i am getting a lot of work done today

(adm: FINALLY!! The game progress is reaching it’s end! As of today, I have officially completed 100% of what’s been originally done by Tomoyoshi. I have written my ending, and am going to start working my way towards it. I’m now going through my final phases of beta testing and debugging, so I expect to release the full game till the end of November/start of December!! 

Thank you all so much for your patience and support!! It’s helped me a lot on getting motivation to get this far. This will be the title screen [unless I decide to change it later lmao but I don’t think I will] of the game. I hope you enjoy it!!)

This weekend was a bust. I did not do anything very fun and didn’t get to relax much, but I got a lot done so I guess that’s a good thing!

I killed a workout today before my night job and it felt so damn good. Easy 15 minute video, followed by Dirty 30 from 21 Day Fix. It was 45 minutes straight of kicking butt and my arms are w e a k for sure. And to make it even better, my eating has been on point! During my break I am going to bake that egg dish I posted about yesterday and shower. Then all I will have to do after work is make sure my meals and gym bag are packed for tomorrow. 

Planning ahead is definitely going to be my best friend this week. Hopefully I will have enough energy after work tomorrow to just stay late and get anything and everything I can done. CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME. 

Also, if you are feeling unmotivated right now, just go do it. Get it done and I promise that you will feel better!

How we all doing?

So I just woke up and dragged myself outa bed a while ago (around 2pm) bc I was up till 8 am drawing and answering asks. Am mostly done with intro comic to Future!verse ABO, it’s a /lot/ of text bc guess what? My fav thing WORLDBUILDING WHOOOO!! It’s mostly explaining how ABO will work in this particular AU, it’s a bit different from what I usually see so i wanted to provide some visuals ^ ^;

It’ll probably go up sometime early this afternoon, depending on how much progress i get done for Prologue Part 1. Is two comics today too much? Who knows??? I’ll try ^ ^;;;;

In the meantime, queueing more asks! <3 Thank you all so much for sending them in, and so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to them! ;A;

(again, for those who missed it, I usually do not spam asks to this degree but today, and today only, there’s a reason)

Hi! I’ve been getting asks from people who are wondering if I’m alive/still around, so here are some news: I am! Both alive and around, but I’ve been on vacation to the US to see @beastlyart and @leapofdoom and needed to get a lot of work done before that so I could take the time off with a clean conscience. I might write a post about my time overseas one of the days, but not today.

So, in the meanwhile and since I talked about it with him yesterday, here’s a picture I made like two years ago, for a friend of mine (@eldstunga) who wanted to see me draw Bubbline. I have new art to post too, but I’m one of those people who wants to have a series of pictures before I upload even one of them… I’m also trying to collect finished works I haven’t shown before, since I’m planning to make an art book. More on that later too, I guess~

(01.18.2017) 1:06 AM // Had a nice study session! I thinking tackling the subject you’re least excited about first is the way to go! I’m not too fond of Java programming, but hopefully it will grow on me! As you can see, I have a lot things to do later on today! I’m off from work and I don’t have labs this week, so I’ll have plenty of time to get this done! Looking forward to making daily to-do lists for school 🤓✨


1.16.2017 ~ 7/100 Days of Productivity

Today I didn’t have time to do all of too much as I did a lot with my family today (we went hiking and went to the mall so 80% of my day was spent out). However, I did manage to get a bit of work done.

I finally added momentum to my laptop which I am loving so much, and I also got around to finally writing a précis for an article and reading a satire piece for AP Lang!

My day was honestly great even with minimal studying and school related things. It’s really important for all of us to remember that it’s nice to take a break sometimes, I know I personally can get really caught up in schoolwork and a mental break is extremely necessary every once in a while!!

I hope your day was as great as mine, and if not, stay positive. I know you’ll get there soon. Love,


destiel-is-cockles-fault  asked:

Hello fellow writer, How are you? Got any writing done today?

