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You know who I’m believing for right now? I’m believing for Rebs. Xe helped me believe in the beginning. Xe helped me along my way to see who I really am. Xe is the ultimate believer, and I will believe for xer. I know people may think I’m crazy, even insane, but that’s okay. Rebs taught me to hope, now I hope I can do the same. @pearlrebs

Teen Wolf Ramblings

So, I have a trillion ideas and theories concerning season 6 right now and I have to spit them out so here you go! 

-I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there is a Polish family and a Nazi werewolf in Beacon Hills. I think this is actually extremely significant.

-It’s also significant that the alpha werewolf, aka Mr. Douglas, was badly burned before being taken by the dread doctors. It’s why he uses Helium to aid his breathing. It’s called Heliox therapy and is very effective in treating things like asthma. It’s also used to ease the respiratory system after someone has suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation, like Parrish says. 

-Elias Stilinski spent his time in the war quite literally “burning bridges.” His job was blow up any bridges to halt movement of any kind by the enemy. It’s quite possible that Mr. Douglas, a Nazi, could have been killed in an explosion set by Elias. Maybe?

-Most of the new intro features clips from season 3, particularly the second half which was very much centered around WWII. This could be a clue as to what we should be thinking about while watching this season.

-Eichen House used to be the remnants of a fictional internment camp called Oak Creek, which housed Japanese-Americans. This is yet another connection to WWII and the victimization of a very specific group of people.

-The two people that Lydia has seen in her visions have been an older woman, quite possibly old enough to be a first generation survivor of the Holocaust, and an Asian woman who could be a 2nd generation survivor of the Oak Creek internment camp. We’ve now seen a a young boy showing Lydia the entrance to Stiles’s room. Again, he could be another person of a group that was or still is ostracized. I’m not sure what the connecting factor is for all of the people who have been taken by the ghost riders. But, there has to be something that signals who should be taken. Everyone at Liam’s party saw the ghost rider, but will they all really be taken? Or will only certain ones be taken do to that mysterious connection that could possibly be related to the WWII storyline?

-In literature, trains are often used to symbolize a spiritual journey, a departure, or a journey to the afterlife. This would make the train station a sort of “in-between” state for the souls there. For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Kings Cross train station is used to symbolize the state between life and death. It’s the place you dwell in while your fate is decided. Will you take the train and move on? Or choose a different path?

-Historically, trains were used to transport the Nazi Regime’s victims during WWII. Anyone and everyone outside their strict ideal of perfection was transported to concentration camps by train. Many 1st and 2nd generation survivors cannot stand to be inside a railway car or confined space for this very reason. It’s interesting that they specifically chose a train station paired with the rest of the storyline. The writers tend to make these choices very deliberately and the connections are there!

-There’s been a recurring theme concerning the human soul. Mr. Douglas is taking the pineal gland from the brain of his victims. As Chris said, it’s considered the seat of the soul. Therefore he’s stealing souls. In mythology The Wild Hunt sweeps through towns taking the souls of all those they come across. Two separate entities in Beacon Hills stealing souls? What’s the connection? Is it possible that they’re working together? Or are they competitors of some sort?

-The Germans have their own version of The Wild Hunt as well, which I think could be important to note. It’s very similar to the Welsh/Irish one, but there are variations as to who the leader of The Wild Hunt truly is.

-Theories concerning the Sluagh have been very popular this season and I’m so on board with that. The Sluagh is very much associated with The Wild Hunt and would easily fit into the storyline. The security system for the supernatural unit of Eichen House was compromised in season 5 when Stiles and Lydia visited Valyk in his cell. The Dread Doctors were able to enter, therefore it’s very possible that the Sluagh could have escaped, especially as it can disguise itself through the use of the faces of lost or damaged souls.

