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Starlight has come and gone, Valentione’s is coming up now. I feel selfish? I think that’s the best way to describe myself right now. Aran may be gone, but I’m surrounded by people that care about me, that love me, and here I am… pining over a man who’s heart is given to his homeland. I shouldn’t be bitter. I shouldn’t be sad. But I am. I’m that and so much more. I want him to come home. To me. I want to start a family…

Maybe that’s what all this will lead to. If the resistance drives the Garleans out of Othard… Aran won’t have to fight anymore, right? We can have kits, settle down… maybe that’s too much to ask for. Maybe I should give up waiting. I haven’t heard from him in a moon, more than that now, and it was moons longer than that since he left versus the gift.

The man can send a gift, but not a letter. Never a letter. Why doesn’t he write?

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SEVENTEENs Fortune Cookie Predictions

S.coups: always remember to give back.

Jeonghan: you will gain admiration from your peers.

Joshua: give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will always smell funny.

Jun: that wasn’t chicken.

Hoshi: I cannot help you, for I am just a cookie.

Wonwoo: when everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

Woozi: never forget a friend. especially if he owes you.

DK: he who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.

Mingyu: this fortune is no good. Try another.

The8: a friend will soon bring you a gift.

Seungkwan: you are only young once, but you can be immature forever.

Vernon: made in USA.

Dino: the food was good. Take another for home too!


“Planes”….. Pt. 2

After a night of intense love making, that’s still giving me chills, I woke up to the yacht moved in front of the first vacation home we stayed in. Humph, by the way this man is showing his love for me, showering me with gifts, and fucking my brains out every chance he gets…I must say this trip has been absolutely amazing. I never imagined I would experience anything like this and I am so damn happy it’s happening with the love of my life. Even though we were together for a year before we split, Moses has never done anything this lavish for me. Living the “lifestyle of the rich and famous” was never something I wished for and he understood that. He toned down his ways whenever I came around his home and got used to my “simple” life when he was in mine. Now that he’s gone all out on this vacation, I’m really curious as to what he is trying to do. Determined to get to the bottom of his plan, I put on some lingerie and went outside hoping to get him to tell me his intentions. As I walked up, he was too distracted by the view to notice me. I slid my arms around his chest, hugging him and laid my head on his shoulder. In that instance I completely forgot about my plan to persuade him, I too was distracted by the view and the fact that we were there together. After taking a moment to bask in my embrace, Moses broke our silence.    

“Damn, beautiful what you got on?…Ready for more I see.”

“Maybeee…” I said, as he let out a slight laugh. “But first I need you to tell me why we’re posted in front of the vacation home we just left.”

“Well, Miss impatient…Remember when I told you I wanted to tour the other islands, and that being the reason why we needed this yacht?”

“Yeah” I said, hesitantly.  

“I kinda lied…I really just wanted to show you the other side of the island and do it in style.” He said, with a smirk. 

“Mo, you know you really didn’t have to rent this for me. You’ve done so much already. Baby, I love you to death and just being with you gives me enough satisfaction. I don’t need anything else.”  

I then kissed his cheek and released my embrace. I walked over to the ledge to get better view of our surroundings and give him a better view of my clothing choice. He immediately followed behind me pressing his body against mine, letting me feel his approval. After kissing my shoulder and neck, he wrapped his arms around my waist and let out a deep sigh, clearly wanting to tell me something.

“Leah, I know you don’t need anything else, but I told early on that I wanted to give you the world…and baby this is just the beginning. This yacht and that vacation home are not rentals they’re ours.”

“You brought them?? Bae this is too much…You didn’t…”

“Baby listen” He said cutting me off. “I wanted to. What’s the point of being this rich if I can’t share it with the woman I intend on marrying and want to have kids with. Your my other half Leah, my soulmate. You’re never gonna have to want for anything. That time away from you killed me and I never want to spend another night alone. That’s why I’ve been at your place since we got back together…And with that being said, that’s why I want you to move in with me.”

I turned around and looked at him, in complete shock. We’ve only been back together for a few weeks and he wants me to move in?? What happened to taking it slow? To easing back into things? I love Moses with all my heart but moving this fast doesn’t seem like a good idea. As I struggled to find the right words to explain why I couldn’t do it, he put his hand on my cheek and kissed my forehead, nose and lips, calming me down. He smiled, then raised his eyebrow, giving me his infamous look, forcing me to laugh.   

“Leah, I know what you’re thinking but trust, everything is going to be okay. Shit, you honestly don’t have a choice in this matter…It’s either my place or yours.” He said, with a huge grin.  

“Humph…Oh really?” 

“Yup…I’ll even get you multi-room DVR with double the space you already have.”

“Oh you tryin to bribe me now?”

“I gotta try somethin since all this luxurious shit ain’t doin it.” He said, laughing.

“Well, I guess it’s official then…I’m moving in to Mogul Manor.”

"Good, that’s what I like to hear…You giving in to me.” He said smirking, as he picked me up and headed towards the door. 

“Oh wateva Mogul…You’re lucky I love your cocky ass.” I said, giving him my lips. “Now I love that you’re able to pick my thick ass up but I would appreciate it if you put me down.”

“Woman, the only place I’m putting you down is on that bed…Shit, we gotta celebrate….”

“Baby there’s no need to rush….Aren’t we going to be here for a few more days?”

“Yes we are…And we’re going to celebrate every chance we get” He said, grinning.   

After struggling to open the door, ha, we finally made it to our destination. I can’t believe his home is going to become our home. I know I was apprehensive at first, but everything is going to be okay. Hell, what type of relationship are you in if there is no progression? This is the first step of many we will take and even though I got worried, I’m looking forward to living together. I know things are going to be a little hectic trying to pack all my stuff, but for now I’m focused on enjoying the rest of this vacation.