i am going as him though. im not allowed to go to the party otherwise

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hi! i was wondering if you could write a high school drabble (junior/senior) where peeta is like typical smart, hot, and fuckboy and he always like teases and flirts with katniss in the hallways but katniss doesnt know if he likes her or its just him being a fuck boy and tells her friends and stuff and then they go to a party and make out? im so sorry i know its super demanding and shiz but i really need to read this pretty please? youll make my day! 💖

Never tried fuckboy-vibes Peeta before, but I’ll give it a whirl!

“I don’t know if I want to do this,” I say, holding my finger over the lock on the car door.

Delly just laughs and reaches over the console, unbuckling my seatbelt. “Maybe you should’ve said that before we were parked in front of the house.”

“I did. Four times.”

“Well,” she says, shrugging and kicking the door open, “maybe you should’ve said it louder.”

Even though my stomach is a breeding ground for butterflies, each one of them screaming, Go away, go away, I know I’m not getting out of this. If Delly was determined enough to beat the entire football team in a pie-eating contest, she sure as hell will be determined enough to get me into this party.

Though it’s nearly the end of my senior year in high school, I’ve never gone to any of these shindigs. This isn’t my scene—my scene is and has always been the woods behind my house, the warm, wool blankets in my room, or the field of lavender where Prim and I used to play. But strobe lights, cheap booze, and an army of fuckboys? Count me out. I’d rather plank on a bed of thumbtacks.

Delly knows this, so I’ve got no clue as to why she dragged me here tonight. Granted, this party is at the Undersee mansion—I’ve been friends with Madge since middle school, so at least the hostess is not a stranger—but Madge has thrown others before, when her father and mother were away at galas, and I’ve never been coerced into going then. So why now?

“How long will we be staying?” I ask when we reach the front door, and Delly rings the bell. Suddenly cold, I seal my knees together and hug my shoulders, still not quite sure why I allowed Delly to shove me into this miniature orange rag she’d called a “dress.”

“Kat, we haven’t even gotten through the front door. Maybe you’ll like it!”

I glower. It’s enough to make Delly shrink back a little, but not enough to make her iron-tough smile waver, and certainly not enough to make her give me the car keys.

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“Take it off”

Prompt: “You heard me. Take it off.”

Prompt Given By: dragonkyng

Pairing Given: Any

Pairing I Chose: BBRae

Date Prompt Given: 28th of February 2015

Date Prompt Posted: 21st of April 2015

Reason Why This Prompt Took So Long To Post?: Exams, work, lazy, forgot, wrote other things, and I just never seem to be good at things when I feel under pressure so I wrote this like 16 times before I finally did this draft and could stand reading it without feeling myself gagging or wanting to cry. So I don’t really have an excuse… sorry :/

Note: I’m so very very sorry for posting this almost two months late and I hope you enjoy!


He’d been on quite a few casual outings with her during the past couple months since their relationship started, and not once had she ever worn this.

And it just wasn’t her. It was something he never expected to see on someone like her. Hell, he was sure he could have gone his entire lifetime without seeing something like that on her because it sure wasn’t the prettiest sight.

But he just couldn’t get one question out of his head: why was she wearing that? He knew she was a little insecure when they started getting closer a few months back, but he never imagined it went this far.

Insecure about her heritage? Sure, he’d comforted her about that before. Insecure about her powers? He had helped her around that one months ago. Insecure about her actual being a bigger threat over actually being helpful? The entire team comforted her through that one. But insecure about her appearance? He had never seen that one coming. Did she really want to go out on their date looking like that? He didn’t think-


Beast Boy was shaken out of his trance by that. Was he staring? “Huh- I mean, yeah?”

“You’ve been spacing out and staring at me for that past 7 minutes.”

Yeah, he had been staring. And, unfortunately, he’d been caught. “Oh, sorry, Raven. I didn’t mean to-”

“What were you thinking about?”

And here began her careful examination of his mind. “Nothing in particular.”

“Really? Because you’re emotions were radiating off a bit of confusion and a trace of disgust, and since you were staring at me, I’m guessing it has to do with me. So talk.”




“Can I guess first?”

“Okay.” She was silent for a moment, her bottom lip being pulled into her mouth as he assumed she contemplated how to ask her next question. He watched her with baited breath.