-It’s very possible that fake-Claudia (I do not believe that she’s really Claudia), is the Sluagh. Claudia suffered from frontotemporal dementia, which destroyed her memories and her reality. It’s possible that her soul constitutes as as a lost or damaged soul because of the state of her mind when she passed away. Plus, remember how the pineal gland is the seat of the soul? Is it possible that her pineal gland was affected by the deterioration of her brain, therefore damaging her soul? The pineal gland releases melatonin into the body, regulating sleep and wakefulness. Dementia is known to decrease the amount of melatonin released in your body because of the damage to the pineal gland. 

-It’s also important to note that over the duration of the series, dreams and waking dreams have been a recurring theme. As we’ve seen so far in season 6, they can be a tool for remembering. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern reality from dreams. I think this will factor in somehow as the season continues. 

-Claudia loved her son. We don’t know much about Noah and Claudia’s life together prior to her death, but I do believe that she wanted and loved Stiles. If Noah’s memory/dream is anything to go by, then we know that she wanted kids. The “Claudia” we’ve seen in season 6 doesn’t fit the picture of Claudia that Stiles and the writers have painted for us. This Claudia seems possessive of Noah and somewhat aggressive towards all of the others. When Noah gets to the station and is told his wife is there to see him in 6x02, he seems surprised for a moment, even confused. The Wild Hunt may be able to remove people from reality, but they can’t bring people back to life. I think the Sluagh is using Claudia’s figure as a tool to halt the search for Stiles and the other victims.

-Finally, I have a theory about Claudia that I haven’t seen yet and although it doesn’t necessarily relate to the storyline right now, it could factor in later. Stiles has always blamed himself for his mother’s death. But, why would he blame himself if it was the dementia that killed her? In season 5, in Stiles’s memory/vision/dream from his past, his mother appears to be suffering from what Lydia would call “sundowning.” She has difficulty separating reality from the affects of the disease, leaving her vulnerable and lost. Before Stiles’s dad appears on the roof, Claudia attempts to hurt Stiles and then accuses him of wanting her dead. During that moment, she’s standing on the edge of the roof as if she intends to jump. I’ve always wondered if Claudia committed suicide somehow while in the hospital. It would explain why Stiles feels guilty despite her death not being his fault at all. But, I could see Stiles blaming himself for being present in the hospital when her death occurred and I could understand his fears that his father would blame him as well. If that were true, it would be even more reason for the Sluagh to take her form. A weakened or darkened mind is easier to take than a sound one.

These are just my ramblings and thoughts on season 6 of Teen Wolf. I’m a nutter, I know lol I literally just vomited my thoughts onto paper without even editing or reading over it, so hopefully this makes sense. If you have any thoughts on what I’ve said or just other theories and ideas, please send them my way! I’d love to see what other people are thinking.


I’m sorry I haven’t been very active these last few months guys!! There’s so much I want to write and get involved with, but I think I’m in a bit of a funk. A writing funk and a life funk.

There’s some not-so-good things happening in my personal life right now that are stressing me out and making me feel sad and lonely… but on the other hand, I found out a few weeks ago that I’m going going to be an AUNTY for the first time this July???!!! And I am so, so, so excited. For my sister and for myself. Plus, the amount of crochet and knitting I’m doing borders on insane. July is winter in Australia, and you KNOW that baby is getting the full force of my warm woollen love.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my lack of activity! Being part of this fandom and scrolling through my Zimbits-filled dash at the end of the working day makes my entire body go heart-eyes.

You guys are ‘swawesome

On Charlotte Pudding and the Red Velvet Wedding Plot in Chapter 850 (Manga Spoilers Ahead!)

This chapter was insane.  Period.  Oda had us going and has had people torn about Pudding ever since the beginning of the arc.  And now it’s been revealed that she is a murderous, lying bitch, right?…or, is she?

Hear me out, okay? Firstly, I am the first person to want Pudding to be evil.  I just love the evil bitches in One Piece, and I’ve been waiting for this since she was introduced.  However, Oda’s writing in this arc has…left me confused.  Not in a bad way at all, it’s just that there are still some things that don’t add up with this.  Sure, she came out as evil and revealed this whole scheme about the Vinsmokes being assassinated at the wedding, and there is a high possibility that I am overanalyzing everything, but for the sake of analysis, I am going to look deeper and examine the parts that, in my opinion, cause for some suspicion to still be present.

