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Sweetcheeks (Deadpool)

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Hello Sweetcheeks, 

Wade here! Of course, you know that because I am the only one who’s meant to be giving you anything for Valentine’s Day! (If I find out that anybody else has sent or asked to be your Valentine’s I swear their getting turned into fucking kebabs) Nobody gets to be your Valentine other than me, are we clear? 

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) + You = Only Valentine you will ever need. Our we clear….Good. 

Anyway, I thought I’d scribble down a little to remind you just how much I love sweetcheeks, you’ve brought light into my life…blah…blah..blah..you deal with my fucked up face (bonus point for you since you didn’t scream and run away like a total douche the first time I took off my mask) The first time Tony fucking Stark saw my naturally sexy gift of a face he passed out! (Doesn’t he know it’s rude to pass out when someone takes their mask off. Stinking Tin Man. 

In all seriousness, you are the love of my life.I love you so much it fucking hurts (quite literally) and I hope you enjoy my plans for Valentine’s Day because I am going all out.




You didn’t think I was just going to write you a Valentine’s Day letter, did you? Sweetcheeks I’m going to give you a Valentine’s Day you will never forget. 

Love ya, 

Wade x  

Magnetic Chapter 34: Ice

Dean Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Brigid, you are very welcome here.” Elenore stated, her entire demeanor changing. Gone was the brash and rude older woman. In her place was the facade of a servant, ready to do Brigid’s work with complete compliance.

“Elenore, I tire of our calls. This must be the fourth one in a matter of weeks. What do you need this time?” Brigid asked, and from your vantage point you could see the furious look on her face. You had an inkling that this wasn’t going to end well with Elenore.

“I’ve found him. The male specimen that you’ve been looking forward.” Elenore mumbled, slightly overwhelmed by Brigid’s tone of annoyance. “I have the ritual ready to go, I’m just waiting for your command.”

Watching as Brigid floated over towards Sam, you waited with baited breath, hoping she wouldn’t find Sam acceptable. “He is tall, and he looks strong.” Brigid started, running her long pale fingers along his unclothed chest. Reaching up, she grabbed his chin, her fingers digging in to his chin. With her occupied by Sam, you wondered if you could sneak out and gather your gun. It wouldn’t work on Brigid, but at least it might get rid of Elenore.

“Stay.” She ordered as you took a step towards the door. “It would anger me greatly if you decided to leave.”

Not wanting to have her strike you down where you stood, you stopped. “Maybe you are smarter than Eelenore is. She has become a nuisance, and I’m in need of new help.”

“If that means you let Sam go.” You offered, hearing Sam’s grunts of disapproval. “Let him go, and I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Hmm. Elenore was right, he is a great specimen. But not exactly what I want. You see, Eelenore was brash, and didn’t understand exactly what I was looking for. She has become a liability.”

“But Brigid, I’ve done everything you’ve asked.” Elenore begged. “Please. Give me a second chance!”

Without saying another word, Brigid waved her hand and Elenore’s entire body began smoking. Her pitiful screams filled the air as her body slowly burned from the inside out, before slowly collapsing onto the floor. Brigid turned her frosty blue eyes your way. “That is what will happen to you if you disobey me. Or go against me. Now see him unchained before my mind is altered.”

Rushing forward, you quickly undid the clasps holding Sam upwards, his strong body weighing you down as you tried to hold him. Within seconds he had gotten enough feeling back in his legs to hold himself up. “Y/N, don’t do this. You know it’s just going to end badly. Don’t trade your life for mine.”

“Sam, it’s for the best. It’s what Dean would have wanted. And at least she wants me alive for right now.” You whispered, before giving him a confident smile even though you didn’t feel confident at all. “Please, just get out of here. Then you and Dean can figure out a way to take her out.”

“Y/N, that is enough. Let him go, or suffer my wrath.” Brigid spoke from behind you, and with a pat on Sam’s shoulder, you stepped back.

“Sam, it’s better this way. You need to go on, helping your brother hunt monsters. Nobody will miss me.” You said, your heart breaking a little at those words. With the way Dean had treated you just hours earlier, they rang a little too close to home.

“I will take good care of her. As long as she obeys me in all things.” Brigid answered. “Now, be gone before my patience wears thin.”

With another glance your way, Sam left the warehouse, leaving you alone with a Goddess. “You are a hunter?” Brigid asked, her form still floating inches off the ground, her silver gown moving in an invisible breeze.

Nodding, you stood before her. Not wanting to anger her, you kept your gaze down, your shoulders hunched. “A hunter is a strong person. Especially the female form. You will do nicely.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what do you have in store for me?” You asked, curious but afraid to know at the same time.

Feeling her icy cold hands upon your chin, she lifted it until you could gaze into her pale, unhuman eyes. Eyes that held you to your spot. “Much. I’ve just lost my perfect specimen of a human male, and I’m thinking you will have to find me another one. It’s worth it, having someone such as you working for me.”

“How can I do that?” You asked, wanting to know as much of her plan as possible. Needing as much information about this Goddess as possible, in case the chance to kill her ever came up.

“I am going to bestow a great gift on you. One I have never given another human being before. With this gift, you will be able to lure any man you choose, and I will have my pick from hundreds.”

