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robert jacob sugden, robert “snivelling little cheat”, “unscathed as usual”, “what would your mother say if she saw what you’d become”, “family disappointment” sugden could have gotten away with something today but he came clean and owned his shit, when he had everything to lose

he owned his shit and blames no one but himself

and i am fucking proud

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You should just write a whole list of why Inej and Kaz are the cutest, and greatest couple. I live for them.


- okay i wanna start off with something that’s totally obvious but is never rly discussed/mentioned? but kanej is a beautiful, healthy, AMAZING interracial pairing that’s written in a way that doesn’t constantly showcase inej’s ethnicity just for the sake of pointing it out but that doesn’t mean it’s any less valid or important or special and leigh doesn’t give a fxck about other people’s whitewashed white mysteries so it’s a bit like ‘this is inej, she’s a woc, don’t EVER whitewash her but also don’t forget who she is and who she’s in love with bc that’s important and rare and must be treasured and appreciated’
- they bring out the best in each other
- and by best i don’t mean they compliment each other well (which they do but that’s beside the point), i mean they literally heal each other’s wounds, mend each other’s weary hearts and are there for each other 24/7 no questions asked
- kaz “my father is profit” brekker, the boy who literally breaks people’s kneecaps with his crow cane if anyone so much as looks at him wrong, went OUT OF HIS WAY to fulfill inej’s dream (which is kind of ironic bc inej IS the girl of his dreams so… fulfilling the girl of his dreams’ dream?)
- like you know those het couples that are like… “you’re my happiness” blah blah blah “i know you have other interests and imma let you finish but i bring me so like be grateful” which is smth i absolutely DESPISE in any shape way or form but kaz was just like?? hey inej i heard you like ships so here’s a ship, captain ghafa and oh by the way your parents are on it
- he threw away his one shot at happiness just bc he knew what inej wanted and that was his top priority
- he’d go to hell and back for her (he almost did)
- kaz “ketterdam is full of monsters i just happen to have the longest teeth” brekker’s biggest weakness is inej’s SMILE?????? name a more iconic & pure duo than kaz and his teenage crush?? i’ll wait
- inej, fully aware of kaz’s ptsd, NEVER rushed him for anything and their love was literally never sexualizied therefore breaking the status quo that a pairing is only interesting when the people involced they have physical contact and/or are intimate. intimacy runs so much deeper than (having) sex
-kaz, fully aware of inej’s past and her own anxiety, never rushed her for anything and never demanded anything from her and was the perfect gentlemen despite his bad boy talk that portrayed him as this cold emotionless antagonist like you’re not fooling anyone son we see right through you and honestly bless your wicked barrel boss heart ily
- kaz’s only attempt at “winning” inej was when he said “you inej, you” and even that was super pure  (esp given the fact that it was probably the most honest thing he’s ever said & admitted - not just to inej but to himself) bc yes OFC he wanted to overcome his ptsd and wanted to be able to touch inej in some - any - kind of way but he also meant her presence? actually scratch that, that’s all he meant
- inej’s always been his beacon, his idol, his goddess, his salvation, his anchor, his emotional tether if you will and it was inej who brought him back when he started to slip back into his dark memories, inej was the one who pulled him out of the murky waters licking at his feet
- kaz would literally kill & die for inej a.k.a kaz is all of us
- inej, a kind, beautiful soul who yields not just one but seven knives, all named after a saint, would do anything to help kaz
- inej wanted kaz to become a better person, a better version of himself but it was never for her? like, she never had any personal agenda or subplot that connected her with kaz’s path to greatness, she wanted him to become better for his own good and that just makes me start crying on the spot tbh catch me bawling my eyes out bc of these two (usually at 4am when no one can hear the ugly dying pterodactyl noises coming out of my mouth)
- kaz softens around inej while inej hardens around kaz and that, too, makes me very very emotional b y e
- the peak of their relationship development was to finally be able to hold hands
- they might not be together right now but that’s fine by kaz bc he just wants inej to be happy and sail and help/free slaves and that’s fine by inej too bc she knows kaz has a business™ to run and she knows the dregs need him more than she does
- and that’s okay bc it doesn’t mean they love or need each other any less. it just means later.

sweet hog billionaires: behind the scenes

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Ok I was scrolling through your art tag and decided to see what Professor Layton was about and I've been watching a let's play of the games and I just finished the third one I believe(Unwound Future) and just OOOOOWWWWWW WHYYYYYY??!!

ah, yeah, that’ll happen (aren’t they fun though? :D gosh darn I miss those puzzles)

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touch prompts: 14 viktuuri?