One reason there has been such huge debate about Pudding’s true nature for so long is because Oda has written her in a way that has put evidence toward both directions, at least, prior to chapter 850.  She was seen as a nice, pure soul, but there was a lot of evidence to show she was deceiving the SHs, like how she didn’t meet them at the coast, how Pedro didn’t trust her, how she was revealed to be a good liar right when we met her, how she was made completely perfect for Sanji, how she was suspiciously not revealing her third eye, and how she didn’t have an “Oda Box”.  I always suspected that the Oda Box would be revealed, surely, when her true nature was revealed.  I mean, that would make sense, right?  Interestingly enough…her Oda box wasn’t revealed in this chapter either, where we find out that her true nature supposedly is that of a murderous crazy person.  I really doubt Oda forgot about the box, especially for a character as important as Pudding…so what’s up with that?

This may sound crazy and completely stupid given what was shown in chapter 850, but I think that there is still something Pudding is hiding.  I know, I know this sounds dumb, but just hear me out!  Despite the evidence listed previously and in chapter 850 of Pudding being an evil bitch, there is actually also some evidence that she might not be evil, too, and that she might still be a good person.

One giant question I have is if Pudding was going to be an evil bitch this whole time, why would Oda make us sympathize with her? The obvious answer could be to make the plot twist that much more surprising.  But in all honesty, I think there could be something more to it.

Here, we see Pudding alone on a balcony in the rain, staring out over the horizon.  Here, there is no one to act for.  And she looks sad.  …Wait, what? If everything was going according to this plan to kill the Vinsmokes, then why would she be looking sad about it?  Surely, evil Pudding would be happy about it, and if she was, she wouldn’t be hiding it because there is no one here for her to act for.  It is in this scene of her being alone that we also see her given a flashback, in which Oda shows a little Pudding listening to Lola talking about her freedom to marry who she chooses.   For one, true villains in One Piece rarely get flashbacks, as they are normally used to generate sympathy for characters or provide insight into them.  This is the second hint we’ve seen of Pudding having some respect/affection for Lola and her decision (the first instance being in chapter 828, in this panel:

She even has those little floating specks behind her, which often has been used in One Piece to indicate a significant moment or event. )  Lola is confirmed to be a good person and is a friend to the Straw Hats.  I don’t know about you, but I find it weird that someone as supposedly maniacal as Pudding could look up to someone kind like Lola, without being kind herself.  It would also make little sense if Pudding, who exhibits loyalty to Big Mom and her evil plan in this chapter, would actually look up to Lola, who did the opposite and defied Big Mom’s orders by leaving that important marriage.  I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that, even though Pudding says she’s evil in chapter 850, these canon panels of her thinking about Lola can and would not be faked by her in this context.  This makes me think that there is some other motive, perhaps relating to her freedom to choose what to do and who to marry that is at play here in some way.
Speaking of her freedom, the scene earlier rom 848 also highlights something else that’s interesting.  It’s shown here that Pudding selects her own wedding dress, only to have Mama refuse and make her wear a different one.  For one thing, if the wedding is going to be for the sole purpose of massacring the Vinsmokes, then who cares what dress is worn?  The wedding isn’t even going to happen anyway, so Big Mom worrying about the type of dress seems rather pointless (this relates to some contradictory points about this whole Red Wedding scheme of Big Mom’s in general, which will be talked about later).  Secondly, I find it interesting that, while she is alone, she recalls Big Mom’s words to her about being her “little doll” and it being best for her to listen to her orders.  This kind of reiterates the idea that Pudding really has little say in what she does on WCI.  If she was really evil and wanted nothing but to go along with Mama’s orders, Oda would probably not have her thinking about this in this emotional kind of context.  Pudding, also, would probably not have made this face in reaction to Big Mom’s antics if she was 100% behind it, would she?  