“What are you going to do with these men?” You asked her, as her hand moved from your chin, down to press right over your heart.

“Why, I am going to find the man who can become my equal. My life is lonely, and I am in need of a man who is strong enough, virile enough to withstand the change. To be able to give me the greatest gift a Goddess of fertility can require.”

“You want to have kids.” You answered, surprising her.

“I chose well. Not only are you brave, but you are strong too. Yes. I have been locked up for centuries, recently let out. My one job was to create life, more Gods and Goddesses roaming the Earth, controlling the pathetic humans. Now that I’m free, I can do this once again.”

Without another word, her hand pressed hard against your chest. What felt like freezing fire swept through your veins, from your head to your toes. Throwing your head back, you couldn’t control the scream that left your lips as the blood pumping through your veins turned into liquid ice. Minutes passed by, and soon the warm and healthy human you had once been was now a cold and frigid shell. Your e/c eyes were now a pale blue to match hers, your skin pale, much paler than before.

“Y/N, how do you feel?” She asked, running her long finger down your cheek.

“Cold, and empty.” You answered. It was true. Where had once been love and kindness, only lay the basic instincts, and your will to obey everything Brigid commanded.

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Just a little something I wrote to stave off the writer’s block and give my attention a break from the thing I’ve been working on.

Janeway/Chakotay, 740 words, romance. Un-beta’d and only loosely edited.

The ground levelled off beneath his feet and Chakotay found himself standing at the top of the plateau, gazing out across the lush planet below. He squeezed the hand that was tightly gripping his. “Look, Kathryn. We made it!”

“Oh good.” With a groan, she let go of his hand and collapsed onto the hard ground. “I am never going hiking with you again.”

“It’s not even that big, Kathryn. You’re overreacting.”

“Too. Big.”

“Look, you can see half the planet from up here!” With his dimples in full force, he looked back at his companion, who was sitting on the ground with a scowl on her face and massaging the tenderness out of her legs.

“Come look at the view, Kathryn. That’ll make it all worth it.”

“I’m not sure I trust my legs to hold my weight for a while,” she grumbled.

Without a second thought, he leaned down beside her and scooped her up in her arms, earning himself a surprised shout right next to his ear. Kathryn wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders.

“Well this is a little taller than I’m used to being,” she chuckled. “Don’t you dare drop me!”

He was right, though. The view was spectacular. Breathing deeply of the crisp, cool breeze, they looked out over the alien terrain which was dotted with the yellow and blue uniforms of the other away teams. Most of them had been very eager to volunteer for a chance to stretch their legs and breathe non-recycled air. Feeling a touch of cabin fever herself, Kathryn couldn’t blame them.

“Going down,” Chakotay said suddenly. He set Kathryn lightly on her feet. “I brought lunch if you’re hungry.”

“After that hike? I’m famished!”

After handing Kathryn the sandwiches he had made for them, Chakotay took his holo-imager out of his pack and focussed it on the view around them. A flock of large birds perched in a tree below. Snap. A group of yellow-shouldered crewmembers gathered in and around a canyon where Lieutenant Torres was leading mining operations. Snap. A small but hardly plant growing nearby, the size of a small violet, with a tiny blue flower waving in the wind. Snap.

Kathryn, sitting cross-legged on the ground with an enormous flask beside her and a steaming mug clasped in her hands, her eyes closed in blissful satisfaction.


“Trust you to remember the coffee,” he said, stowing his camera back in his pack.

“There’s containers of milk and sugar in there with the extra cup.”

Quietly happy with her thoughtfulness, he felt around in her bag for the promised items, but instead came up with a small bundle loosely wrapped in blue paper.

“What’s this?” he asked, turning the package over in his hands.

“I know the wrapping isn’t great – god knows I never could copy my mother’s deft touch with the paper – but you never miss my birthday, so I wanted to give you something.”

“I told you not to go to any trouble on my account.”

“You always say that and I always ignore you.” He carefully unwrapped the bundle in his lap and held up the item inside. “But, I’m starting to run out of gift ideas,” Kathryn admitted.

“A scarf?” he asked, fingering the soft yarn.

“It was either that or socks.”

“Socks? Why socks?”

Kathryn shrugged. “Well, what else am I supposed to get for the man who has everything?”

“You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Hey! I made that myself!”

“And you did a beautiful job. I’m just saying you don’t have to waste your replicator rations on–”

His words were lost as her slender hands came up to cup his face and his lips became locked in a searing kiss. Time slowed and the moment stretched out, until eventually both were forced to come up for breath. The taste of coffee lingered on his lips. His hands found their way around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Is that my real present?” he asked softly.

“If you want it.” Her finger gently brushed the lines of his tattoo, and her breath tickled his cheek.

“I want much more than just a kiss,” he said, hoping he was reading her right. If that wasn’t what she was offering and he scared her away….

“How about staying for breakfast?” The corner of her mouth quirked up in the beginning of a smile.

“Only if I replicate the food.”


