i am famous cause of you haters

anonymous asked:

I used to be a huge fan of you but now I think you're kind of an asshole. You're too picky about women considering the way you look. You're a dick to your fans when all they do is look up to you as a person, and you think you're too good for everyone cause you're kind of famous. And IF you reply to this you'll probably say some asshole-ish thing that will make me dis like you even more.

yes i’m going to say some asshole shit, u have no clue what ur talking about, I’m so nice to fans and I just like models, Why does my choice of women even bother u, I’M NOT YOU, but thats ur opinion, I’ll let u have them and then someday i hope we meet in person so u can see how I really am, but cool, later hater :)