I POSTED A CHAPTER AT 2AM AND ONLY GOT FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP BEFORE WORK BECAUSE I AM DEDICATED AND JUST *clenches fist* WRITING!!!! Said fic, I am happy to know, is in the top 1% for comments for Dean Cas, currently coming in at #164- which hey, still a lot ahead of it, but it’s both new and a WIP. I’m fairly happy with that. ^_^ I’m eager to get started on the next chapter.

(Ask box open and Anons are welcome!!)

Copy-pasting my DevLog from the My First Game Jam itch.io because I am very tired, and I sadly don’t have any screenshots to share today. But, I did get some important work done today and yesterday creating and fixing things, so now I just need to implement it!

[Day 4]

I’m updating this on mobile super late, but today I did manage (with a lot of help) to fix all of the linked passages so that they worked how I intended them to. That took up most of my time actually, so while I didn’t get much done in quantity, I got quality work done

[Day 5]

Another day of work, more exhausting than the last. Retail is like that. Because of work, I really didn’t get much done today. Luckily I just got called off of Saturday so I intend to implement a lot of the ideas I’m currently writing shorthand notes about when I get the chance.

Notes from today included ideas for choices the players can make at each location they visit. Some will have lasting consequences (good or bad), and some will only have consequences depending on the order of the places you visit. For instance, one variable is $whippedcream. Eaten at the right time, everyone is happy and nothing goes wrong! Eaten at the wrong time, and someone gets an upset stomach. Another is $stick. If you get the stick at the right time, it can come with you to another location. Your dog might like that.

Goals for the next few days involve developing these ideas and writing them out in full so I can just transcribe it when I need to rather than wing it while I’m trying to also implement variables. We’ll see how that goes though, since work has been so busy, and I just want to sleep for fifty years.

cooldown/vent cyrus looking out a train window … its been a long, long day.. a lot of shit happened. i’m thinking about stuff and am really tired…. and i have a lot of work to do over the next week but. i’m going to make it. i’m going to be alright.

i think this is like the first cooldown thing ive ever done, bc ive been literally drawing all day today, jesus,

~60 min. i tried to cap this at 30 but then RendERING OCCURED

1/19/16 edit: his hairline was fucking with my eyes so i fixed it

To Do List 19/1/17
  • Take Medicines
    • Morning
    • Midday
    • Evening
    • Bedtime
  • Eat Breakfast of some sort
  • Brush teeth
  • Attempt to put Aura down for a nap between 10am - 10:30 am
  • Hopefully get video reading done for someone (won’t be the hour long one, just one I offered to do for someone I owe a reading to)
    • Though if I have to, I’ll do it tonight after hubby goes to work
  • Finish through LIT-201 work and check for discussion board required today - If no initial post is due today, then one discussion response to classmate.
  • Finish through FAS-201 readings and answer discussion post - initial post due tonight
  • Figure out what theme I’m going with for FAS-201 (I could do immortality but I’m doing that in my LIT-201 course. I’m thinking of going with the Ancient Greece one, just because Hellenismos. I feel like I spelled that wrong)
  • Attempt to clean off my small table in hoooopes to keep it organized because I’m sure Hekate is mad at me since it’s become a catch-all table currently ;_;
  • Fill out journal entry for my 5 year Q&A journal (it’s amazing to see the different responses already).

I have been struggling a lot with my mental health last week (I’m being upfront so that I get in the habit of not hiding my depression) so nothing got done. BUT I’m pretty much stuck at Starbucks today getting some backlogged work done, and after that’s complete I’ll be working on drafts since I have writing muse. So I’m offline for most the day today (shutting down social media so I can focus on work) but once that is done I am ALLLLLLS about the writing.

Songbird’s word count: 15,345

Got a lot of work done today! And best of all, I’ve started introducing the romance part of things, which is great. Elizabeth’s love interest, Alice, is still pretty stiff as far as characters go, but Elizabeth has really started to limber up and show off some real personality in her narration, which delights me. Lots of editing is still needed (even that quote I posted earlier might be deleted or reworked – I’m getting bogged down with wondering whether it’s really fair, or politically correct, or whether or not the narration of a very emotionally distressed high schooler needs to be politically correct – I overthink things a lot), but we’re getting there!