Dean Ambrose - “I’ll Be Here”

Prompt: This is currently my most played song so I thought I’d write a little thing based on the song just like changed up for WWE. 
Requested: No
Warnings: Character death (soz) 
Words: 2600+

Being brought up from NXT to Monday night raw was the goal when you started your developmental contract nearly two and a half years ago so when Hunter told you that NXT Takeover: Orlando was going to be your last NXT event and it was bittersweet. You loved NXT the people there had turned to family, Hunter was a father figure to you. He was so proud and he was there on Wrestlemania Monday when you debuted. 

“I’m so proud of you kid” Hunter said wrapping his arms around you in a big hug when you walked back through the curtain after attacking Sasha and Bayley.  You couldn’t hid the grin as you walked around backstage. You were on your phone texting Billie, Peyton and a few other nxt alumni who had texted you to congratulate you. You were so excited and engrossed in your phone you didn’t notice the people walking down the hallway. 

“Oh god I’m so sorry!” You exclaimed as your arm hit a muscular arm and papers flew around you. You knelt down to help pick the papers when you noticed it was Dean Ambrose. 

“No problem” he shrugged messily picking up the papers. “Dean Ambrose” he put his hand out to shake 

“y/n” You smiled taking his hand. 

“Oh I know who you are, I’m impressed, you impressed me” Dean said making you blush.  “You have a nice smile” that made you go a darker shade of red. 

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New Colors

Request: May we have some Lamliza soulmate au? Preferably one where if a soulmate dies they lose color. And when they meet they gain the ability to see color?


The world was dull. When Alexander touched Eliza’s hand, it had only brought on dull colors, nothing like the colors everyone had described to them. And it was the same for Eliza. Everyone they talked to that was lucky enough to find their soulmate swore the world was vibrant, reds and blues that washed over everything, the green leaves dancing on the trees, and the sudden vibrancy was painfully beautiful to look at after a world of grays. Angelica had met her soulmate and swore that red was the most beautiful color in the world, but Eliza and Alexander could not figure out how. The colors of the world all had a muddy feel to them. They all looked as though they were beneath a stormy sky.

The couple was chronically depressed. They loved each other with all their hearts, they truly did, but they were always yearning for more, for that vibrancy in their sights that everyone had described. Alexander and Eliza had gone to her mother for advice, thinking it was a problem between them, but she had not been any help. Their life was soon lacking as much vibrancy as the colors in front of them.

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Insecurity | Epilogue

Originally posted by jeohgguk

Genre: no longer Angst

Pairing: surprise

Word Count: 1.548

A/N: this is seriously the end now - I want to thank every single one of you for always giving me so much feedback, so much love and making me smile every single day ♥ you guys are the best! i love you

Warnings: this epilogue is noncommittal - if you were one of those readers who enjoyed “Insecurity” as an Angst series do not read this. I only wrote the epilogue because so many wanted a fluffy ending

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

Slowly you opened your eyes, blinking against the sun rays that were shining through the curtains into your room, blinding you. You rubbed the back of your hand over your eyes, annoyed from being woken up from your peaceful sleep. A soft groan escaped your lips as you turned around, grabbing the extra pillow and inhaling deeply the scent his body had left onto your sheets. 

It smelled like him. 

It smelled like love.

It smelled like home.

It smelled like everything you ever wanted.

- Like everything you ever needed.

Smiling to yourself, you closed your eyes again, wrapping your body around the sheets and pillows, cuddling into it and ready to drift back into dream land, when you suddenly heard a message pop up on your phone. Another annoyed groan left your lips as you swung your arm around, not bothering to open your eyes, and groped your way to your phone on the nightstand. Still half asleep you unlocked it and your annoyed expression switched to a softer one.

Lunch at our usual place today? I miss you

You grinned while sitting up and quickly typed in a reply.

Sure! around 2?

You hit send before you realized you forgot something and quickly added:

I miss you too, can’t wait to see you ♥

Not even minutes later, you already heard your phone signal you the income of another message and you quickly checked his answer.

:) 2 sounds good

You looked at your clock on your phone, checking how much time you had left until you had to leave. It wasn’t even 10 am yet, as you decided to go back to sleep for a little bit before you had to shower and get dressed.

As you softly brushed your still wet hair with one hand while the other one held the hairdryer, a cheeky smiled crept onto your lips, thinking about seeing your boyfriend for lunch. He usually slept over at your place every night and tried to stay as long as possible before he had to head off for work, always making sure you were feeling good when he left. Throughout the day he would send you short messages, asking how you were doing or what you were up to and you were thankful for his care. 

Even though you saw each other so frequently, you missed him every time he was not with you. You were lucky enough that he always made sure to be there for you and take you with him to all his schedules, so you wouldn’t be separated for too long. But as soon as you had to stay at home alone for more than a day, you’d be unable to sleep peacefully and your whole body would long for his presence. He basically lived at your apartment and not having him by your side when you were so used to his warmth, always made you feel uncomfortable.

Picking out one of your favorite outfits, you quickly changed and put light makeup on. It was spring so you went for a rather natural look than being over dramatic. You checked yourself out in the mirror, making sure you looked presentable and smiled at your reflection, before grabbing your purse and keys, heading out of your apartment.

