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ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.

Day 2: Waterfall… Stargazing

“Through the corridors of the Waterfall, laughter could be heard. Two best friends chatted without a care in the world. Just looking at the twinkling "stars” of the underground.“

I would have made a perfect heiress. I enjoy lounging. And reading. The other problem I have is fear of writing. The act of writing puts you in confrontation with yourself, which is why I think writers assiduously avoid writing. The number of alcoholic writers makes a lot of sense because if you’re going to be face to face with yourself, maybe it’s better that you don’t recognize that person.
—  Fran Lebowitz
neko atsume: then and now
  • Me: there are so many cats? they all look the same???? how am i supposed to remember them all??????????
  • *2 weeks later*
  • Me: Ah yes, this calico tabby here is Tabitha, not to be confused with the other tabbies like Fred, Pumpkin and Breezy. They first came to my yard to play with the stress ball on November 18th 2015 at 2:07:46 PM (EST) and presented a memento, the random seeds, on their 23rd visit which was on November 23rd 2015 at 4:57:02 AM (EST). Tabitha has a power level of 40 and visited my yard 35 times in total, making them one of my most frequent visitors. Their top 3 goodies used were the cowboy hat, pink hammock, and earthenware pot but they have also been seen to play with the paper bag, warm sock and the red rubber ball. This leisurely cat is sure to put a smile on your face, no matter what day you are having.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you answered that question already but is it okay to repost your art on Instagram? :)

Ahhhhh sorry but I don’t allow my art being reposted anywhere (it’s actually the first line in my blog’s description…)

Anon said: Just a reminder so you have plenty of time but mattsun and yahaba’s bday is March 1~

…that’s really far away, isn’t it. Let’s think about the boy whose birthday is today instead! (it’s Yamagata) ((hbd my baby)) (((let’s hope I’ll feel good enough later to actually draw something for him)))

Anon said: Do you ever think about how convenient it is that some parents named their kids in accordance with their powers? (Denki, Bakugou, etc)?

Well, Bakugou’s called Katsuki so I’m assuming that was more of a hopeful wishing thing on Mitsuki and Masaru’s part than anything else, but yeah! I kinda headcanon Denki to be a name that runs in the family, and!!!! Horikoshi actually made canon that in the bnha universe kids can also take the mother’s surname! (like Jirou, who together with her quirk also got her mother’s surname!)

It’s a pretty neat thing to think about, how the quirks are full part of a family line even on the small things like names and surnames! Makes you wonder if some of their ancestors just straight out changed their surnames to fit with their quirks, or if the surnames sometime in the past became some kind of way to more easily keep track of people’s quirks, so people just got their surnames changed whether they wanted or not? It’s such an interesting topic to me tbh


There was a free time in class I decided to draw lol

Underkeep @rotodisk
Rosetale ©CNeko-Chan
Underpray ©under_pray on twitter
Underswap @popcornpr1nce
Dancetale @teandstars/@dancetale
Flowerfell @siviosanei
Applefell @kiaciiofgalactica
Undertale © Toby Fox

the underswag one though ;;v ;; i need to change the au name..

Artwork @kiaciiofgalactica

the signs' secret admirer
  • aries: hoshi
  • taurus: jeonghan
  • gemini: jun
  • cancer: woozi
  • leo: dk
  • virgo: minghao
  • libra: dino
  • scorpio: vernon
  • sagittarius: seungcheol
  • capricorn: joshua
  • aquarius: seungkwan
  • pisces: mingyu

so @queenedbee just reminded me of that one time back in the spring of ‘16 when there was this giant wave of ml oc blogs and while her blog doesn’t exist anymore i would like you all to meet renée, aka the sweetest lil fawn hero you’ll ever meet in your life

tiredsmolhufflepuff replied to your post “Genderfluid au Tsuna headcanons”

All I can think is Reborn or Mochida getting him a gag gift of a fluffy cat onsie and princess dress which results in Hibari and Bel hugging poor Tsuna bc they honestly Dont Care what they were as long as it is Comfortable

what I really got out of this is that-

Tsuna looks good in anything the blessed of the non-binary. And that Bel and Hibari either have a crush on Tsuna or like the softness of the kitty onsie recieved

 Having both chronic physical and mental health issues, I sometimes feel like a Fisher King.

When I am happier and healthier, my kingdom is one of visible counters, fresh blankets, and clean clothes.

 Currently, it’s an unwashed trash pile heaped with both dishes and my regrets…

 Like, it is “Scar ruling the pride lands” bad in here, guys.