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Deforest Kelley + Hats in Steve Canyon: Operation Jettison

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Imagine building a fort with Isaac

“Isaac I swear if you knock this whole fort down I will get Derek to kill you” You threatened Isaac as he tried to throw the final blanket on the fort. With the angle he was at it was almost guaranteed that the whole fort would collapse.
“Y/N, I am a professional fort maker, I can do this. It hurts to know how little you believe in me.” Isaac teased.
He then threw the blanket on to the fort. the blanket knocked over a poorly placed pillow, which started the downfall of the fort.
“ISAAC!” You screamed and began chasing Isaac throughout the house. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” It was all in a teasing manner of course, because later you both got tired and fell to the ground beside the fallen fort, you were then laughing and joking around the rest of the night.

But my hope was running low.                                                                         You appeared out of nowhere.                                                                              It was more than an illusion.                                                                            More than I could ever know. 

Baby, it’s magic the way you came around.                                                       You caught me before I hit the ground.                                                                 There something was missing in my house of cards                                           and all that I needed was the queen of my heart.                                              It’s magic the way you came around


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