“Were you staring at me because something about me is different?” Was she going to jump around the question?


“Is it because of something I am wearing?”

“Yes.” He was getting impatient; he didn’t want to play this game.

“Is my shirt-”

“It isn’t the damn shirt, Raven, and you know it.” He tried to hold back the growl, he really did, but it slipped out. He was starting a war with her and he just couldn’t find the effort to stop it.

The enchantress glowered at him before crossing her arms across her chest. “Don’t growl at me, Beast Boy. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Oh really?” He narrowed his eyes and his body stiffened. “I’m a fucking animal. Every sense and ability animals have, I do too. I don’t need twenty eyes to see that you’re wearing makeup, Raven.” He fought the smirk as he noticed her breathing falter for a microsecond, the only flaw in her perfect poker face. An agitated sigh escaped him. “Why are you even wearing it? Just take it off.”

She stared at him with a raised eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Take it off. Come on-we’re going to miss our movie-”

“Are you kidding me? No!”


“No, I’m not taking it off and that is the end of the discussion.”

They stared at one another in silence, ignoring the ticking of the common room clock while defenses were raised. She was upset, he was upset, though both didn’t want to admit it. Neither wanted to give in and start the real conversation, but both knew they would have to before the evening had passed.

A sigh left his mouth and he dropped his guard, shoulders slumped, as he took a step closer to his teammate. “I’m sorry, Rae. I just, I don’t understand your sudden desire to wear makeup. You know I think you look beautiful without it.”

Her crossed arms no longer represented an act of defense as she hugged her arms instead, undoubtedly wishing she was wearing her cloak. “I… I know you do Gar.”

“But?” You always had to ask a ‘but’ when she started getting uncomfortable like that, otherwise you would never get the whole truth out of her.

“But what?” She tried her best to give an innocent look, but he was the master of the puppy-dog look and could see right through it.

“What is the but, Raven. I know there is one.”

She stood silently, her soft amethyst gaze staring unblinking at his jade eyes. A sigh escaped her lips and she looked to the window to stare out onto the bay, allowing him to pull her into his arms for a warm embrace. “I know you do, Garfield. But other people don’t. Jinx and Bee never understood my intense dislike for the products and since Starfire started wearing all that stuff… At our last Titan party, I noticed that none of the guys wanted to talk to me. I mean, I usually don’t attract people’s attention, nor do I want it, but at least I can have an intelligent conversation with Aquaman or have a small food talk with Kid Flash, but I didn’t have any of that. They only seemed to want to talk to Starfire.”

He rubbed her back attentively, quietly, as thoughts swirled through his head. “You want to know what I think?” He pulled back, keeping hands on her shoulders as his jade gaze searched her amethyst eyes. “I think that sure, Starfire is pretty and all and even more beautiful with makeup,” he started, ignoring her somber look for the moment. “but if someone asked me which Starfire I prefer, I wouldn’t be able to chose. Because if Starfire likes how she looks with makeup over how she looks without, that’s perfectly okay. How beautiful someone is doesn’t revolve around mine, or anyone else’s opinion except hers. She is as beautiful as she wants to be whether she is wearing makeup or not.”

Raven stared into the eyes of her companion, the faintest trace of pink tinting her pale gray cheeks. “And what about me?”

“You?” He gave a toothy smile. “Do you want my honest opinion?”

“Yes please.”

“Raven, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met. And beautiful doesn’t even cut it, because you are simply breathtaking in every way imaginable. There aren’t enough fancy words in the dictionary for me to use to describe your beauty. You are so beautiful the sun and moon should be jealous. And all the world’s flowers and precious gems and stars and-”

“You’re pushing it.” The tint was more visible now.

“By how much?” He teased.

“By quite a bit.”

He laughed, causing a small smile to grace her glossed lips. “So what is the verdict?”


“Do you think you look more beautiful with or without that stuff? Are you more comfortable with or without makeup on?”

She paused in contemplation. “Without makeup.”

“Than do you still want my honest opinion?”


“Take it off.”

Inked up.... Part 4

Inked up… Part 4

“Seriously why do I find you guys in the weirdest positions?”

Standing in the doorway with her eyebrows raised is Emily. She’s smirking at us before she seems to send something telepathically to her brother. Who in turn blushes before rolling off me. Giving me the opportunity to pull down my shirt and sit up smiling at Emily. I open my arms to her, she giggles before she hops onto the bed crushing bug Sammy and I beneath her.

