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You know what I really love? I love it when Ford shows validation to Stan. Just validating small little tasks Stan does that seem worthless to him but Ford still praises him for his accomplishment. And Stan tries to shrug it off: “It’s nothing that important, Ford. Geez.” But deep down he really appreciates it and gets really giddy over it. The way Stan handles something is very interesting to Ford because Stan’s way of approaching and thinking is so unique. I also love the big brother taking care of his little bro aspect. We’ve seen and heard so much of Stan protecting Ford that it’s a nice change for Ford protecting Stan. Just imagine them both on the Stan O’ War II and get sick on occasion. One day, Stan is weak from sickness but he still does tasks on the boat and Ford notices this and insist Stan get some rest. But Stan, being stubborn as he is, refuses: “’M fine, Poindexter. Just not feeling like myself is all.” And lots of bickering and insisting later, Stan decides to rest. Of course Ford offers to take care of him but Stan refuses. “I’m a grown-ass man, Ford. I can take care of myself.”
“I know but let me at least help you, just for today.”
Stan thinks this over and he knows Ford is not going to stop til he says yes. Much to his annoyance, he allows Ford to take care of him. I like to think Ford goes a bit overboard and covers Stan with lots of blankets. “Yeesh, Sixer. I’m not sick with the plague, I just have a cold.”
And Ford keeps checking in on him and asking if he’s okay and if he needs anything. “Ford, I swear. If you don’t let me sleep….”
“Sorry. Just making sure you were okay. You don’t need anything?”
“It’s been 2 minutes since you asked me that. I’ll holler at you if I do.”
I also like to think Ford gives hugs; like… A LOT. They’re just out on the deck and out of no where Ford just hugs Stan.
“Erm…. What’s this for?”
Ford shrugs. “Just felt like it.”
Stan shakes his head but hugs Ford back anyway. “You big nerd.”
And the nightmares…! They both will have nightmares on occasion. Stan will always be there when Ford is startled by a nightmare and they either talk it out or just being in each other’s presence is calming enough. When Stan has a really bad nightmare the first time he doesn’t bother Ford with it and goes on about his day. Still, it’s always on his mind and his behavior is off. Ford notices this real quick and asks if anything happened or if Stan was slipping into a memory lapse. Stan says it’s nothing but Ford knows deep down something happened. He decides to give Stan a bit of space because he knows Stan will only push the subject away. Ford finally gets Stan to sit down and talk about his nightmare. Stan is unsure of Ford’s reaction because his nightmare had to do with Ford and their broken past. It’s slow going but Stan finally opens up, albeit a little shaken. He still has all these regrets built up that they finally start pouring out. He can’t help but let all the tears of anger and regret out and he hates being like this, especially in front of Ford. Ford is really encouraging with Stan’s insecurities and just listens to what Stan has to say. And at the end of it all, Ford just tells Stan how proud he is of Stan opening up to him at such a personal level and offers words of support and much needed hugs.
Hoo boy. I have rambled waaaaay too long. XD These two always ruin me and give me way too many emotions. I just love them so much.

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Hey hey it's me again. Mystery anon. (Am I going overboard with the asks? I hope this isn't getting creepy--you're just such a wonderful cinnamon roll) artblock sucks man. How about the agents of project freelancer? Maybe they're all bonding together? Someone's getting pranked? Or for once in their lives they get a break. Wait. What if they found a cat? Wash would be all over it. Picture a lil kitty sleepin on Maine. It'd be great. Best wishes to you, Panther!

you say a kitten sleeping on maine and i raise you multiple kittens sleeping on sleepy maine

awaaaaaaaaaah anon you’re so great and i’m really glad you’ve been sending me so many asks~~

i suppose now is a good time as any to promote my rvb ask blog? @ask-the-freelancers is almost up and running- as soon as i finish making the ‘ask box is open’ sign i’ll start accepting stuff.

Bubblegum & The Galaxy Within the Girl Series | Seilah

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Three panels that was used in Juvia are recreated. Fun fact do you know i try in every retrospect to be stealthy in the fandom giving random anon asks to everyone with a certain title and it doesn’t work purely bc of this series do you know that bc i do and it breaks my little heart that i can’t stealth jsus 

So far in the Bubblegum Series; 

@doginshoe @baerandish @neato-ft and @acnomogia are the offical i-expect-to-be-tagged squad apparently. 


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My most grateful thanks for all the love I’ve received on my scenarios! I hope you all enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them, and here’s to ending strong with my favorite son Rocky! (That’s right, Dongmin, Rocky is going to show you back to your lane HAHAHA)

This is REALLY LONG, a little more than 2,000 words. I may have gone a little overboard(who am I kidding I actually did go a little overboard) with a lot more details and just the concept so exciting that I couldn’t seem to stop. Plus, I wanted this to be more fun since my last Rocky scenario was a little… depressing. 


“You can’t be serious.”

You turned back towards your desk and stared at the figure leaning back on his chair, silver headphones standing out from his all-black attire that didn’t even follow the school’s uniform code. It made you nervous knowing that your seatmate Rocky had a reputation for being a troublesome delinquent and the resident bad boy who had almost no regard for the system as long as things were going his way. As if that wasn’t enough, he also didn’t try very hard in class, so your teacher had decided that it was up to you, the top student and class president in 1A, to help him “improve his scores so that he would be on track to graduate”.