The coffee shop wasn’t too far from your apartment, so you decided to take a walk, breathe in some fresh spring air and enjoy the nature that started blooming everywhere. Spring was your favorite season after all, not only because you had started dating your boyfriend during one rather busy spring but because you could see how all the life came back into the surroundings. It seemed as if everyone started to wake up from their sleep and go out, enjoying nature. 

Your thoughts kept drifting back to memories you and him made together, while your hands gently stroke over the flowers you past by, feeling their softness underneath your fingers, inhaling their scent. It was the perfect scenery if you ignored the background noises of cars honking, children crying and people nagging at each other.

As you finally reached the coffee shop, your thoughts got distracted by his familiar figure already sitting in your usual spot, his back towards you. A slight chuckle escaped your lips and you quickly covered your mouth, so he wouldn’t hear you. 

Slowly you approached him from behind, putting your hands over his eyes, making him jump slightly. You started giggling, unable to suppress your reaction to his cute behavior and a smile spread on his face, as he heard it.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out, gently grabbing your hands and turning around to look at you, as he stood up. His lips immediately found yours, making butterflies erupt through your stomach and his thumbs slowly stroked your hands, leaving traces of electricity wherever he touched you. 

When you two parted, his eyes wandered over your body, smiling at you. “You look beautiful, as always.”

Even though you had been dating for over six years now, you still couldn’t get used to his compliments and your cheeks flushed, making you untangle your hand from his to cover your face. He chuckled slightly, placing his free hand on your tummy and rubbing soft circles over it, before kneeling down and smirking up at you.

“Look at mommy - still a blushing mess for me”, he cheekily said and wiggled his eyebrows at you, making you playfully smack his head. He laughed before leaving a quick kiss on your tummy and standing back up, holding the chair back for you to sit down in front of him.

“How did you get here by the way? I hope you didn’t walk”, his strict voice made its way to your ears. You rolled your eyes at him.

“Yes, I walked, it’s nice to see everything blossom during this time of the year. Plus it’s only a ten minutes walk, I’m not going to take public transportation or a taxi for that”, you huffed, unknowingly stroking your belly. 

“(Y/N)!”, he exclaimed. “You’re seven months pregnant, the doctor said you needed to rest and not walk so much any more. I could have picked you up!”

You laughed at his concerns, grabbing his hands into yours and flashing him a bright smile. “Yoongi, I’m fine okay? There’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just enjoy lunch before you have to head back to the studio alright?”

Yoongi smiled at you instinctively, biting his lower lip. “You’re right. But if something happens to you or my babies, I’m going to be the one telling you that I told you so before rushing to the rescue.”

Another laugh escaped your lips as you squeezed his hands and leaned back in your chair. “Okay okay Mr. Min, whatever you say.”

He dreamily smiled at you before quickly snapping out of his trance. 

“Oh Jungkook asked me to give you this”, he started searching his pockets for something, furrowing his eyebrows before pulling two action figures out of his jeans and handing them over to you.

You looked at him in confusion. “What am I supposed to do with that?”, you chuckled and took a closer look at them. That’s when you realized it - those were the action figures you had gifted him for his birthday the first year you two had started dating. It was a boy dressed up as Iron Man and a girl dressed up as Wonder Woman with your initials on the back.

“It’s not for you, idiot”, Yoongi grinned. “It’s for the babies. He was really excited and made me swear I’d give them to you. I don’t know what’s so special about them but if I were you, I’d just keep them and make him happy.”

Tears welled up in your eyes, as you smiled up at Yoongi. “These are Jungkook’s action figures. I gifted them to him for his first birthday when we started dating.”

You moved closer to Yoongi, showing him the back of the figures. 

“Look, these are our initials. He loved those action figures”, you gently stroke your fingertips over them, remembering the many times he’d make sure that they were standing properly and weren’t dirty or collecting dust. “I can’t believe he still had them after all this time.”

Yoongi’s hand gently rubbed over your arm. “Yeah, they have been standing in his room for years. Always in the same spot. Even after he got rid of all the other action figures, he’d never let these ones go. As soon as we’d try to get those two out, he’d go nuts on us”, he laughed. “Now, I finally understand why.”

You nodded and smiled at Yoongi before pecking his lips. “He’s going to be the best godfather we could ask for.”

Yoongi nodded and pulled you closer. “I’m glad all of us could talk it out. If I’d have lost either one of you, I don’t know what I would have done - I’d probably be the grumpiest and loneliest man alive by now.”

He chuckled and you leaned onto him, enjoying the peaceful moment. It was the perfect life all of you had managed to built up for yourselves and you couldn’t be more thankful after everything you, Yoongi and Jungkook had gone through. 


ladydreemurr  asked:

{ On a scale of "I get at least six hours" to "coffee was invented to make sleep obsolete", how reckless is Gaster? (BECAUSE I AM CALLING YOU OUT.) }

A loving glance is cast into the abyssal contents of his mug.

* Ah, coffee.  The nectar of the gods.  The supreme ambrosial blessing bestowed unto us mere mortals.  I may not be a religious man, but who am I to reject such a divine gift?

* In all seriousness, I am but a servant of the people, my dear, and with such great responsibility comes the great need for caffeination…yet you go so far as to insinuate that I am reckless?

