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being asexual is seen as “too straight” by the LGBT+ community and “too gay” for straight people. the truth is, we are neither. if straight people are “as straight as a line” and gay people are “straight like a circle”, then we’re as straight as the void. sexual attraction? i don’t even know her. you are seriously in the wrong place if you’re looking for an instant sexual connection. don’t try to “””fix””” us we’re good. keep moving please.

(14) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Noct: WHAT THE-!?
Prompto: Wha-!?
Ignis: I’m sorry!?
Ignis: What are you talking about!? I haven’t-!

I’m scrolling through tumblr and my fiancé is sleeping next to me, it’s 3:20AM and suddenly he whispers “there’s… too much meat”

I ask him wtf are you talking about and he just continues mumbling about “too much meat”. I’m like are you even awake??? He just answers yea and smiles. It’s quiet for a while and i already thought he had fallen asleep again or whatever, but then i hear a small laugh and “…not enough salad”

Fav. Reading List

A masterlist of fics that I really love reading.
updated: 1.17.17

Okay, so I have a bunch of fics that I keep in my “likes” so I could read over and over again, but now they’re getting burried. I would use my drafts, but I already use that for fics that I’m going to read lol
these are all Bucky unless stated otherwise

Series (may contain smut) 

Hey Neighbor 2 3 4 • by @demonsebastian (Pietro)
If We Were A Movie 2 3 4 • by @rayswritingcorner
Bring Me To My Knees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @mattymattymerduck
House Of Memories 2 3 4 5 by @writingbarnes
My Joy 2 3 4 5 • by @assembletheimagines
Do Me A Favor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 + drab • by @bovaria 
Marked 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @matthewmurrdock
Have I Made You Uncomfortable 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • by @marveliskindacool
Downpour 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 + EP • by @bionic-buckyb
Longing 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @sebbytrash
In An Instant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @marvel-ash
Right Here Waiting 2 3 4 5 6 • by @such-fun

(if • marked at the end of a chapter, the series is finished)

Absolute Fluff 

• Since When Was I Your Best Girl? by @capnbbarnes
• It’s Just Borrowing by @bovaria
• Dance With Me by @spiderbarnes
• Slurred Confessions by @bovaria
• Why Are You So Quiet? by @demonsebastian
• Is Bucky Ticklish? by @she-who-nailed-it (i was obsessed with this one)
• Captain’s Mischiefs by @bovaria
• Clueless by @writingbarnes (Sebastian)
• Not Just Pretending by @matthewmurrdock
• The First Kick by @buckystories
• Drunken Shenanigans by @bovaria
• Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes
Beautiful Things by @capsbuchanan (ouch)
The Little Things by @wakandasoldier
To Know Oneself by @jarnesbrnes
Don’t Hit Yourself by @bovaria

Short Stories (wc: 5k+) *smut

Just A Dream* [wc:8300+] by @winchester-with-wings (this is a work of art)
Prisoner Of War [wc:6800+]by @wakandasoldier (my heart)
Suburban Safe House* [wc:5300+] by @winchester-with-wings

Pure Smut

• Hiding by @just-call-me-mrs-captain (this was the first fic i ever read guys)
Thinning My Patience by @avengersandchill
A Whole New World by @after-avenging-hours 
Sex With Bucky Barnes by @fvckingavengers
Bucky Barnes & The Three Plums by @demonsebastian
Not Going Anywhere + Sequel by @just-call-me-mrs-captain
Bucky Drabble by @fvckingavengers
Post-WS Bucky Drabble by @winchester-with-wings
Addicted by @fvckingavengers
Right In Front Of Me by @mrs-squirrel-chester
July by @mattymattymerduck (Steve)


• Coffee. Black. No Sugar. by @demonsebastian
• I Win by @demonsebastian (sexual tension, but not smut)
• Awkwardly Tangled by @lowkeybxrnes
• Imagine Bucky by @aprofoundbondwithdean (metal arm)
• The Skirt Is Short On Purpose by @fanfic-super-chick
• Bucky Drabble by @mangosoldier (short af but broke my heart)
• A Figment Of Imagination by @mangosoldier (^contin. Bucky Drab)
• Little Warrior by @wakandasoldier (T’challa)
• Neighbors by @rogerthat-bucky
A Field Trip & A Metal Arm by @waitingfortherightpartner
Our Last Night by @bovaria (reader beware)
Get The Girl by @stories-from-stark-tower
The Last by @rayswritingcorner
Picture This by @pleasecallmecaptain
Dancing On My Own + Sequel by @fallen-stark

