i am feeling very overwhelmed and uncomfortable

i love cats. cats and taylor swift. cats, taylor swift, the color pink, and candles. also very wide mini dresses that are fun to twirl in. i also love mimosas and seeing my friends achieve their goals. animals are amazing. i want a pet. macaroons are my favorite pastry. my presence in general is a bit overwhelming and annoying but i am always covered in glitter. a quarter of the time, im holding flowers of some type. my dark jokes are always met with an uncomfortable silence and usually followed by me giggling. did i mention i love cats? taylor swift is a very big part of my life. people think my love for her is weird and most of the people i know absolutely despise her but no one gets the fact that she gave me a home when they didnt. her music and her presence took me in and made me feel okay when they didnt give two shits about what i was going through. she helped me find parts of myself and that’s something no one can take away from me, no matter how much they insult her or how much i enjoy her. i hope she knows that much at least. that when the world is against her, there are people who don’t really know her but know her well enough to understand that though she can/will screw up, she was there for us and that makes it so much harder to leave her. i dont know what i’m saying. she’s a fucking dweeb and she’s boring as hell right now but i owe her a part of me because she doesnt know it but she gave me so much of who i am today. people who cant respect how much she means to me cant respect me and…..it’s a waste of time to stick around if you cant accept all of my angles. truthfully i have like 3 friends…..maybe 2.76 friends to be exact. but taylor makes me forget that. i have a memory, good or bad, to go with so many of her songs and her music never leaves me. she can stay away as long as she wants but her music has been there for me longer than most people in my life. i forgot what the point of this post was but just fyi i love taylor swift.

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My partner has recently developed a new crush on one of his friends that I’ve always been suspicious of them being a little more than friends. He’s recently told me they’ve been fucking around and stuff and it makes me feel very overwhelmed and uncomfortable. He’s told me for so long he didn’t like her and nothing would EVER happen with her and now they’re fucking around and that hurts. I don’t feel comfortable around her anymore and I don’t know what to do. Idk if I can handle this?

I have genuinely no idea what you mean by “fucking around” and I am not clear from your letter whether you and your partner have any kind of open/non-monogamous relationship, so I am afraid I don’t have quite enough context to give great advice.

What I can say, though, is that if your partner is doing things that make you feel uncomfortable, talk to him about it. If he is dismissive of your discomfort, or has any stance besides total willingness to resolve this in a healthy way, then leave the relationship. If you are already done with him about the lying and the hiding, leave the relationship. You deserve to be with someone who isn’t going to minimize your concerns, deny that they’re doing something they’re actually doing, and put you in situations that make you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

Lesbian Wife slave husband

LESBIAN WIFE & slave husband
(Diary of a Lesbian couple’s slave)
by submale phil

The following are excerpts from the diary of a young married man who’s Wife finally discovered the Glorious Beauty of Lesbian Love and the Truth of Gynarchy and as a result She and Her Lesbian Lover turned Her husband into their Feminized slave.

OCTOBER 16, 2000:

Well this will be a new experience for me. I have never kept a diary before. It always seemed like something that only Girls did. But my darling Wife gave me this diary as a birthday gift and I would not want to hurt Her feelings by not using it. I always try to please Her.

Sandra is a very special Womyn. She is beautiful, intelligent, self-confident and very successful. Sometimes I still can’t believe that She chose me to marry when She could have had any guy She wanted.

Ours is not quite the traditional marriage that I always expected to have. My darling Sandra is a very successful businesswoman who makes much more money than I do. When we married right out of college we started out as modern couples do with the idea that ours would be an egalitarian relationship. There would be no boss of the house, we would decide things together. At least that’s what I thought. More and more I begin to wonder if she had other ideas all the time.

When we met she was already heavily involved in women’s causes, women’s studies and feminism. She frequently gave me and any other males in site lectures on the virtues of Feminism.  At the time I thought that she would do better to concentrate on more practical studies. What use would that stuff be when looking for a job with a big company, but I never argued with her. It seemed to mean a lot to her so I tried to be as supportive of her ideas as I could.

