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Snake Facts Headcanon

I am firmly convinced that Davey Jacobs is one of those people who has an unnatural love for snakes. That’s why he’s all “you know why a snake starts to rattle? …cause he’s scared.” In his free time Davey reads books about snakes. One day, a snake is found in the lodging house and the newsies are all freaking out a little and have basically let it take over the bunk it was under (no one will admit they’re all freaking out, but no one wants to risk getting bitten either), then Davey comes over and asks why everyone’s avoiding that one bunk and sitting around discussing ways to kill something. They tell him about the snake, and he just goes over, picks it up, and starts talking to it before carrying it outside while all the newsies just watch slack jawed and from that day forth, they respect Davey a little more and always get him whenever a snake gets into the lodging house.

This happened. You cannot convince me otherwise. 

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Best books to read when it is cold and raining outside?

omg this is such a good question! This is literally going to be me this weekend because it’s supposed to be rainy and chilly, I am so, so excited.

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Ok so I thought of a few options, depending on your mood.

If you’re looking for something scary/spooky, my #1 recommendation is The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. It’s a historical fiction book about a doctor who goes to visit this strange, isolated family who lives in a huge estate. He ends up getting more involved with them than anyone else in the village has before, but there is a lot of mystery and then there are a few scenes that FREAKED ME OUT. Such as disembodied voices, the remnants of fire (ash, burn marks, etc.) appearing on walls where there was no fire, etc.

Another good freaky one is Slade House by David Mitchell. It’s a relatively short read; I read it in one sitting, so it’s good if you need something you can get through. It is split up into a few short stories that are all linked, but the basic premise is that there is a house where, every 9 years on Halloween people get drawn into it, and they never leave. So each chapter is that happening every 9 years. It is a companion novel to The Bone Clocks, but you don’t have to have read that in order to understand what’s going on.

I know that some people might need to get out of a funk when the weather gets like that, so in that case I would recommend Anne Of Green Gables by LM Montgomery. I know this book is super popular, but Anne Shirley is so optimistic and happy all the time. Even when she’s going through a hard time she manages to do it with humor and imagination. I love it so much.

If you’re more into fantasy, I think books about going through magical doors would be a good option - I mean, isn’t that why the characters find them? They are stuck inside? So I have two recs for that: Arcadia by Iain Pears, and Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire.

Arcadia was one of my favorite books I read last year. It’s quite long, and it has mentions of Tolkien and Lewis, it is a bit more literary, and has some aspects of sci-fi or speculative fiction. I loved it so, so much. It’s a bit of a mise en abîme, which… do a google image search if you don’t know what that means. But anyway, the premise is that a writer begins a book in which a girl goes through a magical door, and in the meantime his neighbor ends up basically experiencing the story he is writing.

Every Heart A Doorway is very short, easy to read in one sitting, and has really, really good rep in terms of sexuality/gender identity. It’s about kids who return back to our world after having gone through magical doors, get sent to a home to be “rehabilitated”, and there is a mystery as well. I loved it.

Night Film by Marisha Pessl is another good mystery/creepy book. It made me want to find really weird arthouse cinema type stuff, except I’d rather read a book, so I never really searched any out. :P

My final recommendation is The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. You’ve probably heard of this one, but if you are into YA this would be a good option. It was much creepier than I expected, and the synopsis is a bit misleading, to me. There is so much going on here, it’s a pretty wild ride. Plus there is this whole autumn feel to it, to me.

I hope some of those sound interesting to you, I’ve read and loved all of them!

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For the 5 sentence meme, how about... Wendy and Gajeel, with, "A witch, am I?"

“A witch, am I?” she grumbles, stuffing yet another book into her bag.  Beside her, Gajeel is more amused than anything.  Honestly, when she’s mad, Wendy looks like a tiny cat trying to climb a wall - it’s hilarious to watch.

“You did cause gale force winds, kid,” Gajeel points out, “What did you expect them to do besides freak out?”

“They don’t freak out when I reattach an arm, but a little breeze causes a stir?” she pouts.  Gajeel raises a studded brow.  “Your little breeze broke trees.”

