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  • Vanoss: [accidentally hits Delirious] Oh god! I'm sorry delirious!
  • Delirious: No youre not.
  • Vanoss: You're right. I'm not sorry.
  • Vanoss: In fact, if I had the choice to go back, I would do it all over again.

chyler sending a message into the supergirl cast group chat:

It has come to my attention that some of you have made fun of an LGBTQ+ ship that many young LGBTQ+ people enjoy. As someone who has learned a lot in the past few months playing a lesbian, this is extremely hurtful, and my friends in the LGBTQ+ community deserve a lot better. Therefore, I have made several decisions. I will not be bringing my homemade brownies to shoots anymore. I am blocking all of your numbers except Katie, Odette, and David. And Melissa and Jeremy, if you ever come within a 5 foot radius of me and try to start a conversation that’s not in the script, I will get my son’s baseball bat that’s in the trunk of my minivan and beat you with it. If you wish to speak to me, talk to one of the cast members who actually cares about the LGBTQ+ community and fans we have and ask them to relay the message.


Chyler Leigh-West

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I wanna b ur friend cuz ur so chill but smh assertive? Like u kindly tell someone when theyre wrong, and u dont seem sassy or lowkey rude. Ur a great Person and so so Kind!!!!!! And!!!!u have/do Cute stims!!!!! Yes please!!!!

LMAOOO I am not assertive at all idk whatever gave you that impression. the big dream is to become more assertive haha but thank you <3

I love Thorin Oakenshield so much. Life has been stressful for me lately, but he’s my short angry smol and that’s all I need. 

Speaking of - Who would like a starter?

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Hey moe are you awake and, are you willing to tell me many things about Bismuth?

i am awake, but only for a few more minutes and oh my god

how does bismuth know shaking hands is a greeting thing for humans without even being prompted?

little action that shows bismuth cares about her friends: she holds her arm out so no one falls off the ledge they’re walking on and she can catch them

all her laughs are literally perfect (and one time heartbreakng)

her little *click-click-wink*

this picture

and this one

and who could forget squish and steevie boy


Ava: Ingrid was asking about the bake off and whether or not she should enter her sugar cookies.

Maxine confused: Sugar cookies?

Ava frustrated: Hello! That’s why we’re here! To help Ingrid taste test her cookies! Max, you’re getting really aggravating.

Ingrid: Ava, come on. Be nice.

Ava: I am being nice! She’s the one treating her best friends like we’re invisible!

Maxine protests: I am not.

Ava: Yes, you are. You haven’t said a word since you got here. You’ve just been sitting there with a dopey look on your face.

Ingrid: She’s in love, Ava.

Maxine: I’m NOT.

Ava: You are, and it’s so stupid. When you’re not day dreaming about him, then all you do is talk about him. Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Ugh!

Maxine apologetic: Sorry, Ava. You’re right. I didn’t mean to ignore you guys. This was a really strange morning for me.

Ingrid curious: Really? What happened? Wait, no tell us when the cookies are done We’ll sit outside and chat.

It feels as if I’m under a curse. The people among us have called this curse ‘social anxiety’. My body is numb and my heart keeps skipping beats. What am I doing that causes this? At that moment I was trying to have a conversation but I was having all these painful emotions inside me. They don’t understand how it feels, does it make me spiteful wishing that they should know what it feels like? As I keep going to the restroom to cope with these confusing emotions, I’m starting to hear these brand new sounds in my mind. The new sound sounds like a friend I wish I had, I decided to call her hope. She is the hope that shows me that I am strong and I can conquer this!

To anyone who has to deal with social anxiety, you’re not alone! I know it may seem as if you’re the only one at the crowded party who feels isolated and awkward. When you’re outside of your comfort zone, know that you’re courageous. To others stepping outside the house is a daily thing, but you aren’t anyone else. You are beautiful you. I believe in you, stay stronger than ever.

Friends, I hate to ask but could you please pray for me? My online summer classes (which will determine whether or not I can return to school in the fall) are ending soon, and in all 3 of them my partners for my group projects are not doing any work, and I hate to think that they are going to destroy my academic plans, and I am feeling physically ill from the anxiety this is producing. Thank you, your prayers are appreciated.


Earlier this month someone stole my bag and in it was my watercolor paintings and sketchbook of the last year. As well as $300 in supplies and pencils. I was and still am very heartbroken about my sketchbook. But I have to keep going.

To counteract the losses that would have taken me months and months to slowly replace, I opened up commissions and you guys let me air out my grief. And I can’t thank you all enough for leaving me messages and asks, reblogging, supporting, and genuinely being like a community of friends too good for me to ask for. I’m honestly overwhelmed. I’ve managed to recover all of my supplies and more sent to me in gifts. Things I’ve never used before?? And I wanted to make this post to thank some of you personally.

