.

Read on AO3.

It turns out to be impossible to find a table in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day without booking.

It turns out that it doesn’t even matter.

“If only all first dates were as cheap as you.”

The look that Clarke receives in response to her teasing comment is a smouldering glare, accompanied by a single fry that soars through the air and collides with the side of Clarke’s face. On any other occasion, Clarke would grow pale at the thought of having food thrown at her face on a first date, but this is not a typical first date in more ways than one.

The most glaringly obvious difference is that Clarke’s date for the evening is Lexa, who is completely off-limits even if Clarke was interested in ruining the best-friend-slash-roommate thing that they’ve had going for the last couple of years. This is not the usual first date full of nerves and painful smalltalk, this is two incredibly single best friends who have decided to be each other’s date for the evening in a reminder that you don’t need to have a significant other to have fun on Valentine’s Day.

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It’s been 11 years of Hetalia, and out of those 11 years I’m approaching my 3rd as a fan.

I’ve been through a lot over the years and I’ve been increasingly busy with other things in real life, but I’ve always had Hetalia to look at. Hetalia is the series that opened the door to the rest of the world. My experience here helped me to develop a deep love of history, culture, linguistics, and world affairs. As I go off to university next month, while I am unsure of what major I will end up choosing I have a plan in minoring in History or International Studies, and without Hetalia I would have never had that interest. 

I’ve met a lot of people here over the years, some of whom have moved on, some of whom are dear friends and aquaintances that I’ve done such a bad job of keeping up with (@hetare-hetalia @heyytalia to name a few!) and they’ve made my experience here so nice.

The fandom may be more small and/or quiet these days, and the anime isn’t running right now, but Hetalia still goes on in the form of World Stars and musicals (really good ones or so i’ve heard) and in our fanworks. And we may disagree on political and character portrayal, Funimation’s treatment of the original Japanese script, and have shipping wars, and some other drama (do any of you veterans remember that huge attack on the hetalia tag a year or two ago? ) but we’ve managed to make it through and I’m sure that Hetalia won’t be forgotten and will remain their first anime for a lot of people.

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #23

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

I have been very distracted with the Primary Big Bang, both reading the other fics and proofreading my own as I posted it, so I think there is less gen this time and more shipfics. Time to go through my AO3 History and see what I like enough to make a post about.

Project G.A.L.R.A. by GemmaRose
Words:  25,101 (WIP 15/27)
Author’s Summary:  Keith has been prepared for the apocalypse for a long time, so when it finally reaches his college campus he knows what to do. Get someone trustworthy to watch his back, grab something to defend himself with, and find a place to weather the storm. Making friends was never supposed to be part of the equation.
My Comments: Eventual Klunk? Those are the tags, anyway. This is an absolutely fantastic take on the zombie apocalypse, starting out with Hunk and Keith on the run. At the point where I just got, they just ran into Lance, so I think it’s about to get a lot more interesting, and it was ALREADY super fantastic. And it’s tagged Queerplatonic Hunk/Lance! That makes me very happy. I’m not the only one.

Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Words:  5,516 (WIP 1/8)
Author’s Summary: This psychic—Lance the Lucid, according to the posters, and Keith wasn’t even going to comment on that—was a charlatan, plain and simple, and Keith kind of wanted to punch him. Sure, Lance knew how to put on a show, but Keith doubted there was anything more to the act than charm and dramatic flair.Pidge sighed, catching Keith’s eyes. “At this point, they’re pretty much our only hope.” – While searching for the truth behind their families’ disappearance, Keith and Pidge hire a pair of amateur witches to help summon the demon Zarkon. They accidentally summon Allura instead.
My Comments: I ADORE everything this author writes, and this one is even more exciting to me than most. Fantasy AU! All of the characters so far have very cool, individual abilities, and I love the way their relationship dynamics have both changed and stayed the same from the show. Wonderful worldbuilding, intriguing plot, fun character interactions, everything I could ask for and more.

Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
Words: 119,554 (WIP 25/?)
Author’s Summary: Cold and alone, Pidge wakes up after the wormhole collapses to find herself in the last part of the universe she had ever expected to be…Home. Part 1: Cosmic Coincidence (Chapters 1-15)
Part 2: Picking Up The Pieces (Chapters 16-?) (More tags to be added in time.)
My Comments: I haven’t finished reading what’s available yet, since I keep getting distracted with other things, but this is REALLY good. Pidge is a badass, but she’s also a vulnerable kid who needs SO much love. Really cool stuff with the lion bond in this one, too, and a renegade road trip across the US. And great backstories for the Holt family, too. Highly recommended.

A Group Effort by Pale_Faces
Words: 2,971
Author’s Summary: Lance catches the common cold, of which there are no proven ways to cure. The rest of the paladins think otherwise.
My Comments: ADORABLE sickfic in which the entire team does everything they can to help Lance feel better. It’s light and fluffy and sweet and perfect just the way it is.

Homesick by Seliphra
Words: 2,590
Author’s Summary: When he was a boy, Lance would have given anything to get into space and touch the stars. Now that he’s there, he would give anything to go home again.
My Comments: Very sweet little fic, though sad at first. I love Lance and Coran so much.

