i am feeling very overwhelmed and uncomfortable

Weekly Spreads

When I started bullet journaling I decided to skip the weekly spread and just stick to the monthly and daily spreads. However, I needed something in-between that, but I am not the kind of person to plan out everything in extreme detail.

So eventually I came up with the perfect weekly spread for me.

The left page is the non-academic page.

Food Log: where I will scribble down what I eat. I just like keeping track of it. Plus knowing that I will have to write it down sometimes stops me from eating bad foods

Steps: were I will record the amount of steps I take everyday, counted by my fit bit. This is to motivate myself to achieve my record of 11,000 steps a day.

Goals: these are some non-academic goals that I want to achieve. For example writing a certain amount of blog posts, of posting pictures to Instagram or Tumblr.

Mini Calendar: this is super helpful to know what week I am in and future week, and what day a certain date is. I do not record anything here just have a layout of the month and highlight the current week.

Tasks: Any non-academic tasks that I hope to complete that week.

On the right side is the academic page.

Forgotten: Assignments and school related tasks I should have completed in previous weeks, but is still relevant.

To do: what assignments I have to do this week.

Next week: The assignments due next week, in case I have time left over and I want to get ahead.

Prep for Final: anything I plan to do to prepare or start final projects and papers, or assignments in the future.

Due Dates: Any day that has homework due, or I have an event will be recorded here.

New: Anything assigned during this week belongs right here.