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I want nothing more than to give 100% to someone and get 100% back from that one person. To look into someone’s eyes and see the entire solar system and feel fireworks in my heart when they smile. I want nothing more than to hold someone’s hand and know that for that moment, I am holding my entire world. To wake up and reach for my phone, wanting to begin and end everyday talking to them. I want nothing more than someone who understands my job and is willing to sacrifice 4 months long distance, for the 3 months that I will get to spend with them when I leave the ship. I want nothing more than to sleep with someone in the most innocent sense of the word. To feel their arms wrapped around me or vice versa and to cuddle into them in a dazed sleepy state halfway through the night. I want nothing more than to love and be truly loved back.

New Man Part 3 // Rolling in the Deep (Biadore) - Fucking Awful.

A/N: Back with Part 3 of the New Man saga! Another 3500 words of Biadore angst that I swear is going to get happy in a chapter or so. I think there will be 5 chapters, maybe a 6th. Few things:

First, funny story: “Fucking Awful” was actually supposed to be the name of Chapter 2, but because I’m a dumbass and don’t understand the naming conventions it ended up as my author name. AND I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT IT because you know what, I am fucking awful.

Second: This is back in Danny’s POV. I like switching back and forth, but I feel I get Danny (or the version of him that lives in my trash brain) a little better. There are few train of thought moments, designated by italics. 

Third: Back to song inspiration, this time from a different British redhead – the goddess Adele, and “Rolling in the Deep.“ (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYEDA3JcQqw) No one is singing, its just a soundtrack to what happens here. Lyrics are in italics AND indented. 

Fourth: Let me know if these are too long and wordy. It’s something I get critiqued on professionally, so I’m keen to reel in unnecessary words in my creative/for fun writing.

Alright that’s it, hope you enjoy this! XOXO Fucking Awful

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“so you’re willing to sacrifice your sovereignty to stay in the eu?!” yes i am actually. i don’t give a shit about your warped convoluted sense of british patriotism that stems from a long and horrific history of imperialism and colonialism, that allows the EDL to attack a grieving muslim family after the trial of their murdered son, that lets football fans feel entitled to start fights with whoever’s against the england team with few-to-no repercussions, that lets grown ass white men stand outside predominantly POC and/or eastern european schools to intimidate children, that claim brexit is the best choice for LGBTQ+ people despite the fact 98% of LGBTQ+ youth in the uk are bullied or harassed and most of our anti discrimination laws are tied to the eu

so yes, i am willing to give up the pound for the euro if it means people who have lived here for 20+ years - whose entire family, friends and support system is here - face a situation where they may be forced to return to a country that they have no ties to and to protect british students studying abroad with eu passports who now fear for their future. i am willing to be led by unelected leaders if it means not crashing the global economy, plunging britain into yet another recession and making the poorest in the uk - who are already demonised - even poorer, leading to all kinds of consequences including higher crimes rates, higher obesity levels, more mental illness and a greater strain on an already drowning nhs. i am willing to accept eu laws if it means taking care of the people in the uk and our neighbours in the eu who deserve to have their rights protected. some things are more important than sovereignty.

C: All my life I have been made fun of for my behaviors. I’ve been beaten, taunted and ignored just because I talk weird, I like multiple genres of music and because I don’t agree with things that America finds ideal. I absolutely hate this. I have a slight British accent from speech therapy classes when I was five, I appreciate the goth, punk and swing subcultures and I speak my mind. If I were mixed, white or of any other race, I’d be ‘edgy’, ‘trendy’ and 'cool’. But because I’m a dark skinned demisexual genderfluid female, I’ll always get flack for who I am.Sometimes I wish I would listen to rap and hip hop all the time and hate other genres of music. I wish I could feel like myself wearing Nikes and Aeropostale shirts everyday of my life. I’d fit in a lot more and people wouldn’t blacklist me as much. But I can’t just stick to one thing and it really bothers me.