i am feels so badly

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♀ + what do you think about steve trevor?


               — When he reached our island, in his metal bird, I feared that would be our end. It was then I realized that he was as frightened as we were, that he felt as much loss of his comrades as we felt of ours sisters. He was a man, but he was also human, and fragile. I blamed him during many years for being responsible for my daughter’s departure, but then I understood that it was the will of the gods that she would do that, somehow, another time. He made her happy, he makes her happy. He loves her unconditionally, and a mother couldn’t wish for anything less than that. — 

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has anyone pointed out that not only would beth parallel rick by meeting up with morgan, but it'd also parallel michonne finding andrea?

and isn’t it so cool that Morgan first shows up to our eyes hooded and masked, just like how Michonne shows up?