The morning after Yuuri arrived in St. Petersburg, Victor woke up first. The He spent at least ten minutes making sure that Yuuri was actually there, and not a mirage. It might have involved wrapping his arms around Yuuri, just to make sure he was solid. 

(He was.)

When he was finally able to pull himself out of bed, he went to work in the kitchen, got a little over ambitious trying to make sunny side up eggs, and frantically scrambled to contain the yolk as best he could as it ran all over the pan. It was a heroic, but ultimately futile effort. 

Yuuri staggered out of their bedroom as Victor set their plates on the table. Morning Yuuri is a creature of all his own, not easily roused into Daytime Yuuri until Morning Yuuri downs at least three cups of coffee. His, hair tousled from sleep and charged with static electricity, is one of the most adorable things Victor’s ever seen . Victor pulled out a chair for Yuuri. Yuuri just forced him to sit down on it and then curled up in his lap. 

“This is my bed now.” 

“Yuuri, we have practice.” 

“Shhh. They’ll hear you.” 

“Yuuri?” Who did Yuuri think he was talking to?

Yuuri nuzzled into his chest, curling in on himself as if making his body as small as possible would prevent him from having to wake up.

“Yuuri I have coffee ready for you.” 

Yuuri’s hand shot out, groping blindly for his coffee, almost spilling it. Victor slid it out of his reach, plucked it from the table, and placed it in Yuuri’s hands. He wanted a lap full of Yuuri, not a lap full of scaling coffee.

With his hands cupped around his mug—a new one with poodles on it that Victor had bought just for him—Yuuri drained his mug, fumbled it onto the table and burrowed into Victor’s arms while waiting for the caffeine to kick in. Victor was tempted to stay there all day. 

Jet lag was a thing. Jet lag was definitely a thing. They could go to the rink tomorrow.



في جملة كدا بتقول :
“I am not okay, can you love me extra today?”
الجملة دي جميله جدا ، لان في ايام كدا بنصحي فيها مش كويسين، في ايام بنحس اننا خايفين و لوحدنا و مشاعرنا مضطربة.. و عايزين حب زيادة في الايام دي.. بدون سبب و بدون اي دوافع غير اننا محتاجين ده..

كلنا عندنا نقص في العطا وفي استقبال الحب، و بنعلّق لبعض المشانق ..
احنا كلنا messed up ..
بس برده يعني، ده ميمنعش ;
Can you love us extra today

Two Sugars, Extra Cream

Hello, lovelies! 

I do not expect chapter 2 of Bid Ye Soft Farewell to be up until next week (My SO is in town and I haven’t seen him in a while). SO, I’ve created this silly little ficlet in the meantime. Kind of crazy, kind of out of character. But I had a hell of a good time writing it! Hope you enjoy!

Caramel-Nut Latte, extra hot. Okay, 2 pumps caramel, 3 pumps hazelnut. 2 shots of espresso. Steam milk for extra 20 seconds and a caramel drizzle on top…

Beautiful, Beauchamp. You’re a goddamn coffee wizard.

“Caramel-Nut Latte for Duncan!”

I had been working for Mrs. Fitz for nearly a year at this point while putting myself through school. Though I loved the work that I did at university, there was always something so comforting and homey about the café. Perhaps it was the mismatched green walls, the exposed brick. Perhaps it was the baubles thrown haphazardly on the shelves, or the odd paintings Mrs. Fitz liked to pick up at second-hand shops. (The one with the chimpanzee queen was my favorite). Perhaps it was just the constant smell of coffee that reminded me of my Uncle Lamb– God rest his soul. It was an odd little place, but it was mine. I belonged here.

As if conjured by my own thoughts, I heard the tell-tale backfire of Mrs. Fitz’s ridiculously old car.  She really needed to upgrade.

“Ooooh, Claire, lass! Come help me with the milk! I heard we were runnin’ low, so I bought three crates full!!” Mrs. Fitz was terribly excited about that milk. I, however, did not share in that joy. I knew “helping” in this case meant “carry them all in for me.”

“Aye, aye, Captain Fitz,” I saluted her before going into the trenches. Or the trunk of her car. They looked similar at any rate.

She was making herself a latte when I walked back in with the third crate of milk.

“Mrs. Fitz! I’m utterly shocked that you would waste company products for your own use!” I placed my hand over my heart dramatically.

“Ach. I bought the stuff. I’ll do wi’ it what I please.” And with that she took a sip, smiling the whole time. Should I tell her she had foam on her lip? “Help yourself? I need to speak wi’ ye for a moment.” I waved her off.

“I’m all right. What’s going on?”

