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“Grace Kelly has a presence - a charisma. She also has reason. She is a reasonable person. I will place Grace by far the most amenable and cooperative and untroublesome actress that I have worked with. What is it that Gertrude Stein said: ‘a rose is a rose is a rose.’ What else can you say about her?”

- Alfred Hitchcock

“She is an exceptional human being. She not only had good judgment and good taste, but a tremendous ability to concentrate and was an absolute delight to work with.”

- William Holden

“I’ve worked with some of the biggest stars, but Grace Kelly was the best actress I’ve ever worked with in my life. That woman was total relaxation, absolute ease - she was totally THERE. She was an extraordinarily serene girl.”

- Cary Grant

“So many people ask me that same repetitious question, ‘Who is your favorite actor or actress?’ I say 'Grace Kelly’ every time. Not because I am fond of her, not because she looks so superb in anything I design; but working with her is an extraordinary experience because you don’t actually work for her - you work with her.”

- Edith Head

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shopping with yoongi??

hey there anon thanks for requesting sorry it took so long this should be posted during my ten hour work shift and im scheduling it and im telling you all rn if the love if my life is not there for this ten hour shift i will cry and update you all on my struggle UPDATE IT WONT LET ME SCHEDULE WT HECK

Shopping with Yoongi

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  • yoooo I’m so inconsistent with all these series I’ve started like seventeen of them and finished one thanks a lot to kim namjoon who never gets requested smh
  • but we bout to get up in this camp with beautiful yoongi who needs lot of extra love and attention rn because of this Twitter drama please all my followers continue to stay pure and innocent thx
  • anyway
  • yoongi doesn’t really go shopping ever
  • he forces jin to buy him groceries and like clothes?? why buy new ones when you can wear the same jeans over and over again??
  • that’s what a washing machine is for obviously
  • but that’s the issue
  • if y'all read living with yoongi you know that my headcanon for him is a kinda run down apartment
  • If you didn’t here’s a short little blurb he lives in an rougher area of town in an apartment with a bunch of senior citizens and nothing in the place works at all
  • you two are the youngest people living in the place and yoongi has been known to be pretty good at fixing things so a lot of time if one of the older women is having an issue with appliances or anything mechanically inclined, yoongi will go over and try to fix things before they get conned by professional services or something
  • they always kiss his cheeks and bake him casseroles for thank you and he always gets so shy and flustered
  • anyway
  • one day Edith is like “yoongi dear can you come over something is wrong with my ceiling fan”
  • he takes you along to be his “cute assistant” and you guys roll up in her place and ceiling fan is on the floor??
  • not even on the ceiling anymore tbqh it’s just there in a heap and yoongi kinda stares at it and his eyes are wide and his brows are furrowed
  • you snap a pic on your phone for your “concentrating cutie” photo album
  • and he coughs and glares at you because your flash was on but then he kinda gives cute Edith a look and she’s holding her lil cat and he kinda “uh I think you need a new fan”
  • “oh honey you know I can’t drive… what am I gonna do…”
  • and yoongi is such a selfless guy like he looks all cold and standoffish but um he’s the most caring human being in the entire world and he’s not gonna let Edith down like this oh no
  • so he glances at you and he pulls his keys out from his back pocket “wanna go to lowes with me?”
  • and you’re #amazed because yoongi actually going out and shopping what are the odds of this??
  • also aesthetics cause I’m p into up aesthetics
  • he would wear a tight black tee and ripped jeans and docs but also this faded plaid shirt and a nice black beanie cause casual but he still wants to keep up with his appearance??
  • okay anyway he drives there and in this universe were giving him this red beat up Toyota Corolla that’s a few years old (like your girl drives)
  • and he always blares rap music from these busted ass speakers and he doesn’t talk much while driving cause he’s not really into driving and he needs to focus on the road and he knows he would get distracted if he even looked at your beautiful face for just a second
  • sometimes he’ll put on classical music though cause it’s calming and it’s one of those days today
  • and it’s a silent ride but you don’t mind, this is yoongi after all
  • but then he kinda “I don’t know how to put a ceiling fan in, I didn’t go to college”
  • “don’t electricians usually go to votech school??”
  • “I’m sorry do you want me to drop you on the side of the highway because I can arrange for that”
  • suddenly you remember why you don’t talk in the car