* Hm.  Such a subjective term, isn’t it?  Reckless.

* If you must know - sleep, albeit a necessary evil, is frequently a hinderance in my line of work.  If the muse truly strikes, I am wont to work through it until exhaustion.  It’s nearly mandatory.

* But no matter your opinion, love, you cannot deny that this behaviour has produced compelling results.

* So it seems to be more of a…cost-benefit analysis than a scale of recklessness.

A casual sip is taken.

* Wouldn’t you say?

A Gift From a God

A quick little fic for @snowbellewells inspired by this post X where Killian and Emma are going to be married and are surprised by Liam, the elder, in ghostly form. 

Words - 1300     Rating - K

Killian lay on the bunk in the quarters assigned to them on the Nautilus, Emma tucked into his side, her head on his shoulder and hand wrapped in the chain of Liam’s ring that was around his neck.  Their journey to save Agrabah had been successful, even if Jafar had thought that he had bested him, at one point, until his Swan swept in with her kiss and saved him yet again.  Feeling her rub her cheek against his shoulder, he rolled them onto their sides and tilted her chin up with his hand, “Why so vexed love?”

Emma snuggled into the curve of his shoulder, rubbing circles in the soft hairs on his chest. “What makes you think I have a problem?”

“Open book and all.”

Pushing him back over, she propped herself up on her elbow, “I almost didn’t make it.”

“But you did. I knew you would find me.  You always do.”

“I love you, Killian.” She hesitated while gathering her thoughts. “I think,” and then she stopped speaking and took a deep breath before continuing.  “Marry me?”

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okrxxx  asked:

I love your blog! You are quite beautiful!! I have a question. Im arranging for my first encounter ever with a hotwife. Should I bring her a gift? Any ideas?

There is no standard I am aware of. I just look for the man to respect our boundaries. Some men may never know the husband. I want my husband there.  This is for both of us.

I would suggest finding out what she wants and doing your best to give that to her. You may need to do that in the moment but usually there is some” getting to know each other” time that you can get a real sense of what she is into.   

Confession: I am sitting here laughing so hard at my own fucking nonsense that I am gonna have to compose myself before writing a rambly artist note.

Will you even look at this.

Okay, so: This was a gag gift, you know it was a gag gift, obviously a very well-thought out one that took some planning, but the person who gave it was apparently unaware that while you can take the man out of Iowa, you cannot take the Iowa out of the man.  Even if you manage to surgically excise every trace of Midwest, you’d STILL have someone who used to wear a purple miniskirt to work.

Last statement here is that if you’re new enough to Hawkeye that you don’t recognise the GOSH I LOVE ARROWS thing, I am going to give you the pleasure of Googe-Image-Searching it yourself.  Enjoy!  You’ve picked the right Avenger to love, you really have.

Christmas with Mack (12/20 - 12/22/15)

It’s been a while since I have posted updates about dates I have had with Mack, but I figured I would save you up the menial ‘we saw each other for  few hours, talked, had a meal…” mumbo jumbo unless it was for a specific special occasion…. also, since things between me and my mom have not been the greatest, I have been kinda keeping to myself, and just trying to survive this last semester.


This past weekend, Mack and I celebrated Christmas together, and it was absolutely amazing. For the past three weeks I have been running around like a chicken without a head trying to figure out what I am going to get the  man who has everything, which I figure is the problem every SB has. I figured I would get a gift that we can both enjoy together, so naturally lingerie comes to mind. Along with that, I got some sexy dice, and some adult cards as a fun joke, and I made some ‘coupons’ because I figured I’d show that I gave some thought in the gifts. I’ll go into more details about in another post in gift giving, but here’s the finished product of the presents!

We stayed at the Sands Resort and Casino, which is beautiful place, but was also not far from Mack’s office, for he still had some last meetings to wrap up. The rooms are nice, and there’s a small shopping mall attached to it, food court, restaurants, spa… everything! Once you’re checked in, you really don’t need to put a coat on, or hit the lobby until you’re checking out. I recommend it if you’re looking for a nice place north of Philly.

I walked into my room and found an adorable miniature Christmas tree waiting in the corner of my hotel room with all of my presents under. With all the things going on between me and my mother,Mack was worried I wasn’t going to get a Christmas tree this year, so he got me one, and decorated it and it was super adorable. 

This man has a knack of thinking of all the tiny details. We went to dinner at this seafood restaurant, then went to the casino and played some poker while I watched the Giants game on the TVs. After we had digested, I knew he had to leave for the night, because he was watching his granddaughter for the night and had an 8am meeting, so I was a little sad, but I prepared myself to read some, watch TV, maybe go exploring. Lo and behold as we get back to my room there’s a gift certificate for me to go to the spa and get a massage (which was top notch).

The next morning I woke up and had breakfast with Mack when he returned from his meeting to tell me good morning. Before he left for his last meeting, he handed me his credit card and told me to buy something if I wanted to,  for it was Christmas,  but that we were opening presents, and dinner and everything was that night. I walked around while housekeeping was cleaning up, and I don’t know if it was super early in the morning or what, but I just wasn’t in the mood to buy anything. Mack returned and we opened up a bottle of Patron Reposado, and toasted to our first Christmas.