“My nephew is moving back into town, and he was needin’ a job. I told him he could work here. Could ye train him a bit? Show him how everything works?”

“Mrs. Fitz…” I was feeling extra dramatic today.

“Claire, dinna…”

“I am appalled that you would use your position as owner and operator of this establishment to hire those you are close to. Where is the democracy?”

“Tis no a democracy. Tis a dictatorship.” Mrs. Fitz was the great-auntie I never knew I wanted. I couldn’t help but laugh at her wit.

“Of, course I’ll help. When is he coming?”

“This Saturday, he’ll be back.”

“I’ll be here. Oh, and Mrs. Fitz?”


“You’ve got some foam on your lip.”


Saturday mornings were slow mornings. No one had to be at work. Well, besides me, I suppose.

I was leaning against the counter when the overhead door bell jingled. Perk up, Beauchamp. Don’t look like a slacker.

“First customer of the day! Congrats! What can I get for you?” I looked up at the man. I mean, really up. Could a man really be that tall, or were two kids pulling a Little Rascals on me? He leaned down, elbows on the counter. Now, I could really see him. Red curls. Blue eyes. Freckled nose. Was he made out of marble? I had never seen features so sharp.

“Are ye Claire?” His voice was like the honey I put in my Darjeeling.

“Yes, I am. Who wants to know?”

“I do. I’m Jamie. Mrs. Fitz is my great-auntie. She said ye’d be helping me? Learn, I mean.”

“OH! Of course! I’m sorry. Come in, come in,” I said as I lifted the flip-counter. He ducked under my arm to get through. “Sorry, that was a bit awkward. You could have lifted it yourself.”

“Aye, it’s all right. I appreciate the chivalry, madam.” He drew out the word ‘madam’ as long as he could. I bowed in return. He chuckled. We were off to a good start, here.

“So, Jamie what to you know about coffee?” His cat-eyes went totally round at the question.

“Well, ye drink it.”

“Mmhmm. And have you ever made coffee before?” I was skeptical that he had even heard the word coffee before today.

“Aye! I make it every day in my Bunn coffeemaker.”

“Bunns are for shmucks. This is the big league. Can you handle it?” He faked a look of concern before turning his attention back on me.

“Aye, I think so.” He nodded as if trying to convince himself.

“Can you take the heat?!” I was starting to sound like a coach, and he, my star player.


“All right! Let’s start with espresso, shall we?”


“So, you’ve grinded the espresso beans. Now what?”

“I put it in the machine…”

“No, no! You’re missing a step!”

“I tamp it!”

“Yes!” Jamie was a quick learner, his brain absorbing the things I said and did. Like a big ole ginger sponge. “You’re really getting the hang of it, especially for someone who didn’t even know what a tamper was when he woke up this morning.”

“It looks a bit like a weapon.” He rolled the bell shaped instrument in his hands.

“Perhaps to people with violent tendencies,” I said, giving him a pointed look. He just rolled his eyes. “How about you try to make yourself a latte or cappuccino?”

“Nay. I dinna drink lattes,” he answered distractedly, still playing with the tamper.

“Have you ever tried one?”

“No. I’m a simple man. Dark roast. Two sugars. Extra cream. These other drinks, they’re much too fancy for me.”

“Oh, Jamie,” I whined. “Be adventurous. Live a little!”

“Aye! All right! If it’ll get ye to stop squealing like a wee hog!”

“Did you just call me a hog?” I should be offended shouldn’t I?

“No, I said ye were like a hog. Big difference.” Yeah, definitely offended.

“Oh, well. Of course. Huge difference.”

“Oh, come, Sassenach. I was only teasing ye.” Oh, no, Mr. Fraser. You would not get off that easily.

“I know,” I mustered to most dejected voice. “No, big deal, right?” Could I fake cry right now? That would be the icing on this revenge cake.

“Claire, lass. Truly. I dinna mean it. Ye’re no like a hog. Ye ken that right?” God, that sincerity was killing me. I’d have to put him out of his misery…

“Oh, I know,” I perked up with a huge smile on my face. I’m pretty sure I was showing top and bottom teeth. Realization cam over his face.

“You wee-“


“Ye’ll pay for that. Make no mistake.”

“Bring it on, Fraser,” I crooked my fingers at him, and then quickly let them fall. “Later. We have a task to accomplish.”

“Which would be…?”

“You. Drinking some frilly, fancy coffee you wouldn’t have otherwise.”



               I decided to make Jamie my favorite specialty latte. 1 pump chocolate. 2 pumps almond. 2 pumps coconut. 3 shots of espresso. Extra hot. Whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I handed it to him hesitantly.