Nice try, Teach, but instead of sugarcoating it like that, “get his shit together” would’ve worked just fine.

The bell rang, and all your classmates cheered as they were released from the prison known as school, packing their bags and making plans with friends to go hang out at a cafe or something to relax.

“Want to come over to my house today?” Your best friend asked you.

“I have to get Rocky to do tutoring with me since we have a history test in two days.” 

You panicked as he packed up his things and slung his backpack over his shoulder. 

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  1. Karnaca is the capital of Serkonos, the “Jewel of The South”, which is the southermost island of The Empire of The Isles
  2. Serkonos is ruled by Duke Theodanis Abele, who is not very liked among the people
  3. The Grand Guard is Karnaca’s equalivent to the City Watch. The officers are personally handpicked by the Duke
  4. Blood flies are insects native to Serkonos
Me On A Date
  • Me: So how do you feel about Pop-Punk music?
  • Date: Oh I love 5 Seconds of Summer, Panic! at The Disco and the new Fall Out Boy record...
  • Me: No I meant like As It Is, Man Overboard, The Wonder Years....?
  • Date: I don't know what....
  • Me: Either I'm giving you some musical education or we're getting the check.
Culture Shock

I’m back. And apparently I’m a masochist because I forced myself to write this one even though I was done for the week. This came from a very enthusiastic anon who asked for something about the 2014 World Cup article, and how Harry got his scar/how they deal with fame. So you get this, which is really none of that. Written for hpshipweeks. Hope you enjoy! 

Oh, and if you think I am going overboard with the Americana, you have never seen us around any national holiday/sports game/any event really. If you think I am judging American teenage girls, I am, and I can because not even two years ago, I was one. And the Bent-Winged Snitches of my mind are a boy band, I don’t care what anyone else says.

“Why are we doing this again?” Harry asked his three female companions as they attempted to weave through the crowds. He reached back and grabbed hold of Rosie’s hand so he didn’t lose her.

“Because, Daddy,” Lily piped up from next to Ginny, “we need to meet the Bent-Winged Snitches.” Harry and Ginny exchanged amused glances.

“I don’t see the appeal,” Harry continued, just to taunt his daughter.

Rose and Lily looked appalled, and Ginny laughed. “That’s because you aren’t a young girl,” she said.

“They just make a lot of noise,” Harry complained. “That isn’t even music.”

“And you think that because you are getting old,” Ginny said, reaching over to squeeze Harry’s arm. “Rita did notice that you are going grey.”

Harry suddenly looked afraid. “What if she is following us? The next thing you know an article will say I am corrupting the girls by exposing them to crazy, hormone-driven American males.”

“Not to mention that we must be kidnapping Rosie from Ron and Hermione,” Ginny added, gesturing to their young niece.

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For anyone who knows me, I love Ginnifer Goodwin. I have followed her work for years, and I own every movie/tv show that she has ever appeared in. Yes, it may seem that I go overboard at times, but I am a committed fan. Ginny is absolutely a roll model of mine, as she is an incredible human being.

I have always loved that social media gives the opportunity for fans to interact with celebrities. For me, all I have ever wanted was to meet or even talk to Ginny, and social media gave me the chance to connect with her. I could ask her questions or respond to tweets just hoping that my favorite actress would respond.

And today, that was taken away from me.

Ginnifer Goodwin has officially wiped away all traces of her social media because she has received so many negative comments.

I am so unbelievably angry that this happened. I am livid that a truly wonderful person has been attacked so much online that she does not feel safe here and has chosen to remove herself from it. I do not understand how people can be so hurtful and malicious and just plain fucked up.

Just because someone is a celebrity does not mean that they are unaffected by bullying.

Once Upon a Time fandom, I am looking at you.

I love this show and I love Ginny, but I absolutely despise this fandom. I have made some amazing friends through this show, and I am not ignoring that, but some of the most cruel and vicious people I have encountered belong to this fandom.

Do you not realize that this wonderful cast that brings us this show are real people? Constantly attacking them is the farthest thing from okay. These actors and actresses have devoted themselves to bring us an incredible show, and yet they are relentlessly being harassed. Meghan Ory deleted her Twitter. Jennifer Morrison has had to repeatedly defend every word she says. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to, because just listing these examples just makes me sick.

And now, losing Ginny, I’m really taking this personally.

I know that this isn’t about me. I really am sad for this woman who has been bullied online by the people in this fandom. She has done nothing to deserve this, none of the cast have.

I guess that now I just really am sad. Because I lost the one connection I had to Ginnifer Goodwin, a person I really adore and admire. It really fucking hurts.

I guess that I just want these horrendous people to know that they hurt so many people with what they say. The cast and creators have been tortured so much that I am embarrassed to call myself a Oncer. But also, you hurt the fans when you attack the people they love.

I am so disgusted and disgraced at the people in this world. I am ashamed and horrified.

But more than anything, I am really just unbelievably sad.

“Am I going overboard with these confessions? Ah well, here is number…. I forget: Since there was no WW2 in the Steven Universe universe, how has passed politics been shaped? I mean, without WW 2there is no Cold War to shape world politics for the later half of the 20th century. I really would love it if the Crewniverse wrote up a history book for Steven Universe.”