i am feeling festive ;a;


Another cheerleader set AND no Riko UR?! KLAB WYD. They didn’t even release the high quality idolized cards. 🙄 I see a blue ponytail so maybe Kanan is the other half!?!111!1!134!!2016!!28430!!!1!1!

Kristanna Harvest Festival - Day 7: Layers

Kristanna in Autumn layers.


‘Sorry,’ she whispered.

Bellamy grinned.

Clarke drew closer and lay her head on his shoulder. He breathed her in, all snow and ground and trees. He wove his arms around her middle, she sighed happily, and suddenly he knew. This was bliss; calm and joy and all steeped in love. 

He didn’t enjoy the freezing cold, but if every snowfall was this way, Bellamy was pretty sure he could let it slide.

AU: Bellarke’s first snowfall.


Love Live Avatars

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i literally just realized that i also missed the cut off date for the second portion of the challenges as well FUCK ME


Love Live Avatars

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journal page 53/?
so christmas is over and this is the first year that I didn’t feel festive at all ???am I getting old &grumpy???? most likely yeah


the christmas invasion aired 25/12/2005. happy birthday, ten ❤︎

;; MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS, YA’LL!!! Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably looking at this thinking ‘but, Jabber, it’s still November! It’s not Christmas yet!’ WRONG!! It is the month of pre-Christmas! I am feeling festive, and happy, and I don’t care about Thanksgiving except for the turkey. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE, FOLKS! AND I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE!!

Not a fan of the idea that Christmas starts right after Halloween but Spotify just played the Advent Prose so now I am feeling a bit festive.