Some of you like @luciferblogging– I swear I want to cry I can’t believe this. You donated all your own markers. And I know you do digital now so it was a gift- and it was supposed to /your/ birthday. I don’t even know where to begin. This means so so so so much to me and I owe you, something. /something/. You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Thank you.

And Em and her sister, who I don’t have URLs to but you sent me liners I’ve never even seen before, and colors that expand my original palette. It was such a kind gesture and you had to go out of your way to look for them. Thank you so so so much.

I got orders through my shop and the commissioners who gave me work to do while I sorted all this stuff out. You helped me do my runs to the art supply store and replace my bag within a week of everything happening. I tried to collect everyone’s URLs if I could find them.

@whalesandfails @glitter-lisp @ahoysnufkin @amorettif @natasha-cole
@puckity @timelydelay

My second mom, Rose, I swear I’ll put your donation to good use.

And Berta 🌻, always kind and supportive.

Honestly without you each this month would have been even more hellish and I’m going to work extra hard to show you guys your contributions won’t go unused or wasted. This has made a significant change in my life this year and helped me out, saved me months of cutting pieces off my check and slowly putting my stuff back together.

I can’t thank you all enough.

All of this came from you guys and I’m so grateful. Thank you so much.

I’m gunna stop now, I got a lot of work to do.
To all my followers and to everyone of you that helped me get this all back,
Thank you thank you thank you,
I love you all,
Alyx R.


It must have been fun having a brother growing up. It’s like having a best friend over all the time. Yeah. But remember, Uncle Lucas and I weren’t really that close when we were your age. The important part is we became more like real brothers once we got a little bit older. But you’re right. Having a brother is a lot like having a best friend. It helped make me the man I am today.

More GoT ramblings

Okay, maybe I’m really reaching here, but did anyone else react to these lines between Littlefinger and Sansa in the last episode:

Sansa: “What do you want Lord Baelish?”

LF: “I want you to be happy. I want you to be safe.”

Sansa: “I am safe, I’m at home surrounded by friends. I have Brienne to protect me from anyone who would harm me.”


LF: “What about happy?”


LF: “Why aren’t you happy? What do you want that you do not have?

Sansa: (evading the question) “At the moment, peace and quiet.”

First of all, she doesn’t say “surrounded by family”, only “surrounded by friends”. She doesn’t mention Jon, only Brienne, when it comes to protecting her. Which is a bit odd.

Second of all, either LF is grasping here, or he is actually picking up on Sansa feeling unhappy (he does know her quite well after all). Anyway, in this particular scene he seems to be right, Sansa doesn’t lock very happy. 

Third, Sansa looks unhappy while watching Tormund trying to flirt with Brienne. Coincidence or conspiracy?

I think there are several options for this scene, maybe some playing out at once:

1. The writers want us to believe Sansa is truly unhappy and that the thing she wants that she cannot have is being Queen in the North, something LF is smugly picking up on. The writers thus teasing us further with ~Starkbowl~ and paving the way for us doubting Sansa’s real intentions later on.

2. Sansa is totally playing LF and makes him believe she’s unhappy about not being queen, as part of a plan to finally get rid of him. 

3. There is a double entendre going on here and that the thing she’s unhappy about wanting but not having could be….Jon? She is watching Tormund flirt with Brienne after all. Maybe this makes her long for something similar? Perhaps subconsciously? Earlier on we saw Sansa having a heated conversation with Jon where she tried to reach him - both intellectually, emotionally and physically - but he seemed to want to keep her at a distance. She looked at him in a soft and caring - one might even say loving - way during parts of the conversation, she even tried to grab his hand to reach through at the end, but they were interrupted. Maybe she’s starting to get feelings…? As I said, probably reaching, but that was actually my first thought when I saw the ep.

Other than that (babbling on today lol), seriously why on earth are D&D giving us all these Ned/Cat & Jon/Sansa parallels if that’s going nowhere? It’s starting to get RIDIC at this point. 

Either they are:

* Planting a red herring. (To divert us from Jon/D@ny?) But what a truly lousy red herring in that case lol. No one seems to pick up on it except Jonsa shippers…? Like wtf? I have yet to see ONE recent review or YouTube reaction where this is even mentioned. 

* I honestly don’t know. I’m sort of blanking on ideas for a second option. All this being….accidental? Ridiculous I know. D&D wants something with it, but other than Jonsa I can’t figure out what that would be.