Chrono Story by yamimitsukai
Words: 14,201 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: There is usually a reason that weapons are created, and a weapon such as Voltron is no exception. When Lance digs around to find the reason from old data files he found in the Castle, he didn’t expect to find eons worth of a story leading back to the very first Paladins of the Lions. And funnily enough, it’s the Druids who hold most of the answers. An Evillious Chronicles AU of Voltron - Set after Season 1.
My Comments: This story tricked me! I thought it was all going to be about worldbuilding and history, but NO, the second chapter started the PLOT. In a MAJOR WAY. I am so excited for more. Keith and Lance and Hunk’s interactions are fantastic, and I’m trying really hard not to get sucked into the huge, confusing saga that is fused into the Voltron universe here.

Make a Wish by treble_maker
Words: 19,549
Author’s Summary: All he asked for was a hot genie, but when Lance finds a wish-granting alien named Keith inside a lantern, he never expected wishing for an adventure would lead him to Voltron and the chance to save the universe.
My Comments: Endgame Klance, but it’s mostly just a fun adventure fic. This one surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. Lance is super adorable, as is Hunk, and Keith is understandably scared of getting attached. Great fun.

Santa Claus is Coming to Space by yet_intrepid
Words: 822
Author’s Summary: If the Galra attack tomorrow, Voltron’s going to have one angry leg, Hunk thinks, as he heads into the kitchen to do some experimenting. You don’t fuck with Christmas, not even if you’re an evil space empire. You just don’t.
My Comments: This is absolutely adorable and hilarious! I’m so glad it exists. SHIRO.

Stronger Than They Know (The Caretaker) by unfortunatelynormal
Words: 7,583 (WIP 14/?)
Author’s Summary:  Hunk Garrett has an incessant need to take care of people, and make sure that they are safe and happy. It ends up getting him in some precarious situations. (This is kind of a shit summary, but it starts with a Hunk origin story and goes from there).
My Comments: Tagged eventual Klance, but right now it’s just Hunk being adorable and kind and amazing and the best person in the universe. I love it.

Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Words: 10,666 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: “But, Lance…” His voice trailed away as Hunk attempted to regain his composure, too many questions flooding his mind to ignore, “What happened? Why’s everyone in the pods?” Lance’s playful exuberance melted away and he stared blankly at Hunk. “You don’t remember the bomb?” Hunk awakens out of the medical pod to find everyone else still inside, and only Lance is there to take care of them all.He’s glad to be reunited with Lance, but as time goes on, Hunk realizes that things are not entirely what they seem…
My Comments: Can be read as romantic or platonic Hance. This one absolutely broke my heart. Lance needs to be hugged for a long, long time. Fortunately, he has Hunk.

Stay Right Here by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 1,243
Author’s Summary: Hunk can’t sleep. He tries, yet it just won’t come to him. But he’s not the only one having a rough night.
My Comments: Hance. My sweet summer boys deserve all the love and cuddles.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny (now complete)
Worth of A Paladin by Rururinchan
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Aid by Haurvatat
Scattered by avidbeader
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Blood Brothers by ptw30 (now complete)
cough syrup by EmmaLuLuChu
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Where No One Goes by earthstar (now complete)

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3. Be available to make about 8+ confessions per day, or 56+ per week.  Confessions take about 2 minutes to make so that’s about 15 minutes per day to make confessions so that’s not really much out of your day.  

If you’re interested, please send 3 sample confessions to zukoshonor@hotmail.com :) Confessions are 500 x 300 px, and have the “waltdisneyconfessions@tumblr” logo on them in Times New Roman, size 11. The confession font is rough typewriter bold. Here are examples, or you can make up your own:

1.Trigger Warning: I spent my early teens trying to find my perfect Prince, and when I turned 17 I thought I had. He looked so much like Prince Phillip, and I was head over heels. One night at a friends house he sexually assaulted me up stairs and videtaped it, spreading it around and pretending like nothing ever happened. I no longer talk to him, and I can no longer watch Sleeping Beauty.

2. National Treasure is my all time favorite Disney movie. After watching it and its sequel countless times, I finally realized just how much I loved history and decided to switch my major in college. I have never once regretted this decision

3. The last time I’ve been to Disneyland was with my ex-boyfriend. Now every time I see something Disney related, I am reminded of the memories we’ve shared there and the bravery it took me to hold his hand in public since I’m a gay guy. But it hurts because it reminds me of him. I want to go back again with friends to create new memories to replace the hurt with happiness

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My name is Ashley and I am 20

I am from the United States and am going into my second year of college with my major being Biochemistry.

This semester I am taking Biology, Spanish, Psychology, Geography, and History of World Civilizations.

Some of the studyblrs that inspire me are:
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I look forward to getting to know some people in the studyblr community!

Hi, everyone! My name is Emma, and I’m new to the Tumblr community. I joined specifically for Studyblr because I heard about how supportive and helpful it is! So, after a few weeks of checking it out and meeting some amazing people, I’ve decided to officially join!

