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nico cant take a break

The moment Lily ducked out of the attic, James turned to him with a gaze so earnest that Severus gripped the edge of his chair and glared back. “I was a dick to you, in Hogwarts,” James said.

“Um,” said Severus and then frowned at himself. He detested filler words. But maybe this was a special occasion.

“I’m sorry,” said James. “You’ve got perfect right to hate me, but I’d like it if we could be friends.”

Severus gripped his chair harder. He considered this. James–was the sky purple? were all the pig-flying spells all over England failing for one shining moment? was his mother’s basement freezing over?–waited for him to find his words. “It would make certain things simpler,” Severus managed.

a life of smoke and silvered glass by dirgewithoutmusic / ink-splotch 

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Imagine Reid telling you that he’s worried about how bad things are getting in your home.

[gif of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds anxiously fiddling with his hands while he looks at someone, and then up, about to speak.]

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Your ace Marius and Enjolras posts make me so happy since I just figured out that I'm ace - do you have any ace!Cosette headcanons?

  • The same day Cosette decides she’s beautiful and own her beauty, she also decides to explore her identity
  • For a very long time she was unsure of who she was. She knew there was something inside her different, but it took even longer to put her finger on it
  • She came across the term ‘Asexual’ on one of her favourite beauty blogger’s blog’s. Even before she knew the full meaning and explored the spectrum of it the word struck her
  • She stayed up until the sun rose reading more and more on the subject, as the hours flew past, her confidence in her identity grew
  • Meeting Marius she wasn’t worried about telling him, no matter how much she loved him she was going to be true to herself, and she knew that if Marius loved her he would understand (which, of course he did)
  • Crochets blankets, scarfs, mittens and socks in the Ace flag colours. Mainly because she’s proud but also because she really suits Purple’s and blacks.
  • Is very excited for the ‘Riverdale’ premiere. Not just because she’s a huge archie comics fan but she’s also very happy to have a canonically Asexual character on screen
  • May have accidentally become overly emotionally attached to Jughead
  • When she fell pregnant with their first child, she got a lot of invasive questions, and politely but sharply explained that engaging in sex in no way erased her diminished her identity as Asexual
CS ff: “To Trying”

A/N: Oh god I am emotionally compromised…

It didn’t take a lot of trying.

Okay, so they weren’t trying.

Well, they were, but they were just kind of…

Okay, so they’ve basically been at it like rabbits for months with no birth control just letting the cards fall where they will. Because they weren’t sure if it was even going to happen again, but “trying” certainly wouldn’t hurt.

It’s surreal, standing here with Henry, her son, her grown son, about to tell him that she’s going to have another kid. And she wonders, very seriously, if this is how her parents felt when she showed up back from New York.

It’s weird. But it’s also elating. Well, she hopes it is. Will Henry be excited? She wasn’t, back then after the lost year, but there was also that whole orphan childhood.

Henry grew up with like, a million parents and grandparents and step-parents, and a couple aunts and uncles by the time he was fifteen. That were all babies, over a decade younger than him. Which is so much weirder than his mother having another kid decades younger than him, right? Will he resent them for having another kid? For having a baby that will grow up in a house with two very loving parents, even though Killian doted on Henry every chance he got until Henry decided he needed to stretch his wings? Even though Henry got two moms out of this deal, and Robin for a time?

She presses her hands over her stomach. Her baby is the size of a lemon, according to the app on her phone. And the tiniest flutter goes through her stomach as the nerves and excitement bloom up again.


This song is Prompto and Noctis, but……..tbh mostly Prompto, not gonna lie.

I am going to be emotionally not okay if episode Ignis will show us Ravus grieving over his dead sisters body in his arms. He watched his mother die…… and now perhaps his sister……..

I am not ready for this. Time to purchase crates of booze, because I will not survive.

He gonna scream like Darth Vader: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

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im so much of a fucking mess that i cried when ben got his pie because my thought process was "this is probably the first time he's eaten pie since he started dear evan hansen" and then i cried on my friend's couch while her mom watched from a considerable distance asking if i was emotionally okay dkwbdkahdkjs

omfg me too me too me too. i thought the exact same thing when sara handing the piece of pie to him cause like…….he hasn’t eaten dairy (or gluten or caffeine) since the show started and there was one interview where someone asked him what he was gonna do if he won the tony and he said something like “well, whether i win or lose, i’m probably gonna go have some cheesecake bc i used to have it for my birthday every year but not anymore and i wanna celebrate”. and you know what, pie is pretty close to cheesecake, and ben won the tony, so all his dreams are just coming true and i couldn’t be happier for him. (also the entire tonys were so much of my mom asking if i was okay bc i cried. a lot. and am still not emotionally okay tbh)

part 7 - love bunnies (a dream daddy fic)

7:40 p.m. it’s the night before the neighborhood party. joseph and i spent our free time during the past week spreading word of the event and advertising it in the local shops. yesterday i stopped by mary’s new apartment to check it out and help her with the decorations. she seemed to be doing just fine—spectacular, in fact. she made an extra amount just in case! i guess she really can be trusted to handle a large task.

I decide to spend time outside for once, since the weather is so suitable for such an endeavor. I bring a cup of hot tea and a word jumble packet out onto my front porch and sit down. The cool autumn air chills my skin, yet comforts me at the same time. I set my things down and run back inside to quickly grab a light sweater. I start unscrambling.

As I get caught on this one particularly difficult jumble, “randeetmne”, I hear my phone wildly buzzing from inside. I feel stumped, so I decide to give it a break and investigate the ruckus. Text messages jump onto my phone screen with rapid succession.

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hey.. so i won’t be able to write for a few days.. there was a matter haha but it doesn’t really concern uall, so.. yeah. but i’m not emotionally up for writing rn so please do understand. i’ll try to get back writing as soon as possible.

21 sept 17

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Barbie + Protecting Julia
"It's up to us to protect each other."

"He was protecting me... he didn't make it."
"Well, you can't be sure. Not of anything, these days."


quite a strange feeling isn’t it? never wanting to be without someone.

the post bvs stages of grief

stage 1:

stage 2: