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Dear Tumblr humans!

On January 1st of 2017, I’ll be closing my Tumblr inbox, so consider this fair warning if you have any last words for me. My inbox has been full of things fun and terrible and heart breaking and heart making, but I have an intensely busy creative year planned and am trimming down my online time.



So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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I am in the season of waiting in all aspects of my life and it’s been so hard. Iv’e been weeping to God and my cries are full of pain. But the amazing thing is while crying to Him, i feel His comfort and I know that He is hurting with me. How terrible it must be to see your daughter crying and hurting. But He’s been telling me to just wait and stand firm on my faith. He is molding me to be like Abraham, a man full of faith, even though there is no reason to hope he kept on hoping because he believed that God will fulfill all His promises.

So even though i’m in pain, I am also at peace because God is on my side. Iv’e been through a lot in life and He has always been there for me. This too shall pass.

pidge/keith brotp headcanons bc i love these children

* ok.. listen. everyone talks abt how these two would bond over the Conspiracy Theorys™ and while im not disagreeing, consider: they bond over their very unfortunate, mutual creepypasta phases

* it’s so…. god. its so terrible. shiro walks into keith’s room one night to tell him and pidge to get some rest only to see them watching “the rake” documentaries with the computer screen on full brightness. he shrieked and proceeded not to speak for 3 days

* good thing abt sharing a mutual, terrible obsession for creepypasta and general conspiracy theories? conspiracy theories x100

* keith at 3:37 am: call it a little outlandish but…. do u think the rake and the cupacabra r related… perhaps….. / pidge, surrounded by mt dew bottles and with some suspicious candy thing on her cheek: goddammit mulder ur a genius

* oh ya they refer to each other exclusively as scully and mulder. i think you can guess who’s who.

* so like its canon that keith doesnt generally pick up on social cues as fast as the rest of the paladins so sometimes she’ll explain smth like lances joke or the metaphor hunk was using or w/e and its great bc shes really nice and non condescending abt it

* in turn, keith helps pidge out when she gets too caught up in her own thoughts.

* like sometimes she’ll lock herself in her room for days on end studying every piece of evidence she could’ve possibly found that will help her find her family and keith will just. slip in there n sit down with her and he’s so blunt and rational that it dispels any fears she has almost instantly

* pidge forced hunk and coran to help her reprogram the training bots so that if someone (someone being keith) trains for more than a certain amount of time it shuts down by itself

* keith is very protective of all the paladins bc he has -900 chill but he’s esp protective of her bc she sort of reminds him of himself when he was that age? very determined and Angery™

* pidge suffers bc when keith told her he liked lance, he made her swear not to tell anyone, which was difficult for her bc when lance told her he liked keith, he made her swear not to tell anyone. save pidge gunderson

* they’re def the type of friends that send each other Looks and start giggling or one of them will say a totally innocent word and the other will burst into laughter bc of some inside joke. it alarms everyone

* please add on i love them

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Prompt:  Hello! I absolutely adore you blog. Soooo much. I wanted to request a Chekov Fluff? Like where he teaches the Reader russian and it’s all cute and adorable and full of love. Thanks, love you! <3
Word Count: 290
Author’s Note: As a general rule, I don’t normally apologize for my writing but when it comes to other languages I am terrible. I used google translate but we all know that’s not always reliable so I am sorry for the botched Russian! 

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Things I will never forgive Boy Scouts for:

1. Stealing my waterproof camera during marine biology camp in high school

2. Scratching their troop number into one of the NEW windows of our shark habitat (I am so full of RAGE over this 😡😡😡)

3. Getting to do cool things like camping when I got stuck with wearing a lame vest and selling overpriced cookies


Happy Fates NA release day!!!

Okay, there are three important things I want to talk about while I have your attention!

1. We have officially reached 4000+ followers! I wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful support, especially since we’ve been on hiatus for over a month now! I hope you choose to continue supporting us because there’s so much more to come! Also, I am terrible at coming up with happy, thankful things. This is what I have Sugar and Perli for, because all I can say is I love all of you and that you have all of my thanks.

2. We will be on comic hiatus a while longer. College is in full swing right now, and I’m not really getting a lot of free time between school, homework, and other things in my everyday life. I’m trying to figure out a good time to start back up, but with multiple essays, constant math homework, and other factors, finding a good time has been difficult. My hopes are that we will not pass the 60 day mark.

3. A Fates based mini-series will be starting around mid-summer! The comics will be following three new MUs, one for each mod, and each of them will be covering a different route! Sugar will be covering Birthright, Perli will be covering Conquest, and Tree will be covering Revelation. We will not be taking any suggestions from fans about specific aspects, so please don’t ask if we can add in something for you. As for the chances of any Fates character showing up in comics before then, they will be limited to specific types of comics and sibling characters. Other characters will not be shown until the mini-series.

