i am eating right now

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What are you being a coward about?

I’m being a coward because I have a choice and I don’t want to even acknowledge that it’s there and it’s mine to make.

Oh Johnny, this is gonna be so long… Like it should almost be titled “My Story Thus Far.”

In brief: yesterday’s appointment ended up being entirely about the questions I had written out. Which bring up a choice. I have made progress over the last few years, but I am stagnant (on the eating disorder front) right now, and the question is how do I want to proceed? Am I okay with this level of functioning and hopeful improvement (and a butt load of hard work) as an outpatient or realistically, what do I need to actually move forward if I do indeed want to? (i.e. residential.) What’s getting in the way?

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Seeing apples always give me feels bc

no you can’t tell me that apple isn’t the royai fruit and no one can convince me otherwise


they look like a freaking couple having their Sunday date ugh kill me just kill me now

putting the fangirling aside, I can’t help but think WHY APPLES??? DOES THIS HAVE A SYMBOLIC MEANING OR AM I JUST ASSUMING THINGS???

i’m done

Still ashamed and disgusted that I ever let myself get that fucking fat. But depression is a mother fucker, what are you gonna do. 5 years of being fat and having man boobs and being constantly sweaty and out of breath were enough. Started working out religiously and eating right in January, and now here I am 9 months and over 80lbs later. Still have some work to do but still, I’m beyond happy with the progress I’ve made. #neveragain 298lbs-215lbs #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #fatboy #fitness #workout #eatingclean

Signature Moves

Po: belly punt

Tigress: double bitchslap

Viper: stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself

Crane: wings of metaphor

Monkey: flailing

Mantis: gotta go fast

Oogway: take a chill pill

Shifu: f&@% you

Signature Moves (you are here!)
Signature Moves: Villain Edition
Signature Moves: Dad Edition

Everybody thinks that Larcade’s magic is about sex. Mavis is a good example of how that is not true. She didn’t have sex yet, hell she even got red as fuck when Zeref only put his forehead at her’s. Mavis only kissed Zeref and that in anime/manga is already a big milestone unlike for many people nowadays. That can be considered as pleasure. Not only that, a sin can be pleasurable like feeling excited for gaining power like Minerva. Ya’ll think pleasure is only done by sex, I am having pleasure eating this fucking pizza right now. Ain’t gonna have sex with it to taste it’s goodness

@legendofthefairies sorry I like tagging you.

im pretty sure my roommate B and I are in a lowkey nice-fight over bagels. i know that he likes plain bagels so thats what i buy when i go to the store. but he knows that i like everything bagels so thats what he buys when he goes to the store and let me just say i am eating an everything bagel right now and it tastes like defeat.

we are never going to run out of bagels when its his turn to shop again.

writerproblem193 replied to your post: i love the idea of a soulmate au where any kind of…

Using it to communicate on secret missions and stuff tho….. platonically….

rip???????? rest in pieces???????? u just ended my life????????

did u remember to eat today
amy answer
i’m gonna keep writing until u answer me

You KNOW we’re not supposed to be communicating right now

i know i know but this is important did u remember to eat

That isn’t important

it is!! if u don’t eat u could be distracted/low blood sugar and get hurt which would risk the whole case!! did u eat??



I can’t right now


I really can’t


Jake seriously, stop.



good thank u having no partner is boring
pls take care of urself ok?
i miss u, or whatever

I miss you, too. Please clean your arm off before someone sees.

just zoned out and watched hoarders for like 3 hours straight,, it’s a good life ! and i just remembered i have a leftover mcdonald’s fries in the fridge so peace

Drunken Conversations with My Roommate meme

“When I was born, my mother was like ‘that’s awkward.’”
“That is literally hell in a jar.”
“They should’ve just sold empty jars and it would’ve been better than that shit.”
“Oh my god, you literally need to help me right now.”
“Am I really going to be eating macaroni salad while watching Saw?”
“I don’t think you should be around boiling water right now.”
“Wait, spell it. I cannot hear.”
“Children are screaming.”
“Babies are crying.”
“My mother is grieving for me.”
“Is this what happiness is?”

