i am freaking out!!!!!!!

Wild One Party

I am planning my sons FIRST BIRTHDAY and I’m so sad and excited for it!

I can’t believe how fast it’s been and that in two months, my kid will be 1. 😭😭

But man, planning his party has been SO OVERWHELMING. I am freaking out. And I want to scream.

I have 68 people just from my side who are going to the party and now I need to figure out how I am going to afford food, the cake, decorations and all the other crap.

Ugh. It’s like a freakin wedding!

Also, if anyone knows how to make one of these;

Let me know!!! (I’ll pay you) lol

Any mamas out there?? How did you get through this?????!

I. Am. Freaking. Out.

This was our first cycle. It took four years of trying for us to have ro. This cannot be real. I am too scared to be excited… I am just freaking out. It is faint, but it is obviously there. It showed positive right away. I am going to take a digital in the morning… This wasn’t even first morning urine. I am so scared right now.

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oK so guys I met a super cute guy who’s smart, funny AND treats me like a princess!!


In other news my university entrance exams are drawing closer and closer and I am a little freaked out but apart from that its all okay :’)

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Okay so I found my dead grandfather’s journal from 56 years ago. This is some old stuff, okay, and I was like yeah I’m gonna read a page or two. 

Basically he wrote down this road trip he did with a friend of his (name is Giulio) but at some point it gets so weird.

I’ll try my best to translate it from italian to english (english is not my first language) and well, I’m also having a hard time trying to read my gandpa’s writing cause he wrote like a drunk snail.

Now, beware, my grandfather was an italian man dedicated to work, church, work and work, who believed in the traditional family and all that Jazz. But at some point I reach this part where he writes: “yesterday me and Giulio slept in the same tent as mine was stolen at the gas station. As it was really cold, we slept close. In the middle of the night I realized that the warmth next to me did not belong to my Nadia (his fiancé at the time, my grandmother). It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt”.

And I was like allright that’s some weird no homo bullshit but who cares.


“I was having a cigarette whilst Giulio was asleep in the car, having a nap before we hit the road again. In the midst of the smoke of my tobacco, I saw his face and thought that the woman who is going to marry him will be lucky”.

Grandpa, what the hell? 


“We shared a bed. Old motel did not have spare rooms, it was awkward at first. Then I started thinking that the warmth of Giulio’s body is somehow becoming more familiar to me then Nadia’s.”

Now, I have like seventy more pages of this goddamn journal but I am pretty fucking sure my gandfather had the worst crush over his best friend.

The complete post X

  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!

Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)

The Signs As Things Day6 Deserves
  • Aries: love and attention
  • Taurus: love and attention
  • Gemini: love and attention
  • Cancer: love and attention
  • Leo: love and attention
  • Virgo: love and attention
  • Libra: love and attention
  • Scorpio: love and attention
  • Sagittarius: love and attention
  • Capricorn: love and attention
  • Aquarius: love and attention
  • Pisces: love and attention

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