i am getting fit for summer 2013

Well it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted one of these. It has also been a long and trying year. This year in trying to take care of sick parents I fell back into the habit of not really caring for myself.

However, I have been slowly focusing on finding balance again. I have removed the scale from my house. And making an effort to move everyday. It’s always tougher for me to do so in the winter I am such an out doors type person that going to the gym for cardio is just SO blaaaaah

Now I am going to make an effort to return to my blog. So I am posting a new before and during (I never felt like I could post one cause I hadn’t lost anymore ‘weight’ but I have realized that is silly because I have worked out all year and know my body composition has changed.)

Photo on the left was Summer 2013 and Photo on the right is current. ☺️☺️

(19/F/5'5" SW:140 lbs CW: 123 lbs)

I am Lauren and it has taken me exactly One Year to get to where i am today. After yoyo-ing for a good part of 3 years, usually id be thin for summer then put on 20lbs over xmas then the cycle continued usually with me starving myself. March 2013 i discovered a part of tumblr i never knew of which was the fitness/health blogs. Without them and the support i was given i don’t think i’d be so motivated to eat healthy and keep up my cardio to make a difference to myself. I had a wobble in the middle just before xmas with unhealthy habits but never put on more than 2 lbs. SO never be discouraged and give up due to weeks or even months of bad habits. You can always bring it back. I believe in that!.

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