If Big Mom knows her daughter’s true nature like Pudding says she does, then why would Pudding act in this timid, quiet way?  There’d be no reason to act like this and hide her true nature in front of Big Mom, especially if she is in on this plan.
This is all very interesting to me, as all the information from the above panels all seem to be genuine reactions from a Pudding who, again, would have no need to be acting for anyone in those situations. This combined with some ambiguous factors like her randomly crying as she said goodbye to Luffy and Nami and her looking distressed about “having somewhere to be” when Tamago was helping her select a dress make me question this newest revelation about her.  Chapter 850 aside, it almost makes it appear as if…Pudding could possibly view her arranged marriage as shackles tying her down to a life without the freedom to decide anything for herself, all the while possibly having a dream to live freely, like Lola.  If this is true, and I’m not saying it is, Pudding could potentially, and this is a stretch, have some motives with everything she’s doing that deviate from everything she is telling to Reiju in this chapter.
This brings me to the overall sketchiness of the “Red Velvet Wedding” situation as a whole.  While this idea of it being Big Mom’s ultimate plan to lure the Vinsmokes into WCI via marriage so she can kill them, there are a few things that I find really weird with this:

1) Why would Big Mom wait until the actual wedding ceremony to kill the Vinsmokes?  They’re already on the island, so what’s stopping her?  If all she wanted was the clone army, wouldn’t this whole elaborate wedding plan be a really roundabout way of doing what could be probably a simple task for a Yonko? Also, why even kill the Vinsmokes at all?  They would be Big Mom’s allies if the wedding happened, and the whole point of the alliance is for Big Mom to get ahold of the army.  She would have it through the marriage, so why wreck the marriage, kill the family, and use the science when she could do it with them alive just as easily?

2) Has Big Mom ever done this with any of her other weddings before?  She has Chiffon married to Capone, and he and his crew are alive, and she has Praline married to Aladdin, and he and the Fishman Pirates are alive.  Does she normally just kill the in-laws like this?  It seems weird that she would only do this for this marriage, but not for any others before this point.  

3) Why would Big Mom request for the Straw Hats (specifically, Luffy and Nami) to be kept alive as well, only to kill them later?  To me that is just so pointless.

4) Pudding telling the plan to people is also really weird. Like, why even tell Reiju anything?  There’s not really a point at all to doing that, other than the typical evil villain monologue villains give that sometimes crew them over by revealing too much.  And why in the world did Pudding take time out of her day (right after her sad pondering on the balcony scene, interestingly) to approach Luffy and Nami to tell them about it?  Wouldn’t telling so many people put the plan at a higher risk of being discovered? I don’t know, but telling one of the Vinsmokes themselves about this plan is a really risky move if she wants it to really succeed.  This, again, makes me question Pudding’s motives a bit.

5) One thing I also find really sketchy is the fact that Pudding didn’t just tell Luffy and Nami, but she whispered it to them.  Why would she do that, when she could just say it in front of Opera, who is guarding the cell and is a son of Big Mom who, according to Pudding, would be in on this plan because he is one of her siblings?  Unless she just wanted to be really really creepy, there was no real reason for her to hide what she was saying, unless, perhaps, the siblings don’t actually know any of this.  And if the siblings don’t know any of this, this could potentially mean…it doesn’t involve Big Mom at all.

We have to remember that there is still one huge player who we know has something planned that has been missing for like 20 something chapters:


Truly, we don’t know what he’s up to, but we know that he’s got an ulterior motive and that he shot Pekoms off a cliff, and that it would not be out of the realm of possibility for him to be planning to take out other members of Big Mom’s crew. Pekoms told him not to underestimate Big Mom, and Capone would definitely benefit from the chaos that would ensue if there was war on Whole Cake Island.  Nothing is for certain, but it’s definitely possible that, in some way, he could be involved with this plot.  I’d even go as far to say that Big Mom may not be involved at all, and that this is all part of Capone’s plan, and Pudding is somehow involved. (I also find it interesting that Nitro the Jello has a hat and a face very similar to Capone’s.  This might not mean anything, I just thought it was interesting).

