i am excited to be cosplaying a couple with my husband again


Emerald City Comicon is still in swing, but today was pretty damned eventful, so here’s a post about it. Well, and I want to gush and brag a little bit.

First up is my amazing sister as Chandra! Arielle made it as a finalist in the cosplay contest, which is just so awesome. First time she molded armor and painted and she did GREAT. Look for her at PAX Prime this year!

Then there’s my husband, who was gracious enough to bend to my fangirl ways and dress as Newt once again, with apocalypticash as Sasha. I love seeing Katie’s cosplays. I see something different EVERY TIME. Then there’s me with my seestor because I couldn’t resist. She was too awesome for words.

Pony commission! I don’t do many convention commissions because I just spend too darn long on them, but I love the ones I do. :3

Wicked cool xenomorph in the cosplay contest! Dude did an AMAZING JOB.

And finally, my acquired items this far! The Pacific Rim print from Benjamin Dewey of tragedyseries fame (it is GORGEOUS in person). It was a pleasure to say hi and introduce myself! Then shoomlah’s new art book because I can’t resist one of my favorite artists. That Quality Time print was something my husband randomly found and had to get because it fits us so perfectly ( I believe it is from jefbot.com ). And what is easily the coolest thing I think I got this weekend was an eths-skin’s booklet from sfemonster who I GOT TO MEET IN PERSON and I may have gotten excited and hugged him without asking first and I was terribly embarrassed. I AM FROM A FAMILY OF HUGGERS I AM SO SORRY I WANT TO HUG EVERYONE.

I’ll probably make a couple posts later about ECCC (I have to blab about Newt cosplayers), but I needed to get some feelings out!