Here’s where I left off for the day. It’s right after Elizabeth had a dream about kissing Alice.

I couldn’t help thinking of Alice, though. I guess I’m in love with a woman who doesn’t exist, I said, but that wasn’t exactly true. I had dreamt of being in love with a woman who doesn’t exist. But I also dreamt of being a woman who doesn’t exist, so …

How do you know they don’t exist? The voice was back, quite suddenly. I sat bolt upright.

“Uh … Good point, I guess,” I said, wondering just how far I was going to take this. “I don’t suppose you could just tell me if they exist?”

There was no answer … but I felt suddenly certain that they weren’t actually made up. They existed … or had once existed, at any rate. Sure, they had those strange shaped eyes that no human being could possibly have, but so did Margaret, and she was real enough to lock me in a birdcage and force me to start growing feathers. So I guess being skeptical of the women in my dream was pretty short-sighted of me.

You have to stop question the validity of everything, and start accepting this is happening, the voice told me, The sooner you do that, the sooner you get answers.

“Right … ‘Cause just telling me would be too easy,” I said. Predictably, there was no response. Typical magic voices.

6/3/16 || 9:30 AM 

Started out early(ish) today. Had some nice homemade wholewheat blueberry pancakes with syrup and sat down to get some physics studying done. I have such a hectic week coming up and I want to be ready

“Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot” – Tom Haverford (aka my spirit animal)

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Wow that was fast :) I am having surgery 4 weeks from today!

  • 10/26 Pre-op appointment
  • 10/27 - Liquid only diet starts
  • 11/8 - Surgery date!
  • 11/16 - Post-op appointment

I am planning to be off work 11/8 -11/18 if all goes well.

Jennifer follows a similar schedule and will be getting done 2 weeks before Christmas. 

OK - this just got a lot more real :)

Project Wedding Harness continues. I have bronchial pneumonia (I get it every spring, don’t worry about me). Today I feel a bit better after a surprise care package was delivered by aphyr last night to cheer me up :) This is the Triskelion knot again, but I have done it with two colors of rope to better get a grasp on how the ropes lay. I use this trick when I am working with doubling up knots. It makes it easier to trace the lines and figure out where the tangles are. This knot uses a lot more rope to start the harness, so it may not be viable for the wedding harnesses given that noodlesandbeef will have 30’ ropes. I ordered 50’ ropes from the same supplier (knotandrope.com) so I’ll lend some of mine to him if the 30’s don’t work out for this knot and his best men. Groomsmen: you’re getting the previous design. :)

2016.4.10 [28/100]

Another tired evening… I think I pushed myself a little too hard this last week. I met someone different every day between Thursday and today, which is a LOT more social than I usually am. I’m feelings very drained of energy, socially and otherwise. Still, I managed to get a little bit done today. I was just working on copying my Chinese and Korean notes from my old notebooks into the new spirals I got :) Not much, but I was able to review some old concepts and make sure I remembered them as I rewrote them.


For only the 2nd time in 5 school years, I was able to go home for Thanksgiving.

That being said, I came home on a Saturday morning instead of a Sunday evening because:

There’s too much work to do before the kids on Monday.

There’s too much stuff I need to do at home before Monday since I do so much work outside of work hours.

I spent the entire day today, lesson planning, trying to figure out what kind of gloves we need for our first aid kit since I am supposed to buy them now with my $100 (total) classroom supply fund (have not been successful), completing required online training such as allergies and blood borne pathogens, making items for center activities, and pulling books for the week to bring in (since I have to use my house to store a lot of school stuff because I don’t have enough storage room at work).

Some days I am eager to get work stuff done, even after hours, just so it isn’t hanging over my head.

This was not one of those times.

I wish I could have spent another 24 hours with family.  I wish I could have spent part of today putting up Christmas decorations.  I wish it wasn’t expected of me to work for free…. since there wasn’t enough time to prep all this.

I write this because I want people outside of my profession to remember this before they say we get paid too much or have all this time off.

Because that’s just adding insult to injury.