After a lot (not that much lol) of begging to open my presents before dinner I tore through my presents like a fat kid eating cake, and my did this man do well. A Coach purse with matching wristlet, earrings and a watch, and three 24 karat gold dipped roses in my three favorite colors. Every gift he got me showed exactly how much he pays attention to me, especially since I didn’t give him a list.

We went out to dinner at Emeril’s Chop House in the casino, and the food was to die for. I ordered so much I had to take some back. I finally let him open his presents after dinner, and let’s just say it was a smashing hit lol. It was such a great relaxing holiday with him. Can’t wait until Vegas in less than two weeks! ! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was going. EEEKKK!!!

So excited!!

Fingers crossed that mom doesn’t try to ruin my trip!

☆ Brown Sugar NY ☆ 

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yo man are those actual texts or a layout bc if its a layout please give me a link to that. ye s plz

they’re actual texts bby 

but i’ve been making different simlish iphone layouts [i guess i could add text layouts to it??] and i was planning to put it up for download for my 500 followers gift thing so the secret’s out (??) it should be up on Monday or Tuesday if i am correct ;D

When some people hear the word feminist they are automatically against it.
The prefix fem being feminine or female
Because they aren’t represented in the name it doesn’t apply to them.
Therefore does not matter.
These are the same people who chant “all lives matter” demand a white history month and started the meninist “movement”.
I get asked why I would label myself as a feminist as if it’s synonymous to words too hateful to speak.
I am this unspeakable word because I want equal rights.
Yes I can vote but I’ve only had this so called right for less than a hundred years
Yes I can work but I only make seventy-eight cents to my male counterparts dollar
Yes I can sleep around but not without having a string of insults hurled in my face.
I am a feminist.
Because the government places laws on my body
When I can and cannot terminate a pregnancy sometimes placing a fertilized egg’s “life” over my own.
Telling me I can’t breastfeed my child in public telling me it’s “indecent.”
Because the phrase “she was asking for it” is thrown around as often as we breathe.
As if I should consider who might not be able to “control” themselves at the presence of my skin.
As if I should expect to be attacked if I drink too much.
Or flirt too much.
Or if I am unconscious.
I am a feminist because I learned how to place my keys between my knuckles when walking home.
Because when my sister moved out my parents gave her a can of pepper spray.
A parting gift they didn’t think to give to my brother.
Armed with a pink canister and a set of keys while I walk home alone at night.
I am a feminist because when I was thirteen a grown man followed me home in his car when I wouldn’t give him my number.
Because women have been killed when rejecting catcalls and requests for phone numbers.
Because a man running for President of the United States said “grab them by the pussy you can do anything” in regards to what you can do to a woman.
Because he said: “it’s impossible to be a ten if you’re flat chested.”
Because I was force fed what is beautiful from a young age
Because I had self esteem issues by eleven
And a body dysmorphic disorder by thirteen
Because I was told I had to be thin in order to be attractive.
I am a feminist because I am recovering from trying to be “beautiful”
I was told if shaved my legs and underarms the boys would like me.
But let me tell you I haven’t taken a razor to either of those places in months and I couldn’t feel more beautiful than I am now.
I am a feminist.
Because wanting equal rights doesn’t take away from the ones you already have.
—  I am a feminist, my free verse piece for creative writing.
Home for the Holidays || MAFIA!SVT || Christmas Special [Chp 2]

BLURB: It’s been a while since Hansol’s been home.

PAIRING: You x Vernon/Hansol

GENRE: part of my MAFIA!Seventeen series, christmas, fluff, family

WORDS: 4292

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (Final)

“Are you nervous?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Hansol looked up at the huge house, stomach churning at the thought of having to go in there eventually. He tried to prolong staying in the car but in the end there wasn’t much else he could do. With a sigh he rounded the house and drove into the massive garage. Inside ten sleek cars were already parked, along with a couple of motorbikes he was sure were Jun and Areum’s, but his was the only one that looked like it had been outside in the past few days. Everyone else lived in the House, after all.

“Are your, um, friends, rich or something?” you asked hesitantly when you saw the luxury brands.

Hansol shrugged. “Kinda. We– They run a business.”

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Meow Cafe, part 6

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Tony and Steve continue to be happily reunited and so much in love, until everything goes into the gutter when secrets are reveled.

length: 4 860 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, doesn’t focus on tickling and this part has barely any

a/n: this part directly follows part 5, so I would recommend rereading it, to refresh your memory.  feedback is loved and welcomed!


Meow Cafe, part 6 

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6)

Tony whistled, taking a solitary tour of Steve’s apartment. It was an old building, with an old staircase, but Steve’s home was new and bright. It was a lot more spacious than Tony had ever imagined, and was a lot tidier than his living space was. Tony sat on the cat’s furless couch and bounced a bit, catching the new TV set with his eye. Not as new as his was, that is, but surprisingly new for a guy like Steve.

“Your apartment is big!” Tony stated the obvious, yelling in the direction of kitchen area so the other man could hear him.