“Did it?”

“You know what? You totally are a witch.  Wicked witch of the wind.”

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how do you feel about cis people writing about trans gay men, and i mean making a fanfiction about a character where they're a trans man and thats the whole story. i read a fic for one of my favorite characters being trans but he was assaulted and called a freak for being trans but his cis boyfriend "made him feel better" and fucked him sweetly. i mean i KNOW theres worse out there but this seems a little iffy to me? i am also a gay trans boy

he was assaulted and called a freak for being trans but his cis boyfriend “made him feel better” and fucked him sweetly

im so tired of cis people thinking that they can help us get past 1) being hurt by transphobia, 2)  dysphoria, and yet it seems every fictional thing ever, published or fanfiction, written by a cis author about trans characters seems to revolve around just this 

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Hey could you do some Sodapop headcanons on spring break please. Thanks lovely. (ITS MEEEEEE)


🔥 Won’t stop talking about going down to the beach.

🔥 Annoys Darry about it.

🔥 “When are we going to the beach?”

🔥 “I can’t wait to go to the beach!”

🔥 “ T H E B E A C H”

🔥 At 6 AM, wakes everyone up, walks down the stairs the day they’re going and he’s just sitting on the couch with full gear on.

🔥 Sunglasses, sunblock, swim trunks, Hawaiian shirt, cute little bag with random items he thinks they’ll need.

🔥 The whole car ride there was just nonsensical conversation, and ridiculous bickering.

🔥 Steve and Soda arguing about who can run faster in the sand.


🔥 Ponyboy is desperately trying to finish a book in peace, but he can’t bECAUSE SODA WONT ShUT uP.

🔥 He’s genuinely excited.

🔥 Like he’s freaking the fuck out.

🔥 Two-Bit low key had tell him to calm his shit down. (He just wants his tan, that’s all he want.)

🔥 Wakes Johnny up by accident (he fell asleep before all the bullshit, lucky him.)

🔥 Gets yelled at by Dally.

🔥 “DAMMIT SODA.” -literally everyone.

🔥 As soon as they get there he jUMPS OUT OF THE CAR AND RUNS (faster than Steve)

🔥 Looks really happy to be there, cute asf.

🔥 Wants get involved with everyone.

🔥 Racing with Steve.

🔥 Sun bathes with Two-Bit.

🔥 Makes sand castle with Pony and Johnny.

🔥 Boogie boards with Dally.

🔥 But he really wants Darry to know he appreciates, and loves him, for taking him and the gang.

🔥 Spring is his favorite season, and spring break is his favorite part of the year. He gets to see them and have fun with them for a week or two before they (not him) have to go back to work/school.

Hope you liked it, luv! I tried to base it off of my perspective of spring, it might be a little weird, I’m from New Jersey. The whole beach thing is weird here, and it’s not all like “Jersey Shore” kinda shit ( I’m the whitest freckled Polish, Irish, Russian in New Jersey to ever live ) oh and btw people from central Jersey NEVER say “Joisey.”

The award for the best character this year goes to...

Original Imagine Link: Imagine the Winchesters take you to one of Chuck’s conventions and you learn that you are one of the most popular characters in the series.

Warnings: language

Word Count: 1443

(Y/N= your name, Y/H/C= your hair colour, Y/E/C= your eye colour)

Fic/Link to Fic:

Being a friend of Sam and Dean’s, you knew about the books. You knew how much it bothered them and how uncomfortable it made them. That’s why it came as a surprise when they wanted to visit one of his conventions.

“We promised Chuck we will attend. And we promised we’ll take you with.” Sam begged you.

“I simply don’t understand why you did that. I don’t understand why you even promised to go when you hate those books.” You laughed nervously. “Oh, and you hate those people who dress like you. Don’t get me mentioned on the case of Becky.”

This one made Sam rethink his choices a little. “Yes, but it’s still fun. We get to play pranks on them, plus we find out some things from them that we never noticed.”

“Yeah, like?” You clearly doubted that they even spoke to them.

“We found out what happened to you before you joined us.” Dean stated, cold and uninterested.