Overall, the whole thing is still sketchy to me, and it will probably be sketchy to me until the Straw Hats leave Whole Cake Island at the end of the arc. And I know some people are probably going to think I’m an idiot for even questioning any of what was revealed in chapter 850.  TBH, I would not be surprised if I am completely wrong and Pudding really is 100% evil and this whole wedding slaughter really was planned by Big Mom and Capone has no involvement at all, but I just thought I would mention some things I thought were a little weird about the whole situation. I just thought I’d pose some food for thought since we have a freaking TWO WEEK BREAK until next chapter.
Thanks for reading!

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My hadwriting isn’t the best, so here’s what they’re saying.

Panel 1: Are you two SERIOUS right now? Victor went insane I swear’

Panel 2: Yes, why?

Panel 3: No. Nothing. Go and do… Whatever it is. I don’t care.

so, is the return 3 cover going to be released or ??????

post-gaming video hc no one asked for

- “My neck feels naked now,” Phil complains, holding his neck which was previously covered by Timothy the anaconda. Dan rolls his eyes and tries to ignore him and start the game, but Phil just won’t shut up.

- “Fine.” Dan slams his hands down on the keyboard before getting up and pushing Phil’s chair back, tilting it and dumping Phil onto the futon behind them.

- Phil tries to complain, what is Dan doing, he’s ruining the spooky mood, but Dan is quickly straddling him, tangling his long fingers in Phil’s ghost shirt, pulling him up for a kiss. Phil doesn’t mind, yeah it’s a little bit of awkward timing, but whatever.

- “So your neck is naked?” Dan whispers in Phil’s ear, and Phil really should have known better than to nod because the next second Dan is biting his neck, dark bruises appearing almost immediately.

- “Dan!” Phil makes a half-hearted attempt to push the younger man away, but Dan just smirks against his neck, biting another mark just below his jaw.

- Only when Phil’s neck is a complete mess, covered in red and purple marks, does Dan stop, pulling away and sitting back down in his chair.

- “You’d better go cover that up before we film.”

Confessions of a Curly Secret Santa

Harry Styles - One Shot

A/N: Here’s my Harry Holiday Special!! Feedback is appreciated! xx

“You have to tell him,” Your blond haired best friend insists, frowning deeply when you shake your head ‘no’, “Yes, you do. If you don’t tell him now, he’s gonna find someone else and you’re just gonna be friendzoned and heartbroken, again.”

“I can’t,” You moan, banging your forehead against the table in frustration, “What if he doesn’t feel the same way? I’ll fuck everything up by telling him about my feelings.”

“Babe, I love you, but shut the hell up,” He scoffs, poking your head until you look back at him, “He’d be totally insane not to feel the same way, he’s in the music room alone right now, go talk to him.”

“I am way too sober to have that conversation with him now,” You exclaim wide eyed and slightly frantic, “I’ll wait after the party tonight or something, when I get some liquid courage in me.”

“Fine,” Niall agrees, a determined look taking over his face, “But if you don’t tell him tonight, I’m telling Liam you were the one that scratched his car door and not some random stranger.”

“You wouldn’t,” You gasp, your eyes widening at the thought, “I thought you were my friend.”

“I am, that’s why I’m making you do this, love,” He smiles, rubbing your back affectionately.


You’re standing in a secluded corner of the living room watching people partaking in drunk karaoke when harry swaggers his way across the crowd to lean against the wall next to you, “Hey, love, you look lovely,” He compliments, his eyes giving you a once over, a crooked grin taking over his face as he notices the blush on your cheek.

“Thanks, H,” You smile, your eyes involuntarily checking out his exposed chest, “You don’t look so bad yourself,” You offer him, almost rolling your eyes at the biggest understatement ever, he looks so much better than what you let on. He looks like some kind of God, walking around with overflowing confidence in his tight black jeans and unbuttoned white shirt.

