i am fine trust

Guess what’s the best way to get me to not answer asks!!!

Guilt tripping me about not answering asks.

This is what happens when you tell me my art is rad and I wanna answer with a “rad” drawing. Got a bit carried away but man, I really loved drawing this thing. Super fun. So thanks, snuffysbox!

My TftBl art often has nothing to do with the events of the game : )


Giving her a confused look, it soon faded into one of worry and the child moved over to take hold of the woman’s hand. “..Are you alright, Helga?”

As soon as Helga felt Gyda’s touch she quickly withdrew her hand. “I am fine Gyda, trust me.” But you won’t be, if you don’t leave here soon. With an almost pleading look in her eyes she looked back at the child.