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frame this scene and put it on my fucking wall!!

i’ve now watched the last two eps of Black Sails s2 twice, and am Overcome. i have like 500 thoughts on the politics, characterization and plot, but right now i just wanna talk about this scene because it fuckin killed me. (p.s. sorry if this has already been covered by previous fans, but i haven’t seen s3-4 so i’m avoiding the Black Sails tags to make sure i don’t get spoiled!)

s2 is where i started obsessing about the show’s love of narrative and storytelling. Flint & Silver both gain power because they tell persuasive stories. Vane uses Abigail’s diary as a distraction tactic in the finale. the Urca Gold is NEVER just introduced as “a fuckload of gold,” it’s accompanied by the story of the gold. it might as well be imaginary, along with each specific future the main players want to create with that gold. 

“civilization” is the story Lord Ashe and the British tell themselves every day, and it’s even more fictional than Eleanor and Flint’s goals for Nassau. their utopian future hasn’t happened yet, but Ashe lives inside “civilization” every day, and it’s a fucking hellscape of slavery, capitalism, and brutal laws.

in ep 2x9, we explicitly see how Flint built his persona as a pirate. it’s one of the many things Black Sails has in common with the Lymond Chronicles IMO, partly due to Flint and Miranda’s love of books. they’re the only recreational readers among people who either didn’t have access to education, or have no interest in literature. it’s similar to how Lymond (a mercenary with an educated aristocratic background) was respected but socially isolated from his men, partly by class and partly due to differing goals and interests. in Flint’s case, i recall that scene when Dufresne the accountant became captain of Flint’s crew, and Flint was weirdly disappointed that Dufresne didn’t read the books in the captain’s cabin.

books are almost like a secret language between him and Miranda, like when he visited her house in the night and left La Galatea on the windowsill. (incidentally? PLEASE THROW ME IN THE GARBAGE, I HAVE 2 MANY EMOTIONS HERE.)

Black Sails makes it clear that intimidation and ~brand recognition~ are a vital part of piracy. if people are already scared of you when you board their ship, then it’s easier to steal their treasure without bloodshed. so, we get scenes like Jack Rackham agonizing over the graphic design options for his new flag.

it’s also clear that Flint is unusually good at branding himself as a pirate captain. he’s a brilliant strategist, but there are other captains (ie Ned Low, or even Vane) who better fit the image of Most Dangerous Pirate. still, Flint is the one people talk about (and the one Governor Ashe wants to arrest) because he knows how to spin a story. that includes his name, which he borrowed from an anecdote that had ~literary significance~ to his self-image as the protagonist of his own narrative. (something else he shares with Lymond, i think.)

Miranda Hamilton is the only possible audience for that story, not just because she knew him as James McGraw, but because she’s the only one who shares his love of literature. she’d fully understand his mindset when choosing Flint as his new name. and, of course, that scene cements the tragedy of the finale, because Flint has finally acknowledged that he hates the image he constructed around himself… before diving straight back into that persona, with seemingly no hope of return.

Golden Feathers

Summary: You feel like you’ve known Bucky Barnes all your life. But, you soon realise, there’s more to your secret crush than meets the eye

Pairing: Angel!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2343

Warnings: just so much fluff i can’t breathe

A/N: I’ve worked on this all day and, honestly, I’m just gonna frame it and put it up on my wall, that’s how proud of it I am XD Thank you so much to the Anon that requested, I love this idea! I hope y’all like it ^_^

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Bucky Barnes is one of those friends that you don’t even remember meeting. You know, that one friend that, one day, you realise that you had never even met them, you’d just indefinitely hung out.

But what you did know, was that Bucky was your best friend. And your crush.

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Today the Eren & Levi merch from the Asano Kyoji x WIT STUDIO Exhibition finally arrived! I fell in love with these when they were first announced and I knew I had to get them no matter what. It’s been a while from then until I was able to find them, buy them, and get them shipped to my country, but the wait was so worth it!

The board is my favorite, it’s so beautiful. I am pleasantly surprised with its size, I expected it to be small like the others, but nope, this one is huge! I wonder if I should frame it and put it on my wall…

Oh and at the same time I got 2 older ones that were given with the movies because I didn’t have them yet:

I think I’m still missing one with Eren, I’ll have to get it next time! (^ω^).

