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Hello Chau ! I was wondering what your opinion is on fashion as a political statement? At least that's how I would describe it but...¿ Like Tom Ford saying that he won't be dressing Melania Trump or on a lesser scale New Balance 'siding' / I use that loosely / with Trump. In other words is it effective? If so should we really go as far as boycotting the brand? I've been really interested in this of late BUT I am no fashion expert so I've come to the expert. 🖤

aah that was a big thing in the industry when tom ford said that, because he’s established himself, is not of the ordinary kind of individual, very outspoken and very open with his views. (I love him, his interviews are really funny). this is a hard topic to explain since i don’t have a good stance on it, but i will give it a go to the best of my ability.

imo fashion itself is a reflection of social, economic, political and cultural changes. It expresses modernity, symbolising the spirit of the times and since the industry depends on the economy and the trends and waves of influential individuals, you have to consider melania trump as an as *aspirational* figurehead in fashion (note: shes not.)

i think in the last three decades, the industry kind of lost its bedazzle, and with all good means too, that it’s no longer about being able to have full autonomy of creativity but more focusing on profitability and quality for the survival of the industry, as well as fashion itself becoming a secondary objective for (political) figures like melania. you think back to someone like michelle obama, who sought out particular designers to help them grow their business while selectively seeking out couture and custom made designs (she boosted profit sales of designers like  maria pinto, derek lam, jason wu, brandon maxwell, azede jeanpierre, narciso rodriguez) and she became a figure that people looked up too because she wasn ‘t just building herself as someone who could afford luxury brands, but also helping to shape their business.

with someone like melania trump, who basically has no political conscience at all, she is not someone that fashion designers would want to align up, because she doesn’t share the value and hardships of the work that designers have to work with. she buys because she can afford, she isn’t likely to work with small and budding designers, rather (i can’t rmbr where i read this but its as close to a quote i can get) she buys straight off the rack of already established houses (gucci, calvin klein etc) and it’s more about what the brands represent, not the creation and mindset of the designs.

some designers and houses are more focused on profiting as much as they can (understandable), but other designers want to keep their ethos and philosophy of their career. designer sophie theallet stated ‘as one who celebrates and strives for diversity, individual freedom and respect for all lifestyles, I will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady. The rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by’.

this might be the same for big companies like new balance, i never really followed the news of that because i felt like it wasn’t something i could keep up with, but just reading stuff like this i guess you can kind of have a feel to understand that many designers, businesses etc are stuck in the middle of wanting to still maintain their ethics but also having to work out how to possibly break bank/profit in the next four years if socio-economic things are going to change.


As Mario would say, IMMMMA BACKKKKKKK! ^u^

Happy 2017 Studyblr!

Right so I realise that it has officially been yonks since I have posted and everyone is fed up with the new year already but hey I am fashionably late okay B)

Just wanted to have a wee ramble about life and that kinda thing and what I’ve been up to since I’ve been away, as I am sure you have all missed me so much 😘

So so so I am doing my prelims/mock exams/whatever you want to call them at the moment! I cannot believe they have come round so quickly and although they are kinda intimidating I’ve coped with Maths and English so far (after our school was on the news because the papers were leaked lmao) and I’ve got four to go. This time in a couple of weeks they will be OVER hallelujah and I will hopefully have my results so I may share them when it comes to it 😬

Onto my bullet journal as above… This was the first future log I’ve ever made and got to say I quite like it! Only did 6 months as I’m planning to change over my bullet journal with the new academic year but this will be so handy for monthly spreads just to go back and see a rough plan of the month.

My goals for 2017 thing hasn’t exactly taken off yet, I mean I still haven’t done any proper exercise and my productivity has been… questionable… but I mean I’m not doing awfully?!?! 

The other page is my twenty before twenty list ha so I saw the 30 before 30 challenges everywhere for a while but because I’m only 16 I thought I’d push myself a bit more and try and squeeze in 20 within the next 3 and a bit years! Bit adventurous maybe but I have tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

And I can also say I will be ticking off number 9 on the list soon enough because I GOT HAMILTON TICKETS WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Unbelievably excited to see it in London with one of my best chums in June 2018, still in disbelief to be honest but I can’t tell you how much I am in love with it and it will honestly be one of the best things in my life!

Suppose this has dragged on for too long but I will leave you with the cute quote at the bottom,, tomorrow is a new day, you shall begin it serenly and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with old nonsense ♡

rebecca x

gEt yOuR GaNdEr oN At tHeSe tWiNkLy bItChEs tAv

wHaT EvEn gOt tHeM Up tHe gUmPtIoN To bE AlL FlAsHiNg lIkE ThAt?



fUuUuUuCk tHeSe pHoSPhOrAnT MoThErFuCkErS KnOw wHaT’s uUuUp

hOnK ;o)

Hey punks...