* Third option: Jonsa is endgame and this is how D&D build up to it. And it’s not only the N&C parallels btw - that sudden focus on the hand touching during their argument, wtf? What are D&D doing if not showing a growing sexual tension? Are they pulling our leg with this whole thing? I’m honestly asking. Not to mention the evident Cersei/Jaime parallels. Cutting from one scene with a pair of quarrelling husband-wife-type siblings to another. One pair is drifting further apart, one pair is drifting closer. One pair is already lovers (but will probably not be), one pair will be…? 

If ANYTHING is a red herring btw it’s Sansa becoming Cersei. I mean, what would even be achieved by that? She is obviously the student who will surpass her masters, ie LF and Cersei. She won’t end up like Cersei, she has learnt from her to not make the same mistakes. Huge difference. But I understand why they’re teasing this possibility, obviously to keep the “Starkbowl drama” alive lol. They will probably want us to believe that Sansa will betray Jon/the Starks until the very last minute or something when there will be a ~shocking twist.

It’s so weird though, Jonsa shippers being the only ones picking up on the Ned/Catelyn & Jon/Sansa parallels/weird overall tension. (Are there others? I haven’t noticed.) The only exception I’ve come across is a cute nerd on The Young Turks lol reviewing the show who actually predicted “They will f*ck.” from the head kiss scene. 😂

We’ll see about that. 😊

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Why can't we study the Bible all together? I would invite @y-hweh with us.

Hi friend,

We should totally do this!! We could all update and encourage each other. I love it so, so much. 

I’m just starting Romans today so, honestly, whoever wants in for that one, feel free to join! I’m doing the She Reads Truth 6 week study (and am meeting with friends in person once a week). I believe you can do it either through the app or the workbook. Or, if you just want to read along, I can post the discussion questions from the book once a week or so on here. 

Ay yo @y-hweh, you in? Anyone else? Let me know so I can create a little running list of those participating. 

All my love,


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Can I choose something else? "Oops friend looks like the only place to sleep in this house is this small, twin-sized bed, guess we’ll have to share" for MadaTobi

I dunno if you’re just sharing possibilities again or actually making a request but damnit stop inspiring me I got shit to do xD

Screw that, never stop inspiring me, just don’t expect all the stories to come this fast, yeah?

Also available on AO3, as usual.


“If you think for even one second that I am going to share a bed with you then I am having Hashirama check your head when we return to Konoha.” Madara’s left eye twitched worryingly. “Which cannot be soon enough.”

Tobirama shrugged and rolled his eyes, flopping down on the twin mattress before him, the only bed in the only shelter they had managed to stumble across in the middle of this freak blizzard. 

“Then sleep on the floor for all I care. I, on the other hand, am going to enjoy the comfort of a soft mattress and the warmth of an actually half-decent blanket.” With that said, Tobirama rolled on to his side to face the wall, pulling the soft wool covers up to to neck. They’d been sleeping on the ground and in caves for more than a week; having a bed again felt like a luxury. 

He wanted to curse his brother for sending only the two of them on this stupid wild goose chase but he understood why they had been chosen. The mission required strength but stealth, which meant sending as few people as possible while still maintaining enough strength to deal with any trouble that might crop up. Madara and Izuna might have been sent, they worked well together, only Hashirama had insisted that a sensor would be needed to track the man they were trying to find.

Tobirama hated being logical sometimes. Being able to understand his brother’s reasoning made it a lot harder to be mad at him. 

Madara could be heard huffing and stomping, muttering to himself under his breath like he usually did when he was grumpy and outmaneuvered. He probably wished he’d been smart enough to claim the bed first and now had too much pride (or hatred for Tobirama, perhaps) to crawl in to the bed beside his companion. He settled himself on the floor with the thin travel blanket most shinobi carried on longer missions. 

The minutes ticked by slowly while the storm raged outside. The silence of the room was broken only by Madara‘s tossing and turning, the discomfort of a hard floor exacerbated by the welcoming bed only a few feet away. Tobirama could almost hear the other man’s teeth chattering. They would have built a fire but there hadn’t been time to gather wood before they found somewhere to get out of the snow. Madara could create fire with a simple jutsu but that was useless when there was no wood to keep it burning. 

The younger of the two smirked to himself and nuzzled his face down in to the blankets keeping him nice and toasty. Served Madara right for being an incorrigible ass. How he had ever developed a crush on the idiot, Tobirama would never know. 

It took exactly forty-three minutes for Madara to finally lose feeling in his toes and give up. He did so loudly, with a huff and grumpy, “Fine, then.” He rolled to his feet and stomped over to the bed. “Move over!” 

