i am fire and water

There is magic here, in all things
In the sun, in the moon, in the rain
I pluck a flower, inhale it’s scent
Empowered, I am the witch

There is magic here, inside of me
In my eyes, in my tongue, in my fingers
I dance around a sacred fire
And empower crystals with my desire

There is magic here, in the world around
In fire, in water, in air and ground
I am a piece of it all
And all of it a piece of me


By my past, I am haunted
by indirect failures that live and die within me.
I want to be the person who you can reach,
but I’m static electricity and you’re the flow of the ocean.
I’m caught in your current
and with each touch,
you are shocked by me.
Wait, I promise to be someone better
and I’m terrified that you’ll leave.
I am the boat on fire on your water
and I am the unstable daughter
of a mother who never taught her how to love.
I am the fragmented child
of a father who popped in and out of her life.
I am the heartbroken soul that is drifting closer to your coast,
trying not to sink but I can’t keep myself afloat.

requested by anon

Y/N: Leo… you know it’s not right. You’re fire and I am water. You’re Greek, and I am Roman. We are quite literally opposites.

Leo: Trust me, Y/N, I know it’s not right. But I can’t help it, you’re so… so… perfect.

anonymous asked:

right, so you're a waterbender 'cause you get everyone wet, but are you also a firebender 'cause everyone is hot and bothered when you're around?

*gasp* water AND fire bender?? am I…the avatar??

The way primary colours exist so complex beauty can blend its way into existence – it’s a tenet of us that I am grateful for. I am elementally Fire and you are naturally Water and between us is the rapture of love that creates and destroys. 

Then colour me blue for I am most passionately and deeply in love with you. And I’ll colour you red for you are most divinely and deliberately sacrificial to love when you need not be. 

Do you think I do not know of the power you wield or the elegance you unassumingly disregard? You could snuff me out with the wrath of your churning waves and yet you let me burn holes in your ricepaper delicacies with the incense stick of my discontent. 

My need to ravage, you indulge. My need to consume, you comply. My need to combust, you don’t attempt to pacify. You are with me in the capacity that allows me to breathe. Only you are unafraid of the height of my inferno. 

Probably because you know the walls of your tsunamis reach greater heights. Yet you never once make me feel small. How great you are. How beautiful you are. How evident this is as you lie here beneath my frame, giving purpose to it, letting me find my way to you as you once found your way to me. 

And in this natural course of things, we are primarily iridescent in contentment.

Art by @rhapsodic-gem


Fire and Water ▲▼ mobile wallpaper | Requested by anonymous. I am so sorry anon for messing up your request. Spread this one like wildfire and floods and hopefully, we can get rid of the one I messed up!

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I have opened up my heart to ten thousand lightning strikes.
Fire has always been my element but I’ve always been in love with water.

I melt into rivers and seas and oceans and join the dance of their current,
As it moves my very soul.
As it brings me to places I haven’t been before.
As it cleanses my tongue and caresses the wounds you caused as you struck my heart like ten thousand lighting bolts.

I am fire and you are water.
But your waves produce enough friction to spark little explosions that make me livelier, feistier.
We were both so beautiful.
We were both so strong.
When we touched
We formed clouds for the sky.
We resurrected a land that once was dry.

But water runs while fire razes.
I have to stay.
You have to go.
Find your ocean while I gather my coal.
I won’t destroy who makes you whole.
As you cross mountains and valleys
Don’t forget to watch me:
I will turn to ashes the marks you left on me.

The next time I get hit by ten thousand lightning strikes
I will make galaxies of stars out of the fire they start in me.

The First Fire Came From Lightning || Love For A Flying Fish Series || 22 July 2017

the ice cream poet (TYG)

ohtheshippings  asked:

If you were an element bender, what element would you bend and why?

oh damn, that’s so hard because all the elements are pretty cool. But I think I feel the most connection to water? Even tho I am a fire sign. But The test I took said water as well. So yeah probably water. 

I think from all the elements, water is the most changable. Like I am pretty moody, so that fits. 

I have just found out about the #TarotMentors tag started by @rosaofswords. I’m in no way in time to join in the challenge with the anticipated June 2017 schedule, but I can certainly take the concept and run with it for ten days. Frankly, I think I might need to.

Recently, the Queen of Cups has been stalking me. This isn’t just a one-deck thing, either. The card has been popping up almost everywhere I look, and it’s happened in at least 5 of the 9 tarot decks I own, that I can think of off the top of my head. One of those tarot decks in still in what I think of as the “learning stages” where I’m bonding with it and haven’t yet read with it, so you could conceivably say that it’s been 5 of 8 decks. Either way – it’s over 50%, which is a little too much for me. This is not only one deck. It’s a lot of them. Some of these decks have thoroughly different personalities. So, they’re all agreeing about something, and to the point of trying to say it to me in the same way, each time. That sort of thing definitely puts me on alert that they’re trying to tell me something.

I’m going to be doing this mentor thing, I think, with the Queen of Cups as my mentor card. I have already made the decision that my deck to use in this manner will be my New Century deck (2003 republished version).

New Century was my first tarot deck. We also have the most complicated relationship out of all my tarot decks. I have a number of decks who want to help me, and one who wants to fight me (ask if you’re curious). However, New Century remains the only deck who I had to help to attain its full potential (with extensive use of amethyst+moonlight therapy), and which then turned the tables on me and offered itself wholly to me, in one of the most dramatic statements I’ve ever seen a deck make through a reading. I feel like it’s only proper that I use New Century for this endeavor.

Anyway, I’ll probably be posting some tidbits of my ten days, if only to motivate myself to make sure I finish this task I’ve set for myself. We’ll see how much detail I feel like going into.

Weight loss/gain spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pillow
  • Pen
  • Voice

Write what you want your new weight to be on the paper (in pounds) and say into the paper:

“Wind, fire, earth, and water. I am unhappy with my weight. Please make this my new weight. This is my will, so mote it be" 

at least three times.

Kiss the paper and put it under your head or pillow when going to sleep.