  • okay so headcanon yoongi doesn’t like shopping because he’s not very confident in his foreign language skills and he doesn’t like to try to talk to workers cause he’s a shy bean so when you guys pull into the parking lot you can already tell he’s on edge
  • and so you take both his hands in yours and you kiss his nose cause his nose is the cutest thing it’s so adorable and kissable and imagine lil mins with that noSE
  • wow I’m not okay
  • but he gets all flustered and he shyly asks if you’ll do most of the talking if he does the heavy lifting
  • and you agree as long as he takes you out for ice cream afterwards
  • of course he agrees he can’t say no to you
  • okay so you go in and idk how this place looks but you go on in and he grabs a cart and your eyes go wide
  • “yoongi push me in the cart”
  • “I’ll run you over with the cart if you ask me that again”
  • but he gives you that gummy smile //that could bring world peace// and he nudges you a bit and you hop on in
  • people are staring at you two because adults?? what are you doing??
  • but yoongi doesn’t give a crap he just likes seeing you smile like that he’s so whipped
  • yoongi isn’t one to dwindle and meander around so he’s like yah um we’re going straight to the fans section
  • but he gets lost because he doesn’t shop ever oops a daisy and you end up outside in the plants?
  • and you kinda !! “yoongi we need some spicing up in our house lets get a cactus”
  • “a cactus seriously that’s the most interesting thing you could think of”
  • you end up getting three
  • and he’s getting annoyed at all the mist in the area and his nose is all scrunched up he’s trying to hide from the water
  • “yoongi are you elphaba or something??”
  • “what’s an elphaba is that another one of your plants”
  • but he likes to flowers more than he’ll admit and you see him staring at these petunias and you reach out and put them in the cart
  • “you need some company when I’m not at home”
  • and he’s smiling softly cause the small things are what mean a lot to him
  • you’re like a fairy in that cart, all covered in cacti and flowers and what not
  • he keeps an eye on you to make sure you don’t prick yourself or anything he’s very protective
  • he leans over the cart he’s slouching and he keeps a hand on your shoulder or on your head and he grunts and complains about how heavy you are (unless you’re insecure in that area he wouldn’t make that joke at all if that was an area you struggled in)
  • but you finally make it back indoors and he’s like yes okay fans
  • but then he’s like well I think I need some tools for our own house… cause everything is always breaking…
  • you end up in the tools and he’s like holding one of those demo power drills and you’re kinda fearing for your life cause knowing your luck he would miss his target and somehow break your wall open your apartment is cursed you swear
  • also that look in his eye is low key suspicious but uh
  • he takes the demo hammer in hand “hey look I found you. get it, get it, hammer, hammer head?”
  • you reach for the screwdriver “well here you are mister min, you wanna play that game with mE”
  • even though your analogies were both awful and cringe worthy oops
  • onward and you two end up more lost because you’re at the doors now??
  • there’s like seventeen thousand million of them and all of them are different colors and have different types of woods and have different window panes
  • and he ends up looking at a few and asking which ones you like and you’re like “we don’t even have a front door??”
  • “but we will when we get our own house. nice big house with more than one floor. with a yard and a picket fence too. so help me pick something out would ya?”
  • but you’re kinda distracted because yoongi has never talked much about your housing situation you didn’t ever think he would leave like material things didn’t seem that important to him
  • later that night though he admits that he’s always wanted better, ever since you moved in he’s dreamt of bigger and better things for your sake
  • back to shopping adventures though
  • you don’t end up in the fans next oops
  • you end up in the paint section!!
  • you guys don’t have anything painted in the apartment, you’re not allowed because your landlord is gross
  • but he’s still thinking big about your future house and none of you will ever convince me that yoongi isn’t an artist in every way
  • he has a really good brain for visualizing space and things in a space
  • so the colors come to him naturally
  • it’s like music kind of like it just flows in his brain and he can see his house all perfectly
  • there’s the living room and that would be a darker blue, but not too dark, with vintage type furniture and lots of modern art on the wall for this contrasting themes type thing right but the best part is the big fireplace that you’re curled up in front of, sipping hot chocolate and playing with the cat
  • and he’s so in love with his daydream that when he finds the color he has in mind he snatches the little sample piece and he tucks it into the breast pocket of his plaid shirt thing and when you guys get home he hangs it up on the wall to keep the dream alive
  • but you guys have already been there pretty long and you’re getting a little restless and cramped all up in the shopping cart