Also the ask box is staying closed to avoid any Fates spoilers being seen by the mods who don’t want them. I will also personally be combing through any fanmail we receive to make sure you are not purposely trying to spoil the mods (as you have probably guessed, I am not going in blind).

And to all of our fans who live in EU/AU, I hope you guys get a release date soon!! I know how painful waiting for dates is, but don’t let that get you down! Stay determined, fellow FE fans! In the meantime, you guys won’t have to worry about any spoilers from this blog! We will be spoiler free until the mini-series starts up, and even then, all spoilers will be tagged!

Have fun, guys!!


Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge

Day 3 - characters you headcanon as grey-ace or demisexual: Natasha Romanoff and Merlin Emrys

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My little sister just made some homophobic comments and I was expecting my other siblings and my mom to say some stuff against her but they all kind of agreed or stayed silent so I just felt myself go back into the closet more and more so that's always fun

Oh no sweet darling, I am sooooooo sorry!!! That is always “fun,” and I’m so sorry you’re going through that right now. Don’t forget that you are not alone – the closet is full of beautiful people who love you, and the outside-the-closet world is also full of beautiful people who love you – and you don’t deserve to here such terrible things. You are perfect just as you are, and you deserve only the best, and I am sending you so much love and offering so many hugs <3 <3 <3 <3

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To my fiancé,

I could wait until our wedding to tell you these vows but I believe you deserve to here them now, I believe I shouldn’t wait another second to make these promises to you. So my darling, these are my vows to you.

I vow to cherish you. I vow to appreciate all the little things you do for me. I vow to adore you in the way you deserve to be adored. I promise to love you, to look after you and to laugh with you - never at you - I promise to make you smile whenever I can.

You are the love of my life. You have given me the strength to realise that I am a human being who deserves love, support, gentleness and above all, respect. You taught me that I am worthy.

The world is full of terrible things, I went through some terrible things. But to be honest, all those experiences were worth it when I met you. When I saw you, I saw hope. When I held you, I held some faith in my future.

You are the greatest gift the universe could ever give me. I vow to show you that I adore you, that I love you and above all, that I respect you. I will look after you when you’re ill, I will comfort you when you’re sad, I will tuck you in to bed when you’re exhausted and I will give all the forehead kisses you need in order to feel better.

You are my love, you are my partner, you’re a part of me that I didn’t even think was missing.

I am yours and you are mine.

All my love, for now and forever,

Hannah xx
—  Hannah D.

My favourite angsty trope in G/t is when a giant accidentally scares their tiny friend in an argument or something (maybe they yelled too loud or threw something in their anger) and their tiny friend suddenly sees them as a giant monster again- they get afraid and the giant realises they’ve really scared their friend and they feel terrible.

The giant then desperately tries to apologise and coax their friend back to trusting them, but nothing works so the two merely avoid each other completely.

Of course I only like this trope if it gets sorted out in the end! Maybe the tiny finally approaches the giant as the giants crying and they try and make it up to each other- the giant relieved that they haven’t lost their friend.

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White & Grey?

White: 3 facts about my personality

1. it’s terrible i have huuuuuge problem w/ this thing where i like, am way reserved abt things where i’d come across more interesting if i expressed my full level of passion cuz i’m like, still irrationally paranoid abt being judged??? which when you get 2 know me well must seem baffling cuz once i’m comfortable around ppl i’m like super blindly confident smug abt all the shit i say hahaha

2. would wager that a good 60% of my followers/friends who are like…not close personal IRL assume that my wildly overwrought emotional reactions 2 shit are performative but @murkytimeistimeschool and the now-deleted disneyvsimaxtheatres can extensively testify 2 the fact that is NOT at all the case and all the time i am literally screaming or in hysterical tears cuz like…something on tv was good or i just gave somebody a plot summary of a film w/ a sad twist or whatever dumb shit

3. i’m one of those stupid assholes who can’t resist like, doing an impression of the person i’m quoting when relating an anecdote like…not even necessarily as a joke (tho it is often that), it’s more like…dramatic emphasis, i guess??? idk it’s weird as fuck but it’s a thing

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

1. on avg. i spend like, 7-10hrs a week watching just one pro wrestling promotion and there’s a good…fuck, two or three others i follow regularly plus a lot of cool randos in any given month?? so yeah like, wrestling owns but if you wanna follow it close it rly crowds up the room for other hobbies if you have anything going on in yr life hahaha (i don’t tho so i still manage 2 do & obsess over a lot of non-wrestling bullshit)

2. i’ve been rly depressingly lazy abt like, just sitting down 2 listen 2 music closely as a singular activity ever since i lost my good turntable and that was like…years ago now and i still have almost all my records + have bought good shit since + could frankly even be doing this w/o using physical media and i’m still not doing it???

