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Photographs of Love

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 10: Photograph


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It is a known fact that Uchiha Sasuke – prodigy extraordinaire – is a man of many talents.

The young CEO of the Uchiha Corporation, being a son of a prestigious family, was trained as a young boy not just with how to run the business but also taught the different arts. But only three people know of his hidden hobby – photography. They include his brother Itachi, his best friend Naruto, and his fiancée, Haruno Sakura – doctor extraordinaire.

He has a secret interest in black-and-white photography as a child. It started when Itachi gave him a camera on his 8th birthday. Ever since, the lad made it a part of him. But he was not ready to show his art to the world. His brother urged him to have an exhibit, but he consistently declined. He thought that there would be a right time for it.

Now, as he looked out of the glass window of his office, Sasuke felt that the time has come. His heart was still full after Sakura said yes to his wedding proposal last night. He wanted to tell the world about it but in his own special way. The sunset lit up his face which held a small smile. Sakura deserved nothing less than the best, after all.

His family was shocked to hear his proposal for an exhibit, except Itachi who felt that his foolish, little brother is little no more. He intended the opening of it to be his engagement party as well. And so, invitations were sent, preparations made, and the photographs – the stars of the night – were handle by no one but Sasuke himself.

Sakura was especially excited for his fiancé, for she knows that his talent was meant to be shown to the world. The evening of the exhibit came, and no one shined brighter than the two engaged pair. Everyone was left in awe of Sasuke’s photos and wondered what this talented young man still kept in his sleeves. The black-and-white motif was stunning, so it came to a surprise for everyone present to see an entire wall full of colored photographs.



Colored photographs of a girl with pink hair and orbs more precious than emeralds.



Sakura was left flabbergasted, her hands covering her mouth. The entire wall was full of photos of herself, candid and not, all taken by the man she loves. At the center of it was a large picture of her and Sasuke, the day they became a couple back in high school. Below it were the words in the handwriting of her fiancé himself.


Dr. Sakura Haruno, the love of my life who brought color and light to my dark monochrome. She showed to me the rainbow when all I knew was black and white. I am the happiest man on earth, for I will spend the rest of my life with her, loving her forever.


She felt Sasuke’s hand around her back, and he leaned in to say, “Surprise.”

She looked at him, still shocked. “What does this mean, Sasuke-kun? You… you said only the black-and-white ones will be featured.”

He gave her a small smile as Itachi took a microphone from one of the ushers. “Good evening, everyone. I am sure you all enjoy this photo exhibit of my little brother. Actually, it is a double celebration for us. I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce the engagement of Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.”

The audience, filled with their family and friends, congratulated the two and gave them their well wishes. It was a rather busy night, but Sasuke was able to slip his future Mrs. Uchiha away to the rooftop of the building.

“You are definitely a man of surprises, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura said as they sat on an empty bench. “I… I don’t know what to say still.”

He held her hands with his, and looked straight into her eyes. “I wanted to tell them how much you mean to me, how thankful I am to have you, how much I love you. How you,” he kissed her forehead, “brought color and life to me.”

Happy tears escaped her eyes. As they shared a kiss, the stars shined brighter for them. Both were too in love to notice a raven haired man taking photographs of the two.

“This will be a good present for them at the wedding reception,” Uchiha Itachi said softly as he gazed at the two lovers, knowing that a love like theirs will last a lifetime.