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~my family



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~^all books and authors really

Enough about me, though! Here are some really great blogs..

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uk prime ministers as dril tweets
  • clement attlee: dont talk to me of trade agreement when the only thing we can agree of is that charlatans & mad hatters have overrun the waushington office.
  • winston churchill: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. i hoot & holler outta the building while a bunch of losers try to tell me that im dying
  • anthony eden: see this watch? i got it by Crying. my car? crying. my beautiful wife? Crying. My perfect teeth? Crying. now get the fuck out of my office
  • harold macmillan: if youre one of the guys who blocked me on here, i Forgive you, and im ready for you to unblock me now.
  • alec douglas-home: if your grave doesnt say "rest in peace" on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war
  • harold wilson: my "F*&k It!! Let's Go Golfin" t-shirt maintains a tenacious stranglehold on my life. after 1,125 days of Golf my body is twisted, deformed
  • ted heath: replying to massive amounts of flagrant screwball tweets with words like "Tedious" followed by a period
  • jim callaghan: awfully bold of you to fly the Good Year blimp on a year that has been extremely bad thus far
  • margaret thatcher: "Is Wario A Libertarian" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,
  • john major: clown college is bnot a real place. it is a location imagined by trolls so they can claim that i'm from there or that i should go there.
  • tony blair: to the coward fraud who claimed my username: it is you who deserves to be plagued by this baneful "2". Posted by CrotchLordMiami2 at 3.36 am
  • gordon brown: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infants
  • david cameron: Food $200 Data $150 Rent $800 Candles $3,600 Utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
  • ed miliband (in my dreams ok): now youve done it, teens. the official mr bean account is closing because you all kept calling him dad
ID #90289

Name: Laura
Age: 17
Country: Slovakia

Hey! My name’s Laura! I’m soon to be 18 (in August), and if anyone cares, I’m a Leo and an ENFP. I’m a cheerful idealist going through a bad period- trying to figure out who I am or should be while lowkey failing makes me quite depressed. I’m a huge dork, I joke a lot but it’s funny only like 80% of the time. I study at at a biligual school, where majority of my subjects are in English, so I’m totally fluent. I obviously speak Slovak, as well as Czech and I understand Polish a biiit. I study German, however I manage it better in the written form rather than the oral. I’d like to learn a new language but I’m too unproductive to do so…

I love History, memes, space, indie bands… I used to watch anime and still am in the Hetalia and YOI fandom, my favorite series are House of Cards, Breaking Bad, AHS, Sherlock… I enjoy writing and drawing, although I’ve been lacking the inspiration for the latter lately. I love horror movies and goofy comedies. I also love psychology, politics and international relations, I consider myself a peaceful feminist and I support LGBT+ community, I represent the B in the name.

I’d like to find someone who would be willing to chat about life and all, maybe even exchange letters eventually.

Preferences: Anyone from 16 to 21, who is open-minded and nice.

anonymous asked:


alsksgsf NOT FAIR u can’t make me do all of them at once SIGH okay fine have these:

drake’s band is called The Commoners lmao

liam is a poli sci major and he’s very serious about it he also wants to go to law school and gets Stressed about the GRE constantly (like once he brought his study guide to a party and maxwell threw cheetos at him)

at the annual Beaumont Halloween Party 2k17 (theme: horror hos and slasher bros) maxwell drake and liam go as the pretty little liars (plus MC because they needed four)

maxwell: drake you’re spencer
drake: wtf NO liam is absolutely spencer
MC: yeah but we like liam
drake: why am i friends with you guys

maxwell tries to get everyone to do the slutty mean girls jingle bell rock dance with him at the annual Beaumont Christmas Party 2k17 (theme: dicks out for santa claus) but no one will so he does it by himself and then it goes viral on YouTube for like a day

liam still has a flip phone and he doesn’t understand why it’s an issue

60% of mc’s clothing is actually maxwell’s clothing

drake is a history major because of course he is

drake: i wish we could go back to the 50’s, the aesthetic was so much more my scene
maxwell: drake no

maxwell’s favorite emoji is this: 🌚

hana is on model UN and is constantly being High Maintenance about her country even though she literally has Liechtenstein

maxwell: hana that’s not a country
hana: wow u wanna tell that to my GDP??
maxwell: cool i don’t know what that is

when maxwell and mc first kiss they don’t tell anyone for like a month and then maxwell finally blurts it all out at a taco bell and liam is like wait you guys hadn’t kissed before that? like liam genuinely thought they were already dating

liam: wait but so like when we all came over to surprise her for her birthday and you guys were asleep in the bed together that was like a platonic thing?
maxwell: uh yes
liam: or when we all went to see the purge and you guys held hands the whole movie
maxwell: it was SCARY ok!!!!
liam: what about the time you brought her flowers and said they were for ‘your little blossom’
maxwell: omg AS FRIENDS
drake: do u know what friends are

there was a weird week where drake tried to be vegan that nobody talks about

kind of like that week where he was super into MC which was also coincidentally the same week when she and maxwell kissed

basically no one talks about drake is the point here it’s just better for him that way