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Nutrition is nuts sometimes. I am completely full of delicious food right now and my intake was about 600 calories. A lot of veggies and healthy choices. And it’s just insane that I can go out to eat, eat about double or triple the amount of calories, and feel nowhere as satisfied as I do right now.


Trapped inside crazy realities,
Where nobody minds multiple personalities.
Replay the moment a million times,
Maybe one day I’ll get it right.
What’s real I don’t know anymore
Maybe this way I can do no wrong.
I want so bad a life like mine,
Where I can be anyone I like,
I am not insane, I just like to play games,
Remember someone told me
it is all fun until someone gets hurt.
Poking eyes was never fun anyway,
Now we break hearts
and play them all over again.
I want out, want to go,
I want my life,
Was there one before
Being this lame?
Cut my life,
breathe my air.
Don’t you wish
To be someone else?

Okay, since I am a very excited-borderline-impatient person, I looked a bit on Twitter and I’ve found this.

Now I’m wondering… are they talking about the movie or the actual series??

According to me, it’s probably the movie (since the series will air on Disney XD), but “premiere” means the first airing of something, right? Unless Disney Channel never broadcasted the BH6 movie in its 2 years of existance? 

But, here’s my theory: if Disney Channel airs the BH6 movie randomly on January 6th, does that mean we’ll get a teaser of the series around that time? It would be logic; they air the movie a last time, and next thing you know, we have a teaser and possibly a proper air date afterwards, as if to “continue” the events of the movie they broadcasted.

Brooks Wheelan, the new voice actor for Fred has stated on his Instagram that the series will air on “early 2017”, but if by that he means January, then we better get a teaser soon, or else it will logically mean the date of the pilot will be much later.

anonymous asked:

hey there, thank you so much for organizing the exchange! all the works were beautiful, hope you'll do it again this year. talking about 2017, are you planning to organize some special events for valentine's day?

Hey! Thank so much, and yes, all of the gifts were so incredible even *I* am still working through them all the give everyone their due props. Yes, I will be holding this event in 2017, and hopefully for many, many years to follow. I’m not going to be able to do anything for Valentine’s Day, unfortunately, as school will be insanely hectic around that time. But I am going to be holding a summer gift exchange at the beginning of summer (hopefully with enough time for people to work before their finals and after). It’s in private mode right now, but the blog is called Sterek Summer Exchange, so look out for it come March/April (for the sign ups). Thanks again! This event wouldn’t be possible without all of the amazing sterek creators out there. I love you all to pieces.

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Things I Am Thinking About

Late night feedings and scrolling on Pinterest have helped me decide on a theme for Holden’s first birthday which is approximately 9 months away. Wild One is the theme and I am thinking about beginning to purchase things for it which might be insane.

I am scheduled to go on a work trip that is not currently scheduled so I don’t know where and for how long. It is annoying because I would like to have an idea of how much milk I will need to have in the freezer. Holden is sleeping 7-8 hours thus dropping some feeds so I am trying to decide if I should get up and pump or sleep. Right now I prefer sleep.

In non baby thoughts, Dan and I have decided to participate in the St. Louis Women’s March. We bought t-shirts and have been recruiting more participants. Women’s rights is something we fiercely defend in our house and this is the beginning of us becoming more involved. Holden will come along too as long as it is not too cold.

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the fucking fic you guys are writing right now is literally making me go INSANE i'm just,, congrats on how well you both write omfg and i feel like i've been waiting to cum for a damn year how are you doing this to me????? i am in physical pain thank you so much please let it end LMAO

Thank you for your kind words and wow @daddyorsonkrennic I didn’t realise our fic was this good :P

      HIS FINGERS ITCHED for a cigarette, mind feeling too full and his chest feeling too heavy. The lightness provided by nicotine and menthol was craved in the moment, but Q hadn’t smoked since coming to Bates, an unconscious decision, and he didn’t quite feel like driving into town just for a pack. Still, it felt like slowly going insane. “I will literally pay someone to put me out of my misery right now.” The male groaned out, head falling into his hands. “I am going to go mad if I have to stay in here any longer.”