She would get into fierce arguments with male students and even teachers over these issues and I would sometimes get dragged into these discussions. I always felt very uncomfortable in these situations but felt that I had to take Her side. Some of the guys would tease me about that and call me “pussy-whipped”.  She told me once after such an argument that she knew I really didn’t agree with her as much as I pretended to but that she appreciated the effort. She joked that it showed that I wasn’t a complete Neanderthal like most men and that she would get me “properly trained” in time. At the time I thought it was a joke. As time passed I came to know that she meant it.

That’s one of the reasons that I now spell Womyn with a y instead of an a. She insists that is the correct way to spell it now. Well what can it hurt?

OCTOBER 17,2000:

Since I started this diary yesterday I have been thinking about how my marriage to Sandra has evolved. As I said we started out as more or less equals although She was always a very assertive Womyn, more assertive than me anyway.

From the start this showed itself in our love life. Somehow right from the start it was always Sandra who decided when, where and how we make love. Mostly that consisted of me performing oral sex on Her. Well that is never a problem. I enjoy doing it for Her but She will never do it for me. Then on those rare occasions when we have intercourse She always has to be the one on top.

As time went by and Her career took off She had little time to do the usual household chores and they gradually devolved more and more upon me. I guess that was only fair although all in all it has become obvious that She is the one who wares the pants in this family.

NOVEMBER 25,2000:

Thanksgiving dinner has become primarily my responsibility. This is supposed to be the day when a guy spends his time watching football not stuffing a turkey and baking pies. But then I never was a big football fan. I wasn’t quite sure weather to be flattered or embarrassed when Sandra’s Mother complimented Her on having such a well trained husband.

JANUARY 2, 2001:

Well that was quit a New Years party. Sandra made a new friend. Her name is Irene They really seemed to hit it off.. Irene is quite a beauty Herself. There is something about Her that makes me a little nervous in Her presence. She has such a forceful yet Feminine way about Her. In many ways She is a lot like Sandra but a little older, more business-like in Her manner and more overtly dominant in Her personality.

Anyway the two of them just hit it off right a way and spent most of the evening together. Sandra introduced me to Her. She looked at me with an intense and it seemed challenging gaze. Whenever She spoke to me She was polite but authoritative in Her tone. She seemed to expect me to automatically obey Her even though we had just met. It was a little disconcerting but at the same time exciting.

I was starting to feel a little guilty about reacting so strongly to another Womyn. Sandra noticed my reaction to Irene but it did not seem to bother Her. In fact She seemed quite amused by it. I don’t quite know what if anything to make of it all. I wonder if Sandra will see Irene again.

JANUARY 10, 2001:

Sandra has been acting a little strange lately, kind of secretive. At the same time She sometimes also acts more overtly dominant, ordering me to do something instead of asking. She knows that I will do whatever She wants but I get the feeling that She is experimenting, testing me somehow. She seems to be studying my reactions to Her change of behavior. It is making me very uncomfortable. I’m not sure what She wants from me.

She is also away from home more and acting like She is keeping something from me. Is tired of my submissiveness and trying to see if I will finally stand up to Her and act like more of a man?  Or is She just becoming more dominant and demanding Herself? I’m not sure what to do.

JANUARY 21, 2001:

Sandra’s behavior is becoming more of a mystery to me. In the past if I did not do something to Her satisfaction She would simply ask me to do it over. Today when She was not pleased with the way the way I polished Her boots She ORDERED me to do them again and added with a wicked smile that if I did not do a good job She would spank me.

Needless to say I was quite startled by Her tone.  I find it quite unnerving. At the same time I also find this new and even more dominant attitude She has been developing exciting.

FEBRUARY 3, 2001:

Well I got the answer to my question about weather Sandra would see Irene again. It seems that they have been seeing or talking to each other almost every day since they meet. Sandra told me that She would be bringing Irene home for dinner tomorrow.  She also told me that I was to make it a very special meal with wine and candles.

I was wondering if She is concluding some kind of business deal with Irene but somehow I don’t think that is it. Somehow I feel that these two Womyn are cooking up something of their own that is going to change my relationship with Sandra even more. I’m a little worried about what might be in store.

FEBRUARY 4,2001:


My previous day’s comments were a drastic understatement Sandra and Irene have laid out some drastic and I must say unbelievable changes in our lives that they have planned together.

I’m too stunned to write anything else right now.