“If I move any farther over I will merge in to the wall,” Tobirama responded coolly, not moving an inch. Madara thumped down on to the bed behind him, facing the opposite direction but forced to lie close enough that their backs were flush together. 

Awkward silence descended once more over the one room hut they occupied. Tobirama laid perfectly still, trying to ignore the warmth behind him and the burgeoning erection in front of him. Understanding or not he was reconsidering murdering his brother when he got home. Madara twitched and shifted, obviously trying to get comfortable, until at last he sighed loudly. 

“I hate this,” the older man grumbled. Tobirama rolled his eyes. 

“I’m aware.” 

“No I mean…I can’t sleep on my left side.” 

“You - wait, what?” 

Tobirama turned his head a little, thinking he might have heard that wrong.

Madara sounded a little sheepish as he replied, “I said I can’t sleep on my left side. Haven’t been able to since I had all the ribs on that side shattered when I was fourteen. They were haled improperly.” 

“Oh.” Tobirama laid his head back down and thanked the kami for the darkness which covered the blush creeping up on his cheeks. “So turn over.” 

“Then I would be spooning you,” Madara growled. “There isn’t exactly much room on this bed.”

“If it’ll get you to shut up and let me sleep, then just do it. I won’t tell if you don’t.” Tobirama conveniently did not mention that he found this arrangement a lot less undesirable than his companion. Spooning with the man he’d had some rather racy fantasies about? Not exactly a hardship. 

Madara hesitated - and Tobirama didn’t really blame him for that - but he did roll himself over until they were both facing the same direction. The bed was indeed rather small and they were both rather large men, tall and generously muscled. The lack of space kept them so close that Tobirama’s ass was cradled in the curve of Madara’s groin. The older man curled his arms in front of himself defensively, seemingly because he didn’t know what else to do with them. This lasted for only a couple of minutes. 

“Get your elbows out of my back, Uchiha. They’re pointy and I’m tired.” Tobirama squirmed a bit, trying to dislodge the pressure from his spine. Madara squawked indignantly. 

“Quit moving around!” he cried. 

“Then get your bony arms out of my back!”

“Where else should I put them!?” 

Tobirama shifted about some more. “I don’t care, that hurts!” 

“Would you quit squirming!” Madara sounded a little hysterical but Tobirama could not have cared less. He continued, pressing himself backwards in an effort to shove Madara away from himself even though he knew there was nowhere for the other man to go. 

“I’ll quit when you get your - oh.” 

Silence fell again as both men went stiff, Tobirama with shock and Madara with embarrassment. 

Evidently the older man had wanted him to stop moving because now his cock was hard against Tobirama’s ass. The younger man stared at the wall in front of him with wide eyes, trying to decide if he should blush or shove a hand down his own trousers and get off. Uchiha Madara was hard. Because of him. And it was pressed right up against a place he could only wish was less clothed at the moment. He swallowed thickly. 

“Ah.” For a genius, he could think of nothing smart to say. 

“I’m noticing a very distinct lack of you attempting to murder me,” Madara noted once a few minutes had passed. “But when you do get around to that, if you would be so good as to tell my brother I was thinking of him in my last hour.” 

“I certainly hope you’re not thinking of Izuna,” Tobirama said, his brain to mouth filter failing him momentarily due to all the blood gathering in his nether regions. Behind him, Madara choked. 


Something not a lot of people knew about Tobirama was that when aroused he tended to lose the ability to think clearly. Which is why the next thing that fell out of his mouth was, “I’d much rather you be thinking of me with that.” 


“…is there any way we can both pretend I didn’t just say that?”

“No! There is not! Did you honestly just - are you attracted to me?” 

“Shut up!” 

Madara’s elbows gave him a pointed shove. “That’s not an answer!” 

“It wasn’t supposed to be!” Tobirama curled in on himself a little. “Now shut up! Just…go to sleep! This never happened! Nothing is happening!” 

He was slightly relieved not to receive an answer right away. Some part of him hoped that they could actually just go to sleep and never ever ever ever speak of this night again. How hard could it be to avoid one person for the rest of his life?

The larger part of him, however, knew that Madara was a very stubborn man and waited with trepidation for the other shoe to fall. He sort of expected it to come as a blow to the exposed base of his spinal cord or something like that. Maybe Madara attempting to throw him off the bed to sleep on the floor by himself. He did not expect the tentative flat palm against his back. 

“Nothing?” a quiet voice asked. 

“I…huh?” Tobirama was so hard it was nearly painful from having Madara pressed up against him for so long, hot breath on the back of his neck and a deep voice rumbling in his ear. It made it very difficult to process what was happening. Especially when that palm slid questioningly down the small of his back, fingers wrapping lightly around the dip of his waist.

