i am giffing this video rn

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Special shoutout to

@bayer-mund You were the first person of this fandom who talked to me and you were the one who really got me into it. It’s also partly because of you that I am now a bee so thanks for making me suffer I guess :D

@satanic-horsemen Thanks for always tagging me in relevant ship stuff. You’re my fellow Götzeus shipper No.1 and ofc Erik/literally anyone else!! :D I hope whatever you’re writing rn is coming along beautifully!

@yourfaveanon I love that our conversations are 50% keysmashing, 30% pics/gifs/videos of our favs and 20% screaming in capslock at our dumb team. Thank you for this!

@iwannashelteryou You seem like the sanest person on here lmao. I love how we can talk about literally anything and we always end up agreeing no matter if it’s football or otherwise related.

@dancinglewy Just thank you for existing you beautiful human being from halfway around the world! I mean, you’re literally the enemy by liking Bayern AND Schalke but I’ll make an exception just for you and say I like you just the way you are :D (Also fuck Lena Dunham!!)




BTS reacting to you being one of the backup dancers of Hyuna’s “Roll Deep”

Here back with another reaction, hope you will like it and also request for reactions and mtl and whatever you like!:) School starts on monday again, last four weeks ever and yeah I am quite motivated:)

Hyuna’s “Roll Deep” because this is my jam and my queen and she is slaying like always <3

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-Kiki <3



*Shocked* “What? My pretty princess danced in the MV? I am surprised why didn’t I notice at all? But you are so cute and…wow” *loss of words*

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Doesn’t really comprehend what you mean because he is listening to that song as you walk into his room and you just randomly say: “Oh I danced in that MV, it was pretty fun and the song is so catchy…”

He would realize what your words mean as you were already out of the room: “WAIT WHAT?”

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“…ok dance battle…you, me, right now! Let’s see who can do the moves better!” He laughs excitedly.

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“…let me check the MV again, quickly.”

After watching the MV again:

“So…um yeah, do you still have this outfit from the chorus? Want to try out something later that day…” *cheeky smile*

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“Wow…like wow…you look so great now I truly know why we are a couple…”

“What do you mean by that?” You ask confused.

He looks up to you and plainly says: “You sexy. Me sexy. End of Story.” *winks*

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“Okay, how can I keep up with that? I mean, you are stunning…Have you seen me in the leather pants or War of Hormone?”

“Tae, it is okay, you are miles away with the sexiness, trust me.”

“That is what I thought, too, but now I have to rethink everything….”

“What did you just say?”

“Joking, I am joking, you were completely stunning before as well, sweetheart!!!”*hugs you and smiles*

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“Nice video…but in my opinion you have been clinging too much on the male rapper, don’t you think?” *does this fucking Jungkook eyebrow thingie which is hella sexy*

“You kidding, aren’t you” You laugh but he comes closer, gaze serious.

“Not at all.”

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Ok the Jungkook one kinda killed me rn…ah the feels for this boy…like one moment he is so so cute and then…ahhh help me…

Thanks for reading <3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3

  • me: *is not at vidcon*
  • me: well it's shit but I'll survive it
  • people at vidcon: *upload pictures, videos and gifs on tumblr*
  • me: omfg I'm so jealous and sad but it's still okay
  • me: *watches vidcon panel on youtube*
  • me: *bursts out in tears, starts sobbing, starts shaking, can't handle life anymore*