“What did ye put in this potion?”

“Just drink it, Ron Weasley.”

He took a small sip, smacking his lips a bit and licking cream off his mouth. That motion was a bit distracting.

“So…?” He contemplated for a second, eyes studying the ceiling.

“Weel, tis a bit sweeter than I like…”


“But, it’s no bad. Well done, Sassenach.” I blushed prettily and batted my lashes.

“They do say I make the best coffee in town.” This wasn’t a lie. Some people did say that.

“Do they now? Well, I’m glad I was adventurous and tried one of your frilly lattes.”

“Good.” We sat in silence for a few moments, as customers milled around. He was sipping coffee. I was day dreaming about that argument I had with a customer last month… What an arse.

“Claire.” Jamie broke me from my reverie.  

“Jamie,” I answered just as formally.

“Since I’m being daring, I’d like to ask ye a question.”

“Um, sure.” Weird, but okay. He took a deep breath.

“Would ye like to go to dinner wi’ me sometime?” That was definitely not the question I was expecting. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Not to be rude, but why does your hair look like that?’ or ‘Can you help me bury a body?’

“I’m sorry?”

“Dinner. Wi’ me. Tonight, possibly?”

“I wasn’t expecting that, but yes. Jamie, I would love to have dinner with you.” I pleasant surprise, that was.

“Aye? Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Thank God. That could have been embarrassing. Is 7 okay?”

“7 sound perfect.” Jamie Fraser, prepare to get the pants charmed off of you.

Hopefully literally.

Favorite Thing ~ Joe Sugg Imagine

☆can you do one where joe and y/n does the girlfriend tag but they both answer the questions, one questions asks what is their favourite thing about each other and y/n answers with “(something you can add) and his stubby little fingers” Joe then answers with “When she believes me when i tell her she is beautiful.” And you can add stuff along the way. Sorry if its long but Thank you! xx

“Annnnnd welcome back guys, to another  video on my channel! Today I am joined with extra, extra special guest…”
“Y/n, hey guys” You said a little less enthusiastic than him.
“Come one y/n where’s that wow factor??” He laughed and gave a playful punch to your shoulder.
“HEYYYY GUYS IT’S Y/N AND WE ARE DOING THE GIRLFRIEND TAG!” You yelled and grabbed joes shoulders shaking him playfully.
“Calm down then!” He played along.
“Okay let’s get to the questions,”
After about 10 minutes of going through some funny questions, Joes face goes serious.
“Okay here’s a good one,” Joe began
“What is you favourite thing about each other?” He said smirking look you straight in the eyes.
“Oh okay, um, his golden personality and uhhhh, oh! His stubby little fingers!” You laughed looking at Joe for a reaction.
“My fingers are not stubby!” He retorted
“Yes they are, but don’t worry I love them.” You said kissing his hand dramatically and lightly.
“Now you go”
“I know right away,”
“Go for it.”
“When she believes me when I tell her she is beautiful.” He smiled softly.
“Aw Joe, you know I’d believe anything you’d say” You said focusing on getting more sentimental than entertaining.
“We’ll you should,  beacuse it’s true.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

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hi :)) Can you find me a fic where Jimin is a perv , horny not innocent at all, its seems like they all portrait Jimin as a cute innocent fluffy Mochi, I need something different. Ps. YOU are the best ;)

Hello! Ahh thank you so much, but really though it’s you guys who are the absolute best ♡ And of course, here you go!

Title: The Devil Isn’t the Sinner
Author: dyegu
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: It’s Bighit’s annual Halloween Party, and Jungkook is feeling extra whipped today.

Title: I am a Good Good Boy
Author: narrowrule
Rating: Explicit
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: The ideal couple. Jimin was short and soft in all the ways Jeongguk was tall and hard. The stuff of highly rated KBS dramas, Taehyung supposed. Until recently.
Note: Threesome; Part 1 of the “ggb” series, find the rest here

Title: I Hate Everybody (I Like You)
Author: kageyamas
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jeongguk might have a soft spot for Jimin. Jimin might not be so angelic, after all.

Title: Lie
Author: dyegu
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: All Jungkook knows about the cute bus-boy Jimin is a lie.

Title: Slut Like You
Author: Bandit4Life
Rating: Mature
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Smut, Humor
Summary: Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook - polar opposites. Getting together through the most natural thing possible - sex. Mind blowing sex. Jungkook is the Bad Boy and Jimin is the cutest senior ever. After a one night stand Jungkook finds out how sinful Jimin can be and wants more but the other can be a little stubborn. Because just sex isn’t what he wants from the younger.