“Nothing is happening or nothing…could happen?” 

“Quit talking in riddles,” he breathed. The fingers tightened their grip and pulled his hip backwards. They were already touching so all this did was grind his ass back against Madara’s erection, making his own twitch with interest. Madara rolled his own hips forward in to the motion in a move that was very hard to misinterpret. 

“Get it now, Senju?”

“Not yet but I’m working on that.”

Madara choked but Tobirama was too busy to be embarrassed by the drivel coming from his mouth. He was occupied with shoving the blankets away from himself so he could turn around and throw a leg over Madara’s waist, straddling him. 

The older man stopped choking and moaned instead as Tobirama leaned down to kiss him, rocking their hips together again and reaching down a hand to trace his fingers over the shape their cocks made together. 

As Madara sat up with Tobirama still perched in his lap, hands already trying to divest them of their clothing, the younger man had the fleeting thought that he should get himself a smaller bed at home. Somehow this one had worked out for him. 

I don’t know if this is an INFJ thing or not but...

I can’t stand people who aren’t genuine. Like I can tolerate them, say hi and be kind to them and all that, but i can’t like be super good friends with them. You know the people I mean, like people that just want to fit in with the crowd but that’s not who they really are, or people that are literally just all about wanting attention. I don’t know  >.< it just really gets under my skin, it’s like they’re mocking me with how fake they are, and it’s like they hide their true personality so well, that I feel like they don’t even really like me, they’re just using me to gain something. Am I making any sense? Probably not

We offended the LGBTQA+ community? No way! Let me tell you something, as a STRAIGHT black man myself, I am constantly being discriminated against. I know all about discrimination, mocking and ridicule, and this isn’t one of them. Also I’ve got non-straight friends and I cared about them so much! Guys, I’m telling you, I am very woke!
—  Meh Brooks, while walking around defending sexual abusers, probably

NOTE: Hi everyone, in order to celebrate japril week, me and my friend/fellow fic writer @japril12 decided to write a fic per day for the whole of this week, basing each fic on the theme of the day. I want to thank her for the ideas she helped me build, the endless questions she answered and all the re reads she did. Also, for not blocking me because I’m annoying. You’re the best! 

Please enjoy! And don’t forget to check out her fics, which I’ll always link at the end of the fic! :) 

Japril Appreciation Week: Day 1 ⇒ Funniest Moment <>

“Unwilling to delegate. I am a great delegator. It’s a key to why I’m so organized!”

He chuckles, bringing his beer up to his lips, and takes a sip. April huffs in annoyance, following his gesture, and sips from her bottle. They’d had a long day, touring medical school students, and had a bit of surprise waiting for them once they were up for review. Turns out, save for Karev, none of them were as great of teachers as they had thought they were. His own student had accused him of taking all the learning opportunities for himself, and then worse, outsmarting him. Sure, it had been a hit to his ego, but it definitely wasn’t hitting him as hard as it was hitting April, who seems to have taken the comment extremely personally.

He looks up to tell her that she’s right, she is brilliant at organizing, and the douchebag was probably just mad his hopes of maybe doing a central line today went amiss.

“Oh hi, just wanted to get some water?”

They both turn to look at the source of the voice, and he smirks when he realizes it’s Alex’s student, Laurel.  

“Well, the glasses are in that cabinet.”

Obviously, he’s managed to score, Jackson thinks petulantly. He wasn’t too disappointed if he was being honest, although he’d spent a good part of the day trying to trade his guy for her, with the exact same intention as all the straight, hot blooded males in their group had. He hadn’t gotten laid in a while, such was the life of a surgical resident, and she was a very attractive woman, so he’d figured why not? Sure, it made him feel slightly sleazy after the idea initially popped up in his head, but he was nowhere ready for anything resembling a relationship. Nope, no thanks.

He watches her reach up for the glass, and the movement causes her shirt to move up. Almost as if on impulse, he looked at her, deciding immediately that although he was very deprived when it came to the female body as of late, this was particularly degenerate and a little creepy, if he is being honest. Impulse, was not a good excuse. He’s just about to turn his gaze, when a hand flies past his vision, and he feels the hard contact of smooth skin on the back of his head.

April. Of course, she would notice that his gaze had wandered off to unwelcome territory. He can’t help but slip out a loud, albeit manly, cry of pain, because damn who knew April could throw a mean punch? He looks at her, her disapproval written very clearly on her face, as she mutters under her breath about how all men were pigs. He rubs his head, throwing a glance at her direction and chuckles as he realizes half of his friendship with April has been him doing or saying something stupid, and her chastising for it by swatting him across the chest, arm or chest… hard. She had no mercy.  

