i am freefall

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how many drugs do you do?

Enough to know that life is one big adventure! I am my home, and I carry my universe with me everywhere! I always bring a backpack so my book of spells, magical potions, healing herbs, power-up vitamins, keys to secret dungeons, life-force bottles of water, hp apples, knitwear armor, spectre shades, communication device, glowing light, world maps, character guides, and secret weapons are always with me! I give freely, knowing that it will come around, even if the complex intricacies of this life are unseen by my eyes. Enough to have seen the face of Buddha, Krishna, and Ganesh and to drink of their magic! Enough to see beauty in rotting flowers and swirling pools of vomit glistening in water. Enough to discover infinite beauty and terror as I am freefalling through this bittersweet, creepy pretty, spooky cute, tragically gorgeous, yin yang, glittertomb universe! What are we but sparkling, walking coffins that dance and fly for but a moment and then return to the cosmic garden of the world to be reborn again as flower or fawn? God is us and we are them and I am you and we are all together! So live in beauty, live in the now, feel at home in yourself and in everything, because you are the cosmos, you are made of stardust, and everywhere is your home! You are part of this great cosmic dance and you fit perfectly as you are!

Does this answer your question? :)

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