“I’m in the books?” This surprised you. You knew about everything that was written, Dean and Sam told you, but they never mentioned you. “You only now remembered to tell me I am part of the freaking books?!”

“I guess we just forgot.” Sam had a smug smile on his face.

“Hey, wait.” You ran after them and saw them sitting inside an Impala, you knew they were waiting for you. “What does he say about me?”

“You’ll have to join us and see for yourself.”

This will be fun. You thought for yourself and entered the car. Dean started it and you were on the road. It was really hot day and you regreted this jumper you were wearing. Something ad to be done. With that thought you took it off and were left in black T-shirt and black skinny jeans.

It was boring to drive with them, they spoke to each other and you didn’t care to join. You were wondering what Chuck wrote about you. How could you be so oblivious to thought that you are part of Winchesters’ lives? Of course Chuck was gonna write you in. He wrote about the way Dean fucked and how much Sam was obsesed with his latop, surely he fit you in there somewhere. At least as their sidekick.

Yeah, sure. That thought made you laugh a little because you never were their sidekick. You saved their arses quite a few times. Not even Dean could deny that.

“Okay, we’re here.”

Dean parked in front of a tall building which looked pretty scary. It was old and you wondered how it was still standing. Some kind of poster was on it and door were wide opened.

“We don’t know what or who we’ll see inside, but whatever you see, it isn’t real. It’s all costumes and masks, that’s what they do.” Sam informed you.

“They act like Halloween is in the middle of freakin’ summer.” Dean mummbled to himself, but you heard it and it made you laugh a little.

Before you could enter, you saw Chuck coming towards you. He had a huge smile plastered across his face. He shooks Dean’s and Sam’s hand and pulled you in for a hug.

“I must say, you are even more beautiful in reality.” His compliment made you blush and you looked down to your red sneakers.

“There is so much more people than the last year. Almost all of them are cosplaying, there are just a few of them that are part of the staff and the ones that probably don’t know what a convention is.” Chuck laughed and led us all inside.

“Wow.” Was all you could say.

People were walking around and they were all hanging out. What made you most surprised was that most of them looked like you. They had same (Y/H/C) hair and (Y/E/C) eyes just like you had. They wore same red sneakers like you did. Some of them wore same AC/DC shirt that you stole from Dean, some wore your thights that had flowers on them, some of them wore your brown leather jacket.

“I think she’s impressed.” Chuck laughed again and waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“But how do they know? What exactly do they know?” You suddnly remembered all the private things that you did and every private thought that you had.

“Everything, they know everything. Even some things that Sam and Dean don’t know.” Chuck whispered that last part.

“I think I need something to drink.” You said and started to search for the bar. Guy who worked there looked exactly like Dean. It scared you a little, but you reminded yourself to breathe.

“Nice.” He pointed at your outfit. “You look exactly like (Y/N)!”

“Isn’t that spooky.” You rolled your eyes. It suddenly made perfect sense why Dean hated these things.

“You don’t seem that impressed by all of this.” Fake Dean started to mix my drink.

“I was kind of brought here against my will, but I still haven’t checked out everything. Maybe I’ll change my opinion.”

“Dear fans, our dearest writer, Carver Edlund, will speak to us now. You should join us in hall 1.”  The voice over the spaker said and I obeyed. My legs brought me to hall 1 where I met with Sam and Dean again.

“Are you okay? You look a little pale.” Sam had his concerned look.

“Yeah, I’m great. I just feel a bit overwhelmed with all of this.” You smiled to show him everything is fine.

“Everyone give a big clap for the writer of the Supernatural books, Carver Edlund.” Becky announced Chuck and he entered the stage. This was 10th convention and he still looked nervous. You could see his hands shaking, but he tried to hide it with a smile.

“Thank you all for being here today. I’m happy to see so many of you, I hope you’ll have fun in all the activities that we prepared for you. I guess I’ll be taking questions now.” Most of the hands from the audience shot up and your eyes widened.

“Yeah, right. You there.” Chuck picked out a girl who looked just like you.

“Could you descibe (Y/N) for your point of view?” It surprised you to hear that question was about you.