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when Clarke spat on Lexa's face I felt that I love Clexa even more. It was the same for you?

Yes! I have loved their dynamic before any type of romantic relationship. Starting the season off with this will make the journey of them reconnecting so much more powerful. Clarke spitting in Lexa’s face was so full of hate and was so ‘un-Clarke’ like that Lexa is racked with even more guilt. This was a terrible thing to see, but knowing that they are going to build a stronger bond and work through their past makes me so excited. I am so excited to see the journey from hate, to understanding, to love. Clexa hit rock bottom in this moment, now, the only way to go is up.

I LOVED Alycia’s acting and how you could tell when ‘Lexa’ was talking or when the ‘Commander’ was. My favorite moment (that hurt me so much) was the pan to Lexa’s face while Clarke was being dragged away: 

You see Lexa doing this breathing technique to calm herself and to get air into her lungs. She is trying to keep her breathing regular as her heart plummeted into her chest seeing Clarke break. She did this to her. Her heart took the air in her lungs with it when it quickly plummeted. Lexa can’t breath. You can see her intake breath twice and then exhale it through her pursed lips. Her heart is tightening in her chest, and she feels like she is breathing through as straw. She isn’t upset that Clarke spat on her, she is upset at what Clarke has become…. what she has become due to Lexa leaving her. Death would have been a kinder fate. What Clarke did at Mount Weather has haunted her, the ghosts have tormented her dreams and has broke her.  

The Clexa reunion was terrible to see, but it will make their journey so much more exciting and amazing to see as it unfolds on screen. They will become each other’s anchor and hope. They form a connection that is so deep it becomes a weapon to defeat ALIE and save their people. Their connection is real; their connection is love. 

Dark Blue

(gif credit to the creator)

Dark Blue (Skeptics and True Believers pt 16)


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,099

Warnings: language, SMUT

Song: Dark Blue - Jack’s Mannequin

A/N: I am absolutely terrible at writing smut, so I apologize in advance lol

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Here's Your Letter (pt 2) | Luke

a/n: continuing my tradition of not being able to end things sry. more Blink!Luke here and you can request things here if you like :)

Part One

Luke was pretty sure he was still dreaming when he felt a light dip in his huge hotel bed. It wasn’t until he felt your familiar fingertips tracing the bridge of his nose and his jaw that his eyes fluttered open.

“(Y/N)” he mumbled, his voice full of sleep. Instinctively he pulled you flush against him, his nose pressed to the crook of your neck. “What are you doing here?” his eyes were closed again and you swore you felt him yawn against you.

“We’ll talk about it in the morning. Go back to sleep,” you whispered, threading your fingers through his hair and relaxing fully in his arms.

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Danger Zone (P3P Cover)
  • Danger Zone (P3P Cover)
  • glimpse of a memory

I wanted to contribute something to FeMC Appreciation Week but I’m terrible at drawing and I’m tied up writing other things! So I broke out my guitar and bass and sat in front of a computer for hours putting together a full-on cover of Danger Zone, FeMC’s Tartarus boss theme. I always really liked this song and thought it was way cooler than the old one from vanilla P3. I am super proud of how this came out, and I hope you listen with headphones on.

(I also snuck a bit of Soul Phrase into the outro, since they’re both built on the same riff, haha.)

Someone told me I was an angel today.
And they might’ve had rum on their breath
and a fuzzy head full of blurry thoughts,
but it made me smile.
It made me feel not as horrible as I’ve felt in a long while.
Because I’ve spent so much time thinking that I’m more terrible
than perhaps I am, and I guess I’ve been waiting for some reassurance
that I do not deserve the ways in which I have been wronged.

I may sound whiny and I may sound like I’m trying to victimize
myself, but I’m really not trying to do either of those things.
Somehow there’s this self blame that follows behind me wherever I go.

People leave,
they hurt you,
and the worst part is how hard it is to believe
that it’s not your fault.

I called my friend the day he broke my heart and as I was sobbing into the phone, she begged me to not blame myself… Saying it’s not my fault.

It’s not my fault.

Sometimes things don’t work out and there’s really no one to
blame, and it’s taken me a long time to figure that out.

Maybe I’m not an angel; God knows I’m a sinner.
But maybe, just maybe, I’m not as horrible as I think I am.

—  e.k.s. // angel