i am feeling very overwhelmed and uncomfortable

My partner has recently developed a new crush on one of his friends that I’ve always been suspicious of them being a little more than friends. He’s recently told me they’ve been fucking around and stuff and it makes me feel very overwhelmed and uncomfortable. He’s told me for so long he didn’t like her and nothing would EVER happen with her and now they’re fucking around and that hurts. I don’t feel comfortable around her anymore and I don’t know what to do. Idk if I can handle this?

I have genuinely no idea what you mean by “fucking around” and I am not clear from your letter whether you and your partner have any kind of open/non-monogamous relationship, so I am afraid I don’t have quite enough context to give great advice.

What I can say, though, is that if your partner is doing things that make you feel uncomfortable, talk to him about it. If he is dismissive of your discomfort, or has any stance besides total willingness to resolve this in a healthy way, then leave the relationship. If you are already done with him about the lying and the hiding, leave the relationship. You deserve to be with someone who isn’t going to minimize your concerns, deny that they’re doing something they’re actually doing, and put you in situations that make you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

just……wow. i know and have so many great people in my life. i know all relationships can come and go, but i am afraid for the ones that will end. i don’t know how many more i will make.

yes, i am a loving person. but i am not too good at showing it. it is very uncomfortable and vulnerable to express such feelings. that can sometimes turn others away, plus with me being an introvert and not needing that much socialization anyways. but god, do i love others. and i am always afraid they don’t feel the same way about me.

i’m only 20 years old and i already feel so so much, of all different kinds of emotions. this is overwhelming.

i am grateful and terrified.

The Birthday Cake

This ficlet is for the lovely Birthday Boy, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hope you, readers, find it delightful. Thanx for your support as always.


221b, Baker Street.
Kitchen-18.00 hrs.

Sherlock looked closely at the birthday cake which Molly had made for him. The chocolate cake was decorated with his name, the almost looked like him icing sugar and sugar coated icing ball that was assumed to be his Billy, the skull.

Sherlock: Seriously?

Molly: Yes…why? (Her face fell) Oh…You don’t like it…

Sherlock: It’s…em…(finding the right things to say)

Molly: This is awkward. I should have known. You don’t like this sort of thing.

Sherlock: Molly, it’s not…that…I…

Molly: (gave him a faint smile) That’s OK, Sherlock. I can just take it back home and share with my landlord. He loves my cakes.

Sherlock: Hold on, I did not say that I don’t like your cake, Molly.

Molly: I know…You don’t.
It’s your birthday so I was tempted to do something special. I shouldn’t have made a big deal out of this and made you feel uncomfortable. I am sorry, Sherlock.

Molly gave him a warm but kind of forced smile and began to pack her cake quietly.

Sherlock did not know how to react in the situation. He did not know how to express to her that he was actually overwhelmed by her affection. He therefore took the icing sugar Sherlock from the cake and ate its head in one bite.

Molly: Sherlock! That’s an icing sugar doll…just for decoration. It’s terribly sweet, too sweet to eat.

Sherlock: I have a sweet tooth.

Sherlock tried to swallow down the icing sugar very hard.

Molly: (grinned warmly) You don’t have to eat this, Sherlock. It’s really OK. As I said my landlord loves cakes, I can share it with him later.

Sherlock: I will not let anyone else have the cake you made for me, Molly. I am quite possessive of what is mine. You are mine as well as your cake.

Sherlock then used a fork to dig into his lovely cake as Molly blushed prettily in respond.

Molly: You can’t possibly eat it all yourself, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (chewed mini Billy, the icing ball) Why not? I am a birthday boy, aren’t I?

Molly (grinned) I don’t want you to be too full to do anything else tonight.

Sherlock: (frowned) What are you suggesting here, Molly?

Molly: Nothing in particular, Sherlock. It’s up to my birthday boy and what he wishes to do….


INFJ Confession #670

I feel very uncomfortable in social settings. I can enjoy being there for an hour or two before I start to really tire, and I feel rude and boring if I leave then. I just get so overwhelmed, the noise and the people. Then I feel bad that I am so introverted and quiet the whole time. It’s not that I have low confidence or self esteem issues like louder people think, it’s just I prefer quiet and gentleness. Not much comes out of my mouth but my mind is like a fireworks show.

anonymous asked:

A scenario where you're staff at their events and they often see you working hard and giving them water and controlling the fans and carrying wires etc and one day you're wearing sleeveless shirt and there are sO MANY bruises and cuts from all the work and they worry? Pls make it a lil yoongi biased? ;;

Sure thing!! <333 (I’m so gonna make it when they were Kota Kinabalu huehue)


  It was always like this when the boys were on tours.  You were called noona by all of them even though you were older than some and younger than the others.  Little did you know, it was more of a sign of affection and appreciation.  In the airports when people didn’t understand that they had places to be and places to go, refusing to let Bangtan pass, things fell into your hands to make sure there was a place to go.  Their manager was always in front trying to make way while you stood on the side making sure no one touched them.  You failed some of the times, but you were usually the superhero.

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