Chuck’s eyes met your’s. “Well, she is this badass character who isn’t in any way related to brothers, but they see her as their sister. She saved them many times, some of them I didn’t even describe in the books. She must be only hunter that didn’t have screwed up family. She just showed up in my mind one day and I knew that was what the story needs. A great hunter who if female equivalent of Sam and Dean combined.” The crowd cheered and clapped at his response. Chuck picked out another question.

“I am a huge fan of (Y/N) and I think you did great with her character. I would love to meet a real person who is like her. My question is: do you plan to make her and Castiel a thing? I think they both have feeling for each other and I am dying to see them happy.”

You felt your cheeks heating up and you knew they were getting red. It made you look down, but you felt Dean’s and Sam’s eyes on you. You knew that if you looked up the questions would start.

“Uhh, I can’t really answer that. You’ll have to wait for the next book and see.” Chuck nervously laughed.

The rest of the day went great, it seemed like everybody forgot about you and Cas question. You went around with the brothers and Chuck even gave you a private tour of every place in that building.

You met a lot of fans of yourself and they all spoke kindly of you. You found out of all the ‘ships’ that existed. It made you laugh when you saw Sam and Dean escape that place as soon as they could. Many people complimented you on great portrait of (Y/N). In the end, you did have a lot of fun there, but it was time to leave.

“Thank you so much for inviting me here. I had fun, but I was also a little spooked.” You gave Chuck a hug.

“It’s nothing, you should come to this things more often. Fans really love you.” He smiled.

“Stay out of trouble, we’ll see you soon.” Dean entered Impala and you followed.

“I’m so tired, I could fall asleep right here.” You nested in your seat and closed your eyes.

“So (Y/N), when did you think of telling us about Cas?”

In all honesty I have no idea where this came from. I’ve been struggling with writing recently because of being so busy and getting sick but this honestly came so easy. It’s a little bit of tattoo artist!Luke with some daddy!luke thrown in for good measure. Hopefully you like it. If you do and fancy reading anything else of mine you’ll find it in my master list, right here .

You hummed along quietly to the song playing on the radio, the melody mixing with sounds exclusive to days so comfortingly summery as the current one drifting in through the open window. Loud laughter, monster growls and shrieks of happiness could be heard as your children played outside with their Father. If it were any other time you’d be out there with them but it happened to be your morning on laundry and as much as you’d like them to, the clothes weren’t going to carry themselves to the right hangers and drawers.

However, the fun awaiting you outside did serve as excellent motivation and you’d sped your way through the kids clothes and yours, the only thing standing between you and some rare quality time with all three members of your little family being the several black items of clothing that belonged to your better half.

Sighing, you folded yet another black tank top with low cut sides, rolling your eyes as you opened the drawer they belonged in to discover that it was already rammed full of more almost identical articles of clothing. But if Luke could make them fit then so could you. Pressing the pile as closely together as you could you used as much of your body weight as possible to press them down, hoping to use every bit of space available. You just about had it, just an inch more and they’d be squished down enough to allow the drawer to close completely, thus rendering it no longer your problem. Using one hand to keep them pressed down, you used the other to push the surrounding shirts to the side, although all movement stopped as your fingers brushed against something hard. Something definitively not clothing-like.

Your face fell into a confused frown, abandoning your mission as a new one replaced it, haphazardly pulling out the necessary shirts until you could uncover the mystery object. Sitting back on your heels you held the item in your lap, the inscription on the front letting you know exactly what it was and yet also adding to your confusion.

“Babe?” You shouted, leaning backwards in the hope that your voice would carry out of the window and downstairs to where he was playing, deciding it was probably better to get his side of things before you stopped any further. “Can you come up here for a minute?”

Clearly your lack of a soft spoken tone had come in handy in a situation other than wrangling two over excitable balls of energy for once, footsteps you recognised as belonging to the one in question banging across the floorboards on the ground floor before clattering up the stairs anything but gracefully.

“You alright?” He panted as he finally appeared around the door of your shared bedroom, his heavily inked skin decorated with a light layer of sweat, out of breath from running around the garden for the past hour although he had no intention of stopping until they did, or until it hit naptime - whatever came first.