“You sound surprised,” Steve answered back, walking out of the kitchen and handing the brunet a second glass with ice tea. He had no proper coffee machine, so he wouldn’t risk offering his boyfriend a cup.

“Slightly,” Tony grinned, seeping his beverage. Refreshing and sweet. Like Steve. “You could fit like three cats in here!”

Steve sat next to the Tony, looking amused. “Do you always measure everything in cats?” he asked with a friendly tease.

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Happy B-day (Skate)

I hope you enjoy @kiki-maloski!

Today is my birthday and when I woke I was looking for my boyfriend Nate, he wasn’t in the bed with me and I was/am really angry with him for this. He promised yesterday that we would spend the whole day together, but he’s not with me! I get out of bed and I’m going to have breakfast without my bf. I go to starbucks and I sit alone drinking my cappuccino. 

*Where are you?* I text him *I’m at the studio, I have a lot of work for my new album. Sorry ma, I’m busy all day* I’m angry and upset now *Okay, but are you home for dinner?* *I do not think I can…* I pay and I walk to my house, tho one that I share with Nate, oh fuck. Everything reminds me of him, I’m so angry! I call Emily and I ask her to come but she was busy too. I spend all day alone waiting for my friends and my boyfriend would remember my birthday. At half past eight a car stops in front of the house, I go out and a man gives me a gift.

*Wear this dress. I love you*

After that I was ready, I climb on the car and I am taken to a restaurant near a lake where Nate and I had our first date. He’s waiting me and he’s perfect.

-Hey babe, happy birthday! I love you- He hugs me and I start to cry -Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you too, I thought you forgot..- He smiles -Never!- We go into the restaurant and -SURPRISE- All my friends are here. Emily, the Jacks, Sam, Andrea…. -Thank you Nay Nay..- I kiss him.

*At home*

He starts to kiss me and take off my dress, I do the same with him. I take off his jacket, his shoes, his shirt and take off his pants. I get on my knees and I look at him with a smirk on my face. I pull down his boxers and…

You’re still to young for a smut!!!  @kiki-maloski No, jk jk…. 







rub me on your body




i’m so fucked up





-tumblr user aaamaaazooon

song: To Glory: Two Steps From Hell (x)

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Opening presents with Suga? 💓

The sun hadn’t even risen by the time you regained consciousness, gaze eagerly falling to your phone to check the time. It was annoying early in your opinion, but you couldn’t stifle the burning desire to jump on the man beside you in an impulsive gesture to wake him up. It was Christmas morning after all, your first since you moved in together, and there were presents awaiting under the tree with your name on it. You almost felt bad for waking up the sleeping angel, but you couldn’t contain yourself a moment longer. There was a good chance Sugawara would end up scolding you for this.

Carefully, you threw your legs on either side of his body before abruptly pushing his chest. “Koushi, wake up! It’s Christmas and there are presents waiting to be opened!” Your voice was shrill and loud, not exactly the wake up call he was hoping for, but he was prepared for this nonetheless.

“Mhm, what time is it, sweetheart?” Sugawara mumbled sleepily, hands coming to rub his eyes in exhaustion.

A sheepish laugh fumbled from your lips, “Just a little past six.” You watched as he groaned, slumping back onto the soft mattress. “I know, I’m sorry, but I can’t wait anymore. Can we please go and open presents?” The man couldn’t resist how adorable you appeared when pleading, knowing full well he’d give in sooner or later.

“Let’s go then, there’s no way I can keep a child waiting.

You pouted, cheeks puffing out in a comical manner. “I am not a child, I just really love Christmas.”

After sorting out the presents into their respective piles, you had eagerly torn through the delicate wrapping paper, gasping excitedly at each gift you received. Your lover had a knack for picking out the most wonderful presents, ones that you had mentioned in passing without thought of finding them beneath the tree. Sugawara was grateful for your gifts as well, already pulling on the fluffy sweater with a look of content on his face. 

You had thought it was all over until he stood, walking into the kitchen before returning with a radiant smile. “There is one more present I haven’t given you.” You gazed at him with bright eyes as he handed you a small package wrapped in glimmering white wrapping paper. You almost didn’t want to rip open his handiwork. He noticed your hesitation, laughing openly. “Go on, open it.”

It was a small velvet box that sat in your palm and you could feel your heart stuttering with unspoken emotion. Slowly you opened the box to reveal a brilliant diamond ring, one that would make all the girls swoon. “Koushi, you don’t–” You shot up to find your lover knelled on his knees in front of you, gently taking your hands in his.

“For the six years that I’ve known you, you’ve without a doubt have changed it for the better. You supported me through the good and bad times, encouraging me when all looked hopeless. You were always there for me and I want to do the same for you.” You were trying to hold back a sob, eyes glazing over with tears at his confession. “I love you ____, will you do the honour of allowing me to be your husband?”

“Ye-yes, I’d love that.” Sugawara smiled, taking the ring from the box and slipping it onto your finger with ease. It was a perfect fit. You met him on the floor in a tender kiss, relishing in the feeling that surrounded your bodies, the moment intermittently perfect.

This was easily the most memorable holiday you’ve had and now you could look forward to many more with your fiance. 