Also, some of the series are still ongoing. If something is wrong, please tell me so I can fix it asap! Other than that, enjoy these talented writers and their amazing fics ~

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Vitya feels: those bags under his eyes. Let him sleep. Rest is good, let him sleep in his fiancés arms. Recharges you to finally make a smashing comeback and take back his titles. Can't do that with no sleep man, even if you do nap just before it's your turn to perform.

i agree, vitya really needs to sleep! i feel like he might not have slept well or enough for…. years, possibly, before coming to hasetsu? that’s not good at all! go sleep in your fiance’s arms vitya. dream nice dreams about your wedding. just let yourself rest ♥

The Blanket Thief

I’m avoiding my homework, so I wrote this little silliness! Set during the season of secret sex.

The first time Mulder spends the night at Scully’s after they’ve slept together, he wakes up practically hanging off the bed. And he’s shivering. He distinctly remembers spooning up behind her and wrapping his arms around her chest and her waist, engulfing her. Why he isn’t still snuggly behind her now, he doesn’t understand. Scully usually is not one for touchiness, but Mulder has learned that post-coital Scully will hang on to him for dear life. So when Mulder comes to almost full-consciousness and realizes that if he moves even an inch to his left he will fall completely off the bed, he attempts to slide to his right and resume being curled up behind Scully. Instead, he turns over and comes into contact with Scully’s feet, which apparently don’t welcome his presence. Scully, without waking, proceeds to kick his shins until his legs dangle off the side of the bed.

He looks over his shoulder to find Scully completely wrapped in her comforter and sheets, sprawled diagonally across the bed. He goes to push her legs back to her side, but instead she rolls onto her stomach and brings her hand out to grab the pillow Mulder was using, tucking it into her side.

Mulder groans, conceding defeat, and finds his boxers on the floor, slipping them on before attempting to rouse Scully from her slumber. He places his hand on her shoulder and shakes her slightly. “Scully, wake up.”

She stretches, and Mulder can’t believe how much more area of the bed she spans. He chuckles and shakes his head, not knowing it was possible for a woman this small to take up this much room. In airplanes and the passenger seat of the car, she curls herself into sleep without hesitation, lulled by the movement of the various forms of transportation. Mulder envies how easy it is for her to fall asleep in such situations, and how even smaller she manages to make herself. Her bed, apparently, is a different story.

Scully blinks her eyes open slowly, aware of Mulder’s presence looming over her. She gives him a sleepy smile and a quiet but blissful “hi.”

“Scully, are you aware of how much of a bed hog you are?”

She looks at him as if he just told her that he’s no longer a Knicks fan. “I am not.” Her voice is hoarse, either from sleep or last night, she’s not sure, so she clears her throat.

“Scully you are sleeping diagonally in a queen-sized bed, and you pretty much kicked me off a few minutes ago. And you took all the blankets with you! Tell me that’s not hogging.”

“I do not sleep diagonally.”

He thrusts his arms out as a way of saying, “take a look at yourself,” his eyes expressing disbelief. “My back and legs beg to differ.”

“Well, you’re one to talk. If I fall asleep with my head on your chest, you always take my pillow, leaving me with nothing when I eventually roll over. We’ve shared a bed plenty of times, why has this never come up?”

“It’s never happened before! Which is why I’m confused.” He knows the next thing he says is going to offend her, but in his mind, it’s the only logical explanation. “We’ve never shared your bed before. At least not after sex. I think you’re trying to make sure it never happens again.”

“Mulder what on earth?”

“You know what I think? I think that this new aspect of our relationship maybe is too much for you, and you’re trying to tell me that while we can sleep together, your bed will always be ‘your’ bed, party of one.”