“What is this?” You questioned tentatively, eyebrow raised as you awaited an answer. He knew that look. Which was ironic because no experience he’d ever had from it was the same except for that look. It was a sure sign that things could go anywhere at this point and so he acted accordingly.

“Alright, by the way you’re acting I’m guessing you haven’t looked inside yet. In which case I’m just going to reiterate that it’s not what it looks like.” He shrugged, meaning it as a strong statement despite the fact that it came across as more of a question toward the end, hand raising up to wipe at his brow.

Your eyes which had been wide and awaiting any response stayed focused on him, eventually narrowing slightly as you spoke. “Okay,” you began, stretching the word out, “because it looks like this is a book of tattoo ideas for our four year old.” You spoke, literally using the words that were scrawled onto the front in black marker.

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Let's talk about children's books for a minute

So i have been thinking a lot about children’s books and i remembered how great they are

-Super cool characters/ monsters

-no sex which is good if you’re uncomfortable with that like i am

-little to no unnecessary romance

-lots of action

-can still be super dark???? there is so much death????

-great villains

-p cool morals

-the newer ones have super rad representation (and older ones too probably but i can’t think of them rn)

-cool ass illustrations i love those damn

-almost always containing allegories for real life events

-everything is a metaphor and it’s fun to work it out

Theres more but basically children’s books are awesome thanks for reading

Ask The Passengers – A.S. King

I am going to admit to picking up this book because of the cover. I had seen it popping up here and there on GoodReads for about a year and I always thought, That’s such a pretty book. Too bad the last book I read by A.S. King was a dud. But then it was on display at my library and it was even prettier in person. I had no idea what it was about but it was pretty and GoodReads and my amazing librarians I suggested it so why not try right? So I tried. There was a point, at about page 49 that I thought, This is not the type of book for you. Put it down, pick up something else on your ginormous TBR shelf and move on. But I didn’t and I am so glad that I didn’t. 

I have a whole different review worked up and ready to post but I’m scrapping it. A book this good can speak for itself. Here are some excerpts from the book that I flagged while reading.

“I think about how I have different secrets hidden from different people in different areas of my life.”

“She leans in to kiss me good-bye, and when she does, I wish I lived on the right planet where kissing Dee Roberts wasn’t a big freaking deal. Where it didn’t mean I have to affix a label to my forehead so people can take turns trying to figure out what caused it or what’s wrong with me. And I wish I didn’t have to lie so much.”

“I’m not in this to be a member of some club. I’m not going through this so I can lock myself into the one of them box.”

“No airplanes. No passengers to ask. So I ask the clouds. Did you guys know there’s a wrong side and a right side? Why didn’t you tell me? The clouds don’t answer.”

“Now imagine we were set free from this illusion. Our chains removed, our heads able to turn and look at each other. What would I look like to you? And what would you look like to me? And what would Dad look like to us? Would we still rely on the shadows, or would we see the real people?”

“But I can’t help seeing a cage for what it is. Sure, it protects, but if people weren’t so careless then nothing would need to be caged.”

“Because equality isn’t really obvious to most people. And I don’t mean to say the world is filled with racists or sexists or homophobes. I mean to say: Everybody’s always looking for the person they’re better than.”

“I am equal to a baby and to a hundred-year-old lady. I am equal to an airline pilot and a car mechanic. I am equal to you. You are equal to me. That’s universal. Except that it’s not.”

“I’m alright. All those people who are chained here thinking that their reputations matter and that this little shit matters are so freaking shortsighted. Dude, what matters is if you’re happy. What matters is your future. What matters is that we get out of here in one piece. What matters is finding the truth of our own lives, not caring about what other people think is the truth of us.”



Iron Legends -- Chapter 9

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, plus appearances from Natsu, Lucy and others.

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Sci-fi

Summary: The old lab had always been fuel for a good story, something you would half-heartedly joke about going to sometime.  Some did, and when they came back they never talked about it again.  The legends circulated, telling of ghosts, monsters, and anything else someone would be likely to conjure up about an abandoned building.  But even with all the stories meant to keep everyone away, there are still those for whom the intrigue is too tempting.  

