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We Intertwined: Ch. 1

An Ignis Scientia Story

AO3 | Chapter 2
Word Count: 1,600

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Ever since he was a child, Ignis had a curious mind. He was always seeking knowledge, always curious to know minute facts about seemingly insignificant things. He wanted to know about the geography of Eos, the traditions of the Lucian royal line, the tales of Ramuh and Shiva. He loved hearing those stories, loved falling asleep to his mother’s voice, telling him about the might of the Archaean.

But Ignis’ favourite bedtime story by far was the one about soulmates.

“It’s said that everyone has a soulmate,” she’d told him one night, running her slim fingers through his tawny hair. “The Astrals created life on Eos. Creatures that walked on four legs with four arms and two heads. They had two hearts, two brains, and two souls. The gods were so afraid of their power that they split them in two, and humans have been wandering Eos in search of their missing halves ever since.”

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Blackmadhi Day

In honor of Simon and Nahyuta’s first meeting at the case of State vs. Whet, this Saturday, May 13th, is officially Blackmadhi Day!  

We will celebrate the wonderful pairing of Nahyuta Sahdmadhi/Simon Blackquill, which first started out as a crackship and has developed into so much more and has brought a lot of awesome people together! 

If you want to participate, please do so!  Write fics, draw wonderful art, make graphics…whichever!  We’ll be using the tag #blackmadhiday for anyone interested! 

Hope to see what awesome content everyone creates in celebration of these two losers whom we all love so much! 


I went to Pax West this past Sunday with my fem!Yusu cosplay I thought you appreciate the piccys I took :3

I am FLOORED you look amazing omggg. I hope you had a lot of fun!! <3 (submitted by @arigato-gozaimashita)

First class of my Masters program starts tomorrow! First off, it feels weird going back to school, and I am a bit nervous about it. 

But I feel way better after essentially hand holding two of my fellow classmates who are completely oblivious about shit. So, I won’t be the dumbest person in class, that’s the good news. Wish me luck!

firemasterphil343  asked:

I had seen some of your work a while ago (The Kid Fortress 2 poster) and I had no idea you turned it into this comic. I can say that it was a very welcome surprise to see this. Your work has a beautiful charm to it that seems almost familiar. Very Disney-esque too. I love it so far and am excited to see what that creative mind of yours has in store.

A lot of creativity, yes. :) 

I’m working on my original comic right now. I love work on the kids fortress and I will continu when the time will be good for me. 

Thanks for the compliments and have a good day! 


anonymous asked:


I am so not subtle at all because I am just far too excited to write the companion fic!


Se-cret Pro-ject,  Seeee-cret Pro-ject

I’m going to be releasing actual details about the project in the next few weeks, but for now, enjoy some of the work I’ve been putting in to it so far because I am too excited to wait and I really love the faces I’ve been making.

The last time I drew a chick I think it was…. probably a couple of years ago when Alien passed away…. and I’ve improved soooo much since then. Look at that little bald face and the slight smirk like the “you know you wanna be cuddling us” and just aahh!

I never thought I’d be so happy and excited by my own work that I would break a release date I’ve tried to carefully plan, but hey, here we are.

A massive happy birthday shoutout to @neuroticnygma !!! Love, you are an absolute gem of an individual and honestly you deserve to have the best day possible! (and a caterpillar cake cause they’re totally the best)

As a small gift i’ve written ya a short drabble which features a lazy scriddler morning with a little bit of kissing and snuggling so i hope you enjoy it boo xx

The faint tickle of feather-light touches, fingertips tracing across his back, dragged Jonathan from his rest as his body stiffened subconsciously at the unexpected touch. He knew that he was in no danger from the other occupant of the room but, even now, he still found it difficult to overcome a lifetime of avoiding the touch of others.

Unfortunately, his bracing movement had also alerted his would-be tormentor to his conscious state.

“Are you awake?”

Edwards’ voice still held the tinges of his recent slumber and Jonathan found himself forcing back a small smile as the overly heavy syllables washed across his ears. It was so unlike Edwards’ regular tone that he could not help but feel somewhat fond of its rarity.

“No, I am fully asleep.”

As Edward made a disbelieving noise in his throat which sounded vaguely like a muffled ‘shut up’, Jonathan found the fingers which had been tracing his upper back now laced within his own as Edward sought out his grip. Glancing at the linked fingers from the corner of his eye, he gave them a short, reassuring squeeze before rubbing one finger across Edwards’ knuckles.