  • so he hurries up and snaps out of his fantasy and pushes you on towards the fans
  • it’s like another world
  • it’s two aisles and there’s all these fans hanging up and half of them a are spinning and some are old and wood and some are metal and modern and some have nice bright lamps and some don’t have lamps at all and he’s overwhelmed because he’s forgotten what Edith had to begin with
  • you on the other hand, are cold now from all the fans and he notices obv like he’s the best at that type thing
  • so he peels off the plaid and he drapes it over your shoulders
  • “please don’t die, I don’t wanna do this dishes tonight”
  • you two end up bickering about which fan to buy
  • you could’ve sworn that her old had a giant lamp in the middle and yoongi is like lmao in your dreams you’re wrong
  • and he’s stubborn and not gonna budge on this
  • he ends up leaving you in the cart and walking away and you just yell at him from across the store
  • he comes back with a sales associate though and you’re so proud of him?? like he asked for help all by himself?? without needing your help??
  • and you’re not even mad he left you tbh
  • but he sheepishly points to the fan with the lamp like “uh this please”
  • alas you’re sitting in the cart though
  • he picks you up like he’s kinda tiny bit idk I wouldn’t underestimate him
  • and he sets you down on the floor and then takes all your plants and puts them in the baby seat
  • he’s trying not to smile but he’s so happy about helping out someone in need, especially one of his ladies
  • okay so y'all pull up to the cash register and you’re talking amongst yourselves and what not and you hear this gasp and you both turn your heads
  • and the cashier is probably sixteen years old and he looks like he’s about to faint and he’s so red in the face and yoongi kinda gives a little wave and the kid just about dies
  • you pull up the the register and he’s so flustered and he keeps apologizing because he probably made yoongi uncomfortable and he hadn’t meant to do that at all!!
  • and yoongi just smiles “seriously you’re probably the most calm fan I’ve ever met”
  • yah that’s right I’m throwing shade at the Twitter people
  • and the boy finally manages to collect himself and he kinda “hey thanks for being so honest with us fans and so open. I have problems with my parents and you’ve really inspired me to chase my dreams no matter what anyone tells me and whenever I feel like I’m losing it I just put on nevermind and…”
  • he kinda trails off and he’s red again and you look over at yoongi and he’s blushing and you can tell he’s really touched and it looks like he could possibly tear up but he doesn’t
  • he ruffles up the kids hair and says something to him you can’t make out and then to your surprise leans over and hugs him and it’s really touching and then he signs something and gets your help to write it bcuz he can’t write it in Hangul this kid won’t understand and it’s so touching and sweet and yoongi talks about it all the time honestly and he probably visits lowes sometimes just to make sure the kid is doing okay with his home life and everything??
  • okay but anyway you check out and you load everything into the backseat
  • which means it’s ice cream time
  • and you two drive off to a cute parlor and you get two scoops in a waffle cone and ones chocolate and the other is vanilla and you two share all mushy gushy and when you get ice cream on your nose he kisses it off
  • if their Twitter was still up :)) he would take a picture of you holding the cone but only your hand and leave everyone guessing!!
  • and then you guys would drive home and give the fan to Edith and she would be so happy and she would probably cry she’s so touched and she would invite you two to stay for dinner and
  • wow okay that was more fluffy than funny sorry about that kids I hope you enjoyed though I know I did writing it!!
what i would do to make you love me again | yugyeom

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a/n: this could possibly be a series?

genre: angst

word count: 1.1k

summary: we carved our names into a bench, and now i have to walk past it every day knowing i messed it up.

“Let’s go out for lunch,” Diana says walking over to your desk.

“Where to?” you ask standing up and grabbing your bag, throwing your phone in it.

“There’s a bistro we could try?”

“Round the corner?” you ask.

“Yeah, problem?” she asks with a look of concern.


“It’s new,” Yugyeom says tugging your arm and pulling you into the small bistro.

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Chapter One: Edith

@redrascal1 requested an AU where two character die instead of the ones that do normally and how those that are left alive deal with the events that have happened. I hope you enjoy and there will be more but I intend this to be more than a one shot. . SPOILERS to those who haven’t yet seen or read. Crimson kisses 

Alan was bleeding, she couldn’t move though. Her ankle was throbbing and the glowing blue eyes looked up from the now motionless Papillion that lay at her feet. 

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