“It’s like if I put it all over my body, it’s okay.”
“But not in like a way that would displease God.”
“I feel like I’m aware of what I’m doing, but I’m not in control. But as long as I’m aware, it’s okay.”
“Oh my god, why did I just do that?”
“It’s so long, not as long as me, but yeah.”
“What would my mom say if she saw me like this?”
“Did you actually just say words?”
“I’m gonna push you into the oven.”
“And then I’m gonna eat you. Like a cannibal.”
“It’s like I couldn’t keep it up for very long. Oh! That’s what she said!”
“I regret every decision in my life that has lead up to this moment.”
“I sound really nerdy and gay.”
“Oh my gosh, I just had such a good idea.”
“My thumbnail is like traumatized by that.”
“Last time he/she said bye to me, he/she looked me in the eye for a straight two seconds.”
“He/She’s gay for you.”
“It wouldn’t be straight two seconds, it’d be gay two seconds.”
“I’m scared for you.”
“This is gonna fuck me up.”
“Oh my god, I’m literally in a different world right now.”
“I’m making mistakes, okay.”
“You should taste this though.”
“I will taste no such thing.”
“I accidentally just smacked my own ass.”
“Paying for things is so last year.”
“That was a really weird sound, I’m sorry.”
“Oh my god, oh my god, just saying.”
“Fuck you, carrot.”
“I can tell you in advance that I’m gonna do a bad job.”
“It’s so dark in here. It reminds me of the womb.”
“You literally fucked up everything in your entire life.”
“That goes against my religion.”

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How was your day?

Hey anon, it was great. I went out with some friends to this new skate park but I couldn’t really do anything because I am still with the cast so I had time to check this blog and my main. Later I went to my sister’s house to have lunch and spend some time with my older niece (I will call her E so I don’t have to keep saying my niece) while my sister took my little niece to some birthday party so right now I am eating chips and chocolate with E and watching movies. Btw E knows everything about A and this blog and she says hi to everyone.
Anyways that is enough of me, how is everyone’s day?

Present Tense

There are a few forms of present tense in Korean. The main three forms are:

1) ~아/어 – The most common and basic form. Usually used to make general statements that don’t have a definite time frame but are happening presently. Also used when making a suggestion/command in 반말.

Drop ~다, add ~아/어. Add 아 if the last vowel in the stem is a “bright” vowel (아/야/오/요/etc), add 어 if the last vowel is a “dark” vowel (어/여/우/유/etc). 하 will conjugate to 해.
ex: 앉다 –> 앉아
ex: 방문하다 –> 방문해
ex: 열다 –> 열어
난 자주 운동해. – I often exercise.
언니는 모델처럼 예뻐요. – My sister is pretty like a model.

2) ~고 있다 – Used for actions happening currently/at this very moment.

Drop ~다, add ~고 있다.
ex: 가다 –> 가고 있다
ex: 입다 –> 입고 있다
지금 숙제를 하고 있어요. – I am doing homework (right now).

3) ~ㄴ/는다 – Used to make a neutral statement, sometimes nicknamed the “diary” form. Used mostly in writing or amongst friends (considered 반말). It has a somewhat passive, observant intonation.

Drop ~다, add ~ㄴ/는다. Add ~ㄴ다 if the stem ends in a vowel, add ~는다 if the stem ends in a consonant. Adjective verbs are left unconjugated.
ex: 사랑하다 –> 사랑한다
ex: 먹다 –> 먹는다
매년 가족들을 만나러 미국에 다녀온다. – Every year I go to America to visit my family.
어제 일찍 학교에 갔다. – Yesterday I went to school early.
저는 잠이 안 올 때마다 당신 때문인다고 생각한다. – Every time I can’t fall asleep I think it’s because of you.