i am entirely cheering it on to do just that

Our boy OWNED that stage. Those lights and the constant cheering through his entire song, that happy and amazed face at the end. That he is out here doing that by himself, with just him and the guitar, that is it, just him. Making new fans who would never give him a chance, but never forgetting the ones that have been here for ages. I am proud, but not at all amazed. I knew he could do it, and he did. 

find your pulse. place your hand on your chest over your heart.
do you feel that? do you feel the pulsing rhythm of your heart beating?
you may not think much of it. you may think “so what? it’s just a heart beat.”
but the significance of those thuds are so much greater than you will ever be able to imagine.
when you grow scared, or nervous, or fearful, and your heart begins to beat out of your chest, it’s simply your body screaming at you “YOU ARE ALIVE, AND YOU CAN DO THIS.”
so do not dare give up. because not only am I, and a number of other people cheering you on, but your entire body is too.

every organ and cell and atom in your body is cheering for you. because you can do this. you can survive. and you will.