BTS reaction to you trying to lift something heavy while pregnant

A/N: Can I have a reaction to you trying to lift something heavy while you’re pregnant?

Jin / Kim Seokjin

To prepare yourself for the coming baby and the pregnancy you bought a lot of books to hopefully help you with any troubles. So on a lazy weekday you spread all of them out on the carpet in the living room, sitting down and start to page through all of them. As Seokjin comes home from work he sees you still sitting on the ground of the living room, surrounded by books, but you are currently deeply focused and don’t even notice he arrived. He chuckles and kneels down next to you, glimpsing at the text you are reading. “Should I cook for you more often, or why are you reading this pregnancy food guide?” he asks and laughs at your surprised expression as you notice him next to you. “I just want to be prepared you know…” you say shyly and put the book to the side. Jin smiles brighty at you and takes your hand to help you get up, softly whispering “Don’t worry Y/N.”. You look at the mess you made and apologetically smile at Jin “I’ll put these books back in the shelf and then I can help you in the kitchen with dinner.” You quickly pile all books to a huge stack, carefully lifting it from the ground to carry them to the shelf. “No no Y/N, please let me do this for you. This is way too heavy for you!” Jin says as he approaches you and before you could even respond he already grabbed them out of your hands, carrying them himself. You cross your arms and look at him reproachfully as you let out a sigh “I can carry that, I am not made of glass.”  “I am sorry, but please don’t carry heavy things, ok? You are my princess so please don’t, alright?” he pleads with a worried expression. Not able to deny his request you lean up to him, pecking his lips and mumbling a soft “Okay.”

Suga / Min Yoongi

Since your husband is working hard in his studio you decided to surprise him by  rearranging the apartment a little bit, as you are pretty sure he wouldn’t mind. Earlier that day you printed some cheesy couple pictures you took together and back home you carefully put them into frames. Highly motivated you step on a chair and grace the walls of the living room by hanging up the pictures. After making sure the pictures are not hanging at even the slightest slant you step down and look at your work with great satisfaction. You hear Yoongi walking out of his working room, so you quickly lift the chair to carry it back to the dinner table and meet your husband as he steps into the living room. “Y/N, what are you doing with the chair? I’m sure it’s quite heavy, let me carry it.” he mutters while already taking the chair away from you. “It’s actually not that heavy, but thank you.” you smile widely, loving how protective he became ever since you became pregnant and follow him as he carries the chair back to the dinner table “So what did you do with that?” You take his hand, leading him to the new pictures on the wall. “Oh, Y/N, that’s so cheesy!” he calls out as he sees what you did, unable to hide his cute smile.

J Hope / Jung Hoseok

Ever since your womb got bigger Hoseok became somewhat protective and helped you with everything as much as humanly possible. Currently you see him getting hyped as he cleans the kitchen, furiously scrubbing the cooktop. “Are you sure you don’t want me to help?” you ask with a giggle and cross your arms. “No, babe, just lean back and watch a movie or something.” he says, sounding completely serious. You sigh and leave him behind in the kitchen, deciding to pick up the wash. You place the clothes basket in front of the washing machine and quickly fill it up to the rim with freshly washed clothes, already feeling your back aching just from that. Then you bend down further to lift the basket and carry it into the bedroom, but you are instantly interrupted by Hoseok’s voice “Y/N, what are you doing? Don’t lift that.” Startled you raise your upper body and turn around, seeing him standing in the door “I’ll do that later, don’t worry about it.” You press your lips together and reply “Babe, I’ll get bored if you do everything for me.” He opens his mouth to say something, but falls silent for a moment. “You’re right, sorry. How about you do the kitchen and I lift the heavy stuff, are you okay with that?”

Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon

With happiness and excitement the both of you are in the middle of preparing the child’s room. A few days ago you painted the walls and now it’s time to set up the furniture. The baby crib is done, so Namjoon immediately opens the next box to get the parts for the diaper-changing table. However instead of joining him you decide you want to place the crib into the corner, so you carefully lift it up with the intention of carrying it. Your husband is too focused on building up the changing table, so he doesn’t notice right away. It is your breathing that catches his attention, as you grow exhausted quickly because of your heavy womb. “No, Y/N, don’t.” Namjoon calls as he sees what you are doing, jumping up from his sitting position on the floor “Just tell me where you want it and leave it to me.” You stop your movements to look at him, forming your lips into a pout “But I can handle this.” Your worried husband sighs and walks up to you “Come on, you might hurt your back if you do this. I just don’t want you to get hurt, okay?”