He throws another glance towards Laurel’s direction, hoping she hadn’t just witnessed him get hit over the head by his best friend for gawking at her. It would be embarrassing to say the least, and his ego could only take so many hits in one day.

This time, however, when a pale arm flies out of nowhere, he is ready. Before it makes contact with the part of his body April has deemed worthy of a hit, he holds her wrist, stopping her from reaching her intended destination, which looked to be his arm.

“Stop hitting me!” He whispers, laughing at her annoyance that she wasn’t able to fulfill what she had wanted to do.

“Well, then stop staring at her like she’s a piece of meat. Jackson, you know it’s wrong to-”

“I wasn’t-” He tries to excuse himself out of her perfectly fair accusation, but stops short when he notices her brows raised, calling him out on his bluff, “Okay, so I was… the first time. Now, I just wanted to make sure she didn’t see you playing Whac-A-Mole on my head.”She rolls her eyes, and ignores him, going back to her task of attempting to pull her hand out of his death grip. He smiles, almost devilishly, and leans back against his chair, his arm still around hers.

“Jackson, let go!” She grunts, as she brings her fingers towards his, attempting to pull off, one by one.

“Nope, not this time. The hitting must end. This is the repercussion of it.” He grins, as she gets up from the chair, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, as she pulls on her arm.

“Jackson, this is ridiculous.” She groans, as he pulls her towards him, when she almost successfully manages to pull out.

She squeals as she lands on his lap with a resounding thump, and he instinctively wraps an arm around her waist to keep her from falling. She wriggles on his lap, and all of a sudden brings his arm up to her mouth, and bites on his fingers. He relaxes his grip a little, mostly because he’s a little shocked by her actions. He looks at his hand and sees a small teeth imprints on it, and a guilty looking April, who knows she’s bitten harder than intended to. 

“Oh you’re gonna get it.” He smirks at her, as he slips a hand underneath her top, and starts to tickle her mercilessly.  April starts laughing loudly, a high pitched shriek emitting from the back of the throat. She hates been tickled. Having known her for some time, he’s very aware that April’s body was insanely sensitive to touch, and the slightest contact with any of her tickle points, the worst being the hip bone, was enough to send her into frenzy. He won a lot of arguments this way.

Her breathing becomes  erratic, as she wriggles out of his grip to stand up, and he follows her, watching in amusement as she twists her body under their arms to get away from his contact. He laughs in turn because clearly when April is met with a tickle attack, her ability to form coherent ideas was lost. He merely rolls his eyes, and pulls her back against his chest, resuming his actions.

“Okay, stop, Jackson! Please stop, I can’t anymore.” She says, through breathless giggles. She moans uncomfortably, and he stills, because it’s only funny if she’s not in actual pain. He’s read once that you can in fact kill someone by tickling them, and although he does question its legitimacy he’s not up for finding out its accuracy through April. 

She blows on piece of hair that’s fallen on her face, and the exhaustion causes her to fall back on his body, as she rests hers, taking in heavy breaths.

“I hate you.” She voices, and he chuckles.

“No you don’t, you just have to stop hitting me so much, with your… iron hand!” He tells her, and he finally decides it’s time to let go of her hand.

“What the fuck are you two doing?”

They both pull apart and turn around to face a tired looking Alex, wearing a frown on his face. Jackson could tell the guy looked pissed off, and really annoyed.

“I am trying to sleep, and the two of you are giggling like teenage girls at a sleepover,” He mutters, scratching his chin.

“Sorry, Alex.” April mumbles, pulling her hair band out of her head, since all the neatly swept tendrils had fallen out of it anyway.

“Yeah, yeah” He waves her off, and directs his gaze over April’s head, “They creep you out?”

Jackson turns his body and all of a sudden remembers that Laurel was actually in the kitchen with them, probably having witnessed the whole thing.

“Oh no,” She replies, smiling between him and April, “I should probably apologize for being such a creep, and standing here staring at you two.”

April gives him a side eye, and he knows exactly what she’s thinking. If anyone needs to apologise for being a creep it was him, but that would require admitting he did something creepy, so he merely rolled his eyes at her.

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m just really ticklish.” April says, as if this is a profound revelation about herself.

“I could see that,” Stacy chuckles, walking towards Alex, “Anyway, you two are a really cute couple.“

He hears Alex’s boisterous laugh and sees April choking on air, before the words register. Him and April? A couple?

“Oh my god, this is gold.” Alex says, still unable to hold back his laughter.

“We are definitely not a couple,” April stutters through the sentence, her cheeks a fiery red, “I mean, we’re just completely, totally, platonic.”