“Oh god we haven’t had a dog pile in so long” she giggles.

Another memeory of us as we had been like the three musketeers when we were little, and growing up, all before I’d distanced myself from sammy. I smiled a bit sadly as both the wilks cuddle me as I was on the bottom when we heard another throat being cleared. Peering over Sammy’s shoulder I looked to see that Stassie was standing in the doorway looking slightly pissed. I smiled nervously before looking to Emily who was stifling laughter behind her hand as Sammy was still mostly on top of me his face had been shoved into my boobs when Emily jumped on us.

“Sam why is your face still resting on y/n’s boobs?” Emily asks letting out her laughter.

“There so comfortable” he whispers back before nuzzling his face in them a bit.

I blush running a hand up and down the back of his neck before flicking his ear.

“You little shithead, take your face out of them” I growl.

I end up pulling his face up so that he now looks down at me his lips only a few centimeters away as his nose brushes mine. That’s when the sun leaks into the room through the curtains, making his ocean blue eyes even brighter, dazzling me. I stare up at him, biting my lip as my heart rate picks up as it usually does whenever he looks at me and sees into my world with those eyes.

And then the air is being whooshed out of me as a certain someone decides to join our little jumble on my bed. I wince in pain as my stomach and ribs feel like they’re being crushed. Sammy sees this, lifting himself up, before he’s being pulled off me as Stassie and him start to wrestle while I move slipping out of the bed and stretching. I make a weird yawning noise as I stretch out with my hands high above my head and clenching my toes.

“Damn” I hear someone say.

Turning I see all three staring at me as I slowly lower my hands, frowning at them.

“You have like a perfect body” Emily says smiling.

Stassi nods though she’s looking at Sammy who seems to still be looking at me.

“How many tattoos do you have y/n?” Sammy asks.

He moves off the bed coming to stand behind me as I faced the top of the bed so my Right side was to them. He slowly slides his hand up my thigh, stopping only when he comes to the top of my hip and you can see my lacy black underwear. But also my hip tattoo that’s a bunches of roses. I blush a little as his hand starts to trace it, his breath hot on the back of my neck his lips brushing against it every few seconds. I bite my lip not wanting him to stop.

“So what’s the move for today?!” Stassie asks s little too loudly, causing me to wince.

“Umm nothing that I know of” I says softly looking over my shoulder to see Sammy’s face right there.

“Let’s have a lazy day?” He asks.

“Actually you guys can have that later, y/n and I are going out to lunch since you crashed our last one” Emily smiles.

I nod at her. Stassie looks excited as she bounces a bit on the bed.

“Why don’t we go to lunch too Sammy?!”

“Alright cool, so then what?” Sammy says stepping away from me, sadly enough.

“We should go to a club tonight! We could meet back up at my house and get ready together and then just leave from there!” She squeals.

I nod happily, though a little sad that Sammy and I wouldn’t be just relaxing together, although I’m sure it would be better for me. Because my feelings, the ones I pushed down, seemed to be coming back with vengeance. I needed to be careful.

~ ~ ~

“So tell me y/n, how long have you liked Sammy?”

I choke on my water staring wide eyed at Emily as I dab a napkin around my mouth.

“What are talking about em?” I ask trying to play it cool.

“Oh please, I’ve known since we were kids, besides I think he’s getting it now” she says smiling.

“No see, you’re wrong, we’re just friends he’s going to end up with Stassie they’re really cute when with each other like the cutest” I say trying to smile as I feel like I’m being choked by the words that came out.

“See you don’t believe that and sure at one point I did but, not anymore” she says smiling as our food comes out.

The waiter had been making eyes at em, asking very nicely and being super attentive to her having refilled her drinks even though she hadn’t finished it. I smile a little as she blushes flirting back with the cute guy.

When I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. It’s a notification on Twitter, I open it, my heart sinking at the picture that I see. It’s of Sammy and stass on a sushi date, he’s smiling as the both take pictures of each other, and there’s another one where he’s feeding her while she smiles. I sigh closing my phone before returning to look at em, who gives me a sad smile. I shrug it off digging into my pasta.

“If you stopped hiding your feelings maybe things would change” Emily whispers.

