i am feeling so much right now. it's incredible

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Chris I'm so excited and proud of myself because I didn't count any calories today! I just ate and this is the first time in probably a year I've been able to do that and its really hard but I want to stop fully and I think I can. Sorry for telling you, but there isn't really anyone else for me to talk about it with haha

NEVER apologize for sending me a message beautiful! Especially this kind. This makes me so incredibly happy I am SENDING YOU THE BIGGEST HUG THROUGH THE SCREEN RIGHT NOW!! I love you so much :) So so so proud of you. I totally understand the wonderful feeling of this :)

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i-i-i have an exam tomorrow i didn't know about and the problem is i'm only doing it for the school certificate so im not motivated since it wont help me in any way AND its going to keep me from studying from my ACTUAL a-level exam i am panicking i am not ok please send help wtf is this

It’s always easier said than done, but remember that you know much more than you feel like you do right now and try not to panic. It’s incredibly stressful but you’ll get through it no matter what.

When a deadline would creep up on me or when schoolwork piled up all at once, I would make a list of everything I had to get done. I’d write down every chapter that would be on an exam with page numbers next to it so I’d be able to see at once everything I had to review, and then I’d set a schedule based on how many hours I had left and how much there was to study. Having a checklist and a plan always made things feel a lot more manageable.

I know you’ll do fantastically on your exam tomorrow and your A-levels and if at any point you need to vent, you can always come find me.


tonight was an incredible night thanks to ohemmoh and halsey and josh :’D can’t believe any of this actually happened!!!!! also, i’m seeing halsey TODAY in charlotte for the first time ever and i couldn’t be more EXCITED