i am fire and water

By my past, I am haunted
by indirect failures that live and die within me.
I want to be the person who you can reach,
but I’m static electricity and you’re the flow of the ocean.
I’m caught in your current
and with each touch,
you are shocked by me.
Wait, I promise to be someone better
and I’m terrified that you’ll leave.
I am the boat on fire on your water
and I am the unstable daughter
of a mother who never taught her how to love.
I am the fragmented child
of a father who popped in and out of her life.
I am the heartbroken soul that is drifting closer to your coast,
trying not to sink but I can’t keep myself afloat.

requested by anon

Y/N: Leo… you know it’s not right. You’re fire and I am water. You’re Greek, and I am Roman. We are quite literally opposites.

Leo: Trust me, Y/N, I know it’s not right. But I can’t help it, you’re so… so… perfect.

Weight loss/gain spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pillow
  • Pen
  • Voice

Write what you want your new weight to be on the paper (in pounds) and say into the paper:

“Wind, fire, earth, and water. I am unhappy with my weight. Please make this my new weight. This is my will, so mote it be" 

at least three times.

Kiss the paper and put it under your head or pillow when going to sleep.

i’m excited to get to know the new ghouls, but i am not sure what to call them?

that’s fire ghoul
another water ghoul
aether 3.0
earth ghoul the third
fresh air ghoul


I temper like a sword in heat
And let my mind dominate places
Tucked in notebooks with leather bindings
Kept in secret treasure boxes

I temper like a scorpio
And burn like the sun
There’s redness on my shoulders
And my heart races like drums

I temper like a dagger
Driven into the steaming vat
A white blade shining like diamonds
Silver metal turning black

I temper like a bull
Driven mad by stagnation
I need to run the wild meadows
Or at least catch taste of freedom

I temper like a sword in heat
I temper like a scorpio
I am unabashedly driven
I am fire-scorched and water-grown