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I believe SC never minded the shipping. They had as much fun as everyone. But then people lost control and took things too far. Started hurting their friends, real SO's. we would all still be shipping and having fun with them had we kept things light and as a fantasy.

How did people lose control and take things too far? I am genuinely curious. From what I’ve seen, Shippers enjoy blogging and tweeting about Sam and Cait, sometimes @ them. Sometimes we get worked up over silly things, but such is the nature of fanning.

I don’t support going to Sam or Cait’s friend’s accounts and bombarding them with invasive questions, but, again, not necessarily Shippers.

What I cannot fathom is entertaining fans with flirtation and affection for YEARS if you’re not together. How do you expect to find an actual significant other if you’re snuggling and flirting with your co-star on camera and over SM? Look at all the receipts @elle came up with! And we have more. They know we know we have more ; )

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I am in love with your art style and resistance lance au like I need to know everything about him and that universe and how his relation with keaith and the others progress, have an amazing day!

oh gawwsh thank you, Ok ok I’m working out a few more specific details but the relationships are pretty messy at this point since i don’t have much content for the au (because i am slow) but I’ll do my best to explain. Also be aware I’m really not too concerned about ships with this Au (but I’m not against and I do have some ships I enjoy but interpret as you wish) I just find more interest in other things. Another thing, I don’t want to lean that far from canon personality and relationships.

here are the links to other Resistance Lance stuff:

drawing 1 / drawing 2 / drawing 3 / Comic 1 / Text

Keiths relationship w/ Lance: Keith is suspicious of everything he knows little about, Lance is an alien who knows a lot more than he gives to the team and has a past with the galra, he catches on and suspects foul play. He will confront Lance about his blade and they do get in a fight. He still is always standing near him, reacts to the taunts, but in the end they learn to bond and trust each other most like canon.

Shiros relationship with Lance: Shiro has survived as Champion but Lance was involved in that (HOW??? heheheh you’ll find out, comic coming soon). What happened is a blur for Shiro but Lance makes him a bit uneasy because of that involvement causing them to have less bonding moments. Still he learns to care about Lance as a leader and trusts his determination and knowledge. He’s a dad tho and Lance is Lance, what’s in canon is what I’m keeping as base.

Hunks relationship with Lance: Best friends at first sight, Hunk loves Lances energy it makes him feel like he can push past his fears. They trade stories, recipes, jokes, and stuff about their cultures all the time. They have each others backs and trusts each others minds and instincts. So their bond is same just without their history at the Garrison.

Pigdes relationship with Lance: They have that sibling bond however to add to the mix Lance has a tech dependance that gave him his leg and keeps him alive, Pidge nerds over the craftsmanship. Pidge also asks him a LOT of questions about alien stuff but she’s got her main focuses so she’s usually busy. (I’m using female pronouns for the sake of her saying ‘I’m a girl’)

Alluras relationship with Lance: She respects him as a paladin but she is totally thrown off by how different he acts to the altean culture she was raised in that’s where i’m going to make a few assumptions for old altean culture (I assume they were kind of regal adventurers who embrace the concept of fear, strength, universe spirituality, and order) Lance’s altean culture is completely different. It’s a very rough start for them at first but they learn each other’s differences and eventually they connect over the small similarities they find.

Corans relationship with Lance: There’s no doubt Lance has touched a soft spot in Corans heart. He see’s himself in Lance and keeps an eye on him. I think they have conversations about hard things Lance has gone through and Coran helps him. Their differences don’t bother Coran as much (I have this theory that Coran has a history of adventuring across the universe before becoming a king’s advisor and he’s seen a crap load of stuff so he’s unbothered by Lance being different)

More about Lance: I thought it was a cool idea if Lance was altean but not because that would make him a pretty prince (he already is one matey) but I thought it could open the Voltron Universe a bit more since the the beginning of Voltron the only people had that knowledge of the galra had memory loss, are from 10,000 years ago OR are super secretive(Marmorans). At the same time Lances nature as an adventurer and being a people person can be shown off. He’s shown the skill and capability to gain alien allies, lead as a friend, and follow as a ally.

He’s a bit secretive not only about his past and his feelings but Keith’s past as well. He guessed there was a connection to the Blade of Marmora the moment he saw the blade. He’s survived this long fighting against the galra because he doesn’t trust anyone with certain information. This will cause a problem with Voltron at first, but Coran will eventually teach him a way to keep valued secrets safe. One day he may trust someone with this information but it’s not going to end well.