While not considered overly sentimental by anyone who knew him, Jonathan could at least appreciate why regular people enjoyed this.

It was Edwards’ preference to lie behind him, slinging an arm, leg, or both over his own thin frame in an effort to hook them together in a tangle of limbs, and he had never seen or felt the need to question such a desire. Even more surprisingly, he had found that, over his time shared with Edward, he was…not at all adverse to being embraced in such a way on a regular basis.

Even now he could feel Edwards’ body pressed against his own and the warm flesh was a welcome sensation against his own lukewarm body. His thin weight had always prevented him from generating any great amount of body heat but he found that Edward more than compensated for it.

The man was practically a human furnace.

As he mused on Edwards’ excessive warmth, he felt something soft against his shoulder blade and realised that Edward was rubbing his cheek against him in an effort to gain his attention and he had to physically resist an eye-roll at the cat-like behaviour.

“What is it? What do you want?” He asked, shaking his body slightly in an effort to dislodge the redhead.

“Nothing,” Edward muttered in response, “I simply wanted to be affectionate. Is that a crime now?”

Twisting his body around, Jonathan turned to face Edward fully. Sleep had robbed Edward of his perfectly coiffed hair and it now sat messily across his scalp with some small tendrils flopping across his forehead. As they stared at each other, Jonathan noted that the usual sharp intelligence which defined Edwards’ gaze held a hazy edge to it as his recently-awakened state meant that he was not fully aware of everything around him yet.

He looked disgustingly beautiful and, amused with his question, Jonathan answered him.

“When it concerns you, dearest, everything is a crime.”

Grinning like a cheshire cat at the use of the endearment, Edward released his grasp of Jonathans’ hand and instead steepled their fingers together in a playful manner.

“Since we both have no plans until this evening, I suggest that we forego our work for at least another hour and simply stay in bed. Relaxation is the key to renewal and success.”

Sensing an opportunity for a comment, Jonathan raised an expectant eyebrow and allowed a slight leer to appear on his features.

“And what would we do with this hour?”

A small shake of the head caused Edwards’ pillow to rustle excitedly.

“Nothing too exciting, dear. After last nights shenanigans, I am far too tender to entertain any notion of untoward advances so I am putting the brakes on that school of thought right now.” He paused for a moment before issuing a soft, lazy sigh. “I just want to lay here for a while and enjoy the rare moment of peace. With you. Just us.”

As Edward slid his head forward,Jonathan felt him place a chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth before he settled back into his own pillow, his relaxed state smoothing out his frown lines and bringing his boyish features into relief.

Gazing at him for a moment, Jonathan felt a surge of affection twisting his gut with a welcome yet frightening warmth and familiarity, a feeling which he reserved only for the red-headed genius, and he reached out and pulled Edwards’ body towards him until he felt the tickle of hair against his face.

Ducking his head down, he used his free hand to tilt Edwards’ chin up as he caught Edwards’ lips with his own, his hand dropping to lay atop Edwards’ chest, as he ran his tongue along Edwards’ bottom lip in a leisurely manner.

Accepting the kiss without hesitation, Edwards’ hand was soon brought up to rest on the back of Jonathans’ own head and he could feel the relaxing sensation of fingers as they were slowly carded through his dark hair with a surprising amount of gentleness.

There was no need for frantic movements or aggressive takings fueled by a joint lust.

Both men understood that they did not need to hurry.

This time was theirs, and theirs alone.

I’ve started making my way through blogs, asking questions where I’m unsure w/ regards to backstory, world-building etc.  I’m reading everything - about pages, history, relationships & headcanons - so it’s a slow process, but a thorough one.   I want to make sure I understand people’s muses before I approach officially to plot.  Which means - duh - the more I have to read, the better understanding I’m going to have  ~  I might also throw an IC meme @ u so I can see your writing. c: 


4minute performing a whatcha doin’ today remix @ the 2014 sbs gayo daejun.


Welp, long overdue costume post, everyone! I had a little reenacting adventure down in Chorley a couple of weeks ago, and being the over-exciteable dork I am, I had far too much fun to actually take pictures of any of the cool stuff I was doing. I had to wait for our awesome regiment photographers to post pictures up on Facebook!

