i am forever a nub


As I have reached my first huge milestone (1k followers omgg guys!!!!) I am fulfilling the request to make my first follow forever! To all of my followers, thank you so much. I hope my bifle obsession amuses you, and my rambling and drooling over various characters and metas isn’t too annoying. :P Since I am was a multifandom blog before The 100 utterly took over my life blog I’m going to divide this up into categories! I love you all, and you make my dash a better place <3

The 100

agcntwards| bbeellaammyy| bellamsblake| bellamyblako| bellamyfraserjones| bellamysbootie| bellarkemyvalentine| caitlin-snow| coldsaturn| damnmechanics| fairestcharming| fourfinick| fponthedl| fyeahjohnmurphy| giu93| gizkasparadise| hailbellamy| jchnmurphys| johmurphy| johnmurphys| jxhnmurphy| kingsbellamy| ladygriffins| maytheymeetagain| mercuryslunacies| montying| murhpystorturedsoul| mvrphys| mvrphyslaw| nathenmiller| octaviuh| octaxia| octxvias| princess-grounder| rxvenreyes| verdeens| westerlingss| zooxzoo

The Vampire Diaries

a-hurricane-of-a-girl| askstefanthebamonfanboybonibennett| bonneibennett| breezytaylorstevenson| damonsbonbon| piperblue24| queenofthequarter| roplusglam| whisperlude
**also special shoutout to everyone from the Bamon fandom I follow on my alt blog littlebon-bon - maybe one day you will see yourselves on a FF from there, HAH!

The Hockey Fandom (a.k.a. my too-gorges days hahaha)

baegally| branclonsaad| brendanngallagher| catlady31| chelseais| fymontrealcanadiens| gallylove| gnyquist| goallagher-galchenpuck| i-knew-you-were-trouba| imneverbackcheck| jordanstaalsmugshot| like-in-tonights-sky| n-scherbak| nik-scherbaks| pksubban76| prustytute| sidneycrosbysdicksmallsaddad| so-hockey-eh| thekanedomain

Aaaaand them crazy ppl who I could not fit into a specific category

assvengrrs| besik| broken-winged-sparrow| cheramuu| corruptedvergil| dantesbooty| doubledemonfang (you were like the actual first person I followed, pretty much, FF <3)| freaoscanlin| heyylaila| hollowdante / hollow-dante| limsa-lominsaaalorbeerprinz| mirror-chan20| petite-madame| sheofmanynames| thewinchestersarenotonfire| tripwirealarm| tube0ftoothpaste| wemademagic| xxwhisperofdreamsxx




phewwwwwww I definitely missed people and I apologize profusely if you were one of them. ILY guys, have a lovely valentine’s day and enjoy the weekend!