i am fighting john watson's war

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I’ve posted this video before (probably a few times, I think), but this just took my breath away.

I am fighting John Watson’s war. We all are. We’re all sitting here, waiting for John to pull though, waiting for Sherlock to come and pull John through.

All the Believe In Sherlock phrases are good, “I Believe in Sherlock Holmes,” “Moriarty was Real,” “Richard Brooke was a Fraud.” But this one, “I am Fighting John Watson’s War,” this one hits home. This is the one that encourages the thought of thousands of readers across the world waiting ten solemn years for their hero to return, black arm bands that silently represented their diligent hope. It conjures the image of John, reaching up for Sherlock, the only gun having gone off being the one in Moriarty’s mouth.

The fact that someone would take the time to reply to the sentiment, with so heartfelt a comment, is like a hand in the darkness. “We will get through this, together,” it says, and it is so meaningful I am astounded.

Keep believing, Sherlockians, everywhere you are.