Jimin / Park Jimin

Since you are pregnant you have some more free time during the last weeks before the baby should arrive and you use it to prepare everything in the apartment you live in with your husband. You check every piece of furniture for spiky ends and rearrange some of them, so they won’t be a threat when the child crawls through the apartment. As you hear the door opening you hurry to greet your husband who just returned from work. “Hey sweety, how was your day?” you softly mumble as you throw your arms around him and peck his soft lips. “Great, now that I am home with you.” he responds smiling “How was your day at home?”  “I tried to get this apartment as baby friendly as possible.” you say as you spot the pricky shrub next to Jimin on the floor. Shocked that you didn’t think about the plant you hurriedly let loose of your husband and bend down to carefully grab the pot. “How could I forget this?” you mumble to yourself as you lift the shrub. As your husband notices what you’re up to he quickly interrupts you and takes the heavy plant out of your grip. “What are you doing Y/N? You shouldn’t lift heavy things, please take care.” Jimin says as he carries the shrub on his own, leaving you empty-handed. Confused you look at him, not quite understanding why he took it from you. “Why? I am able to carry this, it’s not that heavy.” you state looking at your husband questioningly. Jimin smiles brightly at you and responds “You already carry my baby, that’s enough.”

V / Kim Taehyung

You can’t wait to have your baby and lately you feel incredibly restless, perhaps because the expected day of delivery is drawing nearer and nearer, so you ask Taehyung to prepare the child’s room together. “But we already prepared everything.” he chuckles in response to your request. You cross your arms, saying “No, we can still do something. You know the box with toys? We can put them away into the shelves.” Taehyung sighs with a grin and finally agrees to help you out, causing you to go ahead and grab the heavy box to move it to the child’s room. “Hey, what are you doing?” your husband calls as he sees you holding the box, quickly taking it away from you “Y/N, you shouldn’t lift heavy things like that, you’re pregnant!” Confused by his drastic reaction you raise your brows and ask “But why?” Taehyung opens his mouth to say something, but holds in for a second “Well, because… you know… because it’s dangerous.” You giggle and pat his shoulder “So you have no idea why it’s dangerous?” Your husband rolls his eyes, but starts grinning eventually. “I just want you and the baby to be safe, let me carry this for you.”

Jungkook / Jeon Jungkook

Out of a sudden you felt the incredible need to eat your favorite snack, so you kind of rushed into the supermarket and ended up buying tons of food. You arrive back home where you husband awaits you with two filled up bags in your hands “Babe, I’m finally back, I somehow bought more than expected.” Jungkook gets up to greet you and starts rushing as he sees the heavy looking bags you’re holding “Oh, Y/N, let me help you with these!” You appreciatively hand one over, but your worrying husband takes both of them “Let me handle heavy stuff, okay? You need to rest as much as possible.” Thinking it’s cute you let him carry the bags to the kitchen where he starts unpacking them. “Thank you for helping me out, but I really need those snacks in there.” Jungkook stops his movements, fishing out your favorite one to hand it to you “You mean these?” With a bright smile you nod your head and take it, immediately ripping of the wrapping. “Y/N, just go and enjoy your snack. I’ll join you as soon as I’m done here.”

Little Black Dress - Yondu x Female Reader - NSFW

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Female Reader

Word Count: ~8,000

Summary: Request from the amazing @multi-villain-imagines. Yondu and reader spend the evening together on Contraxia, enjoying their first night out together in a while. Believe it or not, Yondu and you start to enjoy each other’s company quite a bit. ;)

Warnings: language, sex, dom/sub hints, public sex, cum shot, etc.