Jackson laughs awkwardly, nodding his head at her statement, “Yeah, April’s my best friend”

“Oh I’m sorry, I just figured… well, you act so much like a couple.” She says, smiling almost apologetically at them.

“We do?” They ask, in unison, looking at each other, both unequivocally confused.

“Well, yeah, you’re very comfortable around each other, and um… look, I was just pointing this out. I’m sorry if I made it weird.” She says, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, no you didn’t,” April answers for both of them, and he nods along.

Okay, so it’s a little weird being told that he ‘acted like a couple’ with someone he figured he had maintained the first and only completely platonic best friendship of his life. He figured there was that whole thing about ‘you’re not best friends if don’t act even a little gay’, which primarily applied to same sex friendships, so may ‘acting like a couple’ was the standards for opposite sex ones.

“They’ve just known each since they were interns,” Alex offers, clearly already bored by the conversation after his initial interest.

“Exactly.” He agrees.

“Plus, it’s not like I could ever date Jackson.” April laughs, glancing at him for approval.

Instead of approval, he just finds himself highly, highly offended, “Um, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hm? Oh nothing, I’m just saying it’s not we’d ever actually date each other,” She laughs again, and once more he fails to see the humour in this.

“Uh, why not? I’m a great boyfriend.” He scoffs, as if any other insinuation was absolutely preposterous, which it was.

She raises her brow at him, and stifles a giggle, “It’s not that you’re a bad boyfriend per se, it’s just… you don’t really… date.”

“I date!” He says, and everyone in the room goes silent. Okay, so maybe he didn’t say it so much as he yelled it. Blasphemy, is what he wanted to tell them.

“No, man, you don’t.” Alex says, shaking his head, “You casually see women. I don’t mean sex, you’re not me,” He looks at the Laurel who has her brow shot up, “Er- sorry.”

“It’s fine.” She dismisses him.

“Anyway, you’re not me, but you’re not exactly McDreamy either.” Alex says, as if its common knowledge that he’s not the boyfriend type.

“That is so not true.”

“It is, Jackson. I mean, you only had one serious girlfriend since I’ve known you, and she lasted about 6 months?” April asks him, pouting her lip, probably doing the calculations in her head.

“Um, 6 and a half.” He corrects her.

The half definitely counts for something.

“Same thing.”

Apparently not.

“Well, you know what, it’s difficult to date for me, okay?” He starts, and April rolls her eyes all the way to the back of her head, while Alex mutters ‘sure it is’. Even Laurel has the audacity to laugh at that sentence, condescendingly. “It is! Because it’s really hard to find someone who likes me and it’s not because I’m good looking, rich or an Avery!”

“You’re an Avery?” Stacy asks suddenly, with peeked interest, and Jackson thanks his lucky stars he didn’t sleep with her.

“No, he is not an Avery. He is a lot more than just his last name.” April says, and although she’s directing the caution towards him, most definitely alluding to his lack of separation of a sense of self from his family name, he feels good when Laurel shoots her eyes downwards in shame.

“Oh, boo hoo, hot chicks want to sleep with you because you’re attractive and loaded. Your life must be so hard.” Alex quips in sarcastically.

“I just honestly don’t understand why it matters so much. I mean, there are women falling over themselves to date you.” April replies, plopping herself down on a chair as if this conversation is exhausting her.

“Yes, but you are not one of those women.”


“So if my own best friend doesn’t want to date me, then what does that say about me?” He asks, basically to anyone in the room. He’s a little mad that he’s on Team Jackson all by himself.

“It means I want different things from a relationship than you do, that’s all.” She says, shrugging her shoulders.

“You know the men in your stupid chick flicks don’t exist in real life, right?” Alex points out, grinning at April who glares at him.

“Shut up, Alex. I just meant… commitment.” April replies.

“I can be in a committed relationship if I wanted to!” He announces, and April and Alex stare back at him in utter disbelief “What? I can! I will buy you flowers, wine and dine you, I’ll even not kiss you on the first date.”

He notices a shift in April’s expression, as if she’s considering this, and he smiles at her, finally happy she’s coming to her senses.


“Honestly, it’s a good thing you two don’t date. You’d be the fucking pain in the ass couple.” Alex laughs, getting up from his seat and starting to walk towards the bedroom.

“Um, what the hell does that mean?”

He’s a little surprised when the redhead poses this question, and actually sounds pissed off about it. Well, it took her long enough.

 “What?” Alex turns around, confused as to why April sounded defensive all of a sudden.