My Heart is in the Wasteland

This is in part inspired by @seethedivide‘s post here. Although, it is not really an answer to the question originally asked.

I first picked up Fallout 3 in 2010, when I drove my little brother to Gamestop. It was there in a bin of Xbox games, buy two for $10. I laughed and showed it to him, as we had a running joke going back to the Game Informer magazine that featured Fallout 3 on its cover. He told me I would marry the armored guy on the cover, and we would live in the destroyed aircraft carrier. The artwork caught my attention, and I did read the article, but never thought any more of it.

Seeing it sitting there in that bin, I decided to take it home with me. I was getting my wisdom teeth removed in a few days, and would be sitting around the living room while I recovered (with the exception of a Cedar Point trip with my best friends from college). So the armored man came home with me.

I remember how the Wasteland looked the first time I stepped out into it. Both the Lone Wanderer and I were seeing this for the first time. It was something to behold. There before me, a destroyed land and a still standing water tower. It’s a completely different story, but to me water towers are significant and here was one standing within the wreckage.

I was in pain from the surgery, frustrated at being stuck recovering on the couch rather than outdoors, and here was a whole new world for me to explore. Perhaps, under different circumstances I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Perhaps I never would have given that game in the bin a second thought. Yet it made sense that I did. Nuclear has always been a shared interest between my brother and I, both it’s powerful uses and it’s dangerous capabilities. Our bucket list includes a trip to Chernobyl, someday.

So I explored the Capital Wasteland, and began discovering it’s stories. From those still left to tell them, and from the remaining belongings of those the Wasteland had claimed. I found myself hacking every terminal, picking every lock, and looting every shack in search of more stories.

I’m a terrible gamer, playing everything on it’s easiest settings and still struggling. I am okay with this fact about myself, it does not bother me. I play games for their stories, not for the critical shots. Fallout to me is like picking up a good book and reading for a while.

Then along comes New Vegas later that year. I was quite excited and picked up a copy after I finished exams to play over winter break. New Vegas was tough for me to play through. The story is great, the companions unique and interesting, and I had a difficult time deciding between the NCR and an independent New Vegas. There was so much to explore and discover, so many other factions I wanted to get to know.

Yet there was one thing holding me back. It wasn’t that New Vegas made me think too much, or was too complex. It was a reflection of myself and the world I live in that stopped me from truly enjoying New Vegas. I am from Michigan, and I do not feel comfortable in the desert.

From the shores of Lake Superior over to the islands and shipping channels of the St. Mary’s river, along the trails and dirt roads of the northern Lower Peninsula to as far south as Belle Isle, this is my home. There is only one part of Michigan that makes me uncomfortable: mid-Michigan and all it’s flat, open expanses of farm fields. Where there are no trees, I feel exposed and vulnerable.

That is the pure and simple reason I struggled to play New Vegas. This summer, I have been giving it another try. I find it fascinating that those feelings from the real world can translate into a game world. This play-through, I have experience the same issue, but I am pushing past it and really started to enjoy.

After the announce of Fallout 4, I decided it was about time to play the original Fallout games. I grabbed them on-sale from Steam and set in. I had a pretty good idea of their stories already, having spent hours reading through the wikis and even done research for a few papers in college (as a computer science major, gaming was much more acceptable than in other fields).

I spent the better part of a weekend trying to understand the gameplay of Fallout before giving up. I didn’t understand how to play. Even along with the assistance of the internet, I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. I had never played anything of that style before, and it was too much for me. That is okay though, because again I’m in it all for the story. So I returned to explore the wiki instead to catch up on my Fallout history.

I’ve seen a lot of hate on Fallout 4, but I don’t share it. Sure, there are missed opportunities, but that is okay. The world is so massive, so beautiful, and it makes me feel at home. There are vast bodies of water, trees, mountains, cliffs, highways and trails. Despite it being riddled with colonial history, it is easy to feel a connection to my home of Michigan. Far Harbor, my Drummond Island. Nuka-World, my strange Cedar Point. Diamond City and Goodneighbor, my Detroit.

Fallout is my really good book. I see no difference in picking up and loving a video game with extension lore than a movie, book, or comic. Fallout is my escape to another world when I’ve had a bad day, it’s my inspiration when I’m feeling creative, it’s become a part of who I am. I may be new to the social aspect of this fandom, but my heart has been in the wasteland for quite some time now.