6 random facts

I was tagged by @jenjifr ! Thanks! 😙

1.) I love paranormal tv shows and paranormal movies

2.) I love arts and crafts but have a really bad habit of not finishing my projects! Found a half done cross stitch in my closet last week and yarn still in the shopping bags from an attempted blanket I was gonna crochet.

3.) I really want a dog! (I’ve only ever had cats). I get my fix at work of dogs and puppies at least though.

4.) I am shy and have bad social anxiety sometimes. (I have anxiety even doing this right now lol)

5.) the other night I dreamt I won the lottery and it felt so real and the emotions were insane

6.) I’m going on vacation in February!

I tag anyone who is following me who wants to share 6 facts! 🤗

Dear Charlie,

i thought my life was starting to get a little less sad.  I guess i’m stupid for hoping for something good to happen to me.  my mother wants me to lose weight, i used to take hardcore diet pills she bought me that made me starve myself and yes i did lose 20 pounds in like 3 weeks but i couldn’t eat at all and she wants me to do it again and im scared she’ll make me starve and i can’t do that and then she started crying because i said i didn’t want to starve myself.  

how am i supposed to stay sane in this mad house?

shes starving herself to death and wants me to follow her.  shes the only thing right now thats even making me want to end it, so i kinda dont want her to get better.  is that wrong?  

i sound ridiculous dont i? haha i think im going insane here and im stuck and alone, i dont matter really…

My landlady has lost her damn mind, and now I might have to find a new place to live by the end of the month, instead of by May, like we thought as of two fucking days ago. My poor landlord is trying so hard to keep it together but apparently it is possible for a person to become a huge asshole AFTER they go to rehab and stop being an alcoholic, because Kristen doesn’t seem to care that she is screwing over four other people. And this is just after we finished pulling all my stuff out of my storage unit. With the business it isn’t like Birdy and I have a lot of options for places we can afford to live, and the market in this town is insane right now, and Kristen knows it, but she has stopped caring about anyone but herself.

I’m so fucking frustrated right now. And I am fucking taking her kitten when I leave, because she hasn’t looked at him since she claimed him and we’ve been the ones raising and caring for him, and I’m not letting her take him and run off, especially since he is so very attached to his brothers.

Get to Know the Blogger

tagged by @insanity-the-scribe. Thank you!!! And if you ever wanna chat just go ahead n.n I like talking to people but am not good at starting conversations

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Name: Viviana

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Sexual Orientation: don’t even want one

Favorite Colors: Blue and purple

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Average Hours of Sleep: 7

Last Thing I Googled: something about a bank

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: one

Favorite Fictional Characters: L, Mello, half the cast of FMA, Celty Sturluson, Shizuo Heiwajima, Eva Ushiromiya, Ange Ushiromiya, Dlanor A. Knox, Kuranosuke Koibuchi…

Favorite Famous People: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, BoA

Favorite Books: And then there were none, The murder of Roger Ackroyd, The mystery of Pale Horse, The analyst, The running man (lots of “The” in there lol)

What are you wearing: old-ass pajamas because I’ve lost control of my life

Favorite Band/Artist: Paramore, Evanescence, No Doubt, Last Alliance, AOA, GFriend, Mamamoo

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Current amount of followers: 377

What you post about: I just reblog stuff

Do you have any other blogs?: Ye I have a shizelty sideblog because I’m a hopeless weeaboo

Who is your most active follower?: I think it’s you, lol

What made you decide to get tumblr?: I was young back then

Why did you choose your url?: Because I’m not creative

I don’t know who to tag, I know a lot of my followers don’t like revealing personal things so… if you’re reading this and you’re thinking “I wanna do this!” then that’s it. You're tagged. Have fun!