Note: Thank you, again, so much for all of the positive feedback.  You guys are awesome and I’m really really happy you all like this story so much!  This is a scene I’ve really wanted to do for a while to really establish some things, and in a way it’s kind of an intermission chapter(so to say?) that didn’t quite feel right going on the end of ch8, nor does it feel right going straight into what I have planned for the future, so it’s unfortunately short. So, enjoy the fluff, but don’t get too comfy. 

This chapter’s soundtrack: The Wolves – Bon Iver (Straight up I had this on repeat while writing this).

Ch. 1  Ch. 2  Ch. 3  Ch. 4  Ch. 5  Ch. 6  Ch. 7 Ch. 8

Levy fidgeted nervously with the edge of the blanket she had wrapped around herself, staring into the fire with her back against the couch.  The sound of the fire, crackling and hissing, tried to overpower the sound of running water in the background.  When that didn’t suffice, she tried to focus on the sound of her music, which helped only a little.  The blunette glanced to the clock on the wall, surprised that it wasn’t as late as she thought it was.   Maybe because it felt like eternity since she had offered for him, a man, to use her shower.  At night.  

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My 2014

2014 was … a year. I’ve never had a year so full of such wonderful stuff, and one horrible event that cast a shadow over everything. Early in 2014 there was a sudden death in my boyfriend’s family (we’ve been together six years, at this point I consider his family my family). Neither of us have ever experienced anything like that, when someone young and healthy just dies and there is no rhyme or reason to it. I hope 2015 will bring healing and comfort, but it’s a long road ahead. May we be equal to the task.

But career-wise, what a year.

I went on my first trip outside of Canada and the US, to Sweden as a guest of a comic festival. Stockholm was amazing, a gorgeous, easily walkable city full of ridiculously attractive, stylish people. The hot hipster styles you see on people more fashionable than you? Everyone in Sweden dresses like that, and they look good doing it. Such a good trip.

I wrote the script for The Nameless City book 1, and as of this writing, have completed drawing 150 pages of artwork. God I love working on this comic. It is everything I want to draw right now, and what a privilege to be able to work on a series. I’ll get to see the characters grow and change, instead of abandoning them after a single book. I am so grateful to my publisher for giving me this opportunity. Here’s hoping the book sells (can’t worry about that, though I do).

I WON A FREAKING EISNER AWARD!! I did, I absolutely did! And I never expected it. I even had a little comic planned out in my head for when I lost. At the ceremony, before my category was called, I pointed out Jeffery Brown to my boyfriend and said “that’s the guy who’s going to beat me.” I was right, he beat me in my second nominated category, but I won in the first. I cried when I accepted my award, and I think it was because you work so hard, and you think you have the narrative of your life figured out, where you exist in the fringe of that thing you love (for me, comics, for you, maybe something else), and it’s okay to be in the fringe, because the fringe is still part of the whole. But you yearn for that one moment when the centre of your industry notices you and welcomes you, and this was that moment for me. So, I cried. I still tear up a bit, thinking about it.

I got an incredible tour of the animation industry in Los Angeles. It’s super strange to think it was a thing that happened, and Bryan Konietzko was kind enough to show me and Tim around some of the studios where our favourite animation shows were made, but it did. Meeting some of the Korra crew and being inspired by them was amazing. Animation is not my industry anymore, but I can now look at it as an outsider and appreciate the skill and passion that brings it to life.

I finished writing a novel! Haha, it’s all about comics. XD Anyway, I will hopefully have some news for you soon about it, maybe in the next month or so. But just getting the thing written I feel was an accomplishment. Writing a novel was really, really hard and very different from writing a graphic novel, but it was rewarding and challenging, and maybe I’ll do it again someday (or maybe not, I dunno).