I suppose I should have written some official post or something about how I’ve been out of town for the past few weeks and have been grievously separated from the most-precious: my mailbox… Better late than never?

I still am out of town and my boyfriend is sending me daily updates about how many letters are waiting for me back home; I’m excited and terrified to see it in person in a few days. That said, I apologize for the delay that is and will be happening as I play catch up.

Some of you know this, but I prioritize the paper over the digital (big surprise, right?) so if you’ve written to me, I respond in the order received. If you’ve requested a letter/swap/penpal-ship online, I’ve written down your address and will do my best to get something out to you in a timely fashion (but who am I kidding? I’m late as balls already.)

I expect to be swallowed up completely in the world of letter-writing as soon as I return and, holy shit, it’ll be glorious. Expect mail art and collages and all my other weird-ass paper junk posted soon! Looking forward to seeing and reading all your beloved paper wonders!

i’ve been watching plus size fashion videos on youtube lately because I Am Plus Size and i bought some clothes from like citychic for their year end sale that i’m excited for!!  and i dont know it’s nice to see girls in my size dressing really cutely and being confident because it helps me with my own self-confidence (even though my weight doesn’t usually bother me sometimes its just nice to have positive stuff in the face of negative stuff)

the DOWNSIDE is youtube is now also suggesting “MEN REACT TO SEXY PLUS SIZE WOMEN” videos and other.  weird.  fetish-y videos where it’s basically just guys talking creepily about these plus size fashion youtubers it seems like.

can you not.

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post 10 facts about yourself, then pass onto 10 of your faves!👽🌸

1. I love myself
2. I have great fashion sense
3. I am a picky eater but lately I’ve been forcing my self to be a big girl™ and eat my beans and veggies
4. I have a cute bf and we been dating for over a year!
5. I have a cryptid blog ( @cutecreepycryptids )
6. I have a poetry blog ( @jadawrites )
7. I wrote my own love poetry book and self published it
8. I love Noosa yogurt god damn it’s so good
9. I always need to pee when I’m nervous

thank you!!! This was fun!


And here I am, as fashionably late as ever.

Resolution number one: stop procrastinating

Is that even possible? Is there a logical reason as to why I put every single responsibility or obligation off until the last second? It’s probably just a “me” thing. Goodness, I get so mad at myself. I KNOW I shouldn’t avoid doing whatever task it may be, but I do anyways. 

Alright, besides the fact that I wanted to create a blog and post an entry every day, yet started on the eighth day of the year, let’s give a little recap of what we learned (the hard way) in twenty-sixteen:

{one}: Do not trust a single person in this entire world, no matter who they are, absolutely do not trust a SINGLE PERSON. Do not trust them when they say they will help you. Do not trust them when they say they will never leave you hanging. Do not trust them when they say they are telling the truth (because they are probably lying). Do not trust anyone (and this is including your family, there is an ever higher possibility of them lying to you). 

{two}: Do not depend on anyone for anything. Whether it be a way to go, somewhere to stay, or food to eat.

{three}: Learn to take time and do for yourself. Pamper yourself. Take a nap. Buy an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. Drive around (especially to the beach at two in the morning), listen to top hits from the two-thousands, and sing at the top of your lungs. Just stop and do something that YOU want to do. 

{four}:Recognize your self worth. And never, ever, ever sell yourself short. You deserve beautiful things. Never let anyone make you feel inferior. 

{five}: ***VERY IMPORTANT*** If you have long hair, DO NOT CUT IT. 

{six}: Fireball whiskey and mcdonalds chicken nuggets are an amazing pick-me-up after a horrible day.

{seven}: Pain is temporary. Never forget that. Pain, whether physical or emotional, is temporary. 

As anyone can conclude, I have had one hell of a year. But, with a new year comes promises of better. On a lighter note, take a guess at who just purchased a brand new Nikon camera… good guess. I sure did. I plan on getting deeply involved and becoming more educated about photography, which is something I have always wanted but pushed to the end of my to-do list. 

What has happened in these past 8 days that I spent not starting my blog, you may ask? I made my first big-girl purchase on my very first car. Which felt so invigorating to have done on my own. I have two jobs (which is exhausting). And, hopefully, by the end of this month, I will be moving in with some roommates, and, for the first time in my life, be all on my own. It is such hard work, but, goodness, you will never appreciate having things of your very own until you spend time with someone who “helps” you only to remind you constantly of the “help” you are receiving. 

I have always excelled in writing and introducing topics and new ideas, but I have never been too successful in concluding. Please bear with me throughout this year as I make more-than-likely unsuccessful attempts at not ending every single post uncomfortably awkward. 

Going to take some personal time and take some pictures. Fingers-crossed I capture something worth posting.