i am feeling festive ;a;

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U


Another cheerleader set AND no Riko UR?! KLAB WYD. They didn’t even release the high quality idolized cards. 🙄 I see a blue ponytail so maybe Kanan is the other half!?!111!1!134!!2016!!28430!!!1!1!


The final version of my Tales of Festival 2017 SorMik (but mostly Milkeo) bag. I actually got a couple MORE things (bought them off a friend of a friend in the arena itself) but it was too late to add more haha.

Sadly, truth is it’s already dismantled. I’m staying in Tokyo a little while longer but not doing any more Tales things so I wanted to… tone it down haha. (This bag will be re-purposed, and even if I meant to keep it SorMik it needs to be redone anyway.)

And as I was taking off the items one by one, looking at them, and thinking about how Mikleo… actually…. did win…. it’s beginning to really sink in… the character I have loved so much…. he’s really…


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journal page 53/?
so christmas is over and this is the first year that I didn’t feel festive at all ???am I getting old &grumpy???? most likely yeah

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I don't know?? I'm just an innocent bystander?? Of 14?? And I don't know how to feel?? About the "festivities"??

I am so sorry.

(Unrelated note: I just saw an Applebees commercial and it had some real good fries like those looked good. One of y'all needs to take me to Applebee’s so I can get those fries)


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Oh my goodness I would love to see what you think of my url! Your words are so beautiful

Thank you :)

The day you learn why humans are compared to drugs is the day the sky changes colour, some sort of pink with corruption. His hand is warm when he stretches out his fingers to take yours, to keep you safe, to keep you from getting lost. It’s soft enough to wake the lifeless and it’s all you want because it’s quiet and he’s safe and he keeps smiling with his eyes. The acidity in your blood dissolves morals and you’re fizzing with a self-depreciating hate because the one he belongs to is holding his other hand and you shouldn’t be harbouring this gentle longing. You want to rip your veins out through your finger tips because now you want him to want you back and you wonder if you’re wired wrong. You know that you shouldn’t be this socially disfigured. He asks if you’re ok but he doesn’t know that the drug he’s giving you, although still held between his fingers, isn’t the type he thinks he’s offering. The drug he gives you is in wanting something you shouldn’t, it’s in wanting something that you can’t have.

Send me an ask, I’ll answer with prose based on what your URL reminds me of.

the christmas invasion aired 25/12/2005. happy birthday, ten ❤︎


Just an update for my October bullet journal, so far, which is steadily becoming fuller and fuller as Uni because more and more demanding. Studying Law is super interesting so far but there’s so much work and reading to be done, it’s unreal, and whilst it’s all really engaging stuff, it all takes a lot of time and effort to understand.

On another note, it may be October but I am feeling super festive and I am so freaking ready for christmas now!