“I mean, I said I wouldn’t date Jackson because he didn’t want to be in a relationship, not because we’d be bad at relationships. We’d be fricking great at a relationship. I rock at relationships!”

Jackson chuckles slightly, because he knows just how April hates been told she’s bad at something. She’s rarely ever bad at anything, so she’s ready to walk through fire to prove it.

“Yeah, but-” Alex tries, once more, but Jackson is quite sure he’s not going to get a word in again for the rest of this argument. One simply does not offend April Kepner.

“We’re best friends, and you know what that means? I know him better than anyone else, and so I will never have any problems figuring out his mood swings, or have him talk to me about his problems or what to buy him for his birthday, because I already know all of these things.” She smirks, hands on her hips, and Alex is starting to look unsure.

“He gets stubborn when he’s angry, withdrawn when he’s sad, and he smirks a lot when he’s happy. He wants to talk about something if he hangs around me the whole day for no good reason. And he wants a pair of Nike Roche Runs… in red.” She proves all her previous points, and Jackson can’t help but be impressed himself.

She looks at him, urging him on with her eyes, and he gets the message after a few seconds. She wants him to prove to Alex how good they’d be in a relationship, “We already know pretty much everything there is to know about one another, and still like each very much. That’s saying something.”

“Exactly!” April nods, furiously, “We would be couple of the year. We would win couple awards!”

“Um, sure.” Jackson replies, a little unsure at her tirade, but still fully ready to back her up. He just… never realized that, as April continued to list all the reasons why they would be the perfect couple, the two of them dating do make a lot of sense. April was undoubtedly attractive, and they knew each other so well. It was the strangest, most obvious revelation he’d come across.

“Sorry, Kepner, you two aren’t lasting a week.” Alex says, and Jackson can clearly see he’s just doing this to get a rise out of April. Feisty April was an all-around favorite, it seems.

“Not true!” April retorts, puffing her chest out slightly, “and I’m going to prove it to you by dating the heck out of Jackson!”

“Yeah!” Jackson says, until he realizes exactly what she’s said, “Wait what?”

“And it will be the best relationship of his life!” She grins, almost challenging Alex to disagree with him.

“Can we go back to the bit where we date, because-” He tries to intervene, but apparently he has little say in the dealings between them.

“$100 bucks say you don’t last more than 5 dates.”

“Oh you’re on, Karev.”

They shake hands, and Jackson still stands in between them, very confused about what has transpired.

“Jackson, you’ll pick me up at 7, tomorrow evening, and we’re going for a movie and dinner after. I’ll see you then.” April says this, but it’s directed more at Alex’s amused face more than him. She looks at him, after some time, smiles widely, and walks off.

“Um, what just happened?” Jackson asks, finally. Everything moved a little too fast, and he went from wanting to get laid causally sometime this week, to a date with his best friend which might cause him to catch feelings, because God knows, April Kepner was very easy to like, at least for him.

“You just got yourself a date with Kepner. Good luck!” Alex winks at him, and walks away down the hallway towards his bedroom, with Laurel, who was quietly observing the whole scene, completely confused and very much amused, trailing behind.

He had a date tomorrow night, with April. April Kepner. He knew that for whatever reason, there was a part of him quite excited at this idea. What Jackson didn’t know however is that Alex was going to lose that $100, he thought for sure was an easy win, because Jackson would end up taking April out on a lot more dates than just 5.

Thank you, as always, for reading! 

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Wedding headcanons for Ryuji,Yusuke,Ann,and Makoto?

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I am all moved in to my new place and things are getting better!
I still have a shit ton to unpack but whatever

Here guys, have some cute as a present for me making you wait for frickin’ ever

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We are about to hit 3000

When I started this blog back in December I never imagined anyone would even read my stuff let alone get here where I have written around 100 stories. And that I have made friends over the internet from my love of Dan and Phil.  

I really can’t explain how much I appreciate you guys sending me messages and requests. I love that you guys trust me with these ideas that I will do them justice.I also can’t thank you enough for all of your sweet words. 

So to give back in some way I am doing a 3000 follower give away. 

The rules are simple. 

Send this blog an ask or a message saying your First name and your go to soft song that always makes you feel calm. This is more of a personal thing as I am just in the business of finding some new songs.Then I also know you read the rules.

if you have won in the past please do not re-enter. give the others a chance

You have until August 10th to send in your name. I will be giving away things for a first, second, and third place winners. It does not matter where you live in the world I will send you the things you win.

1st place- Both Dan and Phil books, or some items from the Dan and Phil shop that equal about the same price of the two books.You also get any request you want.

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3rd place- any request you want.

Good luck to everyone that enters! Once again I need to thank you all again for all of your support and love. 

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