“Maybe” I shrug.

Stuffing my face wth another bite of pasta while Emily sends me another sad face before I give her a big pasta smile, causing her to laugh and pull out her phone. I roll my eyes chewing and swallowing fast before smiling and winking at the camera.She’s smiling as she probably makes a snapchat video which I pull up on my phone giggling at my goofy face when I receive a snapchat from sammy. It’s of him pouting out his bottom lip with the caption “wish you were here with me instead” I smile a little before replying with a picture with my tongue stuck out. “We’ll hang out tomorrow just us” I say.

“Snap from Sammy?” Em asks with a smirk.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” I laugh looking back down at my food.

“Yeah well that huge grin on your face says otherwise” em says sounding smug.

I don’t reply just stick it my tongue before giggling again.

We finish eating when Emily gets a call from stass saying how they’re heading to her house. I smile excited while sammy and I text each other deciding that we should race, I pull Emily along behind me as I don’t want him to win, though leaving Emily’s number on the check for the poor waiter boy who wasn’t getting the hint that she wanted him to ask for it.

We hop into the car racing to Emily’s house, beating sammy and stass by fifteen seconds, still not wanting to possibly loose I leap out of the car as she’s parking running to the front of her house, sammy has the same idea as he ends up running along side me, I push him before running harder, I’m three seconds away from grabbing the door when I’m being picked up and swung around by sammy, his head burying into the side of my neck causing me to giggle.

“I win” I cheer reaching my foot out and tapping the door.

“Nah I really think I am” he sighs setting me down, yet still holding me from behind.

I see Emily and Stassie walking up the drive shaking their heads at us as sammy tries to start a tickle war. I try squirming away my eyes widening as I reach for Emily who goes to pull me safely to her side, but sammy pulls me away.

“Sammy no tickles I might pee my pants” I giggle some more as he continues.

“Okay okay” he laughs. Finally letting go.

I sigh as em and stass walk up, Emily goes opening the door and stass waits by Sammy’s left side as I rest against his chest. Suddenly feeling sleepy I lean heavier into him and he picks me up, I hear a quiet huff but ignore it nestling into him.

“Hey em, y/n and I are gonna take nap we’ll start to get ready later Kay?”

“Alright you can just go sleep in my room if you want it to be quieter, a few people will be coming over to catch up so go ahead and sleep in their” I hear em say.

I let out another yawn as Sammy kisses my forehead, and thanks Emily before we’re moving again and Im being set down on a soft plush bed, before I curl into Sammy’s chest as he strokes me hair, humming to me a lullaby.


When I come too, I’m a bit disoriented and confused as to where I am, the door is open a bit, allowing in a small distinction of noise, I hear laughter and music. Slowly I get up stretching before exiting the room, I come into the living room seeing a small group of people who I’m not super familiar with, but I see sammy sitting on the couch and move to go sit with him, when stass comes in and sits right on his lap. Biting my lip I look for em, seeing her in the kitchen I go in their, feeling Sammy’s eyes follow after me.

“Oh y/n you’re up! Well let’s get ready and then head for the club!” Em squeals before pulling me back into her room and turning on the lights.

I smile a little grabbing the bag that’s been brought in for me and pulling out my party clothes. I brought a light grey t-shirt silky dress and some black thigh socks and black high heeled boots.

Emily winks at me as I lay the clothes out before heading to her mirror, I decide to straighten my black hair, and do a lighter brown lipstick matte color and winged eye liner. I part my hair down the middle after doing my eyelashes before getting up and stripping off my clothes, standing in just my under wear. Admiring my caramel skin color as it pops against the lace white underwear and bra I’m wearing.

I hear a knock on the door and quickly grab my dress, but it’s just stass as she Walks in she eyes my outfit before giving me a fake smile. I give her a genuine one before pulling the shirt over my head. It lands right about five inches above my knee, showing off my legs before I pull on the black thigh socks which cover my knee, quickly I place my boots on before deciding to head out. Not before I see stars slip on a crop top and high waisted skirt, she looks perfect and I’m envious. I walk out to run into one of the guy friends here he smiles at me his hand lingering around my waist.

“Well hello beautiful how are you?” He asks.

I start to feel nervous swallowing thickly until I’m being rescued by sammy who pulls my back to his front glowering at the dude.