FEBRUARY 5,2001:

We had a “Family Meeting” last night. It was unlike any such meeting I had ever heard of. I was instructed to sit on the floor in front of Sandra and Irene who sat on the sofa. Irene sat with Her legs crossed, looking very authoritative, with Sandra cuddled next to Her smiling at me with an amused look on Her face as Irene “led” the meeting and proceeded to explain our new family structure to me.

I had heard of “Militant Feminists” before but Irene was a “Militant Lesbian Gynarchist”. She did not believe that Womyn were equal to men but that Womyn were Superior to men and were entitled to rule over them for the betterment of society, in the best interest of the male, and for the pleasure and convenience of Womyn who could find equal companionship only with each other.

From now on Irene would be the head of the house and Sandra Her “Wife”. I was given a choice. I could pack my things and leave or I could stay and become a servant to the two Womyn. This would entail quitting my job and devoting my full time to keeping house for my two Lesbian Mistresses and waiting upon them hand and foot.

I would not be paid for my work except in food, shelter, clothing, occasional spending money and other necessities which the Ladies would provide for me at their discretion. At all times I would be required to obey their orders without question. Finally, since from now on this was to be a “Lesbian-household”, as a male I was forbidden to have any sex of any kind or even to masturbate without their express permission or on their orders. To enforce this policy Irene produced a male chastity device which She informed me I would have to wear from now on.

I suppose most other men would have chosen to leave under those conditions. But somehow I didn’t have it in me to refuse. Instead I chose to accept their rules and stay. Why did I do that? I’m not sure that I can put it into words. Partly it is because I love Sandra so much that I would do anything to be with Her. But there is something else, something within me that is in awe of these Womyn and wants to submit to them.

FEBRUARY 6, 2000:

The first time I put on the chastity device I felt a mixture of shame and excitement. I had never before felt such an intense feeling of belonging to Sandra. Somehow I felt even more in love with Her. I also had to acknowledge something that I had been becoming aware of but was ashamed to admit. I was also falling in love with Irene. Her powerful dominant personality just overwhelmed me. I am sure that She and Sandra were aware of it and seemed to find it very amusing.

The device was not as uncomfortable as I had expected, except whenever I became aroused. Then it got tight and the Womyn could tell because it affected the way a walked and moved and they would always laugh at me and tease me to make it even worse. Yet somehow I didn’t resent this. It actually made me more excited. I realized I am becoming more and more masochistic. Irene and Sandra realize this too I think and it really amuses them.


I had a feeling that this Valentine’s Day was going to be quite different from all past ones and I war right. Sandra and Irene had a special gift for me. it was a complete French Maid’s outfit. Irene explained that it made sense for me to dress the part I was now consigned to play in their home. Besides which as She had said before since this was now a Lesbian household I would have to adopt a completely Feminine appearance and demeanor. They were now going to completely Feminize me. The outfit consisted of bra, panties, garter belt and black nylons and a short black dress with frilly white collar, cuffs and lace hem and of course high heeled black shoes and a wig.

Perhaps I should have been shocked by this but somehow at some level of consciousness I wasn’t. In fact I think that I was expecting or even wanting it.  My manhood had always been rather weak. Now that I was living under the rule of these Lesbians this next stage in my transformation seems natural. It is so much easier to submit than try and resist the power of these Womyn. indeed there is a certain sense of peace of mind that I feel when I relinquish control of my life to Sandra and Irene. These Womyn are smarter and stronger than me. They know what is best. And they are so beautiful. It all seems so right to submit to them.

I had had no experience with wearing Womyn’s cloths but Sandra and Irene were happy to “train” me. Indeed they seemed to really enjoy dressing me up as thou they were little Girls again playing with their doll and I was their doll. They laughed and giggled as they put various items on me and had me pose and turn and model for them.

The job was not complete of course until they applied makeup, false eyelashes and some cheap perfume. I was instructed to pay close attention to what they were doing since I would be expected to quickly learn how to do this for myself so that I would always present a completely Feminine appearance for the Womyn’s esthetic sense of comfort.

I am sure to any other man who might have seen me I looked quite ridiculous. I felt ridiculous but also quite excited and aroused. I am discovering a new me, a female version of myself. One who is completely at home in this role of being maid-servant to a Lesbian couple. I still have much to learn but I am determined to learn and win the approval of my Mistresses.