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summary: The Holland’s need to wed their second eldest son, Sam, before his twin, Harry gets wed to his soon-to-be-fiancée. Maybe Sam would even fall in love and go against everything he’s hated.
pairing: Sam Holland x Reader
words: 2.5k words
a/n: alright buds, this took me a day to write and I could write a part two, but I don’t know yet. Please do not hold me to that.
master list, tag list, feedback would be lovely, request & account rules, current wips

There were two things in life that Sam Holland didn’t want. Marring someone he didn’t fully know and having children with that said person, yet that was exactly what was happening in that waking moment. He was sitting in a meeting with a princess from America; she had been sitting silent while playing with her dress while her mother whispered in her ear about proper manors and pushing her hands away from her dress. It was exactly like his mother and her very own. That’s all they did. Sit and listen, do not give an opinion unless asked and even then, it had to be what they wanted to hear.

Sam was the second child in his family to be wed to a woman he didn’t know. Thomas was the first person to marry. He was married to a woman from France, who was a few years younger than Thomas himself. The first time they had met, it was on a September night. She had long red hair that curled in a natural way. Her eyes were brown and her skin was pale, yet she was beautiful. She wore a green dress that curved her waist much tighter than his future wives were. She wore nude heels and light make up. She looked stunning, and her personality and laugh were everything to the twins and Thomas.

Yet, this girl was different. She was shorter than the French girl and had an accent that was from Brooklyn. She was darker skinned and had black hair that curled just like Thomas’ wife’s, her eyes were much darker than hers those, possibly black. Maybe that was just from the lightning, Sam wasn’t too sure. Her dress was a light pink, the waist held her curves perfectly and he could already tell that she was much thicker than Tom’s girl, not that Sam minded. If he were, to be honest, he was all too welcoming to it. He even loved it. But still, her lips were painted a deep red while her eyes were natural with eyeliner on them; eyelashes glued down to make her look more seductive, which she did. If Sam was being fully honest, but he knew that she still wasn’t of age and they were not technically married, so he couldn’t.

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does anyone remember that time Fantasio pranked Spirou for no apparent reason and to get back at him Spirou put on a dress and a wig and introduced himself as “Spirou’s sister” because he knew Fantasio was going to develop the biggest crush on him? 

because I do

no effense but.

am i asleep am i awake or somewhere in between? i can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me :’) or did i dream that we were perfectly entwined? :0 like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine… like all those days and weeks and months i tried to steal a kiss ,, and all these sleepless nights and daydreams where i pictured this.. im just the underdog who finally got the girl :’’’))) and i am not ashamed to tell it to the world !!

truly madly deeply i am !!! foolishly completely fallen !!! and sOMehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you’ll always keep me !! truly madly crazy deeply in love !!!!

should i put coffee and granola on a tray in bed ?? and wake you up with all the words that i still haven’t said .. and tender touches just to show you how i feel .. or should i act all cool like it was no big deal? wish i could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this ,, or put this day back on replay and keep reliving it.. cuz here’s the tragic truth if you don’t feel the same . my heart would fall apart if someone said your name :’((

truly madly deeply i am !!! foolishly completely fallen !!! and sOMehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you’ll always keep me !! truly madly crazy deeply in love !!!!

i hope im not a casualty !! hope you wont get up and leave :( might not mean that much to you , but to me it’s everything …. :( everything… 

truly madly deeply i am !!! foolishly completely fallen !!! and sOMehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you’ll always keep me !! truly madly crazy deeply in love !!!! (IN LOVE!!)  







Guys the Stairs

Context! Party’s friend, a half orc barbarian, was kidnapped to a horribly built maybe cult clubhouse. They found the Elf Wizard in a Hole in the Wall, and are proceeding onward through the badly made/furnished areas.

Dragonborn Fighter: As he goes down the stairs, he’ll light the unlit torches with the lit one in his hand.
Elf Wizard: Can I take this painting with me? Like, pop it out of the frame and roll it up?
DM(me): Sure. It’s a properly made frame but no one seems to know how to properly put a painting in a frame so it’s out and rolled up without much trouble.
Gnome Ranger: I’m just going to start following Malthoruk (Dragonborn Fighter) down the stairs and keep my Broom safe.
Elf Wizard: Can I snuff out the torches as we walk with mage hand?

It takes a bit of time and debate, eventually allowing us to reach the conclusion that they may not be snuffed out, but they may be removed from the wall with mage hand up to 30 feet back.