And finally, I love my boyfriend. He’s the person I like best in the world, the person I want to spend time with, to talk about dumb things and awesome things and stressful things and all the things. It’s nice to be in love. :)

And now … 2015! It’s gonna be a work year, an all-work year. I’m going to take a break from (most) conventions and just burrow myself into work. I have The Nameless City book 1 to finish, and I’m going to at least be starting on book 2. I’m also doing a graphic novel with mf'ing RAINBOW ROWELL. I thank the comic gods every day for that job. She is an amazing writer and the fact that she chose me for this job is something I will probably never get over. We’re gonna make such a good comic, you guys. Also I have another project that isn’t yet announced. So, tons of work planned for 2015. I hope you’ll all enjoy the ride. :) 

Life Imitating Art

A/N: Ok, let me start off by saying this will be a collab fic between Beth and I. I have written this first part in the spur of the moment because I loved the idea of the au meme so much. My only concern is, that you guys will think it is repetitive, or a rip-off or not as good as TaT. I would never want to copy Beth and the genius that she is because I would never do it justice.

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Signs + Exams

Now that exams are over, I’m late with this. Please look at mercury and moon rather than sun

Aries: “No fuck no, fuck you and fuck off, no so no.” Lots of yelling and hair pulled out. Similar to Ruby in the Diner scene of SU. But eventually calms down.

Taurus: “No, i don’t want to, this shit is stupid.” actually studies by rewarding themselves with something. Most unconsciously and they complain

Gemini: “Fuuuuck no! Bitch I’m a genius” True to character, doesn’t study, maybe a little, but not really. They think about studying but end up procrastination. However, true to the sign, get’s a pretty good grade.

Cancer: “Omigod what am I gonna do? It’s hard! I can’t even!” Freaking out, however they are not dumb, just really stressed. They frantically study like it’s the end of the world.

Leo: “Why? I know this shit. OH bitch I’m fabulous.” Totally studies, by study I of course mean; opens a book, stares at it for a few seconds, close book. They got this. 

Virgo: “well… fuck.” Studies more, this lovable dork is often studying already.

Libra: “But I don’t waaaaaaaaaaaaana.” Studies only the classes that they like. Fuck the rest.

Scorpio: “*loud sigh* fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” Studies sporadically and then all night.. They walk in looking like death but, do pretty okay.

Sagittarius: *cues john mulany’s salt and pepper diner* “GOD DAMNIT!” Does study, but absolutely hates and yet loves it all at once. They don’t forget, but are prone to procrastination. So they may do only a quick read over a study guide or something.

Capricorn: “uuuugh why” Studies though because they dislike the whole bad grades thing. But the complaaaaain. Especially to the very supportive gemini who just laughs at them. 

Aquarius: “How about, no? That’s a good answer, no is.” These fuckers look over their notes about ONE TIME and they somehow know everything by remembering it some stupid unknowingly genius way that no one can ever hope to master.

Pisces: “But I’m tired.” Studies occaisiionally, but forgets a lot of it. Not all, but a lot. They are very well rested though

livingremains-deactivated201609  asked:

How did you choose your career?

honestly it was a total mistake and i’m just so lucky. i was just like you (maybe??) posting shit on tumblr and like, photoshopping jokes during slow design classes. eventually i was like “well what if i print postcards?” and “hmm i want to make a zine” – really simple and attainable goals that didn’t cost very much!

every project built on the next one in a sort of logical way. it’s all here in my archives, seriously. i didn’t have much to start with, i never like, had a couple grand to “start a business” or whatever people do. i remember spending $200 to print up my first small batch of SORRY I AM SUCH AN ASSHOLE balloons and FREAKING OUT about the cost. but people loved them and they sold and i made more and then i made other things…

in 2013, someone from penguin reached out to me, having seen all this little stuff i was doing, and seeing potential in it for a book. from there projects have gotten bigger, i’ve worked with bigger clients and on really cool projects, i made a new book that comes out soon. it’s all happened slowly, organically, and not intentionally. 

life is really weird and surprising. i said it on the broadcast but like, sometimes you just do what you do because it’s how you communicate with the world, it’s compulsion and you’d be doing it anyway. i was making zines in batches of 25 and never once thought i’d make a book that would be a bestseller in other countries??? it still doesn’t feel real and it’s literally my job now.