i am feeling so much right now. it's incredible

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was definitely not hate but :/ to see you've taken it that way. thanks anyway i guess.

what you wrote was incredibly rude and unnecessary but if you don’t consider it “hate” whatever - I’ve got a lot of  bitchy anons that I usually delete but I wanted to snap back yesterday as its gotten to be too much for me to cope with. I am so exhausted by this fandom, like literally exhausted, I think part of why im sick right now. 

I struggle with with how much I can even be honest with how I feel about things I dislike (because then i get a bunch of hate) but then I always post/say it anyway because I feel like I owe people my honesty (and lets face it, it would be much better for the podcast if i was ms sunshine and positivity and gushing, considering mammoth screens awareness of the podcast). But I know other people agree with me and i want to give their opinions a platform through me. So even though its probably going to end up causing me a massive break down I will persevere 


tonight was an incredible night thanks to ohemmoh and halsey and josh :’D can’t believe any of this actually happened!!!!! also, i’m seeing halsey TODAY in charlotte for the first time ever and i couldn’t be more EXCITED