“Back off” Sammy growls.

The man in turn raises his hands before shaking his head and muttering something under his breath. It sounded like ‘can’t believe he gets both girls’ but I’m not too sure.

I sigh a little patting Sammy’s tummy before he grabs hold of my hand and we wait for the rest of the group to get ready to go.


After about an hour we finally get to the club, which Dj rupp happens to be dj-Ing in at the moment when he sees us he waves causing us to smile before we go to the bar.

“What’s your poison for tonight?” The bartender flirts winking at me.

“I’ll have a martini, shaken not stirred” I smile winking.

The bartender nods before starting mine up and taking the others orders, sammy who’d been stuck by my side was leaning his head over my shoulder flexing his jaw which would make me jump every once in awhile, I kept running my hands through his hair as a few people stared. It was noisy in the club and kinda dark but there were low lights and people were wearing glowing necklaces and brace lights making it fun. People were allowed to smoke in hear so it was smoky, but the top low lights made it easier on the eyes. People were grinding and swaying and after gulping down my drink I grabbed Sammy’s hand and pulled him into the crowd.

The song was fun and light yet good to twerk to as we danced together, Sammy was dancing beside me and we would do the steps as the song bet you can’t do it like me by dlow came on. We were giggling and laughing winking at each other as it happened. Even getting a small crowd to gather around us, but when the song was over and a new one came on this one heavier and slower than the first in fact it was one of Sammy and Nate’s old songs called signs. I smiled looking over at him as he smiled at me. But then stass came up and started to dance with Sammy, and suddenly all his attention went to her she bent over twerking right on him, and he held onto her hips. And the just kept dancing.

I bit my lip as my heart started to hurt a burning sensation filling it. I don’t want to come apart so I pulled out my phone quickly going to FaceTime and calling Nate. He picked up on the third ring. I smiled up at the camera.

“Aye to lil am what’s good?” He says.

“Nate babe, listen to this” I say close to the phone before holding my phone back up close to the speakers.

His eyes lights up as I twirl around showing him the club I’m at.

“Aye Imma come down, alright lil ma where you at?”

I tell him and he tells me he’ll be here in five minutes as he was or with his boys not far from here, I give him one last smile before hanging up.

Turning I see that Sammy and Stassie are still grinding but try not to look at them, instead I look over at the bar and see em shooting me sympathetic looks.

I shrug it off though going back to the bar to get another drink before feeling warm hands slip around my waist.

I turn quickly as the smell of weed and yummy cologne combined make its way through my nostrils, I know it’s Nate. I smile hugging him tightly. He smirks at me before pulling me out to dance just as the song ends. Sammy looks over a little surprised to see Nate but gives him a Bro hug.

“Yo bro what are you doing here?” He asks grinning.

“Y/n face timed me saying our song was playing so I just had to come down and see what was up” he says laughing as they do another weird handshake.

I’m smiling at them when I feel a warm glare on the side of my face and see that Stassie is glaring at me yet still holding onto sammy, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Aye yo” Dillion’s voice echoes through the crowd as he cuts the music causing it to be silent. “The very guys that sang that song are now in the building let’s give it up for em” he yells into the mic.

The crowd does clapping and letting out loud whistles.

“So why don’t they give us a little impromptu performance?” He asks holding up two more microphones and gesturing at the boys with them.

The crowd erupts into cheers and chants, before that’s all we hear and the boys go up on stage smiling at each other. The music starts again and they seem to fall back into old times when performing with each other. And then Sammy goes off the stage into the crowd swaying near to Stassie. She smiles shooting me a smirk before moving with him. I roll my eyes, biting my lip and looking away when Nate’s lines come on and he comes up to me.

“Stay real to yourself” he says pointing at a random chick before grabbing me closer “and you can stay too, gonna put the wood on you like a table” at this he does a body roll, which I roll with him before we grind slowly, him still holding the mic.

“Mess around with your boy and you’ll never be the same” he winks at me biting his bottom lip before he looks over my shoulder at Sammy as if to say, what’s good? Now I feel slightly confused because I don’t feel that way towards Nate.

But at the same time he’s helping me not focus on the pain that is seeing Nate grind with another girl. And be happy about it.