APRIL 1ST 2001:

We had a small engagement party today for Sandra and Irene. There were ten other people altogether in attendance, eight other Womyn friends of theirs, two other Lesbian couples, two single Lesbian Womyn and two married Womyn who had also enslaved their husbands. The two men, jerry and marv, assisted me in serving the Womyn during the party and in the kitchen. Although they had not been Feminized like me they were also required to wear maid’s outfits for the occasion.

I have to point out that since it unfortunately is not yet legal for two Womyn to marry here yet Sandra’s and Irene’s wedding will be legally unofficial. However they have formed a legal partnership and although we are not divorced I have signed a paper giving Sandra “power of attorney” over all of my affairs and ownership of all of my property and money. For all intensive purposes She and Irene are my legal owners now.

What a beautiful couple they make. They are both such gracious, lovely, intelligent and powerful Womyn. I have never seen Sandra so happy and that makes me happy. I have come to love Irene as well. She after all is the one who made all this possible for Sandra and me. I am happy and honored to serve these wonderful Womyn. I love them both.

I just realized that it is also April Fool’s Day. Am I the biggest fool of all? Perhaps I am but if so I don’t mind being a fool for these Womyn. They have given me a sense of purpose in life that I never had before. I was never very good at being “the man of the house” to begin with. I actually feel more comfortable and at peace with myself and Sandra in this new life She and Irene have introduced me to. What a wonderful world this would be if all Womyn and men could live like this.


The party was a great success. All of the Womyn had a very enjoyable time and heaped praise upon Irene and Sandra for the wonderful job they did in subjugating and Feminizing me. Denise and Diane, one of the other Lesbian couples, encouraged them to take my Feminization further with hormone treatments and castration to turn me completely into a girl.

I must confess that I was a little alarmed at these comments and the other two serving males also paled noticeably. Irene said that She had made that same suggestion but that Sandra was reluctant. Her reasoning was that She and Irene wanted to have Daughters and She wanted to use me as the sperm donor. Irene had pointed out to Her that my sperm could be frozen and stored until they wanted it without any problem but Sandra was still reluctant. Irene said that She thought Sandra still had sentimental feelings for me, which flattered me greatly.

During the meal the two other males and I were kept pretty busy but we did find a few moments to talk and compare our experiences of being subjugated by our Wives. I was disturbed to learn that one of the men (jerry) was still harboring rebellious feelings towards his Wife and seemed to be trying to encourage (marve) and me to do the same and (marve), although he appeared to have been thoroughly “Pussy-whipped” seemed to be wavering a little.

I found his attitude very upsetting and even frightening. All that night I tried to make him see that submitting to our Wives was our duty to them, that serving them was a privilege. But he seemed to be determined to continue his resistance to Female authority. I found it hard to sleep that night as I struggled to decide what I should do about this. Part of me felt that it was none of my business and that I should not interfere, that I would be a tattletale, but at last I realized that it was my duty to inform Sandra and Irene of what went on. After all these Womyn were their friends and She would want them to know what their men were up to.

April 3rd

When I told Sandra about the conversation in the kitchen last night She embraced me with tears in Her eyes. She told me that She was very proud of me and that She knew how difficult it was for me to come forward but that I had done the right thing. She also said that She always knew that despite the fact that I was a male I could still be trusted. I was so moved by Her expression of confidence in me that I cried too. I hugged Her, told Her how much I loved Her and assured Her that I would always do my best not to disappoint Her.

She then told me that She would tell (Barbara and Cathy) what those naughty boys have been up to.” My face must have shown some concern about what would happen to the men because She added, “Don’t you worry about what will happen to them. They would have gotten themselves into much deeper trouble if this had gotten out of hand. You’ve actually done them a favor by telling me about this.” With that She gave me a kiss and sent me off to bed. As an extra reward She took off Her Panties and gave them to me to snuggle with in bed. She knew how much I loved to caress and kiss Her worn Panties. She then immediately called Her friends and told them everything.

Still I can’t help but be concerned about what will happen to jerry and marve. I am sure that their Wives will be very angry with them when they hear what Sandra has to tell them but that can’t be helped. I had to do it. The first loyalty of every male is to the Womyn who owns him and then to all Womyn. I have learned at least that much from Sandra and Irene.

May 5th.