She’s sitting up fully now, the flush of her face almost matching the color of her hair. He’s managed to piss her off before 8 a.m. on a Saturday. “Mulder, are you kidding me? This is ridiculous! You’re being dramatic, and you’re overanalyzing my sleeping habits.”

Although he wants to dive deeper into the root of her diagonal sleeping, Mulder can’t help the laugh that escapes his throat. He flops back down onto the bed, turning to look at Scully. “You’re cute when you’re mad at me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your face is the same color as your hair right now, and you’ve got this look that screams ‘I shot you once, don’t think I won’t shoot you again.’ And it’s adorable.”

“Mulder, thirty seconds ago you were angry because I kicked you out of bed in my sleep, convincing yourself that I don’t want you in my bed, and now you’re saying I’m cute because I’m frustrated and trying to prove you wrong?”

“It’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet. I’m not responsible for anything I may say or do until I have some caffeine in my system.”

Scully takes the pillow from behind her back and flings it at his face. With Mulder caught off guard, she takes the opportunity to crawl on top of him and pin him to her bed, her thighs on either side of his waist.

“Am I cute now, Mr. Morning Breath?”

“Frighteningly so, Blanket Thief.”

“Pillow Snatcher.”

“Bed Hog.”

“Alien Lover.”

“Lover of an alien lover.”

This time, she’s the one that can’t contain her laughter. It’s the kind of laugh that brightens Mulder’s eyes and makes his heart swell with complete affection, a grin plastered to his face. He brings her head down so their lips can meet, and it’s a kiss so fierce and full of passion that they’re both panting, struggling for air, when they come apart. She brings her weight down on top of his torso, and he tucks her head under his chin.

“Are you still frustrated with me?”

“I’m always frustrated with you. But in this case, I can forgive you if you can forgive me for taking up the whole bed.”

“Aha, so you admit to being a bed hog?”

Scully chuckles and brings her hand up to draw lazy circles on his chest. “I’ve never been great at sharing. Especially my bed. It’s always kind of been my safe place.” Mulder lets out a rueful sigh. “Mulder, I’m not kicking you out on purpose. I’ll get better. It’s been a while since I’ve actually wanted to share my bed with anyone. I think I just need more practice. Let’s go back to sleep. It’s Saturday, and we don’t have to be anywhere. Plus we were up late last night doing… well, not sleeping. I’m exhausted.”

He kisses the top of her head and hauls them further up the bed. Scully reaches down and grabs the covers, draping them over the both of their bodies. She closes her eyes and exhales against Mulder’s chest. She can hear his heartbeat as a result of where her head is resting, and she thinks it may be one of her new favorite sounds. The warmth of his skin and the blankets, along with his hand rubbing back and forth over her lower back, drags Scully back into drowsiness.

“Mulder,” she says, just before sleep overtakes her.


“You better not steal my pillow.”

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I have a lot of empathy for Anakin because I see myself in him.

I do too. I find him one of the most relatable characters in the saga because he is so human and full of flaws and he doesn’t hide it. He makes me ask myself the question: how far will I go to protect the ones I love? I’d like to answer I wouldn’t do the atrocities he does from the moment he pledges himself to palpatine. In the end though he self sacrifices to save his son. He covers all the ranges of human passions, for better and for worse. The truth is that I don’t know what I could be capable of if I were pushed to my limits, if someone tried to harm my child for example. I may turn into one of the Ερινύες ( I see that in English these Greek goddesses of vendetta are called Furies). It’s scary if I think about it.

The Signs and When They Sleep

Aries: 2 am. Power workers

Taurus: 2 pm. Finish their work early and NEED the sleep

Gemini: Honestly who even knows

Cancer: 7 pm. In bed whether they’ve finished HW or not

Leo: Midnight. Not even doing HW tbh, probably watching youtube videos and eating

Virgo: “WHAT IS SLEEP. Capricorn pls help”

Libra: 10 pm. Good little angels

Scorpio: 2 am. Diligently working until they’re done with all their AP classes

Sagittarius: 5 am. Party whoop whoop

Capricorn: “VIRGO, I FEEL YOU”

Aquarius: Either always sleeping or not sleeping at all

Pisces: 9 pm. They’re forever sleepy little puppers