He continues to grind with me while singing and we part a little me dancing around and him holding my hand. But then it’s time for Sammy to sing, Stassie is glaring at me as she grinds on him, but Sammy’s looking at me even when his part ends. And I don’t know what to do as the chorus starts and Sammy walks towards me. But then I’m being pulled back into Nate as he sways moving his hips which I naturally follow.

“Between you and I you walking and you catch my eye I hope you ain’t got a guy and if you do” again he glares at Sammy. “we can work around it cause I was looking for a woman and I think I found it..” He continues but is no longer holding my body so I back away.

I turn to look at Sammy and he’s glaring back at Nate, before looking me. But then he walks away running a hand through his hair. I notice that it seems to be shaking which worries me. The songs over and there is high tension in the air. Nate hands his mic back to Dillion and the music goes back on, and the the crowd goes back to dancing around.

“What the hell Nate?!” I yell pushing him.

“Look Sammy is a bit of an idiot, now I hope I’ve given him something to think about” he says shrugging before lighting up a blunt. Letting it out in a puff.

Fitting as the song is about smoking. I glare at him before taking the blunt and taking an inhale, holding it while handing it back to Nate turning and seeing Sammys eyes on me, I let it out, running a hand through my hair before shaking my head and walking out of the club and flagging down a taxi.

“Y/n wait!!” Sammy’s yelling but I ignore it feeling my heart aching.

He was practically fucking Stassie on the dance floor and I just can’t see that anymore tonight. So when a taxi stops, I jump in closing it quickly before telling the driver to go go go..

Hope you liked this slow chapter the next one will be filled with even more tension… But I think a little more sexual 😏 part 5 is in the works 💕😘💕😘😘

Strangers at a Doorstep


Ten years. It had been a miserable decade that had passed since the travesty of all their plans not going accordingly, to word it lightly. The downfall of the brilliant era of several notorious mob families. The destruction costing countless lives that were otherwise rotting corpses and names mere dust in the wind, two in particular only spoken in hushed tones and far away from the presence of those that had known them best. The star-crossed mobsters, as some had taken to mockingly don them.

Everything had changed      and for the worst, as expected. There was some sort of aura present within the soul of Gotham City that made it appear more aged, more cynical and darker. In her youth, it was a restless and brightly lit spirit, the ideal location for countless parties and wasted years lingering in whirlwind escapades and thinking nothing of the consequences. All of this was replaced by a ghostly presence lurking where the familiar faces of those she once knew were long gone, one way or another.

The near twenty nine year old had not come here to rejoice nor grieve over the dead. Those were wasted efforts, not to say she hadn’t cared. But to the world    to this world, all she’d once ever known with her father      she too, was dead. So be it then. the world she lived in now consisted of always being on the run, always looking over her shoulder, to ensure her safety. That sort of world wasn’t good by any means for a baby, and that was what she kept telling herself over and over the day she’d kept hers away from it.

‘Damn him. Damn that worthless sunuva bitch if I eva’ find 'im first 'fore her.’ Melody Falcone- née Sionis- thought angrily to herself. With everything secure, the act of a favor was no longer needed for Mario. It would be terminated and likely him too as part as of the ten year late vengeance. Depending on how well treated her little girl was would factor in the decision making on what to do with his life.

Hours of aimless driving had finally tracked down to one specific location that was undoubtedly his current secret residence. It was a run down joint as compared to the life of luxury that which they all indulged in with the grand sized penthouse complexes. Though it was likely there were more bags of cash laying around stored somewhere at the base of the area; he was a cheap but clever bastard, he knew how to make things last. Which again put his guardian abilities into questioning, as whether or not her daughter received decent presents for celebrations. That is, if the two even celebrated them. She’d be damned if so.

And here she was at the front porch of the place now. A car was nowhere in sight, either hidden away or he was out    and obviously the ten year old accompanied him, because no sane individual would leave a ten year old alone and unguarded in this trash fort    which would have prompted a cowardly side of herself to flee while the opportunity was present. All that stood between her and the child she had not seen in over ten years was a door.

No. She wasn’t going to run. She wasn’t going anywhere, never again. There was nothing that would ever stand between her family ever again, she wouldn’t allow it.

Melody knocked twice and waited patiently, shaking internally and her heart breaking at the realization that if- and just if- it was her daughter who were to open the door, she would not be recognizable by any means. To each other, they were but a stranger.