I had been wondering what ever happened to jerry and marve after their Wives learned of their rebellious attitudes. Today I found out what happened to them. And the macho slime ball who was the real culprit in this whole affair when Irene and Sandra took me with them to visit Denise and Diane, one of the other Lesbian couples from the party. It seems that these two Womyn are professional “man-breakers” who help other Womyn enslave their husbands and boyfriends, etc.

The two married Ladies, Barbra and Cathy, had each given their husbands sound spankings and made them confess everything they had said and where they had gotten such disgusting ideas from. They had them both been put in chastity belts for the last month and only allowed to orally serve their Wives. In addition, jerry had been dildoed by Barbra each night for a week just to reinforce in his little male mind his subordinate position, which I am told thankfully both males now fully acknowledge without reservation.

Barbara’s husband, jerry, worked full time for a small advertising company and naturally he turned over his entire paycheck to Her each week. The company was run by another of Her Girlfriends, named Delores. It seems that a male co-worker of his named Ralph had been filling jerry’s head full of his twisted male chauvinist ideas as well as annoying all of the other Womyn in the company with his behavior.

After learning this, the two Wives got together with Delores. She had already gathered enough evidence against Ralph to bring sexual harassment charges against him and fire him and possibly also take legal action angst him but Barbara and Cathy had a better idea. They felt that males like him needed to be dealt with in a more permanent way. They convinced Delores to force Ralph to agree to enroll in a special course on how to treat Womyn with proper respect rather than be fired or prosecuted. Reluctantly he had agreed not knowing that the course would be given by the two Dominant Lesbian Gynarchist, Denise and Diane, or just how intense, comprehensive and permanent that course would prove to be.

When we arrived at their house the Womyn showed us the progress that they were making with their latest student, Ralph. The soundproof classroom was in the basement of their house. There the trouble making male was chained to the floor with his head locked in a punishment toilet. Sander and Irene burst out laughing and applauded when they saw him. They both embraced Denise and Diane and kissed and congratulated them on what a splendid job they were doing. They all agreed hat this was just what he deserved.

Sandra said to me, “Now you see how important it was that you told us about jerry and marve as quickly as you did. If things had gone too far they might have ended up just like this worthless bit of male trash. After seeing what happened to him I am sure they will never misbehave again. You really did those naughty boys a favor as well as their Wives.”

I was really glad to hear that as I thought that they were not really bad boys but just a little confused. I was glad that I had been able to help them become proper slaves to their Wives again and most importantly to have served the Womyn well which of course is my most important responsibility.

We learned that Ralph had been in the toilet for almost a week and that the two Wives, Barbara and Cathy, each came by at least once a day on their way to or from home to use that toilet. The two Womyn took special delight in getting revenge on this disgusting macho male who had caused such trouble for them with their otherwise well behaved slave/husbands. Delores and a couple of the other Womyn from the office also sometimes came by to use it as well to get back at him for his disrespectful behavior towards them as well as just to have some fun humiliating a male.

As deserving of his fate as he was I wondered how long he would be kept in there. I thought that it wouldn’t take long for him to see the error of his ways under such circumstances. I was told that wasn’t the determining factor however. Instead he would be kept in there for as long as Barbara, Cathy and Delores wanted him there, until these three Womyn were fully satisfied that he had been punished enough to quench their anger at hem. I had a feeling that it would take quite a long time to do that. Denise and Diane had no problem with that. They thoroughly enjoyed their work and the occasional male whimpering and pleading that came from the toilet fixture only elicited a reaction of amusement and laughter from the two Very Dominant Lesbians.

And Ralph was not their only student. There were two other male “students” there. One was shackled naked to the wall. The other, a more “advanced student” was acting as their house maid. This male was being trained for another Lesbian couple and was being converted entirely into a girl. They had already had him on full hormone treatments and were soon to take him to a Womyn surgeon to have him castrated.

There was a time when I might have felt some sympathy for these males but I realize now that such feelings would be misplaced. These Womyn are not being wantonly cruel. They are teaching these males how to become useful to Womyn. Once they have learned their lesions they will be happy and grateful for what is being done to them they will be able to live as all men should, as contented well adjusted and obedient slaves to Womyn.

The End

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Just thinkin about loud here. These pics of H in Paris are just making me....uneasy. I know we love him and he knows that, and I know he's a grown man who can take care of himself I just. In those videos I just get uneasy for him. Am I being silly? I just can't even watch them I get anxious, I get a little scared for him. I'm meaning no disrespect to the fans there. It's just... I don't know. It looks overwhelming and he can barely walk and it looks unsafe. It's just a very uneasy feeling.