My Fall Out Boy M&G

So I figured I should probably share my experience with meeting my all time favorite band, Fall Out Boy. Let me start by saying how absolutely terrified I was. Like, we drove past the venue on the way to the hotel and could hear people practicing and I started bawling. I was terrified. So skip forward a few hours to us standing in line for the M&G. I made us go to the very back of the line because I wanted to push off the experience for as long as possible (who knows why). We had been waiting for FOB to come for probably an hour, and as the concert time got closer, I started getting even more nervous. Then, along with the slow rumble of a golf cart, I hear screaming. FOB is here. The cart drives past with all four of them about two feet away from me and I absolutely lose every power I had not to cry. I start sobbing, I mean, I’d just seen my heroes in person for the first time ever and realized that they are real people. My friend who I went with whips me into shape and I calm down a little bit. As the line moves forward and people start coming back from meeting them, I see a lot of unfriendly faces walking back. As people ask them “How was it?!”, many people respond that the guys were “rude” “angry” and “unfriendly”. Well, this scares the hell out of me and I lose it again. How could the men I completely adore and trust be mean or rude?! As time goes on the tears stop but my heart is completely in my throat, I can barely breathe. Eventually it is our turn to go in. We place our bags and phones on the table and then I make my friend go in first. By this point I was shaking like I was about to erupt and I’ve got my letters and gift in my hands. The guy who is in charge of letting us in tries to calm me down, but it was not working. After a few minutes he tells me it’s my turn to go in, and that it will all be okay. I take a few steps forward and turn the corner and look up and there is Patrick Stump with the biggest smile on is face. (It’s probably worth mentioning that my friend who went in before me told them about me and how nervous I was bc she wasn’t as into it and was there for my support) Patrick can tell I’m nervous as hell and so he goes” Hey!” while grinning with the friendliest face. Pete and Andy also say hey but Patrick was the first I had seen. I respond with a hello and barely am able to speak, but I do manage to say that I had letters for them and a gift for Pete. I start trying to had out the letters to the respective recipients, but as I was shaking so bad they decided to help me out and get the letters sorted. As I give Pete the emoji stickers I had bought for him and tell him there’s a letter for Meagan as well, he goes “Oh, that’s so sweet!” and then upon seeing the stickers he smiles and responds “Oh man, these are so cool! They’re perfect!! Thank you so much!!’ as Patrick is laughing and saying something along the lines of “Oh wow, well thats perfect for you Pete!”. After all of that is sorted out, its my turn to speak. My turn to tell them what they’ve done for me. They look me in the eyes and wait for me to speak, and I head into what I planned to say. “I just wanted to let you guys know how much you all mean to me. And today I’m 5 months self-harm free and it’s all thanks to you guys, I couldn’t do it without you guys.” I stop here because I’ve lost it and am practically sobbing and can’t talk. Patrick looks at me with the sweetest look ever like he’s about to cry and immediately goes “ Oh my god, come here” and pulls me in for this huge bear hug. While I’m crying and he’s holding me and squeezing me tight he goes “I’m so proud of you- that’s wonderful! I’m so so proud of you and I’m so happy you told me. Thank you so much. Oh gosh, it’s okay.” Then he finally let go of me and Pete grabs me in a huge hug saying “Thank you so much for telling me, you have no idea how much that means to me. I’m so happy for you!” and after a few moments of squeezing he lets me go. All the while I’m hugging Pete, Patrick just keeps repeating “I’m so happy you’re here today.” “I’m so happy you’re alive” “I’m just so so happy you’re here and we got to see you” and I’m in total shock that these men are giving me so many hugs and are genuinely happy I was there and thankful for my existence. I ask if we can do a group hug for the photo and there is a collective “Oh well OF COURSE!” and I am immediately tackled and pulled in the largest group hug snuggle thing that was so tight and safe feeling. They all squeeze me and Patrick squishes his face up right against mine and then relax a little so you can actually see my face in the picture. I smile (while praying my makeup isn’t totally running down my face) and the picture is taken. They hold on a little longer then let go. I turn to them to say thank you and leave but before I can turn to go Patrick goes “Hey, come here!” and pulls me in for yet another huge and tight and safe and cozy bear hug and just wraps me tight while I cry. He again says “I’m so proud of you, okay? Thank you so much. I’m so happy you’re here today. I’m so happy!” and slowly lets me go while rubbing my back. They all smile at me and I am able to squeak out a “Thank you so so much.” and I quickly turned around the corner where my friend was waiting. She looked at me and went “How’d it go?” and I hit the floor sobbing. The guys spent more time with me and hugged me more times than they had to, they were so incredibly sweet, and you could just feel their love. I spent probably the next half hour sobbing until we were let into the pit. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that FOB is unkind, uncaring, or rude. These men really do care, and they love us. They have the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met and I am so thankful they are my heroes- I couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

ps- At the concert I was center barrier and the first time Patrick saw me we made eye contact and he looked away then did a double take and looked back, remembering me, and smiled. He kept looking at me through the concert and smiling and winked a few times. Anytime I was taking videos or a picture, he would look right at my phone for a few moments. He threw a few picks my way, but the pit got them from me. Patrick is a literal angel.