Elf Wizard: I am going to stay at the back and knock the torches off the wall as we walk, and make sure that it stays thirty feet back.
Dragonborn Fighter: You want to knock the torches down… onto the WOODEN STAIRS…
Elf Wizard: And you don’t know it’s me.
DM: It’s true, you’d have to be looking back. So, this is happening behind you and no one’s really noticing.
Gnome Ranger: I’m going to glance back to see if everyone’s with us.
DM: You see the stairs catching on fire behind your group, and everyone is there.
Gnome Ranger: I’m going to run down the stairs.
Half-Elf Cleric: I am also running.
Dragonborn Fighter: I am not because I am fire proof.
Elf Wizard: Wait if you’re fire proof you can just put the fire out.
Gnome Ranger: Yeah! Stop drop and roll!
DM: You want him to stop drop and roll… up the stairs… to put out the fire…?
Elf Wizard: Yes.
Dragonborn Fighter: You don’t even know that I’m fireproof I’ve never shared it.
Gnome Ranger: (OOC) I love how this just stemmed from one guy wanting to be Petty.

Home (Requested)

Anon:  Harry and you are kind of mad but resolve and he gives you three orgasms.

Warnings: SMUT, angry Harry, multiple orgasms, pretty damn fluffy and equally as smutty. 

Words: 5k

I get home from work, calling out to Harry as I put down my purse and plop onto the couch. I hear him in the bedroom, doors slamming, things hitting the walls.

“Harry, are you ok?” I ask, getting up and wandering towards the bedroom.

When I walk inside, he is shirtless, hair a total mess, his jeans hanging low on his hips as he throws clothes onto the bed. He has a duffle bag overflowing and I see a framed photo of us laying broken on the floor - the thing he threw at the wall no doubt. My pulse begins to race and I am sweating as confusion and anxiety wash over me. I’ve never seen Harry like this and I jump at his every movement.

“Harry, what’s going on?” I ask, my voice shaking.

He whirls on me, his hair flying in tufts around his face, his eyes light with anger, face in a scowl.

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Lou's completely biased guide to reviewing fics:

I have a theory that a lot of people WANT to write affirming reviews to the fanfiction they read, but they don’t always know HOW. Seems silly, doesn’t it? I mean, you’re just saying nice things about the fic you’ve just read- how hard can it get?? The truth is, I don’t think any of us have been taught how to be affirming. It’s easy to be negative, but it’s super awkward to say nice things to someone about something they’ve done. Please know that this has not been written to slam reviewers! And maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, but I just wonder if maybe it might help someone actually express what they mean to say.

(Review) = (Author’s reaction to review)

  • “I liked it” “I loved it” “Great fic"  = YAY! A review! They liked it!
  • "More please” = YAY! A review! I think they liked it? They must do if they want more!
  • “I liked this specific line/detail” = YAY! A review! I’m so glad they commented on that- it was probably the one part I secretly thought was especially good/clever, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one!
  • “They’re really in character” “I could see [character] reacting that way!” = YAY! A review! NAILED IT! *sigh of relief* I’m so glad they liked it!
  • “This is why I liked this specific line or detail” = YAY! A review! I’m so glad they liked it! WOW! I feel like I might actually be not completely terrible at this writing thing! I’m going to write more! GAH! CAN’T STOP SMILING!
  • “[Friend reviewing using abusive language as a running gag that no one else understands]” = YAY! A review! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! I LOVE YOU, TOO!!! It means SO MUCH to me that she/he liked it!!!
  • “[Entertaining threats with pitchforks or other sharp objects for the next chapter to be produced]” (*usually after a chapter ends on a cliffhanger) = YAY! A review! HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WOOPS! I’m SO GLAD they liked it, but I’d better get writing! LOL!
  • “I liked this specific line/detail. This is why. This is how it made me feel.” =YAY! A review! DAY MADE. CAN’T STOP GRINNING! I MIGHT BE AN OK WRITER! I SHOULD WRITE MORE!!!
  • “This specific detail reminds me of this thing in my own life” = YAY! A review! WOW! I’m touched/heartbroken/humbled/excited, and I really, really hope that this reviewer has signed in so I can communicate just how much it means to me that they would share this detail of themselves. Who knew that writing fic could touch someone’s life? I feel so honoured! Maybe if I write more, other’s might be similarly affected?