No, you’re definitely not the only one. I avoid videos of him in crowds cause they make me uncomfortable, and I know I’ve seen a lot of people discussing it yesterday and today still (especially since someone tried to bite him? Or did bite him? I don’t know how that shook down cause I haven’t seen anything super concrete, tbh). It’s something you think about, especially in this day and age. All we can do is trust that he’s got a good team and good security who will take things into consideration and who won’t let harm come to him, and all we can do is hope that his fans respect him and don’t inflict harm on him of any kind. Which is kind of the worst feeling, cause at the end of it all we can’t *do* anything except hope and pray if that’s our thing, but for now… fingers crossed and hoping for the best, yeah? xx

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A scenario where you're staff at their events and they often see you working hard and giving them water and controlling the fans and carrying wires etc and one day you're wearing sleeveless shirt and there are sO MANY bruises and cuts from all the work and they worry? Pls make it a lil yoongi biased? ;;

Sure thing!! <333 (I’m so gonna make it when they were Kota Kinabalu huehue)


  It was always like this when the boys were on tours.  You were called noona by all of them even though you were older than some and younger than the others.  Little did you know, it was more of a sign of affection and appreciation.  In the airports when people didn’t understand that they had places to be and places to go, refusing to let Bangtan pass, things fell into your hands to make sure there was a place to go.  Their manager was always in front trying to make way while you stood on the side making sure no one touched them.  You failed some of the times, but you were usually the superhero.

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The Birthday Cake

This ficlet is for the lovely Birthday Boy, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hope you, readers, find it delightful. Thanx for your support as always.


221b, Baker Street.
Kitchen-18.00 hrs.

Sherlock looked closely at the birthday cake which Molly had made for him. The chocolate cake was decorated with his name, the almost looked like him icing sugar and sugar coated icing ball that was assumed to be his Billy, the skull.

Sherlock: Seriously?

Molly: Yes…why? (Her face fell) Oh…You don’t like it…

Sherlock: It’s…em…(finding the right things to say)

Molly: This is awkward. I should have known. You don’t like this sort of thing.

Sherlock: Molly, it’s not…that…I…

Molly: (gave him a faint smile) That’s OK, Sherlock. I can just take it back home and share with my landlord. He loves my cakes.

Sherlock: Hold on, I did not say that I don’t like your cake, Molly.

Molly: I know…You don’t.
It’s your birthday so I was tempted to do something special. I shouldn’t have made a big deal out of this and made you feel uncomfortable. I am sorry, Sherlock.

Molly gave him a warm but kind of forced smile and began to pack her cake quietly.

Sherlock did not know how to react in the situation. He did not know how to express to her that he was actually overwhelmed by her affection. He therefore took the icing sugar Sherlock from the cake and ate its head in one bite.

Molly: Sherlock! That’s an icing sugar doll…just for decoration. It’s terribly sweet, too sweet to eat.

Sherlock: I have a sweet tooth.

Sherlock tried to swallow down the icing sugar very hard.

Molly: (grinned warmly) You don’t have to eat this, Sherlock. It’s really OK. As I said my landlord loves cakes, I can share it with him later.

Sherlock: I will not let anyone else have the cake you made for me, Molly. I am quite possessive of what is mine. You are mine as well as your cake.

Sherlock then used a fork to dig into his lovely cake as Molly blushed prettily in respond.

Molly: You can’t possibly eat it all yourself, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (chewed mini Billy, the icing ball) Why not? I am a birthday boy, aren’t I?

Molly (grinned) I don’t want you to be too full to do anything else tonight.

Sherlock: (frowned) What are you suggesting here, Molly?

Molly: Nothing in particular, Sherlock. It’s up to my birthday boy and what he wishes to do….


INFJ Confession #670

I feel very uncomfortable in social settings. I can enjoy being there for an hour or two before I start to really tire, and I feel rude and boring if I leave then. I just get so overwhelmed, the noise and the people. Then I feel bad that I am so introverted and quiet the whole time. It’s not that I have low confidence or self esteem issues like louder people think, it’s just I prefer quiet and gentleness. Not much comes out of my mouth but my mind is like a fireworks show.