You may recognise the swallowtail jacket I’m wearing as being the ‘Margaret’ jacket I made for @mercurygray, in honour of her wonderful heroine Margaret Frances, (who you can read about here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5979874)

Merc is currently working very hard on her own WWI ‘Hello Girls’ reenactment at the moment, so doesn’t really have the space for 18th century kit. Luckily we are very much the same size, so after I arranged to make her a few Edwardian shirtwaists in recompense, she very, very kindly let me have the Margaret jacket! Result: weekend of awesome in one of the best jackets I ever made!

So, photo breakdown:

  1. Being a costume nerd, I get to help dress the Major when he can’t figure out how to tie his gorget on (ie, that shiny little metal crescent thing that TURN fans will recognise from Major Hewlett) Apparently officers lose their street-cred when their corporal has to help them get dressed.
  2. We had two lovely camp-children with us, and there was plenty of opportunity for cuddles and keeping them entertained. I got to bounce along with a cute one-year old little boy with the most gorgeous head of red hair you’ve ever seen! He was very well-behaved, too, and seemed perfectly happy sitting with me and sucking on a bit of bread. (Obscure Nerd moment: may or may not have gently bounced him on my lap whilst singing the British Grenadiers.)
  3. Fraternising with the enemy! Or in this case one of only two Continental soldiers who were ‘out-manned, out-gunned and out-planned’ by a mighty force of 8 redcoats. Luckily there weren’t any battles, as that would have looked a bit silly (although epic, in a  Mel Gibson ‘Patriot’ FREEDOM WINS EVERYTHING!’ Also pictured, lovely 3 year old sister of the camp baby.
  4. Probably my favourite picture from Astley Hall! It has a “ when will my darling Queen’s Ranger husband return from the war?’ feel.
  5. Posing in the Astley Hall historic kitchen! I look far more domesticated than I really am (i wouldn’t have a clue in an 18th century kitchen!), as well as a bit rumpled from walking all over the park.My neckerchief has come a bit loose, quelle horreur!
  6. Me, pictured with my reenactment buddy and role-model, Lena. Lena is a food-historian in real life and has an absolutely divine 18th century wardrobe. And we had a  great geeky moment when we found out we’d used the same JP Ryan pattern for our jackets! Lena’s lovely green jacket is higher-class than mine as she’s an officer’s wife, and she chose a different back, but otherwise it’s identical! Pattern buddies “4ev@”, in other worse!
  7. The obligatory “school photo” shot! All 16 of us 47thers! The weather was absolutely ridiculously nice for reenactment, especially in the UK. I actually got sunburnt!

itslittlegenie  asked:

loved the comic, i have a little strife the last page, why is spider-man seemingly going to go beat up the two dudes when all they did was heckle her? Isn't that going a bit too far?

oh HO, YES, i am super excited someone finally asked me this. i’ve seen comments pop up here and there where people complain about these things and i’ve been thinking about it a lot, and i would love to take a moment to address it. HERE WE GO.

so okay, imma break this down into handy dandy parts in case you just want to skip ahead to the bit you want answered):

  1. violence in the name of justice is still violence and that’s bad
  2. those guys really didn’t do anything THAT bad, what’s the deal?
  3. how does he even know these are the same people (i know you didn’t ask this in your question but a lot of people have brought it up and i’m going to just tack it on here if you don’t mind)

1. violence in the name of justice is everything superhero comics is based on! one does not have a rational discussion in the name of justice, one punches one’s way to justice! haha just kidding. (or am i. *serious face*) knowing when to react to a situation with violence is a super complex issue. is it ever okay to react with violence? when? how much violence? who is the recipient of your violence? it’s a whoooole huge thing and there are so many differing opinions. (side note: you know who’s good at wrestling with the ethics of violence in the name of superheroism? jen walters. whadda cool lady.) also also: YES, it looks like he is about to attack those dudes. NO we do not see him attack those dudes. YES i am hiding being vagueness. vagueness™: the coward’s way out.

2. i don’t know you or your life and so i can’t assume things about you but if you’ve ever been a lady walking alone at night and had a dude follow you: that shit is SCARY. he might not even know he’s being scary, but he is. he might not even be following you on purpose. but if you are a lady you cannot take that chance. ALSO: catcalling is not a compliment, it’s harassment. those men are deliberately making that woman feel uncomfortable, possibly to a degree they’re not even aware of. what they’re doing is very wrong. it’s not the worst thing someone can do to another person, but that definitely doesn’t make it okay, either.

3. yeah, that’s a plothole, my bad, haha sorry everyone