Finally, the ultimate review that any fic writer would kill to get:

  • “This is the first specific line/detail I liked. This is why. This is how it made me feel.
    This is the second specific line/detail I liked. This is why. This is how it reminds me of this thing in my own life.
    This is the third specific line/detail I liked. This is why. This is how it made me feel. Hilarious flailing.
    Finally, this is what I like about your overall writing style. Here’s a specific example in which I’ve noticed you’ve grown as a writer. This is how I feel when one of your updates lands in my inbox. This is how I feel your stories affect the fandom/ my life.
    Parting words of general encouragement, as well as non-demanding encouragement to write more”

Finally, advice on giving negative reviews:

  • DON’T

    Seriously, don’t.

    If you REALLY feel they need constructive adivice, private message them. Try to phrase it in a way that encourages them to do better. Re-read it before you hit send and really think about how you’d feel if you got that message, wait 24 hours, re-read it again, think about whether it’s really going to uplift and help them, or if it will tear them down. If you still feel it will help them, throw in some words of encouragement, and only then hit send. Be aware that some authors will take any critisism personally no matter what you do. Writing is an incredibly personal form of art, and pubishing even on a site like fanfic.net is nervewracking. This is their baby you’re critiquing.

    NEVER hide behind a guest review to say something awful. Remember that reviews are a public forum. Humiliating someone by rubishing their hard work in public is bullying. Also, if you don’t have the guts to sign your name a review, why on earth should the author give you the time of day? Grow some balls and stand by your words. The author is standing by theirs.

    If you honestly don’t like a story, there’s a cool little button on your browser you can click to go back to a previous page. You don’t have to go to the effort of saying anything- you can just go. I won’t tell, I promise!

I don’t know whether this advice is going to be useful to anyone. I’m hoping it will be taken in the spirit in which it is meant. I just feel like we’re taught how to write essays but we aren’t taught how to say nice things in a way that is meaningful to one another, and maybe if I can encourage others to say nice things to the authors they enjoy, said authors will write more, and we’ll all have more fic to read.

That’s really what it’s about, to me. I know of too many amazing authors who have had bullies attack them until they think they can’t write, and no one is standing up and telling them the truth of how amazing their work is, because no one knows how to structure a review in a way that will be meaningful to the author. Then we wonder why an author we adore suddenly deletes all their fics and disappears from the fandom.

“It costs nothing to be nice. Even less to shut up all together.”
-Let’s listen to our Captain, shall we?

anonymous asked:

Me after seeing that mess of a parody called "Dick and Morty": Rick And Morty sweetie, I am so sorry. I am so sorry that some ugly ass bitches would even do that. Oh my god.

frame this and put it on my wall

(side note: it’s all in good fun, the actors are just doing what they do and makin that buck, kudos to them for having fun on the job hopefully. i just found t sexually unappealing for ME and i have no negative feelings about sex work or those workers whatsoever ok thank you)

i remember when you first
told me you loved me,
and you held my hands in yours and
whispered it again and again
in my ear until i was in tears,
and my heart was flying out of my chest.

there is so much time and space
between us now and i do not know
how to make it go away.
i do not like the distance in the slightest
but i can not figure out how
to make it disappear. i don’t think
you ever wanted to leave, really.
but you have always been impatient.

i spend my time counting out
the minutes and seconds and days
and hours that have passed since
you’ve gone.
i know you are with her;
it hurts me so, but i can not forget it,
no matter how hard i try.
it’s funny how the most painful memories
are the ones that stay.

she is not a poet like i am.
she can not make you sound beautiful
the way i do, she can not write you
love poems that can be framed
and put on the wall.
i hope she doesn’t love you as well as i did,
as well as i do, so maybe you will realize, me.
after all this time.

one time, you told me you wanted
to marry me. i think you still do,
deep down. i hope she hears it when
you say my name. “i don’t love her, anymore,”
you tell her, but all she hears is,
“i do, i do.”

—  c.h. // Instagram: @evanescent.love (via @poeticaffinity)