Daydream Shippers

So I need to know. Who else spends far. Too. Long. Daydreaming their ships?

Who else worries that their outer life is fine but their inner life is way more vivid?

I don’t remember being conscious of it through my teens and into my 20’s but now I’m 32 with constant access to my smartphone I feel like I can’t turn it off. And I enjoy it so much it actually worries me…

I am perfectly capable of working to a high standard and socialising. I’m one of those rare people who don’t often suffer from social awkwardness, self consciousness or too much personal angst. I generally don’t want to know people who can’t get on board with my weirdness. I can hold down my job and friends and I’m happily married.

But equally, I’d quite like my hyper-queer inner world to calm down a bit even as I enjoy the constant daydreams.

It’s like an addiction. I even decompress after my day by actually (and I can’t believe I’m actually confessing this) physically throwing myself into my inner stories. If anyone were a fly on the wall they’d just see a grown woman swirling around her bedroom silently miming her inner drama. Maybe to music, maybe just sitting on her bed waving her hands around or whatever else happens to take control of her…

Mentally (but not often on paper) imagining so many scenarios I can’t keep track.

It actually stresses me out a bit when my wife goes to bed early because I can’t go into our bedroom and shut the door. She suspects I do this but even I’d be mortified if she caught me!

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Thoughts on Rin's character development from S1 to S2

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how fans of Free! perceive Rin’s development from S1 to S2. I am a huge Harurin/Rinharu/Sharkbait fan, and most of the blogs I follow also favor that ship, but I do follow Makoharu fans to see other perspectives as well. I enjoy most of their posts, but sometimes I see really mindless comments questioning Rin’s behavior in S2 as being too ‘nice’, or rehashing opinions they held during S1 about him being a jerk/mean etc.

I didn’t understand those opinions when S1 was airing, and it baffles me that they’re still spewing that nonsense even now. Some go as far as to insult Director Utsumi because she likes Rin so much, questioning her skill as a Director and level of professionalism. That pisses me off royally since the show wouldn’t be what it is without her, and there are so few women directors to begin with, much less directors who cater to a woman’s gaze rather than the ubiquitous male gaze, particularly in anime.

For those who think that Rin’s current behaviour, friendliness, general amazingness is hard to believe, then can we please remind ourselves of what he was like in elementary school? He was full of energy and drive, someone with a dream who gathered others to him and inspired them to swim in the relay. Even if you didn’t read High Speed, viewers were struck in E10 by how charismatic he was which made his broodiness as a teenager all the more surprising.

You would think that since Tumblr users are known for dealing with depression and loneliness that people would be more sympathetic to Rin’s behaviour as a teenager, but evidently not. Rin fans even had to start up Rin Defense Squads to address the unbelievable hate directed toward his character. Honestly, I think that if Makoharu fans didn’t feel so protective of their ship (this also makes me question why they feel so defensive about their ship, which is another matter altogether), the hate wouldn’t have been nearly so vicious.

The fact of the matter is Rin MADE SEASON 1. Without him, we wouldn’t have a story. He was the agent of change for the main plot point - Haru realizing he values swimming with his friends and finally opening up as a person.

Yes Rin was angsty, but as others pointed out in other posts, he was still thinking of his friends: During the beach training episode when he worries about Makoto and his fear of swimming, or when he recommends to Nitori that he focus on endurance swimming since that’s where his strength lies. Or when he calls Rei out in E11 to explain what happened in Australia, and apologizes for asking him to come out so late! 

Yes he freaked out and kicked a garbage can in E12, but as Mamoru said in an interview, Rin was completely dejected; lost all hope. If it weren’t for Rei’s big heart and Haru reaching out to him, he would have remained a depressed shell of himself :(

So please, accept the fact that Rin is not an asshole and was never meant to be one. Even if you ship Makoharu, based on his previous behavior as an elementary school student, you can clearly see that Rin’s character in S2 is 100% on point. Even the main writer for the show said that it was difficult to write Rin in S1, but it is much easier in S2. Why is that? Because S2 Rin is finally his true self.

I for one am not AT ALL surprised by his charisma, leadership, and general awesomeness during the past 3 episodes. We saw glimpses of it during the Fr!Fr! shorts and drama tracks. I can’t wait to see his character continue to develop, and I hope others can also enjoy it as well!